Clinique Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift, a Dreamy Anti-Aging Skin Cream

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Gobble, gobble: A Big Fat HELL-TO-THE-NO to Turkey Neck

Ladies, ladies, ladies … I feel like I can’t say this enough. Start taking care of your neck early! Cause if you don’t, you just might develop a weird complex about your neck lines when you turn, oh, 32!


I dream of finding a neck cream that will turn back all the years of my lack of sunscreen wearing (kicking myself for not starting earlier!). So from here on out your girl is gonna be like I LOVE NY 2 when it comes to neck creams! I’m gonna find a neck cream that actually works … even if it kills my ass.

One neck cream that I’ve been using lately is Clinique’s Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift ($52.50). It’s an anti-aging moisturizer with retinol. There are three versions: oily/combination skin, dry/combination skin and very dry skin. I’ve been using the dry/combo skin version for the last month. I put it on my neck at night after toning, and again in the morning before sunscreen.

Big hearts for:
Product texture. I hate products that leave you with a sticky neck, ewwww! Thank goodness Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift has a nice texture that doesn’t leave a greasy, sticky film. It sinks in quickly, has a slightly medicinal scent, which I dig, and after application my neck feels nice and dry!
Moisturization properties. The texture of my neck feels softer and more supple since I started using this religiously.
Evenness in tone. I have noticed that there’s less contrast between the deeper neck lines and the rest of the skin on my neck, and the tone and texture of my skin is more consistent.

Little hearts for:
Price. I wish it were cheaper, but I gotta say that the jar is HUGE. You do get a lot for your money. And for the superior texture and the moisturizing properties, I’d pay for this over and over again.
Complete neck line eradication. I wonder sometimes if we’re set up to believe in skin care miracles because I’ve yet to find a neck cream that truly erases deep neck lines. However, I have to point out that even though the neck lines haven’t been thoroughly zapped away, I have noticed visible improvement in skin texture and tone.


You might heart it if:
– Your skin responds well to retinol products.
– Your neck lines aren’t too pronounced and you need a preventative product.
– You’re a fan of Clinique skin care products.

Are you a Clinique skin care girl? What do you recommend I try next?

I have today off so I’m going to do some cleaning, blogging and I’m going to take a much-delayed trip to the Chanel Counter. Will be back in a few hours with some looty-loot-loot!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Glosslizard says:

    I haven’t tried any neck creams (yet) but Bliss has a new one out called Thinny-chin-chin and I love me some Bliss! Have you tried it? If so, how does it compare with the Clinique? In general I like Bliss’ products better, but prefer Clinique’s pricing! Heh!

    Finally have my 3 Plum Lips in my hot little hands!!! I haven’t started using them yet (an unfortunately-timed trip to the dentist leaves me uninspired to mess with my mouth) but I’m just looking at them and staring at their beautilicious-ness! I’ll be primping by this afternoon, no doubt! 😀

    I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see your Chanel loot! Have a wonderfully indulgent time!

  2. sassy says:

    I”m all over this one. I’m big on combating those premature signs of aging. It is not a game. LOL

  3. ponikuta says:

    I mix and match my skincare products. So I am only half a Clinique skin care girl. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the goodness of Rose Hip Oil?

    I add a drop or two of rose hip oil to my Clinique’s Superdefence Triple Action Moisturizer SPF 25 and apply it to my face and neck every night.

    I also add Rose Hip Oil to almost everything or apply on its own.

    Picked this habit up from a dear popular mag beauty editor here in Australia.

    This is her blog about the fantastic rose hip oil. Hope you’ll like it.

  4. Tootsie says:

    I haven’t tried their skin care products for the one “little heart” reason you mentioned…the price. But I’ve been using their foundation and blush since high school. I’ve been hooked on their CityBase Foundation in Ivory Bisque since it debuted. I love the compact, and that it’s a cream, and the little sponge to apply it with. It gives full coverage, evens out my tone, and gives a flawless finish. I hate powder and you don’t need it with this foundation (thanks be to God). I just discovered last month that they’ve discontinued my color of blush (Nude Nude) as I bought the last one at my local Macy’s counter. So I know I’m going to have to sample until I find one that’s as perfect as that one has been all these many years. I don’t trust my face to anyone but Clinique.

  5. Karen says:

    Glosslizard, woo hoo for the plum lips set! I hope you are fully recovered from the dentist (my least favorite place in the world to go.)

    I have tried Thinny Thin Chin. I like it, but I find the Clinique texture a touch less stickier, which I prefer.

    I was *this close* to buying a bottle of Coco Madmoiselle but decided to make my parents’ lives easier this Christmas (allegedly I’m hard to shop for, which is so not true because all I want is makeup but nobody wants to feed my habit). I reckon I’ll just put it as the one thing on my list. 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    No kidding, Sassy. Start early! Neck complex = BAD!

  7. Karen says:

    Thanks for the tip, Ponikuta. I will look for some at my local health food store.

    Have you tried Jojoba oil? I use it often for so many things: removing lipstick, moisturizing my legs, after waxing, as an emergency hair product (ha!) …

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Tootsie,

    That’s such a bummer that they discontinued your shade! I’ve heard of women actually calling corporate offices to hunt down products!

    I haven’t tried Clinique foundation in years (it was my very first foundation, ever, so I have a soft spot for it.) I hope you find a comparable replacement to your holy grail!

  9. ponikuta says:

    Sounds pretty fine. I am not usually a natural/organic health product person. But these nifty products are so versatile you can almost never resist them. Best of all, they come cheap as well.

    I have bottles of rose hip oil, olive oil and tea tree oil included into my beauty routine. I might just try out jojoba oil. Thanks for the tip too. 😉

  10. Glosslizard says:

    Thanks for the neck cream info, good to know!

    Yeah, I’m all recovered from dentist, thanks! 😀

  11. Jenn says:

    I absolutely love Clinique. They have excellent skin care line. If you have never tried it you should. They have some many wonderful make-up and skin care products! I can not say enough good things about their line. Some of my favorite products are:
    Superfit foundation (a light long wearing foundation that can actually cover a blemish up, but it still looks very natural)
    Superbalm Moisturizing Lipbalm: This lip balm gives a natural hint of color, but it feels like silk going on. It is very moisturizing.
    All About Eyes Eye cream: This product is amazing it helps my dark circles and puffiness, plus it just glides over my eye area so smoothly!
    I could go on and on about all the wonderful products! If you haven’t tried Clinique in a while you should check them out again. They have all kinds of wonderful products for all ages.

  12. Connie says:

    Hi Karen, totally agree with the start early,
    and another word , DON”T SSTOP Girls, no matter what age you are and be gentle with your skin, don’t forget your hands, and gently pat the products around the eye and even on the face if you want the best long term results, I am loving Say yes to carrots, very cheap too compared with my other products, YEs body cream esp on hands!!! every night!

    Karen Do you still use this cream and does it do anything for the neck skin under the neck that is sagging some? or that little sag on the chin line on both sidws of your chin under mouth, those first little pooches?

    I used to use the anti gravity eye cream and it was wonderful, i don’t know how i forgot about it, it used to firm and get the awful puffiness around my eyes almost instantly , I am 52 now and have been neglecting for a while, I love the burt’s bees skin care products A LOT but just can’t get all the puffiness down around my eyes, so i hope the clinique works as good as it used to ,still can’t belief i forgot it, i found an empty jar and it reminded me.

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