Triangulating a Little Drugstore Gem Geometry With the New $10 e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

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e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

I postulate that e.l.f. found an equation for awesomeness with the Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve been trying to focus on this palette’s awesome $5 price (regularly $10, but it’s on sale now online for $5) and 18 fallout-free, easy-to-blend powder eyeshadows today, but instead I keep thinking of frickin’ cyclohexane…

cyclohexaneCan you see it? Those two shapes on both sides of the middle? C6H12.


What do you mean, “That’s so weird, Karen”?

Is it? I don’t know… I guess those chemistry classes scarred my psyche worse than I thought.

e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

Duuuuude, it’s like one those posters that looks like a bunch of random dots, but if you stare at it long enough a picture appears. Everyone and their brother had one of those in their room when I lived in the dorms. It was usually hanging next to a Bob Marley or Pulp Fiction poster…or a print of something by Monet.

I hated those things (the dot posters). No matter how long I stared, I could never see the pictures. My friend would be all, “Do you see it, Karen? It’s the Statue of Liberty,” and I’d say, “Uh…yeah! There it is! I see it now!” When in reality all I saw were the dots. 🙂

e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

In my paw for scale…

The Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette is a little like those dot posters because it has some crazy shapes, but it’s way cooler than that. It also has a lot of high quality makeup and a fantastic price. I can wear the rich, pigmented shadows either alone or atop pencils or cream shadows, and with the help of a primer, they last all day long.

e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches of the pans on the far left and in the center of the palette

I don’t think these swatches truly convey just how bad-@ss these are. I know they look kind of weak, but that’s more the fault of the packaging than the shadows themselves.

Hear me out…

e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches of the pans on the far right

Truth be told, the palette’s geometric design is a big pain in the you-know-what. To get good swatches, the pans are a smidgen too small, even for my tiny fingers and many brushes, and you can pretty much forget about using the double-sided sponge applicator it comes with, because that barely fits into the pans at all.

e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

Cute box

Hopefully you have some brushes with small brush heads around, like these from Too Faced. I ended up using all three of those brushes to do this smokey purple look, and despite the inconveniently small pans, I like how it turned out.


I can’t wait to try more looks with this palette!

e.l.f. Studio 18-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

I look like I’m staring off into space, haha! But really, I’m just thinking about the additional makeup I’m wearing in this look — MAC Blushbaby blush on my cheeks and Jouer Sophia Lipstick on my lips

Even though the packaging is a pain, the palette’s still only $10 (or $5 on sale now)!

Stocking stuffers, anyone? It also comes in a different version filled with brights. Either one, both are winners, winners, chicken dinners.

PRICE: $10 (on sale now for $5 here)
AVAILABILITY: Available now at drugstores and online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. fancie says:

    The packaging design was the first thing I noticed. While it looks nice I figured it would be a pain to work with even before reading the rest. Some of the pans look too small to even fit a brush in lol. On the other hand, the swatches actually look nice!
    fancie recently posted … MAC Maleficent Collection Summer 2014

  2. Joanna says:

    I wanted to get these the other day at Target but was like O_o at the small pans! They look great on you though, so I may still give it a go. And Karen…it’s a small thing, but I just wanted to point out that under the second swatch photo, you typed “fart” instead of “far.” It gave me a giggle, but it probably wasn’t what you intended 🙂

  3. Chelsea says:

    I hated those Magic Eye posters, I never saw a thing!

    You look great! I definitely don’t need any eyeshadow right now (especially since I’m planning on getting a Naked palette, probably Naked 3, and since I made some purchases in the VIB sale…) but what a great price point!

  4. hanna says:

    Too small for me to be able to use I think.
    hanna recently posted … Tag: Totally TMI Relationship

  5. Monica says:

    Karen! This is one of my favorite places for a study break, and then you bust out the cyclohexane haha how could you lol! Guess it’s back to studying Orgo for me -_-

  6. Sylvia says:

    I can deal with a little “pan-hassle” for such a cute and cheap palette. I love the look you created!
    Sylvia recently posted … My Drugstore Favourites #3

  7. Elle says:

    Gah. The words “stearic hindrance” still haunt my dreams. Side note…kind of a cool band name. I like this palette!

  8. Anna says:

    I’m loving that we science nerds still like to look good and get excited over new makeup 🙂

    Orgo really creeps into your everyday life and never leaves. Did you know the Budweiser logo is a chair conformation?

  9. Amy says:

    Eep. It looks a little too inconveient for my half-awake, 20 min morning routine. I would get frustrated with those small compartments.
    On the other hand, I bought an ELF 32-piece neutrals palette for 6 bucks and it is heavenly. I think it was called neutrals, but they have tons of super flattering plum colors and olive greens. It’s really fun.

  10. Mari says:

    Hi Girl!
    I love this look! please tell us how you did it 🙂

  11. Jacci says:

    Thanks for the blog post about the geometric eyeshadow palette from elf! I was wondering about these since it does look like it would be annoying to grab the shadow out of it. Guess if I pick this up I’ll need a smaller brush or little containers to crumble the shadows into.

  12. Dita says:

    You created such an amazing eye look with it! Now i’m tempted to go and get one

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