When Your Eyes Could Use a Little Fairy Magic, Give Them the Chanel Délicatesse Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow Palette

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Chanel Delicatese Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow

From the Land of Fey by way of Coco’s castle, the new $60 Chanel Délicatesse Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow palette

Mermaids, elven archer girls and fairy princesses might not need the new Chanel Délicatesse Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow palette because their immortal eyes already shimmer in sunlight, but mortal mavens looking for a luminous quad to fake their way into the Land of Fey could do a lot worse than this $60 quad.

The pink and plum shadows have an almost ethereal effect, like sunlight filtering through fairy wings, while the jade and mint green (yep, that white pan actually appears minty on my skin!) bring to mind images of water droplets glistening on a mermaid’s tail.


Chanel Les Delices de Chanel Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow

Part of the limited edition Chanel Les Delices de Chanel collection, Ombres Délicatesse Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow isn’t only about spritely eyes, soft spring-like colors and delicate shimmer. It’s also about the Benjamins, as in it costs $60!

Chanel Les Delices de Chanel Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow

Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow ($60)

Containing colors with medium coverage, it’s one of those quads where you can pile on the layers like sediments in the Grand Canyon and never look like you’re wearing too much makeup.

If you struggle with blending sometimes, this could be a good quad to consider, because even if you accidentally apply too much, you can just buff it out and be fine. It’s kind of magical that way.

Chanel Delicatese Quad swatches


The powders also don’t appear heavy or caked on, so it gets along well with my fine lines.

Gals/guys who have been playing the makeup game for a while and gravitate toward no-nonsense shadows with lots o’ pigment may want to wet their brush first to achieve a level of intensity they like.


Chanel Delicatese Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow

I dig the choice of colors in this quad, and I love the way the plum contrasts with the pastels. It’s a spritely, springy quad that’s also super easy to use (and a good fit for more mature ladies and gents).

Very pricey, though!

PRICE: $60
AVAILABILITY: Available now at select Chanel counters and chanel.com

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  1. OH WOWZA!! I was not interested in this one bit until now! What a gorgeous look! Love the contrast!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tracy,

      It’s a great quad, but that price… I get the feeling the coverage will turn off some ladies.

      How’s your 4th coming along?

  2. Agata says:

    That palette is so beautiful and the eye look you created is stunning!

  3. Heidi says:

    Very pretty. I love that whole ethereal look on you.

  4. Danielle says:

    I had originally thought this quad was just okay, but I LOVE the look you created with it!
    Danielle recently posted … My New Favorite Sunscreen

  5. gio says:

    Love the look you created with this palette. So beautiful!
    gio recently posted … QOTW: Do You Use Primer Regularly?

  6. Gowthami says:

    Loved the contrast look and i love the shades.. 🙂
    Gowthami recently posted … Review : Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask

  7. Dana says:

    I agree with the other posters that I was not impressed with this quad until I saw you rocking it! It looks really great on you, goodness!

    Whooda thunk that icy mint would pair so well with the plummy depths of that contrasting shade, but it looks amazing with your coloring and the chunky double strand you are wearing. Very fun!

    The cool shades remind me a bit of Nars’ Barrow Street pencil. I actually like this even better on you, because the plum shades go with it so splendidly albeit surprisingly.

  8. Laure says:

    It’s really beautiful and I love the look you made, but it’s not even close to “within my budget”.

  9. Aida says:

    When I got this beauty in the mail, I didn’t even want to touch it lol. I kept looking at it for several days until I realized how silly I was acting. I love it! The colors are so pretty and delicate :).

  10. Sarah says:

    This is a lot like NARS Habenera. and half the price… Though this offers a wider range of the purples.

    I use the mint green side of habenera under my lower lashes too and I love it!!! NARS barrow street is a similar shade of mint/sea foam blue. Love that in my water line

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