Clinique’s Day-to-Night Palette Looks More Like a Day-to-Day Palette to Me

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clinique day to night palette

“My eye looks huge!” I say, with my face practically pressed against the bathroom mirror. I get up close like that when I’m putting on false eyelashes — fare for nighttime fun. When it comes to nighttime makeup looks, if yours frequently feature fake eyelashes with rhinestones glued to the tips and glittery purple eyeshadow, everything else looks like library makeup by comparison, LOL!


I’m not exactly sure why Clinique named their new travel exclusive palette Day To Night because it looks more like a day-to-day palette to me.

Then again, I still think the kit, which arrives at select domestic and international airports and duty free stores in May, contains some interesting, useful colors, especially if you like your makeup on the subtler side (I usually do), or if you’re trying to build up the number of neutrals in your stash.

The kit’s three sheer eyeshadows (a matte beige, a shimmery shell and a shimmery reddish brown), lone blush (a matte plum), two lipglosses (a shimmery reddish plum and a shimmery purple) and single lipstick (a creamy reddish plum) should make for plenty o’ natural, everyday looks.

clinique day to night palette iphone
It’s almost the exact same size as an iPhone

clinique day to night palette swatches

clinique day to night palette

Pricing will vary based on travel hub/location, but expect it to hover around the $40 mark.


I’m sold on the lip products in the kit, but I detect a bit of fallout using the darkest eyeshadow. I also think the blush could stand to be a little easier to blend.

That said, if you’re a die-hard Clinique fan hitting the skyways or highways this spring, the kit might be worth a quick trip to a duty free store.

PRICE: Varies by location; should be around the $40 mark
AVAILABILITY: Coming this May to domestic and international airports and duty free stores

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  1. Molly SC says:

    What’s the 3rd brush in the case? I see a shadow wand and one of those annoyingly tiny blush brushes- is that other thing a lip brush?

  2. Jessi says:

    The lippie looks gorgeous on you! And I think the rest of the palette is good for traveling. You don’t want to have to put a lot of thinking or effort into your makeup and this this seems like it makes it pretty easy. $40 isn’t bad for a palette either.
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  3. lesley says:

    Looks like a great go-to palette for travel! What brushes are included? Are they any good? 😉

    Happy Easter, Karen & Tabs!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lesley,

      There’s a small eyeshadow sponge applicator, a tiny blush brush and a retractable lip brush. The eyeshadow applicator and blush brush and too small to really do any good, but the lip brush is okay.

      Happy Easter to you too! 🙂

  4. Rhapsode says:

    I agree, that’s not a night makeup palette by any means, strictly day wear for me. Usually I only get skin care items from Clinique because the shadows aren’t very pigmented, but after seeing your swatches these seem different!

    On a side note, I have never tried fake lashes. I feel like I should, if only in the name of maximizing my beauty experience, haha. Especially with rhinestones and feathers… 0_0 Now I just need to find a party to wear them too. You look gorgeous as usual, by the way.
    Rhapsode recently posted … Help Mother Earth Live Long And Prosper- Zoyas Earth Day Promo!

  5. Trisha says:

    I totally agree about the “day to night” designation. I see nothing “night” about this. Granted, my normal makeup tends to be a bit out-there from what’s the norm, but still. But still!

    I repeated myself for effect.
    Trisha recently posted … Giveaway- 2 Stila E! Live From the Red Carpet Palettes 5 Winners!

  6. Vijaya says:

    Clinique never really does it for me.
    Vijaya recently posted … Linnaeus Cosmetics Review- The Hyacinth Macaw Collection

  7. Tiffany says:

    Lol the post title made me laugh! Love the look you did with this, especially the lips!

  8. Nina says:

    its a pretty palette but seems very dupe-able. 🙂

  9. i agree, this is very much a DAY palette to me. that said, the colours are gorgeous; the blush looks amazing on your skin 🙂
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … All About Eyes- Runway Edition- Oscar de la Renta

  10. Lillybeth says:

    This palette could be rather ‘night’ for those with fair skin…with your skintone, Karen you need depth of colour to look natural or slightly glam, but for those of us with pasty white skin the shimmer chocolate eyeshadow paried wth the red lipstick would have a high contrast against our fair skin…so be perfect for night but that’s about it. xx

  11. Julie says:

    You look really pretty with these colours. It’s almost a pinup girl inspired and really flatters your skin tone, particularly the lip colour.

  12. Mandy says:

    Not too into the colors, but I am loving the RED.

  13. Katrina says:

    I love my false lashes too. So fun.

    I love Clinique’s skincare too, but their eyeshadows are…eh. I feel like they put out the same colors all the time.

  14. April says:

    Where did you get that lovely iPhone case from, it’s so cute!!

  15. Fieran says:

    I like Clinique cleansers and moisturizers, but their eye makeup is a bit depressing – it’s always the same pinky, peachy, browny shades. Come on Clinique, make something different.

  16. Len says:

    Your Cellphone case is so cute, where’d you find it?

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