Cool Skin Tones May Find These Two MAC Taste Temptations Blushes Tempting

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mac passionately tempted blush from the taste temptation collection

Wearing the new MAC Passionately Tempted Powder Blush from the new Taste Temptation collection

Um, yeah. Thanksgiving sides? They’re my fave part of the meal. I’ll take a heaping scoop of garlic mashed potatoes, some of that delicioso green bean casserole, the corn pudding, lots of stuffing (don’t be shy with the stuffing!), and those two pigmented powder blushes from the new MAC Taste Temptations collection.

Thanks! 🙂


Granted, the blushes aren’t traditional Thanksgiving sides, but this is 2012, right? We should broaden our horizons.

Plus, if a ton of people show up, cool-toned Unconventional and Passionately Tempted ($20 each, or $24 CDN) pack enough pigment to appease a makeup-hungry crowd.

Unconventional moonlights as a highlighter

Okay, here’s my game plan: I think I’ll start with a serving of shimmery Unconventional. The light lavender may look tailor made for pale pretties, but I think it also looks great on darker skin tones. I’m an NC 42, and I feel like I only need one layer (!), which I might add, doesn’t appear ashy at all.

Oh, and the shimmer? So, so fine. Almost like a MAC Beauty Powder. I just see a soft glow on my face when I’m wearing it.

It’s also going straight into my regular highlighter rotation; I’m looking forward to having another choice other than my regular gold, peach and silver shimmers.

Passionately Tempted seeks fan brush for makeup date

The other blush in this Tantalizing release, Passionately Tempted, is the deeper of the two. It’s a mid-toned magenta and applies with just as much gusto as its Unconventional cousin.

You might want to take a fan brush to it, though, as it’s a little on the darker side and pretty easy to overdo.

But if you ever do happen to apply too much of it, try this: grab a foundation brush (it’s okay if it’s one you used a little earlier, and it’s still wet with product), and gently run it all over your cheeks and along the edges to tone down the color.

mac passionately tempted blush from the taste temptation collection

Powder Blush in Passionately Tempted, a mid-toned magenta with a satin finish ($20, or $24 CDN)

mac unconventional blush from the taste temptation collection

Powder Blush in Unconventional, a pale shimmery lavender with a frost finish ($20, $24 CDN)

mac taste temptation swatches blush

Swatches of Unconventional on the left and Passionately Tempted on the right

mac unconventional blush from the taste temptation collection

Wearing Powder Blush in Unconventional on my cheeks

Something to consider…

I think both of these blushes could stand to be a little softer than they are, not that they’re hard at all. I mean, they’re buttery, but I wouldn’t call them NARS-caliber butter.

Should you or shouldn’t you?

Generally, MAC’s Powder Blushes last about 8-10 hours on my combination skin, which works out fine for me, and they slowly fade as the day wears on without getting patchy.

Also with these, because they are so pigmented, a little goes a long way.

Give ’em a swipe one of these days, especially if you wear a lot of cool-toned lavender, magenta or purple eye colors. 🙂

PRICE: $20 each ($24 CDN)
AVAILABILITY: Coming to Macy’s MAC counters for a special Black Friday sale on November 23 from midnight to 4 a.m.; after that, U.S. shoppers will be able to snag it online at December 6, and then in stores from December 23 to January 17

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



P.S. Hi and HI!!! It’s raining cats and dogs here tonight, and I’ve been running around in it like a tabby chasing his tail, trying to take care of some last-minute errands before Thanksgiving.

So many onions to chop, so little time, LOL!

In other news, I keep meaning to talk to you about the new Twilight movie.

Have you seen it yet?? Shocker of the year! I actually thought it was pretty darned good. Much better than the last one. Seriously, even El Hub said he liked it. He actually used those words, “I liked it.” 🙂

I hope the weather’s better out your way than it’s been out here. Are you staying local for Thanksgiving or hitting the road? If you’re going to be driving, be careful out there.


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  1. Passionately Tempted is gorgeous!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Celebrity Face of the Day : Taylor Swift

  2. Marina says:

    Thanks a lot for this post. Both blushes really caught my attention on the promos but they are not what I’ve imagined. Although I do wonder how Unconventional would look on my skin (I am 15 in MAC foundation).
    Marina recently posted … Top Three Most Luxurious Beauty Gifts

  3. Marla says:

    Those colors are a no no for my golden skin but I bet they are gorgeous on cooler tone peeps. Looks lovely.

  4. Gina says:

    Omg! Loving them! I will definitely check them out! 🙂
    Gina recently posted … Christmas love #3: Movies..

  5. I’m not 100% convinced so I’ll stick to my normal blushes. It does look good on you though 🙂
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Blind review: Lush body lotions (part I – the experiment)

  6. Kiss & Make-up says:

    Hm, I can’t seem to enter comments…

  7. Ruchita says:

    These are so pretty! I have a warm skin tone, but I love cooler colors like this.

    So, Twilight – I saw it the day it came out and I thought it was good. I liked the “twist” at the end and the ending credits where they sort of wrapped up the whole saga. None of the movies are the height of cinematic excellence, but I like the stories and they’re fun to watch. 🙂 Now, I have to wait a whole year for my next obsession – Catching Fire. Argh!

    We’re just traveling about 20 minutes to my sister-in-law’s house. I’ll be hauling 3 desserts and about 15 lbs of mashed potatoes. Can’t wait! 🙂

    Hope you have a great holiday!

  8. Nina says:

    I havent seen both Breaking Dawns. Maybe someday.

    I want these blushes – theyre gorgeous!

  9. Megan says:

    You look so pretty! I definitely like Unconventional on your eyes! I’m probably too pale for it to have the same result, but it looks gorgeous on you!

  10. Marília says:

    oh Karen…I have been obsessed about your blog for the past week, but you know what my problem is? EVERYTHING looks good on you. it makes it so hard not to buy everything you show me! haha
    You’re also wearing the Taste Temptation quad here, right? It looks lovely on you!

  11. Agata says:

    The Unconventional looks really pretty. I am not sure if it’d look good on my skin tone since it’s rather warm.

  12. Pearl says:

    Love the way Passionately Tempted looks..

  13. Chris El says:

    I’m obsessed with berry colors this season and I’m drooling over Passionately Tempted, although Unconventional might make an interesting highlighter.

    I need to see the new Twilight movie. I keep hearing about this shocking ending, but I don’t recall that in the book. Must re-read now. 🙂
    Chris El recently posted … Twilight-inspired FOTD

  14. Passionately Tempted looks great, although it’s probably not a flattering shade for my skin color. Also, you look absolutely stunning in that last photo!
    Antonia at Swedish Love Affair recently posted … Thank you! (pregnancy update)

  15. Lina says:

    What lipgloss/lipstick are you wearing in the top photo (the one with the magenta blush) – it looks great on you!

  16. Mayure says:

    I love your lips in this picture, what lipstick/gloss are you wearing?

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