Chanel Fall 2015: Highlights and Faves

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Ooh! Smokey brown eyes. That’s all I have to say. And red lips, too, and some touches of khaki and bronze and copper… All in all, lots of good stuff in Chanel Fall 2015, so when you get home, freakin’ press play, and then let me know in the comments what you think.


And don’t laugh! Well, you can laugh, but I’m pretty sure that I butcher all of the French names.


Also, more swatches and product pics in this post from earlier this week.

chanel fall 2015

Chanel Fall 2015 Collection Les Automnales

chanel fall 2015

chanel fall 2015

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. MonicaP says:

    Although my eyes went to the Ombres de Chanel (neutrals), I think you’re right .. it’s rather common colors for $80. I really like the Les 4 ombres .. those colors look really unique. I don’t have many olive eye shadow colors in my collection.

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  2. Erin says:

    I just saw the collection at Nordies today, I think it’s all too warm sans the lip stuff. I wanted to swatch that eyeliner you mentioned, but the didn’t have it displayed!
    Erin recently posted … Milbrandt 2014 Traditions Rosé

  3. Crawford belle says:


    You’re so awesome and so cute, but your nervousness on camera is giving ME anxiety! I had to turn it off because I was literally starting to sweat and it stopped being about the make up. I don’t know why you’re nervous?! You’re smart and fun and look great! Have you tried filming a bunch of “test” videos at home, ones you will never post, just to get past the jitters?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Crawford,

      You are definitely right. I was extra frazzled in this one. I apologize for that. I was trying to use a brand new lens, and I’m frankly out of video practice. Sometimes it’s also tough remembering what I want to say, remembering the product names, trying to stay in frame on the camera, trying to figure out how a new lens handles the colors…

      I’ll get some more practice in over time. Thank you for being friendly in your feedback. 🙂

  4. sarahc says:

    Those palettes tho. Karen do you think one of these would be a good neutral palette to get for all purpose, or would Urban Decay Naked be a better choice because it has more eye shadows? How does the Chanel formula compare to Urban Decay?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Both are good palettes, it just depends on what you want. I find with UD Naked you get more pigment and more fallout. If you’re a beginner having higher pigment might be challenging for blending. Chanel’s tend to have medium to just shy of full pigment, which I find easier to blend. They also tend to have less fallout for me. HTH!

  5. Jessica says:

    i love fall colors! <3
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  6. Such a gorgeous collection! I can see why you’re such a big Chanel lover, Karen. That first eyeshadow palette is rrrreaaaaally gorgeous! Still way overpriced imo though, but definitely gorgeous. I agree, the chocolate brown and bronze liner look rrrreally beautiful.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Bad skin day beauty: how I use make-up to draw away the attention from a breakout

  7. Deanna says:

    Hi Karen! I love your recent videos. 🙂 I went to Nordstrom on Wednesday to check out this collection, and I ended up bringing home the Alezane blush. It is so pretty! You’re right about the glitter. It’s there, but it isn’t super-obvious. My friend who detests glitter was shopping with me, and even she liked the blush.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Deanna,

      I’m so glad you like the blush! I love it too. What do you think about the floral scent? I like it, even though it’s a little strong.

      Did you see anything else interesting at Nordstrom?

      Happy Friday!

      • Deanna says:

        I’m so glad you mentioned the floral scent! I thought the blush was scented, but my nose has been stuffy all week, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was smelling. I hope that makes sense!

        I also spotted the illusion d’ombre shadow in “New Moon,” and I really loved it. It’s on my wish list now, but I’m sure it’ll be sold out before I decide to pick it up. Womp womp.

  8. Mary Kate says:

    Wow I love the 5 and 4 color palettes! The olive in the 4 color palette is gorgeous and definitely not a color I’m usually drawn to!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mary Kate,

      I love the olive too! I bet you could use it with a lot of different shades, too, outside the palette — browns, beiges, bronzes, golds, etc.

      Happy Friday to you!

  9. Regina M. says:

    Thanks so much for reviewing this collection! I picked up a few pieces yesterday I got the quad, the blush, New Moon, and the red Coco Shine. I wasn’t sure about the red lipstick but I’ll probably take another look next time I’m at the mall. That orange cream eyeshadow looked terrifying in the store but when swatched not so bad at all, I didn’t get it because I knew I wouldn’t wear it much. Oh my that quint palette is gorgeous!! but seriously $80 I just couldn’t do it! Not when I probably have all five shades in other collections unlike the quad which those khakis I just about died when I swatched them! Gorgeous! Loved the video you did a great job!

  10. Agata says:

    That quad is really beautiful, I like the khaki tones, I don’t think I have anything similar!

  11. Caz says:

    As always, beautifully packaged but geez you can buy these colours from just about every makeup company! Not unique at all.

  12. Chelsea says:

    I need the Érable! I’m getting a bonus this month, time to treat myself!

  13. Lori says:

    I was luck enough that my Chanel lady (Rose at Oakbrook, I love you) booked me in to see one of their global makeup artists who gave me a “natural nighttime” look. We used le 4 ombres and I marveled at my eyes for hours thereafter. Why did I not buy it? I don’t know! She also used the new Le Volume mascara in brown which I adored. Part of the permanent line so I didn’t feel the need to buy it either. I was tempted on the five colour palette but felt it was similar to what I usually wear. Le 4 ombres is different however and I plan to buy it soon. I did purchase le lift eye cream and eye concentrate as I’ve neglected the eyes for far too long and then I kind of didn’t want to spend any more.

    She also used Coco shine in bonheur on me which I did like but what do you do when you love your look and then add lipstick to it and feel like you’ve ruined everything? That’s me. I feel like a clown if I wear anything beyond a gloss or my beloved Rouge G in Ginny.

    Karen, don’t worry about pronouncing those French names. The Chanel ladies doing my makeup didn’t even pronounce them properly. Considering that I’m a Canadian, French speaking transplant to Chicago, everything sounds butchered to me… but hey, you’ll never get better at something unless you keep on trying!

    I love your blog and wish I commented more. But that’s three for today!

  14. bella says:

    Hi Karen,

    I loved your Vblog! You are so amazing–I don’t know how you keep it fresh day in and day out for as many years as you have been doing this! Wow! Super inspirational.
    Oh yeah, and your make up was gorge! LOl
    Just a quick note, to make the look more summery, this collection featured a bronze/nude lippie( that’s what it looks like in your pics.) I would have liked to have seen that on you instead, as you frequently wear bright lips, which I love, but sometimes change is good!
    Thanks for sharing!! You are the best!!!

  15. Jenny says:

    I’m convinced that any and every makeup product on the market looks amazing on you. I’m not sure how these would look on my dull, dry, pasty pale skin, but I’d give it a go! I love the shades. Also, I think you did just fine in your video- not sure why some people feel the need to criticize or make others feel badly about themselves. All you’re trying to do is show us a new product, and I appreciate that. Keep doing you, Karen. I love your personality!
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