COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara’s Curved Brush Conquers Clumps While Lengthening Lashes

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COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara

Wearing COVERGIRL’s Clump Crusher Mascara ($6.99) in Very Black

In every single picture I’ve taken today, I look like a grumpy piano teacher (see above).

Yes, I know this for a fact! When I was a kid, I took piano lessons (mostly against my will), and every week, my teacher, Mrs. L, would sit there with pursed, tight lips as I pounded away at the keys like a gorilla in a Hello Kitty T-shirt.


Sometimes I’d see Mrs. L frowning out of the corner of my eye, so I’d bang out all the wrong notes on purpose, look up at her, and smile ever-so-sweetly…

Hahaha! Sorry, Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

I’d be cranky, too, if I had to teach a surly, disinterested student clearly counting down the seconds to freedom, but maybe I’d look a little less tense (perhaps cheerful, even) if I were wearing a few coats of COVERGIRL’s Clump Crusher Mascara ($6.99).

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara Brush

Curved brush!

It landed on drugstore shelves a couple months ago in four “shades” (Black Brown, Brown, Very Black and Black).

The hook/special sauce? The curved brush. COVERGIRL says the little plastic stubs and the shape of the brush help it separate lashes while coating them from root to tip and dodging lumps and bumps.

And when it comes to length and separation, ala long, fanned-out lashes for interested, perky looks, I think Clump Crusher’s great. It doesn’t come with a bunch of bells or whistles, like lash conditioners and vibrating brush wands, but it lengthens, separates and holds curls like a champ. Plus, it’s only $6.99, which isn’t bad at all, especially beside an increasing number of drugstore mascaras in the $10-13 range.

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara

Wearing two coats of Clump Crusher Mascara on the eye to the left of the screen and no mascara on the eye to the right of the screen

My favorite thing about it? Endurance. I think it looks just as fresh after a full day as it does first thing in the morning. No flakes, no smudges. Just lifted, long, luscious lashes.

For gals who long for drag queen lashes, FYI — you may want to layer Clump Crusher with a thickening mascara, because while it does a decent job in the thickening department, it’s no Chanel Le Volume out of the gate.

PRICE: $6.99
AVAILABILITY: Available in four shades at drugstores, Ulta and also online

Hey, shawty! It’s your birthday!

Have some cakeWell, pass me a slice of cake and a glass of champagne, because MBB just turned six. Today. πŸ™‚


Can you believe it? Some of us have known each other more than 2,000 days.


What can I say? Thank you very much for visiting, whether you’re a new reader or an old friend. It’s been a blast growing up with you, and I look forward to many years to come. I hope you’ll keep being the Dorothy/Rose/Blanche to my Sophia.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Liz says:

    Happy b-day, MBB! Keep doing what you do, Karen. πŸ˜€

  2. KhaliaNicole says:

    6 years old?! Aaah, they grow up so fast! Happy MBB Birthday!!! You truly are a force to be reckoned with in the beauty blogging world! Cheers to you!

  3. Lizzy says:

    I love the lip color you are wearing!! What is it?

  4. Audrey C. says:

    WOW, 6 years! I’ve only been following for three and I thought I was an old reader! Happy birthday MBB!

  5. K says:


    What are you wearing on your lips in this picture?


  6. Rose says:

    Happy Birthday MMB!

    I have this mascara but it is waiting its’ turn while I use up two I’m trying now. Can’t wait!

  7. Annie says:

    Happy Birthday MMB πŸ™‚
    I wish you always have this cheerful, humorous spirit in your writing and your life!
    I am following your blog for 2 years and I caught myself returning back to it whenever I need something to cheer me up πŸ˜‰
    Thanks a lot :))

  8. Ana says:

    Happy happy birthday to MBB! πŸ™‚

    Your blush and lip color looks absolutely amazing!! If you don’t mind, what did you use? πŸ™‚

  9. nai says:

    hauoli la hanau, MBB!

  10. Sunny says:

    Happy birthday, MBB!!! 6 years! That’s some amazing achievement, Karen!
    Sunny recently posted … Look: Diorshow Gris Montaigne Mono

  11. Minsooky says:

    Wow, has it been that long already? Happeh birfday MBB πŸ˜€
    Minsooky recently posted … Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Petal Rebel (REVIEW)

  12. Ineke says:

    Happy Birthday MBB. Keep up the good work. Karen you look more beautiful with every post. That cake looks very good btw.
    What lipstick are you wearing Miss Piano Teacher? It’s sooo pretty on you.

  13. Agata says:

    Happy Birthday MBB, you’re doing such an amazing job Karen.

  14. Happy Birthday MBB!! You have brightened many of my days with your makeup posts and I am so inspired by you Karen!

    Clump Crusher has quickly become my go-to mascara! I get perfect lashes every time, its a no brainer!
    Emily @ Emalitsa recently posted … Maybelline New York Color Tattoo Metal Reviews: Gold Rush, Electric Blue, Barely Branded

  15. Emily says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for I think pretty much most of those 6 years!
    I find it so annoying that you guys get the cover girl mascara for $6.99, which is equivalent to £4.50, but they actually charge £10.99 for the same mascara (which over here is Max Factor Clump defy)!
    Enjoy your birthday and keep up the blogging work πŸ™‚

  16. Mariel says:


    What lipstick are you wearing?

  17. AmyE says:

    Happy birthday! Your blog is amazing!

    I am also wondering what lipstick that is. It is beautiful!

  18. Nadia says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MBB!! I’ve only discovered this blog about a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. You’re doing an amazing job! Congrats

  19. Adrienne says:

    Happy birthday to the blog, BUT, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT LIP COLOR YOU’RE WEARING. It looks like it has an amazing formula and that color is incredible on you!

  20. Happy Birthday, MBB!

    Also, what’s your lip color? I love it!
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted … Zoya Pixiedust Dahlia NOTD (and some updates)

  21. Alison M says:

    Wishing MBB the happiest of birthdays! I enjoyed creeping the older blog posts (including the wordpress hosted ones!) yesterday πŸ™‚ It’s always inspiring to see where more renowned beauty blogs started to remind myself that hard work really does pay off <3
    Alison M recently posted … Get the Look: Dramatic Bronze and Peach

  22. 6 years, that’s amazing! *applauds* happy birthday MBB! I’d need a thickening mascara under Clump Crusher I think because I like adding volume and not just length.
    I laughed out loud over your piano teacher description. I also had an older teacher who was constantly frowning at my musical attempts. She’d sigh…and sigh…and finally reach over with knarled piano fingers to bang on the right note and admonish me for not practicing like I told her I did. For the record, you do not look like her, lol.

  23. Γ’β„’Β₯ ҝ€ Γ’β„’Β₯ Happy 6th Blogday, Karen! Γ’β„’Β₯ ҝ€ Γ’β„’Β₯

    Thank YOU for making our last 2,000 days that much more fun! I hope you get to celebrate with a slice of cake and some bubbly with Tabs, El Hub, and J-Renner!


  24. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m still in love with Josie Maran’s GoGo Lash!

  25. PS: So much fun to see your first post! You’ve come a long way, baby!

  26. Becca says:

    Happy birthday!!! What is that lippie? It’s gorgeous!

  27. Lorraine says:

    Happy Blog Birthday to you and Tabs! I haven’t been following for 6 years but you are my daily read now, and I love checking out your archives. Your blog is the best!
    Never mind grouchy piano teacher- I think your dramatic brows and bright lippie bring a glam Frida vibe- just add braids and flowers. Your looks are always inspirational – keep up the fantastic work!

  28. Kalli says:

    Happy Birthday! I only discovered this blog a few months ago, but I love it! I even have you linked on my Favorite Places page on my blog πŸ˜€
    Kalli recently posted … Makeup Vanity Overhaul

  29. Karla says:

    Happy birthday!!! Congratulations! Love your blog πŸ™‚

  30. Annie says:

    Happy birthday!
    The lipstick you’re wearing, is it an occ lip tar?

  31. varsha says:

    Happy happy b’day MBB..yes yes,like many me too wanna know whats that lip product?plus your face looks radiant too,whats on your face Karen πŸ™‚

  32. Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for the past 3 years! Clump Crusher is my new mascara obsession–I like to layer it under Lancome Star mascara for mega lashes!

  33. Aimey says:

    I’ve yet to hear of a mascara that most people tend to like, but the Clump Crusher seems to be accomplishing it! I’m looking forward to trying this one out πŸ™‚

  34. Katherine G says:

    Happy birthday MBB! I was looking at this for when I need replacement mascara. I think I might buy it. Can’t believe it’s been 6 years…I’ve been following this blog since 2011. I read a lot of the old posts, though! This is truly an amazing and informative blog and I have actually bought makeup that I wouldn’t have thought about if not for you.

  35. Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚ -gives you a cupcake-
    Krystle(Baking Beauty) recently posted … New Limited Edition Milani Textured Nail Lacquers

  36. Brian AKA Roulette says:

    No fair, I even checked back in to see if you answered anyone’s Q, WHAT IS THAT LIP COLOR?!?! lulz..

    It looks quite fabulous, both in color and texture. πŸ™‚ Kinda looks like MAC’s Party Parrot.

    <3 you! –Bri

  37. Karen says:

    Okay gals (and Brian!!),

    That lippie is Hourglass Muse, and it’s AH-MAY-ZING!

    Do I need to Unsung Hero it?

    • MARIEL says:

      Yes, please!! It’s GORGEOUS. It looks like it could be matte and drying though, is it?

    • varsha says:

      I checked back in LOL need to do it Karen ..xoxo πŸ™‚

    • Angela says:

      Happy Birthday!!! It’s such a pleasure reading your posts. I have a hard time keeping track of what’s MBB-approved πŸ™‚ This lipstick looks AMAZING on you!! Please, oh please, let it look somewhere close to this on me!! Thanks, babe πŸ™‚

  38. Tiffany says:

    Happy birthday, MBB! I love this mascara. And, I love your blog and Tabs. πŸ™‚

  39. Happy blogaversary, Karen! Here’s to many more! πŸ˜€

  40. Happy 6 years old MBB. Btw, the color you have on your lips looks so pretty.
    Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog recently posted … Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner – The Inexpensive Substitute For Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

  41. Aalia says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! toast to the next 6 or 60 years of makeup inspiration

  42. musical says:

    Happy, happy b’day to MBB! Hope you, Tabs and El Hub celebrated in style :).

  43. Michelle D says:

    Happy Birthday. I hope it was an awesome day.

    I don’t know if I got a bad tube, but I hated this mascara. It’s the first one (in 30+ years of wearing makeup) that I have ever returned. It did not lengthen, did not thicken and the curl wilted within 5 minutes of application.

  44. Steph says:

    Oh my gosh, your old blog! <3 Happy belated birthday, MBB! Looove you!
    Steph recently posted … Winners Clearance Haul: Guerlain and Betsey Johnson

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