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smashbox girls on film

“Girls on film (two minutes later); girls on film (got your picture)!” – Duran Duran, Girls on Film

Does Duran Duran’s ode to celluloid sirens have anything to do with Smashbox’s new eight-piece Girls on Film collection for fall?


Perhaps, but either way, I’m just glad the references aren’t more obvious.

I remember being very, very confused by the Girls on Film video when it came out… My eight-year-old mind just couldn’t put the pieces together. I mean, why was that nurse giving that husky dude a massage? More importantly, why was she doing it in a boxing ring?

Hell, I’m 36 now, and I just have to assume that some questions are better left unanswered. πŸ™‚

What I do know is this: Smashbox must have had wearable makeup in mind when they developed this collection. Available now at Sephora stores and also online, the one neutral eye palette, smokey eye palette, two cream liners (a shimmery brown with golden pearl and a shimmery black with blue pearl) and four cheek/face products (in pinks and nudes) that comprise Girls on Film practically beg to be worn.

I’ve been carousing with three of the eight products from the release for a few days, and we’re getting along well.

  • Girls on Film Cream Eye Liner & Travel Brush Set in Sepia ($28) What a gorgeous twist on brown! It looks like a boring ol’ brown in the pan, but on my lids this creamy, smooth liner looks more like a plum with flecks of golden glitter. When I apply it with the flat brush that comes with the kit, I get a lovely soft line slightly blurred at the edges. Smooth, pigmented and easy to apply, it lasts all day long on my lids, whether with or without primer. MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: A+
  • Girls on Film Blush Rush in Pose ($24) I used three layers of this matte rosy pink blush to get it to appear on my tan skin the way it does in these pics (at the top and bottom). Lighter lovelies should be able to get away with less (and darker damsels, a little more). I wish I didn’t have to use so much product, but I do love how easy the finely milled powder is to blend. MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: B+
  • Lip Enhancing Gloss in Underexposed ($18) I have a feeling this pigmented brownish pink would be a perfect date night gloss. I think the strong cinnamon flavor and scent feel très fall, but they’re a little too intense for me; the color says, “Sure, I try to look put together, but I don’t obsess.” With a super sticky texture, this gloss lasts for hours (about four between meals). MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: B

smashbox girls on film

smashbox girls on film
Girls on Film Blush Rush in Pose

smashbox girls on film
Girls on Film Cream Eye Liner & Travel Brush Set in Sepia

smashbox girls on film
Lip Enhancing Gloss in Underexposed

smashbox girls on film

Swatches from the left: Pose Blush, Sepia Cream Eye Liner and Lip Gloss in Underexposed

smashbox girls on film eye

smashbox girls on film

The collection might seem a little pedestrian for Smashbox fans accustomed to high drama (ala 2010’s Masquerade and 2009’s Reign, with its cra-zay-zay red eyeshadow), but if I were rebooting my makeup collection or getting ready to leave for college, I bet I’d want everything from this release. I see a great mix of useful basics here, with a twist from the liners for flair.

Going green

For dinner tonight I plan to treat myself for making it through Monday with a yummy fruit and spinach salad. πŸ™‚

I don’t usually add fruit to my dinner salads, but I had something similar from Panera Bread last Saturday, and it was delish! I can’t remember what it was called, but it was basically chopped romaine with blueberries, strawberries, mandarin orange slices, pineapple and mango topped with fat-free lemon poppyseed dressing. My version uses strawberries, blueberries, figs, spinach and a raspberry vinegarette from Trader Joe’s.


Oh, and a nice chunk of fresh sourdough bread on the side. πŸ™‚


Are you a salad lover? How do you feel about fruit in yours?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. The liner is gorgeous! You’re right, it definitely doesn’t look like much in the pot, but on the lids it’s absolutely gorgeous. I like that it looks smudgy and soft, but not messy. I think I’d buy the set just for that product.

    Yum, figs! I just had those for dinner tonight, but I had them with pork chops and veggies πŸ™‚ I don’t mind fruit in my salad if everything’s really fresh. I had a strawberry spinach salad once, and it was super delicious.
    Makeup Morsels recently posted … Sin-care Skincare Review & Giveaway

  2. Most definitely, I would put all kinds of fresh fruits in my green salads. Love it!

  3. Hyzenthlay says:

    I was never a fan of fruit in my salads until earlier this year. Now I am a BIG FAN. I would love to try your version of this πŸ™‚ I went back to school today, and the kids start Thursday, so maybe this weekend I’ll grab some fruit and try this. Right now, I am not up for getting the ingredients πŸ™‚

  4. Christy says:

    That’s a simple & clean set of neutrals I’d wear any time. Actually, I’ve been looking for a brown cake or gel liner, this one just may end up in my bag soon πŸ™‚

    Mmm, love love love fruit in my salads. (I hope I can go blueberry picking next week!) Apples, oranges, pears, peaches, strawberries, kiwi, I’ll take them in my salad. Don’t forget to add some protein (cheese, nuts, eggs, salmon, tuna, etc) in there! It helps build and retain muscle, as well as keep hunger at bay.
    Christy recently posted … More Shimmery Goodness: MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eye Shadow Review & Swatches Pt 2

    • Karen says:

      Hi Christy,

      I think I’m going to try peaches next. What dressing do you usually like with your fruity salads?

      And thanks for the reminder about getting some protein in there… I need to pick up some nuts!

  5. Nicole says:

    Have you tried Trader Joe’s cranberry and gorgonzola vinaigrette? If you haven’t you definitely should!

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Nope, I haven’t! It sounds delicious.

    What are some of your other TJ’s faves? I’m all about the Mango Bars, the Baked Cheese Crunchies, the Pita Crackers, the Honey Greek Yogurt… I go there a lot, as you can tell.

  7. Heidi says:

    What a lovely looking set from Smashbox. That liner looks great.

    I love fruit in salads. I love a strawberry spinach salad in the summer, and apples and nuts in a mixed green salad for fall.

    I made a bean salad today (no fruit in there). I just winged it with stuff in the cupboard and fridge. Two cans of cannellini beans, about a quarter cup of sundried tomatoes, a simple dressing of equal parts pesto and red wine vinegar, and served it over baby spinach. YUM!

  8. Jean says:

    Umm that salad looks DELICIOUS!! I want to make it! Fresh fruits and spinach and sourdough! Yummy.

  9. Nadine says:

    I just adore your writing! You write so personally, I feel like I’m one of your girlfriends!

    And about the set, it looks alright. If the blush was more pigmented perhaps I may be interested. I clicked to read the whole article because I was interested in what you had to say, and not about the product itself. Lovely writing once again!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Nadine. πŸ™‚ You *are* one of my girlfriends. That’s what I love about blogging… it’s so nice to be able to jump online and catch up with my homegirls throughout the day.

      How’s your Tuesday coming along? Good, I hope!

  10. gio says:

    That eyeliner looks really pretty on the lid. Love the blush too.
    gio recently posted … New Collection: Kiko Chic Chalet Autumn 2011

  11. Ashley says:

    Love the liner…but I can pass on this.

    I once made a salad for a dinner party with figs, greens and walnuts…the figs had to be scooped out and stuffed w gorgonzola, which was then baked in….the dressing was balsamic vinegar….yum….your salad looks yummy

    • Karen says:

      Ashley, that salad sounds so yummy! I wish I had enough cooking skill to host a dinner party. The stuff I make is passable, but by no means is it actually good enough to serve en masse, LOL!

  12. Chris25 says:

    The Sepia liner looks too pretty to be real. I’ve never tried Smashbox cream liners, but I do love their Jet Set Waterproof.

    I had a sald containing blue cheese and apples at my cousin’s wedding. It was unusual, but pretty good!

    • Karen says:

      That salad sounds delish. I’m a big fan of stinky, veiny, cheeses. πŸ™‚

      I think you might like this liner — it’s nice for a blurred effect.

  13. Ruchita says:

    Love these colors – they would be great for a neutral look for work.

    That salad looks yummy and healthy! On the other end of the spectrum, Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants are amazing and oh so decadent. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      I’ve heard good things about those croissants! Have you ever had their red velvet cupcakes? I always pass by them and want to try them, but when I look at the nutritional info on the label I’m like, WHOA!

      • Ruchita says:

        Ooo, I have not tried the cupcakes, but they sound good! I’ve conveniently ignore the nutritional info on the croissants. πŸ™‚ I

  14. Lilly says:

    I would smudge the eyeliner out even more, like shown on the box. I agree with you, this is a very good, clean set of natural makeup. The blush would be beautiful on lighter skin gals!

  15. Nina says:

    The blush looks gorgeous — totally right up my alley!

    I have a thing about fruit in salad. I do not like savory fruit so I keep the fruit separate from my greens/salad dressing.

    • Karen says:

      Folks seem to be very passionate about whether fruit belongs in salad or not! Okay, how about fruit-flavored dressing, like raspberry vinaigrette?

      • Nina says:

        i can take fruit flavored dressing – as long as its really acidic (like a lot of vinegar/lemon/lime juice) ….

        i love raspberry vinaigrette!

  16. Sarah S. says:

    That liner really makes your eyes sparkle! Salad looks delish, too πŸ™‚

  17. Kim says:

    You just know I said “two minutes later” as soon as I read the headline. I had completely forgotten about the sumo massage in the video!

    I eat salad almost every day but I can’t say I’m a fan. I need a lot of dressing. Funnily enough, I prefer fruit on its own, not mixed with anything else. I even dump the fruit from my sangria into friends’ cups. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      There’s a LOT of weirdness going on in that video. Don’t get me started on Simon’s hair.

      Hey — I’ll take that fruit from your sangria. I need all the fiber I can get, haha!

      So, when does soccer practice start?

      • Kim says:

        Deal! My friends are always eager for the “drunken fruit” too – it works out well!

        We started last night. 11 of my 15 little darlings made it and they all seemed to have fun. We usually practice on Tues/Thurs and have games on Sat AM. My few weeks of sleeping in (between the kids’ sports seasons) is officially ending. πŸ™

  18. Audrey says:

    I loooooove Panera’s salads… I had one like yours the other day (the strawberry poppyseed chicken salad) and it was delicious. I never thought I would crave salad so much!
    Anyway, I love the brown eyeliner! It looks great on you!

  19. Melissa says:

    This whole look on you is gorgeous. Your skin looks flawless and glowing.
    Melissa recently posted … Mini Essence Haul – First Look

  20. monika says:

    The make up part did not impress me as much as the salad:) Maybe because my make up box is full and I truly do not need anything else. Graduated from make up bag to a box long time ago and sometimes feel guilty looking at those 8 blushes,lol. Now the only thing I buy every 3 motnhs or so is a new mascara. Maybe a blush once in a while, if I really HAVE to:) And the advertisement gets me…..u know how it goes- shiny glossy magazine, great display, model looking supeeer happy……next thing I know I want it more than anything else, till the next ad:)
    But to the salad. I loooove fruit in my salad. And even in a meal. Salmon with fresh oranges is super good for example. Salad with fruits, cut up string cheese for protein and some nuts= heavenly good:)Your salad looks super delish, just needs some protein like someone mentioned to keep you full that much longer. Note to myself- gotta buy fresh figs. I’ve been eating tons of cherries lately, since it’s the season, but I think figs are coming up too soon.

    I used to love Trader Joe’s so much. I lived in Union Sqare and made hiking trips with my backpack along the Mason st to TJ’s. And I would always buy so much more than I could carry:):) But refused to take the bus. Great workout with full backpack and paperbag:) And Mason can be steeeeep. Ohhhh, the great San Fran times. I liked everything in that store- yoghurts, kefir, lavash, mango sauce, cheese. And that 1 pounder Belgian chocolate………..mmmm. Last time I visited the city I managed to get so nostalgic in TJ and buy so much stuff that I had to ship my clothes and some groceries back to South Florida in one of those flat rate boxes:):)

    And one time I was seriously thinking to drive to Atlanta, Georgia where the closest TJ is in order to get that Belgian chocolate. I guess being grown up means one can actually contemplate ideas like that and get them done if she feels like it. Luckily, something else came up though.

    Ok….that was long, but I get really hyped up talking of my belovedTrader Joe’s, obviously. Besides, I just finished my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout and feel super full of life. It is so funny how a good workout can really clean you brain of all the gunk and negativity. Was so lethargic this morning and lazy. But my 20 min workout got me out of the hole and writing like a mad woman. But those workouts rock for real! And only 20 min………Love that dvd. I am a volume eater, hence the salads. But my workouts should be short and sweet and kick my assets. Hope everyone has a fab day….

  21. Hara says:

    Well, there is a connection between the make up and Duran Duran: Simon Le Bon’s daughter, Amber, is one of the models in the video.
    As always, love your posts and the looks you create.

  22. Kayleigh says:

    I love salad, and I love fruit and sweet things… but not mixed together!! I could eat crates of fruit, but on their own please… and I feel like salads need to be tangy!! I’ve never liked a single “sweet” salad dressing I’ve tried, always been more a fan of garlicy or vinegar-ey dressings, like Caesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette or Italian! That’s my $0.02!

  23. sara says:

    weird, i just had my first fruit-in-salad tonight for dinner and i LOVED it. i didn’t really expect to (not a fan of salty/sweet together) but woooo wendy’s, you’ve got a winner with that berry-almond salad.

  24. Jen says:

    As an FYI bonus lightning round, the model on the left of Smashbox’s website photo campaign for the Girls on Film collection is no less than Simon LeBon of Duran Duran’s daughter, Amber LeBon. I had to do a double take when I saw the promotional photo, but it is indeed her πŸ˜‰

  25. KSlone says:

    That salad looks great! I wanna add bacon! Defeatesbthe purpose, I know….

  26. Emma says:

    That salad (and lipgloss) look delicious! My favorite salad to make is arugula, avocado, raspberries, crumbled goat cheese, honey roasted slivered almonds and balsamic vinaigrette or this amazing dressing called Hendrickson’s. It’s hard to come by here in New York but so, so good!

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