Elizabeth Arden Has Been Busy in the Garden Making Black Violet Grow: Introducing the Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Black Violet

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Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes Black Violet
Ms. Elizabeth Arden has been busy in the garden again. Her Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Black Violet ($16), one of seven pieces in the new Bronze in Bloom Summer 2011 Collection, can’t wait to decorate your eyes.

It’s an easy-to-use, long-wearing cream pencil that dries to a soft, powdery finish in a pretty, purplish black. I have a feeling it’ll look lovely on lasses with lighter eyes, but I think brown-eyed beauties are really in luck.



It makes doing my eye makeup in the morning a blooming breeze — just line, smudge and go. Unfortunately, when I use it I do need a touch-up along my waterlines about half way through the day (it does last all day along my lash lines, though), but because I love the color, I really don’t mind.

PRICE: $16
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Elizabeth Arden counters and also online
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: B+ (wear time along the waterline isn’t ideal)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Vijaya says:

    For me not much lasts on the waterline, so the low wear in that case would probably be par for the course to begin with. I love the shade, and it’s not too expensive, so it’s going on the list!
    Vijaya recently posted … Christina Marie Mineral Cosmetics- Blush Peachy- Rose

  2. Rachael says:

    Karen, how would this look on a pale girl (like lighter than NC15 pale) with almost translucent grey eyes?
    Rachael recently posted … Time for Cuteness

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachael,

      If you used the smudger to smoke out the edges a bit I think it could look very dramatic and pretty! It would definitely be a “statement” sort of eye look, though.

  3. Shannon says:

    aw, man! So jealous of brown-eyed ladies! My blue eyes wouldn’t take kindly to that color… sigh! I’ll just have to admire it on others, I suppose. πŸ™‚

  4. Brittany Landers says:

    This color is gorg! Would be prefect on my green eyes, bc black is too severe but purple complements green eyes well!! Can’t wait to try.

  5. voodoogirl says:

    oh wow, i love the color! i think it’ll look good smudged.

    now i’m seriously lusting after this… but it’s not avail here :,(
    voodoogirl recently posted … MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

  6. Julia says:

    LOVING this! Hoping it’ll pop on my hazel eyes, though I’d get it even if it looked like garbage, purple eye looks are my FAV!! And PS, what lipgloss are you rockin, lady? Loving that, too!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Julia,

      I love purple liners, too, especially when they have lots of black in them like this shade does!

      Let’s see… on my lips I’m wearing two things, both from MAC: Crosswires Lipstick and the soon to be released Evolution Revolution Lipglass!

  7. Kelli says:

    Beautiful! I might have to pick that up. I don’t look at Elizabeth Arden normally but I might have to change that starting with this pencil. Thank you!

    • Karen says:

      You’re welcome, Kelli. I know the line isn’t always considered hip (I thought of it as a more “mature” brand for years), but they have some really nice things. Their Ceramide Mascara is excellent!

  8. Kim says:

    Very nice! I was thinking it would look more blue (from the tip photo) but this is such a nice, deep purple. Of course, I say that and then just reach for Brown everyday! πŸ™‚

    PS Nothing to do with eyeliner but have you ever had a professional facial peel? I keep forgetting to ask. One of my friends wants to get one to even out her skin tone and fade her “sun mustache”. She said “ask Karen if they really work”. Even people who don’t read the blog regularly (poor dial-up folks) are still soliciting your advice! HAHA!

    • Karen says:

      Ooh, maybe take a chance this weekend — do brown on the lower lash line and a purple on the upper. Live a little! πŸ˜‰

      So, I’ve never had a professional peel, but I’ve seen ladies who’ve gotten them done, and I have it sitting on the “maybe sometime in the future” table. The results can be impressive. Your friend might want to do some extensive research and/or work off a referral though. Oh, and if she does do it, schedule it far, FAR ahead of any big events (did you ever see that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha gets one? I’ve seen it happen, and it ain’t cute).

      • Kim says:

        HAHA! Just when it looked like I might embrace color, right? Total back-slide! πŸ™‚

        Thanks, I’ll definitely pass that info on. I actually DID see that SaTC episode. Not good. I get nervous about things like potential long term facial scarring or skin damage. You just never know. I think I’d need a long list of trustworthy referrals, as you say! πŸ™‚

  9. kana says:

    Karen, have you thought of doing outfit of the days? i am always wonderiing what yyoure wearing, lol. sounds creepy i know, but i aways love your jewelery!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kana,

      Nah, it doesn’t sound creepy! I wonder that kind of stuff about people too. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to doing something like that. It might be fun!

      • Bianca says:

        I was thinking the same thing! Seriously you should! You have the cutest jewelery & you have such great style! Btw what do you have on tour cheeks? You look radiant!

  10. Trisha says:

    This is beautiful. I love the color and the coverage. I’d try this in a second, although I do wish it did better on the waterline.
    Trisha recently posted … Trying Something Different With the Pixi Eye Bright Liner

  11. Christina says:

    I have this and love it (blue eyes, blonde hair, NC20)!! I have 5 different colors in these pencils, EA doesn’t get a lot of love, but these are the best eyeliners!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Christina,

      Which shades are your favorites from the line? I think I need to pick up few more colors!

      • Christina says:

        I love Espresso, Midnight and Mulberry – I’ve been reaching for the Mulberry a lot lately. I just line under my lower lashes though and nevery have a problem w/ these smearing or disappearing.

  12. Nina says:

    the color of that pencil is just so lovely! πŸ™‚

  13. Jessi says:

    this looks amazing on you Karen! If I didn’t have a million and a half eye liners already I would definitely pick this up. I’m still thinking about it as it is…
    Jessi recently posted … My May 2011 Favorites

  14. Erin says:

    Love this! I think I’ll have to pick it up. I have green eyes, wear black on my waterline daily, but think this purple-tinge would look great!
    Erin recently posted … The Polish Ill Be Sporting All Summer- Color Club You Got Soul-ar

    • Karen says:

      Hi Erin,

      Oh, I bet this would contrast nicely with your eyes. It’s a great alternative to black liner. A girl’s always gotta have options, ya know?

  15. gio says:

    That’s a gorgeous color, I love it!

  16. Nikki says:

    This looks gorgeous on you!
    I have hazel eyes, I’m tempted to see how it would look on me πŸ™‚
    I have a couple of Elizabeth Arden lipglosses but haven’t tried anything else yet..
    Nikki recently posted … 8 Questions Tag

  17. Tracy says:

    What a great colour! It looks fab on you!!
    Tracy recently posted … Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner

  18. I love the little shimmers in this color, and it really does make your eyes pop! The price is within reason too, definitely not overly expensive.
    Makeup Morsels recently posted … So This is Love- An Ellis Red Review

  19. Diana says:

    i love that pencil. Would you mind sharing what you’re wearing on your lips as well? I’ve been looking for that perfect corally/peach color. Thanks!

  20. Instant Karma says:

    It looks great on you! I think I’ll stick to my UD 24/7s, though. It’s getting hot out, and I can’t risk looking like a sparkly panda at the end of the day. Speaking of pandas, I’m going to the zoo tomorrow. My inner five year old is so excited. Hell, my outer twenty four year old is excited, too! πŸ˜€

    Also, I still love that necklace. So pretty!

  21. Ana says:

    I’m usually not a fan of pencil liners and $17 is more than I would normally spend on a single (pencil!) liner… but I ran out and got this after work the day after I saw this post! LOL I think your swatch just looked so pretty. Really like it so far… nice change from the black, crisp liner I usually go for πŸ™‚

  22. michele says:

    Love the color: it just doesn’t last all day like Chanel !

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