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Yesterday was brutal and I’m still sick as a dog, so after work I acquired goodies to bolster my immune system: a humongous bag of Ricola Cough Drops, Theraflu (blech!) and Chanel Teint Innocence Cream Compact Foundation, YES!



Okay, okay, so I know compact foundation will do absolutely zip when it comes to clearing up my congestion, but the retail therapy ’twas priceless. For a very brief and shining moment, I felt almost like a real girl.


Chanel Teint Innocence Compact Foundation ($55) is the newest incarnation of Chanel’s award winning Teint Innocence liquid (in this case, cream) foundations. It comes in a signature Chanel black compact with a separate James Bond-esque secret compartment for the sponge applicator. Chanel might have saved us all a few duckets on the packaging, though, because every makeup artist at the counter advised me not to apply the product with the included sponge, which they said causes caking. Only use the included sponge if you’re on-the-go or for simple touch-ups. To really look like a star, use a traditional foundation brush, instead.

A few months ago I tried the liquid version of Teint Innocence in the Soft Honey shade but wasn’t moved by it because it felt heavy and gave my face a greasy, disco-ball glow. The color was also a little off (too yellow) for me.


But the compact foundation has the liquid beat. My shade, 50 Natural, matches my skin tone almost perfectly. It’s just the tiniest bit too yellow.

Texture wise, the cream version feels lighter than the liquid did. It’s weightless. I don’t feel it sitting on top of my skin. I also like light coverage, so I put on just enough to even out my skin tone, but if I want medium coverage for a more dramatic look, I can still put on multiple layers without it suffocating my pores.

Oh, and the greasy disco ball factor? Very low. There is a slight shimmer, but it’s subtle and pretty.

I usually set foundation with loose powder, but I’ve heard that some women skip powder entirely when using this product. My skin gets oily as the day goes on, so I’ll just have to experiment to see what works best.

I’m using a traditional foundation brush (the MAC 190) with this but can’t wait to try a few other brushes with it as well. Woo hoo! I’m starting to feel better already!

Free Lauryn Hill!

When I drove to the mall to pick up my compact yesterday it was pouring. Traffic was ugly. I was stuck in the car for an obscenely long time and popped in Lauryn Hill’s classic CD, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” which I haven’t listened to in years. The song Everything is Everything started playing, and it hit me that this CD is really freaking amazing.


What is it with artists making brilliant, shining solo debuts only to disappear into oblivion afterwards? I don’t know what L Boogie as been up to (I suppose she’s raising her babies), but I wish she’d make more music for us (me!). Come on, girl, pick up that pen and start writing lyrics again!

Fake it ’til you make it

Over the past few days my cold turned me into a lazy beast. To at least look like I feel great, I’ve rubbed some color onto the apples of my cheeks using Prescriptives Blush More or Less Cream Blush ($21.50) in Nantucket Dune, a soft bronze with a faint golden shimmer. Even sick, we can still feel pretty.


Prescriptives Blush More or Less in Nantucket Dune

I really like this blush’s staying power. Some cream blushes feel slick and emollient and just slide off my cheeks, but Blush More or Less stays put all day long. I get a nice glow without looking overly made-up.

Just use clean fingers to apply it directly on your cheeks. The color glides on and isn’t splotchy at all. You shouldn’t have to do much blending, which is a big plus when you’re coughing and can’t hold a brush steady to save your life.

Mavericks, here I come (kinda)



Ya’ll ready for the weekend? If I were feeling a little better, I’d love to go to Mavericks to watch the 2008 big wave surf competition. Cindy, my surfing buddy, is leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow to watch folks ride dirty on those 20-foot waves. It’s in Half Moon Bay, which is just South of San Francisco. I, however, will be watching from the comfort of my couch via live webcast.

I hope you haven’t caught the nasty cold that’s going around. Stay healthy, please.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Sandy says:

    My makeup drawer has plenty of Chanel products. My dad loves buying me Chanel products, don’t know why. LOL. I remember him buying me an eyeshadow quad, a travel quad with eyeshadows & lipglosses, a blush, the lipglosses & the lipstick. I tried the liquid Teint Innocence. I loved it πŸ™‚ It’s very light. My shade was beige. It was a bit dark though. You should try their teint controle uv extreme compact powder. I use mainly the compact powder cause I’m on the go kinda girl, I always wake up late =P

  2. Sandy says:

    And oh, hope you get better sis *huggles*

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks Sandy! I am feeling better πŸ™‚

    You’re so lucky your dad buys you Chanel! It always helps when your family knows how to feed the addiction (mine always knows what to get me!).

    I haven’t tried any Chanel powders yet but I’ll put that on my list. I’m more of a loose powder girl (it’s a weird obsession) but I’ll try it!

    Have a good weekend. πŸ™‚

  4. Lilan says:

    Happy Friday, Karen!

    Gosh, when I saw the announcement for Maverick’s on the news this AM while I was getting ready for work, I thought of you and wished that I were on a beach somewhere πŸ™‚ Have you gone on any of those surf vacations? My old boss went last year in Costa Rica and said it was amazing!

    A MUA used the teint innocence compact foundation on me a while ago and I remember that it felt really nice! Only I’m not much of a foundation kinda girl so I passed on it. Saved me $55 for some glossimers!

    And Sandy, if only I were lucky enough to have someone buy me goodies from Chanel…

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Lilan,

    I’ve gone on trips to San Diego and Hawaii but none of those special surf trips (which seem really cool.)

    I wasn’t much of a foundation girl either, until two years ago. One taste of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and it was all down hill from there πŸ˜‰

    And girl, you gotta get that boy of yours to hook the Chanel up!

  6. Lilan says:

    I’ve been using LM Tinted Moisturizer for years! I still only wear it on special occassions though. I guess I’ve been so loyal, I haven’t even thought about switching it up πŸ™‚

    And you KNOW I’m going to ask for some Chanel for the bday that’s coming up.. oy! Getting older…

  7. babyu21 says:

    Not that I don’t luvvvs reading your blog everyday but maybe you should take a day or four to really get some rest so you can come back full force.

    Get thy self some garlic and zinc both said to boost the immune system (heard it on Oprah and you know she don’t lie)

  8. Karen says:

    Hey Lilan,

    Happy early birthday! Are you going to ask for some spring goodies from Chanel? That blue quad is pretty kickin’.

  9. Karen says:

    Aw, thanks for the good advice, Babyu21. I’m feeling better but those supplements sound like good preventative stuff. (I wonder if the garlic gives you stinky breath?!?!)

    I dig Oprah too, BTW!

  10. Lilan says:

    I’m definitely thinking about the Chanel blue quad as a bday present to myself. It looked soo beautiful on you when you posted a couple of weeks ago. I also picked up Blue Satin – it’s gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  11. Karen says:

    I know that blues shadows are sometimes intimidating, but the quad is surprisingly usable. I hope you get it! The dark blue shadow applied wet would look really pretty on your skin.

    Why is Chanel so addictive? Now I’m thinking about Blue Satin, Creme Caramel and Phiphi.

  12. EtherealPrey says:

    i totally want to try chanel foundation but $55 is a bit on the steep side, maybe when i save enough i can splurge, but i will definitely check this out. Thanks for the review.

  13. Karen says:

    You’re welcome, EtherealPrey. Yeah, I know it’s kinda pricey (I had to wait for payday!) but I don’t think you have to use a lot of it so your $ will go a long way. It’s pretty fabulous and I like it so far!

    The only drawback is there’s a limited shade selection, so I hope you find one that works for ya.

  14. Mrs. Lynne says:

    That is an interesting sponge compartment. It’s very secret-like all tucked away.. ooh, mysterious!

    That wave looks mean! Definitely an “Eddie Would Go” wave. How long have you been surfing for? This may sound strange, but I’m actually afraid of the ocean. Ironic, considering that I live out in the middle of it.

  15. Erusa says:

    I used Teint innocence last winter and I loved it!
    Now I’m looking for a moisturizing fndtn or maybe a make up base because my skin is very sensitive-dry-oily these days (Hormonal things, you know x_X )
    Get well soon!!!

  16. Mariana says:

    Hi Karen,

    Feel better soon! If anything can help, it would be Chanel products. I was coming down with something and then received the package my mom sent that contained Blue Satin NP. It was like a small miracle! ; )

    Get some rest and I’ll talk to you soon!

  17. PeeChee says:

    I’m in the same funkiness too. Not feeling to well but I did manage to put some blush on (MAC blushbaby) too. The prescriptives blush looks like I need to give it a try. I may have to hit the makeup counters later today.

    I watched the Triple Crown surf competition years ago in Hawaii. I’d like to learn one day but till then I can live vicariously through you. πŸ™‚

    Have you heard of a neti-pot? I heard Oprah mentioned it and saw an article on it on the yahoo website. I thought it was kind of strange but considering how I’m feeling, I’m willing to try anything to feel better.

  18. Lilan says:

    I wish I knew why Chanel is so addicting too! It’s just the price tag that always kills me πŸ™ I’m really craving the blue quad. I haven’t had a new blue in a while. PLUS I just checked out your post again and I’m dying – it’s so gorgeous!

  19. Holly says:

    I honestly think the teint innocence compact is the best foundation in the world! If they ever stopped making it i would die!
    I always apply mine with the sponge though and advise my Chanel customers to do the same i honestly think it gives a more even coverage than a brush can.
    Just got back from NY and had a MAJOR Chanel splurge on all your goodies than i cant get over here in the UK! Got the blue eye quad, blue satin NP, a couple of creme glosses and a rouge double intensite plus a whole skincare set which i can get over here but i just went a bit mad!!
    How amazing are your Chanel counters!?! they are sooo much better than ours I so have to move to NY lol!!

  20. AshB says:

    That compact looks tempting… I’ve been looking for a stick foundation to use here and there so I don’t have to put foundation on all over. The compact looks like it would serve the same purpose. But I tried Teint Innocence liquid a while ago, and my opinion is the same as yours. Plus, most European cosmetics brands don’t have shades that are yellow/olive enough for Indian skin like mine. So after I went to the Chanel counter, I went over to Prescriptives (where my normal shade was now a little too dark and too orange) and found out custom blend is just a few dollars more than Chanel. So I got that instead. The process was fun! But after my bottle runs out, I may have to revert back to a cheaper alternative. Oh well.

    And how funny that you found that CD? I just found my old Fugees “The Score” CD and have been listening to it… Lauryn Hill has THE most beautiful voice.

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Mrs. Lynne,

    The ocean can be pretty frightening. I was scared to swim in it until a few years ago. I really wanted to learn how to surf so I took swimming lessons and I discovered that I was really comfortable in the water. Now I feel like a fish out of water πŸ™‚ Maybe some swim lessons (in a pool) could help you ease your fear.

    I learned how to surf in 2001 (?) but seriously, it’s not like those cool girls you see on TV where they do tricks and stuff on their shortboards. I paddle out, I stand up, I fall down. That’s about it, but it’s so much fun.

    My dream is to move to Hawaii with El Hub and to have a whole clan of surfer babies who grow up to be surf champs, LOL.

    Anyway, what’s cracking this weekend?

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Eru!

    Hmmm, have you tried Laura Mercier’s oil-free foundation primer? My skin is sensitive too, and it doesn’t react to it.

    I know becca also makes a few good ones too. πŸ™‚

    Hope things are well in your neck of the woods!

  23. Karen says:

    Hey Mariana,

    That’s so sweet that your mom sent you a Chanel care package. Chanel heals all wounds, LOL.

    I hope you are feeling better and that you have a good weekend! πŸ™‚

  24. Karen says:

    Aww, sorry you’re feeling funky PeeChee. If you hit Prescriptives the blush may not be available yet; I know it’s online but I think it hits counters “officially” on January 15th.

    Blushbaby is one of my MAC staples. I reach for it when I don’t want to think, because it’s practically foolproof. What other MAC blushes do you like? I think we can probably wear the same colors. πŸ™‚ You should try Dollymix, BTW, if you don’t have it already.

    Surfing is fun after you get through the initial stage of it being really difficult. It didn’t come to me naturally, and I’m still not very good at it, but a few years ago I was in Hawaii when something unexplainable just “clicked”, and it all got a little easier. It’s good exercise too, but to me it’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all, ya know?

    OMG, so I just googled the neti-pot and there are a bunch of really funny picture online. Are you having congestion probs? One thing I’ve been using (and only around the house, LOL) are these Breathe Right Nasal Strips. They really do work!

  25. Karen says:

    Hi Lilan,

    Yeah, I really haven’t picked up any blues since MAC Smokesignals in August (and I rarely reach for that quad) but this one is worthy of your collection.

    The one with the lil’ flowers, while cute, doesn’t seem very wearable. Plus it would TOTALLY KILL ME to ruin the camilla design!

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    I’m glad to hear you are home safe from your trip and that it was fun! WOW, it sounds like you had *lots* of fun at the Chanel counter, LOL! (I go “a bit mad” at the Chanel counter all the time, so I feel ya pain.)

    Question for you – when you use the sponge, do you apply it dry, or wet the sponge beforehand? And do you replace it or wash it after a certain amount of time?

  27. Karen says:

    Hi AshB,

    I’ve always wanted to try the custom blend foundation from Prescriptives. It looks really cool. They also have a relatively new foundation, called Virtually Fresh, which is supposed to be pretty good.

    I dunno if you have access to Paul & Joe, but I tried their foundation a few years ago and one thing I remember is that it had very strong yellow tones. Shiseido also might be worth checking out too when your bottle runs out.

  28. Lea says:

    Hey Karen,

    When you fully recoup (and I hope really soon) will you please post before and after FOTD with the awesome Chanel Teint on you? I myself haven’t got enough moxie to use foundation (not to mention anything and everything itches)…a small amount of concealer is about the bravest I can go. Nevertheless I’m always excited to see how it applies on other gals skin.

    Well it’s a nice bright Saturday out in Los Angeles (too bright actually that I’m wearing my prescription sunnies in the living room as I’m typing this). My English Muffin (aka bf) has just abandoned me so I think I will take a walk and get some exercise. Destination:Walgreens, hmmmm maybe I can pick up a double-ended brush! Shall I pick up some more of your fave theraflu? jk. You all have a great weekend, especially you, our guru Karen.

  29. Lilan says:

    The lighter palette with the flowers definitely look too pastel-y for me. They would probably make lovely highlighters though!

    I’m with you about the flowers; I ended up returning the Camelias lip palette from holiday because I couldn’t stand to ruin it! πŸ™‚

  30. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,

    To be honest i use my foundation every day so it doesnt last long enough to really need to replace the sponge before i buy a refil usually. if i do find that it begins to get a bit caked up i usually just take a new one from work lol (another perk of my job!) i have never tried to wash it, if my customers ask about it i usually just give them a couple of the spares we have so im sure if you ask your faveourite Chanel assistant they will give you some spare sponges!

    I have always just applied it dry, because the foundation is so smooth to apply there is really no need to add extra moisture to the sponge.


  31. PeeChee says:

    Hey Karen!

    I went to the MAC counter today and tried to get Dollymix but they were out. πŸ™ I did end up getting peachykeen. ha ha. I’ve also got Mocha, Sincere, Sweet as Cocoa, and Margin. I’m getting more daring with blushes so I’m definitely gonna get Dollymix on my next visit. It took a lot of will power to just get the blush without trying the new N line. πŸ™‚

    BTW, I’ve been using the nasal strips as well…I just want to clear up like yesterday!!

    Have a great weekend!

  32. Jane says:

    I’m so curious about Chanel make-up! I want to buy some but it’ll drain my wallet worse than MAC ever could. I’ll have to do a check on the foundation you recced though. I love foundations!

    That aside, I do hope you got better over the weekend! πŸ™‚

  33. Glosslizard says:

    Hi Karen!

    Hope you’re feeling better today! πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad you finally got the Teint Innocence compact, I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

    I’m so impressed that you surf! I’ve always wanted to learn, but since I’ve lived here in the land of the freezing-cold waters all my life, I don’t see it happening! Maybe someday I’ll take a trip to Hawaii or Australia and get some “bunny-wave” instruction! πŸ˜€

    Are you going to get any of the MAC sculpt and shape powder? I really want to play with it!

  34. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Hey Karen.

    I actually know how to swim and took lessons when I was a tyke. I don’t mind swimming in a swimming pool, but the thing that makes me hesitant about the ocean is the openness of the water and not being able to touch the bottom. I’ve gone snorkeling, boogie boarding, and jet skiing, and (non-related) skydiving… but scuba diving and surfing still have me kind of shaking. Scuba diving because I don’t like looking at the open water and surfing because I don’t really like being that far out and not being able to touch the bottom when I fall. But I can see myself surfing before scuba diving though. I guess that’s why I like the lagoons at Ko’Olina so much because I know I can’t get swept away. My mind is all screwed up about water, lol.

  35. Karen says:

    Hi Lea!

    Thank you so much for your cheery note. I’m feelin’ much better now so I’ll put up a new face of the day with the awesome Chanel foundation this week.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a fab start! πŸ™‚

  36. Karen says:

    Hi Lilan,

    True, true. Have you ever used their liquid eyeshadows? Now those look like they’d be pretty highlighters! I’m sooo curious.

    Yeah, I saw a compact with the Camillas that had been tortured by passers by and it broke my heart, boo!

  37. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks for the tips! I used my Chanel foundation today (with a brush though) and it really is AMAZING! The color is actually really close to my skin tone, who knew? I have a feeling I’m going to go through this really quick because it looks like a great every day foundation! Whooppeee!

  38. Karen says:

    Hi PeeChee,

    I’m oh-so-jealous of your blush haulage. I want Margin pretty badly; I just always get so distracted by everything else when I get to the MAC counter, LOL!

    What are your fave MAC blushes? I wonder if we’ve got more in common than Blushbaby. πŸ™‚

  39. Karen says:

    Thanks Jane, I am feeling sooo much better today. I slept all day on Saturday and that helped a ton.

    Girl, I hate to be your makeup pusher but this foundation is FANTASTIC. It’s super easy to work with and has great coverage and staying power. Plus the color! It is a really great match for my skin tone. I hope that it doesn’t break me out (knock on wood) and that Chanel never discontinues it! I’d cry, I swear.

    Anyway, since you’re a foundation junkie, which ones do you like best?

  40. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    Surfing is a lot of fun and probably one of my favorite workouts (because it doesn’t feel like exercise at all!) of all time. And trust me, I’m all about the bunny waves. I really don’t do any cool tricks when I surf: I stand up, I fall down. That’s about it. But it’s really fun, LOL!

    If you ever take a trip down to San Diego definitely try out Surf Diva surf camp. I went with a girlfriend a few years ago and we both learned to surf together. It was one of the best vacations I ever had!

    BTW, I used my Chanel foundation and unfortunately I’m hooked! OH no, my wallet!!!!

  41. Karen says:

    Mrs. Lynne,

    So I used to be terrified about not touching the bottom either, but here’s the thing with surfboards – they’re like huge floatation devices that you are literally tethered to!

    If I ever move out there (sigh) I’ll have to take you out in some baby waves. I’ll just stand up and push you into some waves! It’ll be fun. πŸ™‚ Plus, you’ll be able to touch the bottom (just watch out for the coral, ouch!)

  42. Lilan says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’ve never used their liquid eyeshadows. They’re kind of scary to me; every time I look at them on the counter the liquid and color are separated and it makes me feel like they’ve expired or something. Maybe I’ll experiment one of these days and let you know – we can swap notes if you ever try it as well πŸ™‚

  43. Karen says:

    It’s a deal! I’m sorta scared by them too but they are so tempting. There’s a blue and a gold color that I’m lusting over. Maybe you should heal thyself of the Monday blues by buying them so I can live vicariously through you, LOL!

  44. Lilan says:

    Ahh, I think I will have to make another trip to the counters sometime this week. I will not let the case of the Mondays stand in the way of me and Chanel – awww helllll naww!! LOL

  45. Karen says:

    Do it, girl. I’m actually thinking of popping by so I can exchange a quad I got for Christmas. I’m kinda itching to the “Spices” quad!

  46. Glosslizard says:

    Surf Divas! Love it! πŸ˜€

  47. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    Your welcome for the tips im glad somebody else loves teint innocence as much as me! I use beige and that matches my skin tone perfectly too πŸ™‚
    I’ve just read your threads about the liquid eye shadows and my advice would be to give them a miss! I feel like a Chanel trator for finding something I dont like but I have tried these a few times in a few different colours and have not liked them at all, the moment they dry they begin to crack, i have even tried putting a lip balm underneath to try to stop them drying but it went horribly wrong lol. If I were you i would save my money for another quad !!

  48. Karen says:

    Awww, shoot, Holly! Well thanks for keeping it real and telling it like it is. It looks like I’m just going to have to get another quad, LOL! How do you feel about the Spices quad? Is it worth it?

  49. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,

    Yeah i was really disapointed, i had my eye on them for a while and during a quiet day in work had a play with them and really didnt rate them at all. I even tried them again since then because I couldnt believe Chanel let me down lol but had the same result!

    I LOVE the spices quad, its my second faveourite after sparkling satins. The shadows themselves are the usual Chanel quality and work wet-dry really well but i love how wearable the colours are too, I tend to wear them mostly during the day.

    I always think the quads are soo expensive but they do last literally forever compared to the cheaper brands so they are worth it i suppose.

    I also just bought a new Chanel eyeshadow blending brush which im loving but I noticed when I was in NY that you have a totally different brush collection than we do (the guy on the Chanel counter in Henri Bendel actually said the UK brushes are far better quality) so there isnt much point in reconmending it!

  50. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Okay, baby waves are good. No way we’re starting at Sandy Beach, lol. Ooh yah. The coral. Guess I’ll have to toughen up my toes before you get here.

  51. Glosslizard says:

    Hi Holly, welcome back to the blogosphere!

    Hope you had fun in NY! Next time try to make it out here to the West Coast so we can meet up for tea and Chanel! It’s such a short trip after all! πŸ˜‰

    I was curious about those liquid eyeshadows, I saw them in the store and they were already separating. I shook them and the solids didn’t seem to re-suspend in the liquid all the way, so I sort of passed them by.

    I’ll add those brushes on to my ever-growing shopping list when I visit the UK!

  52. Holly says:

    Hey Glosslizard,

    I had an amazing time in NY thanks! I love the west coast it seems so much friendlier than NY but you just can’t beat NY for a good shopping trip! But i never say no to an opportunity to talk Chanel! I think ive pretty much bored all my friends now.

    I dont know what im going to do when i graduate from University and have a real job so I will have to leave my job at Chanel I love it so much, plus I think i will go bankrupt if I actually have to pay to try out all the new products lol!

    Yeah I know what you mean about the liquid eyeshadows, it is normal for them to separate when they are left standing but they should mix together to make one colour when you shake them! When customers ask me about them i tend to just direct their attention towards the quads lol I just cant bring myself to let people waste the money!As I was telling Karen they just dont dry properly on the eye and there is absolutely no way you could blend them with other colours.

    Ooohh if your ever coming over to the UK be sure to let me know and i will give you a big list of favourites from my side of the pond! I also noticed that we have a bigger skincare line for Chanel UK, you dont have my favourite illuminating mist in your Beaute Initiale range which is a shame, i absolutely love it! But you do have sephora which makes up for everything!

  53. Glosslizard says:

    Heh! If I’m ever coming over to the UK, tell me where you are so I can drop by for a visit! πŸ˜€

  54. ValentinaSugar says:

    Hi Karen,

    Do u think chanel has colors in this for hispanic women? (i’m slightly lighter than your skin tone). I also wanted to know if you could recommend one brand of foundation and one concealer which would they be? What are your holy grails?

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