Local Surfer Girl Gang Now Seeking Applicants: Must Be Willing To Rock the Bobbi Brown Surf Eye Palette

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Bobbi Brown Surf Palette

Wearing the new Bobbi Brown Surf Palette ($65) on my eyes

Hey, surfer girl, hey.

Sure, have a seat next to me on the towel. You can put your board over there by the Surf Palette — yeah, that one with the linen packaging and the four glittery shadows, three shimmer shadows and beige matte shadow inside.


It’s cute, yeah? All of us in the group have one… You should totally get one, too!

Bobbi Brown Surf Palette

The Bobbi Brown Surf Palette, $65

Bobbi Brown Surf Eye Palette Cat lady surfer says what meow?[/caption]

Yesterday we were in the lineup waiting for the next set, and I just casually asked her about the Surf Palette. Next thing you know, I miss a glassy 6-footer as she’s going on and on about glitter…


Flashback to yesterday on the waves with Karen…
So, you now how I was telling you about the Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand collection, right? How there are 12 limited edition pieces with two eye palettes, two shimmery blush palettes, two liners, a cream shadow stick, a handful of sheer lip colors and a beach rollerball fragrance? Well, between the two eye palettes, Surf and Sand, the Surf Palette is the fun one.

Not that the other pieces aren’t fun, because they are! There’s a lot of shimmer, glimmer and glitter for eyes, cheeks and lips in this release, and that includes the Surf Eye Palette.

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

Eight of the 12 pieces from the Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand collection

Bobbi Brown Sand Surf Collection

Surf’s up!

Half of the shades in it are glitters. If you remember the gold, teal, green and bronze on the right side? They’re all sparkly glitters in sheer tinted bases, whereas the shades on the left of the palette are more like your basic bases and highlighting shadows. There are three shimmers — a pink, beige and gold — and one matte beige.

Bobbi Brown Surf Palette closeup

Top half of the Surf Palette

I mean, it’s the kind of palette you reach for when you want subtle definition on your lids because among the basic colors on the left, there isn’t a lot of variation. It’s not something you’d grab when you want to do a lot of intense gradients or contouring. And then among the glitters on the right, you can’t really contour with those either.

Bobbi Brown Surf Palette

The bottom half of the Surf Palette

I can see myself using this palette a lot when I need to get out the door in a hurry because it doesn’t require a ton of blending. One brush and fingers. That’s it.

Bobbi Brown Surf Palette swatches

Matte and shimmers from the left side of the Surf Palette

Like, as my base, I’d sweep the matte beige all over my lids from lash line to brow bone with a soft tapered brush, then pat one or two of the glittery shadows on my lids with my fingers.

Bobbi Brown Surf Palette swatches

Glitters from the right hand side of the Surf Palette (they’re much more sparkly in real life)

Your finger is the key, my friend. You really want to pack that glitter on your lids, and anything other than a finger or a flat eyeshadow brush just won’t do. You’ll get glitter all over the place. Hello, frustration!

Bobbi Brown Surf Palette

So, after getting my lids all sparkly, I’d take the tapered brush I used to apply the base shadow, and soften the edges of the glitter with it.

Just a few swipes in the crease and at the outer corner.

Then, if I were in the mood, I’d highlight my brow bones and inner corners with one of the shimmers on the left side of the palette — using a finger, mind you — to gently blend the shadow into my skin.

A little liner worked into the upper lash line, followed by mascara, and that’s it! You’re good to go for the entire day.

To be blunt, girlfriend talks about eyeshadow a little too much.

Anyway, what do you think? Would you like to join? I think you’d be a good fit, and the group does currently have an opening. 🙂

Bobbi Brown Surf Palette

Additional makeup from the Surf & Sand collection worn in this look: Brightening Blush in Pink 2, Sheer Lip Color in Peach Sorbet and Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Bronze

Surf’s up! The $65 Bobbi Brown Surf Palette, along with the rest of the Surf & Sand collection, are available now at Bobbi Brown counters and bobbibrowncosmetics.com.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Alison M says:

    I like the liner, lips, and cheek from this look. I’ve been opting for less than subtle on the eyes lately. Does the group accept body boarders? And by local, does that include clear across the country to the east coast? If so, I’m your girl 😉
    Alison M recently posted … June Hauls and Deliveries

  2. Divya says:

    The neutral palette is pure love from this collection but SO expensive! why would someone shell out so much for an LE palette? rhetorical question! It’s Bobbi Brown! :p
    Divya recently posted … What I’ll Wear In Spain

  3. The eyeshadows look gorgeous and glowy on your lids, Karen, but I think I have my eye on the new Chanel quads! I really like Peach Sorbet on your lips!
    Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup recently posted … Chanel Confident & Viva Rouge Coco Shine Review, Swatches, and Comparisons

  4. The eye shadows are really prettyy and they look beautiful on ur eyes. I like shimmery eye shadows and I loved the inclusion of minty blue shades here.. 🙂 🙂
    The palette is freaking expensive though… 😛
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Would you like to be my Guest!

  5. Dee says:

    Pretty on you Karen! Thankfully I can’t do these colours so thats another product today that I think I can pass on yay !
    Dee recently posted … Are you all that I’d hoped you’d be Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Nubile?

  6. Bella says:

    You look very very pretty in this Karen!! I shall pass, I can’t use another poorly pigmented glittery Bobbi Brown palette. Ever again.
    Intrigued by the eye pencils and shadow stick though, those are always good.

  7. Sylirael says:

    I do like the colours in the Surf Palette, although I wish the greens were a little more pigmented. That being said, they do give a lovely iridescence, and who knows what or how much colour will show up if you put them on this vampire, LOL!

    I wish I had a Karen to talk to IRL about makeup! I love mah bloggy community to bits, but I wish the people I’m around on a daily basis were more into talking about makeup, heh. I admired one girl’s bright lipstick, asked her which one it was, and she looked at me like I was nuts and said ‘I don’t know’.

    How can you not know what you have on your lips? 😀 I wasn’t even expecting a shade name, maybe just a brand or something…

    Either that or I’m just crazy (equally possible). 😉
    Sylirael recently posted … Balm for the Soul of a Tense Wizard? YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in #17, Rose In Tension

  8. Kim says:

    Do you accept non-surfers who are too old to rock the glitter? I can totally boogie board and rock the eye shadow envy, though! Seriously, this palette looks great on you. I’m totally jealous because summer and glitter were just meant to go together! 🙂

  9. There is not enough pigment for me. I have found this with every year with the BB sand & surf palettes.
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently posted … Summer Fashion on a Budget!

  10. PinkandSparkles says:

    Pure heaven. My dream in life is to be a beach bum surfer girl. why do i live in wa state?? need to move to the islands!

  11. Buffy says:

    These colors look fabulous on you! I can’t pull them off like this, but wow—you look stunning!

  12. bella says:

    Hi Karen,
    I know some people do not like this palettes, but I love them. I want both of them, but giant bummer I really can’t afford them. I have four BB palettes and I use them every day! I get tons of compliments on my sparkly eye shadow– and I am definitely an older gal, but young in spirit and fashion!!

  13. MzCrafty1908 says:

    Ugh…the packaging alone is amazing!

  14. fancie says:

    Your skin looks flawless!
    fancie recently posted … Marc Jacobs Beauty Fall 2014 Collection

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