Bobbi Brown Made Treatment Lip Shine a Lippie Triple Threat

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Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine

Back in my musical theater days, I wasn’t one of those people who could do it all — sing, dance AND act. They existed, though, little jacks and jills of all trades on the stage, and we called them triple threats!


Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown’s new Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 lipsticks ($22) are a kinda like that because the 12 of them do a little bit of everything.

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine

Each tube’s a sheer (unflavored and unscented) lipstick, moisturizing treatment and sunblock rolled into one.

I’ve been rotating among Pink Glisten, Raspberry Pink and Moonlight Rose. Each one shines softly with a consistently thin, non-sticky texture, three-hour wear time and semi-transparent opacity. Great for casual, summery lips. 🙂

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine
Pink Glisten

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine
Raspberry Pink

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine
Moonlight Rose

And they’re hydrating, too, although maybe not hydrating enough to bring back a pair of cracked, dry lips from the brink, but they should pack enough moisture to smooth out a few rough spots.

NOTE: For heavy-duty lip hydration, give Clinique Superbalm a try.

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine
From left: Moonlight Rose, Raspberry Pink, Pink Glisten

Speaking of rough spots, there’s the price… The tubes are skinny (.07 oz!) for $22, but I think they’re adorable. If you like lips that look innocent, fresh and kissably soft, you might give ’em a try. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B+

You might like Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shines if…

  • …you like subtle lip shine and color
  • …you don’t mind having to reapply throughout the day (or during your date)
  • …your want something lightly hydrating
  • …you like lip products with SPF (these are SPF 15)

You know you’re a beauty addict when…

Have you had any “you know you’re a beauty addict when” moments lately? I had two today. 🙂 The first was when I donned a sweatshirt and found six lipglosses in the pockets. SIX! I still have no idea how they got there.

The second was when I saw this flyer in the mail and exclaimed, “Oh, cool!”


I’m hoping I can drag El Hub to the store after dinner tonight. It’ll be my booty (beauty) call, LOL!

So how was your Wednesday? What are you up to tonight?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. DiAni says:

    LOL, I think Neutrogena MoistureShine Soothing Lip Sheer is a dupe for these Bobbi Brown. They are kinda similar but not exactly.

  2. ezzie says:

    raspberry pink looks soo pretty! at first i had my eyes on pink glisten, but i think that raspberry would look better on my skintone. now if only bobbi brown offered a little discount.. 😛

  3. Lee says:

    Bummer i wrote a post and it didnt send cos my net went off lol

    Anyways the Raspberry colour looks really pretty i wanna try it 🙂

    Here r a couple of my beauty addict moments :

    When i open my wardrobe 2 see one side with 5 big sheves full of clothes and the other side of 5 is full of beauty products 🙂

    When ppl feel my handbag and ask what the hell do i carry in there then they see its 95% makeup hehe

  4. i’ve been wanting this for a while now (you know that i’m totally team bobbi when it comes to daily makeup).

    pink glisten and papaya sound like good colors for me… might have to think about the raspberry too (i hope it’s not too purple). i’m only recently venturing into corals so i’ll be sticking with pink-corals for now…

    a belated happy hump day – i hope you have fun at la maison de tar-ghay.
    .-= ines + cha cha’s last blog post… Product Review: Marcelle Hydra-C Complexe 24h Hydrating Fluid =-.

  5. raspberry pink is my fave out of the three. it looks very fresh and springtime-ish on you. haha that flyer is awesomee. I know I’m a makeup addict when I pass this sign every morning which says “get your smoky on” (something about forest fires) but I always think it says “get your smokey eye on”
    .-= makeup morsels’s last blog post… Antique Gold Delivers Me =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Makeup Morsels,

      That’s so funny!

      Don’t laugh, but one of Tabs’ nicknames is “Smokey Eyes.” Even El Hub calls him by it…

  6. I like raspberry fizz a ton!
    .-= Polish Earthgirl’s last blog post… Essie Wedding Collection =-.

  7. Lindsay says:

    I love raspberry pink on you! Hmmm stop making me want to buy stuff. You dang enabler lol
    .-= Lindsay’s last blog post… April Favorites =-.

  8. Jen says:

    Raspberry Pink is pretty! And thanks for recommending the Clinique Superbalm. I’ve been in the market for a good lip balm.

    Today, I realized I was a beauty addict when a girl stepped in the elevator and she was talking on the phone with her friend about lip gloss, and I had to fight the urge to chime in. I was like “Umm hello Jen, you don’t even know her. Shush!”

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jen,

      You’re welcome. Superbalm is really great for uber dry lip days. The shade “Grapefruit” is my favorite!

      Ha, I’ve had moments similar to your elevator moment. I just end up butting in, LOL!

  9. LM says:

    I love Raspberry Pink!! What a yum colour and what a yum name!
    .-= LM’s last blog post… Things That I Believe Are Sadly Underrated # 1 =-.

  10. gio says:

    Raspberry pink looks so fresh and pretty!
    .-= gio’s last blog post… New Collection: Clarins Instant Sun Light Summer 2010 =-.

  11. Maggie says:

    Raspberry Pink is pretty! I love tinted lipcare-type products. 🙂

    But I don’t think I would spend that much $$ on it, so a pass for me! (I already have similar, much cheaper items.)
    .-= Maggie’s last blog post… April 2010 Favorites + Kate Reflect Mirror Eyes! =-.

  12. Marce says:

    My Wednesday was good, thanks, I went to eat at my Auntie’s then walked around town with one of my friends giving out CV’s everywhere, LOL. How was yours?
    This looks nice! And I may be able to get it, Bobbi Brown is landing in Argentina soon, yay! Any recommendations? Oh and I agree on Superbalm, it’s amazing. A bit sticky, but amazing. Have you tried Kiehl’s numero uno lipbalm? I got a sample of one the other day and it just felt so. good. 😀
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… A Peek at the Met’s – Top 10 Makeup Looks =-.

  13. Rica says:

    As MAC discontinue Slimshine, Bobbi Brown came out with their treatment lip shines. LOL. But BB ones are more expensive. They do look kind of promising. But I don’t think I can justify it to spend $22 for a tube 🙁

    Thanks for sharing.

    .-= Rica’s last blog post… Tag: Don’t believe the hype =-.

  14. Eileen says:

    I just received the BB Lip Shine in Nectarine. I found it to be more moisturizing than the Neutrogena Moisture Shine that was mentioned above. The colors might be dupes, but not the formula. Since I’m a lip balm addict 🙂 I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day.

    In addition to providing translucent, smooth color for those casual looks, it’s the kind of thing you can toss in your purse or keep in your desk drawer ready to use when your lip look needs refreshing, but you don’t want to drag out your lipstick, pencil, and gloss.

    Ezzie; Karen–BB has 20% off several times a year if you’re on her e-mailing list. That’s when I stock up.

  15. Frances says:

    I think these will be great for summer! Sheer, not too glossy and not too heavy.

  16. Toni says:

    Ooooh, these look so nice! I am loving these kind of lipsticks – sheer, moisturizing, and hey, the spf is an added bonus! The colors you have are sooo nice. I don’t think I will be getting the Chanel Glossimer that I wanted to buy – I think I might have to try one of these. Are they similar to MAC’s Slimshines in texture? I like my Slimshine, but MAC has discontinued them, so this might be a good alternative.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lisa S. says:

    Ok Karen, you are the drug pusher of cosmetics! And I mean that in the best possible way! ;0)

  18. lexi says:

    I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day just as long as they don’t dry my lips out even more by doing so – this is what happens when i wear MAC lipsticks/glosses.

    LOVE Raspberry Pink!!

  19. Denise says:

    Ooh, loves this! A stop at the Bobbie Brown counter is a must this weekend! I like the size of these because that means I will be able to use it all up before the fall colors come out, thereby making the next purchase guilt free! Want to try the darker shades because I have so much color in my lips that the lighter shades are typically invisible on me..too bad cuz the lighter shades rock.

    You know you are a beauty addict when….

    1) Beauty is a column in your budget
    2) Your dream home has a makeup room
    3) True test of whether he is the right guy is if he can deal with my love of makeup

  20. Steph B says:

    These look gorgeous on you! I may have just found my post-surgery treat. I’ve tried the Neutrogena sheers and didn’t like them at all. They applied very unevenly and collected in the lines of my lips.

  21. Nina says:

    I want that flyer too! I wonder if we got any in our mailbox back home.

    I did make a Target run here in Austin – for water. I got some Aveeno too because I forgot my lotion at home.


  22. Alice says:

    I LOVE pink glisten on you!
    I’m really interested in checking out nectarine for myself- such a great summertime color esp. with the hydration.

  23. Karen B says:

    Musical people for the win! These look pretty.
    You know you’re a beauty addict when the idea of having a vanity table (with pretty mirrors of course) is the best thing about changing or redecorating your room… hahaha
    .-= Karen B’s last blog post… e.l.f. =-.

  24. Saku says:

    O moonlight rose looks good.

  25. lisa says:

    I love bobbi brown collection, every season, always something exciting to see. I love the rasberry pink, the lip colors are always so moisturising. thansk for sharing with us =)

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