CORRECTION: You CAN Touch Chanel Noir Et Or

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Okay, so I *totally* get the glam 1930’s/’40s Shanghai thing Chanel says they were going for with the new Noir et Or (“Black and Gold”) collection, but oooh, gurrl, I’m getting some strong MC Hammer vibes too!


If Hammer had seen this collection way back when he was scooting across stages, he might have asked, “Can I touch this?”

Why? Because it’s so hot, and so timeless.

Was the Chanel crew intentionally referencing questionable late ’80s hip-hop fashion and style when they thought up the four-piece collection for eyes and nails? Probably not … but wouldn’t it have been awesome if they had? 🙂

Inspiration for the collection

Chanel Global Creative Director Peter Philips brought Noir et Or into being for the Chanel Metier D’Art fashion show in Shanghai, drawing upon the spirit of Ms. Coco herself (as he often does)!

Where can I find it?

That’s a good question. Get ready for a beauty hunt of sorts, Chanelophiles, because it might take some effort to track down. The three polishes and eye duo are available now, but they aren’t being carried at regular Chanel counters (huh?).

You can, however, find them at Chanel boutiques, Makeup Studios and online at

I guess Chanel was aiming to create an extra sense of exclusivity this time around.

A closer look…

Of the four pieces in the collection, I’m digging the polishes the most ($25 each). Black Velvet, Gold Lame and Illusion d’or all have that classic Chanel polish texture you know and love — thick (but not too thick) and smooth, with a gorgeous, glossy finish that just says, “Chanel.”

Le Vernis Nail Colour in Illusion d’or

The gold and purple shimmer bits swimming gleefully through this clear polish are just as beautiful on nails as they are in the bottle, yet despite the bits, the polish dries to a smooth finish. Yup, ain’t no grit in this game.

Illusion d’or looks like fairy magic to me, and I think it’s downright STUNNING layered atop Black Velvet. Too bad it’s so blasted expensive, but we are talking Chanel… At least in this case you’re getting value both in terms of all around execution AND performance. Makeup and Beauty: A

Le Vernis Nail Colour in Black Velvet

I don’t fall hook line and sinker for black nail polishes that often, but I gotta give Chanel props for piquing my interest here.

The frosted bottle’s a break from typical Chanel packaging, and the finish — WOW! Halfway between a matte and a gloss, so it’s neither flat nor shiny.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything quite like it before… If you like black nail polishes, you might take a closer look. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B+

Le Vernis Nail Colour in Gold Lamé

I love the pigment and how buttery smooth Gold Lamé feels…

But it doesn’t grab and shake me silly like a lot of other Chanel polishes do (hello, Jade!). Probably for ye olde die-hard Chanel polish collectors only. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

Illusion D’or layered on top of Gold Lamé (left) and Black Velvet (right)

Ligne et Ombre de Chanel in Jet-Gold

If you like sheer makeup, then you might love the last little gem in Noir et Or, the powder eyeshadow/eyeliner duo that is Ligne et Ombre de Chanel in Jet-Gold ($45)!

Both apply almost like watercolor paints… in sparkling golden shadow and matte black. They’re almost transparent, really, but no matter how you may feel about their pigment (or lack thereof), both feel soft to the touch and apply with signature Chanel smooove.

I can appreciate what I think Chanel was going for with the duo, but I like more BOOM-BOOM-POW! in the pigment department, especially considering the $45 price.

You might take a closer look if you like uber-sheer makeup products or just love anything and everything Chanel. 🙂 Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B-


Must have Noir et Or?

If anything from the collection constitutes “must-have,” for me it’s got to be Illusion d’or with Black Velvet trailing a close second. If you’re torn between the two, consider this: you could go with Illusion d’or and always layer it atop ANY black polish, if you happen to already have another one in your stash.

Like the rest of the items here it’s pricey, but… [it is Chanel].

What do you think about Chanel Noir et Or? And how do you feel about Chanel makeup in general?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. luv2smilexo says:

    ok i officially need illusion d’or

  2. Jessica says:

    Almost cannot handle the fabulosity of the liner/shadow palette!
    I plan to rock that so hard.

  3. Sonja says:

    I was thinking about that turquoise chanel polish, but I gotta say this sheer goldness suits me better. Argh, why do I always fall on Chanel nail polishes…but they somehow always get it just right for me!!!

    I think it’s just *addiction* (ehem, Nutella, are you hearing my name…)

  4. Aleksis says:

    LOL ..I am pretty sure they test on animals too, so no biggie for me.
    .-= Aleksis’s last blog post… TRIABEAUTY wants to make YOUR skin flawless! =-.

  5. Diana S. says:

    Im not too crazy about these polishes or the eyeshadows so I will definitely pass on these. More money to save for the Mac summer collection coming in May! lol

  6. Nina says:

    I do love this: Ligne et Ombre de Chanel in Jet-Gold. Its a bit spendy for me but if I didnt go to CVS/Walgreens for a month or so then I can buy it.

    I love the gold … so pretty… 🙂

  7. Leigh says:

    Reminds you of MC Hammer? Reminds me of WHO DAT!

  8. amy says:

    I like all the polishes and I want all of them. I especially like then layered but I think I will have a hard time getting my hands on them.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… EOTD Smokey Teals: MAC Bough Grey, Birds & Berries, Vex and Shroom =-.

  9. Marisol says:

    Thankfully I only like these and not LOVE them.

    The only Chanel products I have are several nail polishes and I really like them. Yes they are quite pricey but it was splurge on them.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Europe here I come! =-.

  10. Amy says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the photo! I was hoping to order the jet-gold eyeliner but can’t find it online –do you know where on the site it could be? I looked under eyeliners and eyeshadows but no luck….thanks! 🙂
    .-= Amy’s last blog post… Chanel Summer 2010 – Nouvelle Vague =-.

  11. Glosslizard says:

    I still really want Galactic Touch polish from the Aoyama collection!

  12. adelinky says:

    I am going to HUNT DOWN Illusion d’or!!!!!!
    .-= adelinky’s last blog post… Mary-Lou Manizer. Cute Name! =-.

  13. adelinky says:

    Karen, do you know if I can maybe purchase these nail polishes from Chanel boutiques that are out of state? I’ll probably have to pay another $25 for shipping! ha! just answered my self!
    .-= adelinky’s last blog post… Mary-Lou Manizer. Cute Name! =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Adelinky,

      Hmm, I’d try calling the boutiques to verify how the handle the shipping along with the costs. If you click on the “Chanel Boutique” link in the “Where can I find it?” section above, it’ll take you to a boutique locator.

  14. Kim says:

    Karen, your MC Hammer tie-in just made me laugh so hard.. and I remember actually owning pants like those. Thank you so much for starting my day off right!!

    • Karen says:

      GURRL! Did you know those pants are back in style? They call ’em “harem pants” now. I never owned a pair, but I did rock some Z. Cavarrichi’s, LOL!

      • Kim says:

        Again, with the morning laugh!! I was the queen of the Z Cavs too – I know, I know, but what can we say? We were stylin’ then, right? If I actually see someone in harem pants on the street, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep a straight face – or keep from humming “here comes the hammer”. 🙂

  15. Andrea says:

    The black side of the duo is a cake liner! Add some water to it and it’ll work as a liquid liner. That’s how the models got their winged liner from the catwalk!

  16. Sarah says:

    Oh my god, I love the Illusion D’Or as a topper! I think thats definitely a must have. Thats annoying that its so exclusive though.

    • Karen says:

      I know. They should make that one available at all the counters!

      • Sarah says:

        Seriously! I was at the Chanel counter at Bloomingdales this afternoon (where I am all too frequently) and if it had been there I would have picked it up in a heartbeat! I’m not even sure where my closest Chanel Boutique is…

        Oh well, when I finally do get it (because I probably will get it) I’ll love how “exclusive” it is! For now I’m just annoyed…

  17. Katie says:

    I think this is a must have, at least for me. I can see it not being universally flattering though! Black nail polish is hard to pull off as well. When I wear black nailpolish though, I usually add something over the top of it, like OPI “My Private Jet” so it’s not as intense.
    .-= Katie’s last blog post… Favorite Bronzers =-.

  18. corinne says:

    I just bought Illusion D’Or online…free shipping AND no tax! perfect! I “accidentally” bought 2 =)

  19. Shimmergrass says:

    wow, Illusion D’Or is heavenly!
    .-= Shimmergrass’s last blog post… Chanel Noir et Or Paris-Shanghai Makeup Collection =-.

  20. Alison says:

    I really want Illusion d’Or and Black Velvet but live in the UK and suspect these won’t be heading over here (just like all the other beautiful limited edition Chanels!). I’m off to see 30 Seconds to mars at the Download festival in June and really want black velvet to wear then it would be perfect for just such an occasion! I am so excited, I have a huge Jared Leto crush!

  21. Leslie says:

    Karen, I love your nail swatches! All 3 look great on you. how many coats did you use? Thanks!

  22. Catherine says:

    LMAO!! I totally see the MC Hammer.

    I think I need Illusion d’Or. It is really gorgeous.
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Birthday Coach from J ♥ =-.

  23. mela says:

    omg karen…thank you for introducing me to my new crush!

    as soon as i read this, i ordered illusion d’or from – AND to sweeten the deal, they have free UPS shipping! my polish shipped today and i could die with happiness – big fancy alumni party at my college next weekend and this girl needs to look fierce!
    .-= mela’s last blog post… shu shu…i love you =-.

  24. diane says:

    Beautiful colors!
    .-= diane’s last blog post… From the series of great youtubers I give you JulieG 713 =-.

  25. keegan says:

    To DIE!

    Chanel Black Velvet + Illusion D’Or = Sexy Disco Vampire

    But I am not about to spend $50 ($25 each..WTF?) for nailpolish so I headed for Ulta to see if I could find a comparable knockoff. I trolled the nail aisle and the OPI and Essie sections and couldn’t find a dern thing until I happened to eye a new little makeup display called LA Splash. Hmmm, funky, okay let’s see… I find 2 nalpolish colors called Black Sea and Treasure Splash $8 ($3.99 each)

    almost identical I swear.
    see pics here
    .-= keegan’s last blog post… Best Lip Plumping Glosses =-.

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