Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond and Party: Bobbi vs. Bobby

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If there’s a season to go crazy for shimmery glitter-full makeup, then this has got to be it. Even reserved, conservative lines like Bobbi Brown get in on the action. This month Bobbi debuts two glitzy new collections — Copper Diamond and Party, and both are high on shimmer, glitter and metallic finishes.


I wore glitter to the grocery store yesterday thanks to some shtuff from Bobbi’s two new collections. Hey, life is short, and I really wanted spaghetti and salad for dinner!

But my look wasn’t as crazy as it sounds… Although the four products I used do contain shimmer and glitter, they’re still pretty tame, so I didn’t look out of place as I manhandled butter lettuce heads in the produce section, LOL!

Shimmer Brick Compact in Copper Diamond, ($40, limited edition)

I was stoked to try this all-over highlighter. The pan contains five shimmery shades (candlelight, gold, copper, beige and sand) that literally glow on my skin. Bobbi claims that the combination of colors delivers a warm, golden, coppery glow, but on my cheeks I’d call it a transparent golden shimmer. If you’re lighter than I am, you might see more of the actual color than I do, but what I really get is shimmer — and LOTS of it.

Because the Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick packs so much shimmer, I use it with a light touch… Too much shimmer makes my skin look oily, so that’s my one big concern. For the picture above I brushed a MAC 187 duo fiber brush across the entire pan, picking up the combined color, and applied the mixed shade onto my cheeks. Another option would be to use a smaller eyeshadow brush to grab the shades individually and to maybe use them on the eyes as well. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

Bobbi Brown versus Bobby Brown — Battle of the Bobbies

The Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick Compact looks a little like gold jewelry to me, and back in the ’90s, singer Bobby Brown had a penchant for wearing gold jewelry on stage. Coincidence? I think not.

Glitter Lip Balm in Crystal Diamond ($19, limited edition)

A clear, non-sticky lip balm with glitter and pearl pigments, Glitter Lip Balm in Crystal Diamond moisturizes my lips and gives them a bit o’ bling at the same time. I wore it by itself yesterday, and while I liked pop of silver glitter, I kept wishing that I wore a lip liner or a lipstick beneath it. I think the silver’s almost too frosty for me, but if you have lighter skin or like cool lip colors, I think this would look fab on you.

One layer feels good; two layers feel goopy. I used a MAC 316 covered lip brush to apply it, but you could also go low-tech and apply it with a finger. Another low tech — albeit kinda gross — way to apply it would be to take the pan, bring it up to your lips and kiss.

Years ago I actually saw a dude riding on the bus do it with a jar of Carmex, LOL. I have to admit I’ve resorted to this trick once or twice myself. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B-

Bobby Brown versus Bobbi Brown — Still Bitter About Whitney

Like the name implies, Glitter Lip Balm contains lots of glitter. When Bobby Brown’s ex-wife, Whitney Houston, was in her singing prime, her song I Wanna Dance with Somebody featured an awesome scene with glitter and confetti pouring down on her from the heavens.

Sadly, those glitter-filled days didn’t last forever. After meeting Bobby, Whitney’s career spiraled out of control… I still hope to see the day you make your big comeback, Whit!

Metallic Eye Shadows, in Bonfire and Indigo Night ($20, limited edition)

Two of the six Metallic Eyeshadows in the Party collection, Bonfire (a warm copper) and Indigo Night (a dark gray) look frosty and shimmery on my eyes.

At first touch, both of them felt coarse, with the texture like a grittier version of MAC’s Mineralize eyeshadow trios, but they don’t apply that way. Both colors applied and blended smoothly, with very little of the glitter falling onto my cheeks and the eye area. The overall look is shimmery but still wearable for day.

The shades have excellent color payoff, and it was easy to layer them for more intense shading. I used both colors in a simple day eye by applying Bonfire over the entire lid and Indigo Night onto the crease and along the lash line.

I like both of these, but I think I’ll get more use out of Indigo Night. It builds amazingly well, and I can wear it in my crease without my eyes looking dirty. It’s everything I wanted Prescriptive’s Twinkle eyeshadow to be. Makeup and Beuauty Blog Rating: A+

Bobby Brown versus Bobbi Brown — What’s the Better Deal?

At $20 each, Bobbi Brown’s Metallic shadows work all year ’round and never go out of style.

Bobby Brown’s metallics, on the other hand — aka his gold records and music awards (including gold records for his hit, Humpin’ Around, LOL!) — were sold at auction last year for $25 each.

I couldn’t stand to look at Bobby’s gold records on my walls. They don’t match my living room decor, ha! Besides, who wants to see the words “Humpin’ Around” before you leave for work every morning? That’s just bad juju.

From left to right: Copper Diamond, Indigo Night, Bonfire, Crystal Diamond

A Few Random Things

After going to hip-hop class last night, I stayed up late browsing the web…

Here’s Aretha Franklin singing Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body. It’s almost too good for words.

For you Twilight Fans, check out the music video from the movie’s soundtrack. The band here is called Paramore, and the song is called Decode. The vid’s got a few more scenes from the movie, which premiers November 21, yea!
AGH! My best friend’s wedding is the day after the movie premiers. I was hoping to make it to a midnight showing, but I don’t think Jen would forgive me if I fell asleep during her wedding ceremony. I can’t lie, though — I’m still tempted. 🙂

In class last night we danced to this song by Notorious B.I.G.:


My dance teacher choreographed the steps to the lyrics from the song and actually made us rap along to it a couple times. I’ve known the words to this song for a good 14 years, but I don’t rap in public (just as a general rule), so I ended up mouthing the words silently like a mime. Yes, weird.

Anyhoo, hope you had a fine Tuesday. I’m just sitting here in front of the tube waiting for the election results to come in. Tabs says he’s a Libertarian (just kidding).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Indian Girl says:

    Bonfire is my kinda color ! I love copper, bronzy shades. My absolute favorite shimmer/ highlighter/ bronzer is a Bronzer called Sun kissed form ELF. Its very very beautiful and gives a nice warm glow. You must try it, Karen !

    Indian Girl´s last blog post..Vintage Sister’s Lip Balms – Review

  2. Jen says:

    Hey Karen,
    Im sitting here waiting for the results as well. No matter which way it goes it sure is nerve-racking (that may not have been spelled correctly- english not my first language!). This was my first time voting, VERY EXCITING.
    I love the Bobbi Brown collection. Looks great on you. Those colors would look great in our tropical south florida weather!
    Ok. Enough Blabbing. Have a GREAT night.
    Ps. Thank you for sharing the other day, good wishes to you and your family. You are in my thoughts!

  3. ParisB says:

    I love your product reviews, but I love your sense of humour even more! Where on earth do you come up with these LOL… I’m sorry to read about your MIL but I hope things settle down soon for you and your family.

  4. Amanda says:

    I treated myself to bash. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve been wanting a brillant emerald eyeshadow for ages. I was looking at the glitter lipglosses too, but passed for now.

    I can’t wait for the Twilight movie! I’m going on opening night with a friend who also read the books. I want to do some vampy, glossy lips….

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Indian Girl,

    I haven’t tried any ELF products! 🙂 They look cute, though. I’m gonna hop on their site right now to see if I can find it.

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thank you so much for your good wishes. We’re hanging in there… just waiting and trying to think positive thoughts.

    How exciting that you got to vote for the first time! Did you get an “I VOTED” sticker? I wore mine all day.

  7. Karen says:

    Hi ParisB,

    LOL, I think it’s the insomnia!

    Thank you so much for thinking of our family… we’re trying to stay positive.

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda,

    OoOooOOoo Bash looks *really* pretty. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

    I wish I could go on opening night! My friend, Jen (aka the bride), actually loves the series, too. I keep trying to change her mind about the midnight showing, LOL. So far, no luck.

  9. Dao says:

    Girl, those two colors are up in my alley! All the time I LOLed at your Bobbi vs. Bobby comparisons 😀 Whitney was my girl back in the day when I was a wee kid. I used to sing my eyes out with that song from Bodyguard. Love love love Aretha and that song. Mariah has nothin’ on her!

    Dao´s last blog post..Archetype Cosmetics Pigments: Part 1

  10. Vera says:

    OOO u look gorgey in the photo…!!
    Which do you think is a better purchase, the Copper Diamond or Prescriptives’ All over highlighter pearls from the AGLOW collection?
    I have yellow undertones and have lighter skin than you… I trust your expertise 😛

  11. lindsay says:

    Those shadows are so pretty, and I love the way you layered it!

    Well today I went to Sephora since I needed to get a new mascara. The Sephora in Ala Moana only carried one (well that’s what the lady said..she seemed unfriendly and mad that I disrupted her comparing different shades of eyeliner…) Shu Uemura mascara called ultimate expression. So I tried it on when I got home, and I’m sad to say that I’m really disappointed. While it did add length and some volume, it couldn’t hold a curl at all. I had high expectations for this mascara because of the great reviews on Sephora’s website and because of how well Precise Volume works. I’m going to return it (thanks to Sephora’s excellent retur policy) and buying another tube of Precise Volume at Neiman’s.

  12. lindsay says:

    My bad, it was Maybelline’s Define-a-Lash, not Cover Girl.

  13. Sylvie says:

    Hi Karen, what would you do or say to somebody who says “but Bobbi Brown and MAC are the same”?

  14. Medina says:

    Lol! Loving the post! Bizarrely you’re spot on! Bobby Brown was the reason I was shunning Bobbi Brown for many years. No one needs to be reminded of the man every morning putting the face on. 😉

  15. Shana T says:

    Hi Karen! I just got an invitation to a Bobbi Brown make up class here in Taiwan featuring the new Copper and Diamonds collection and the Party collection. The invite was in the mail this morning! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go but I think I will now. At first I was put off by the make-up on the model from the invite card. She has kinda a flat smokey eye, minimal mascara, and really pale pink lips. It’s not……ugly… but nothing about it inspired me,the model looks tired and bored to me. And I don’t think her make up looks anything like copper or diamonds. However now that I’ve seen some of the swatches you did and the gorgeous look you did with the products I think I’ll go to the class! Hehehe thanks for helping me make up my mind!

  16. Katee says:

    I am dying to check out the new Bobbi collection! Looks great!

    Katee´s last blog post..NOTD: Essie Pama

  17. Faye says:

    Just wanted to thank you, Karen, for not making any other political statements on your blog except for this brief mention. I have been SOOO sick of websites that are supposed to be about makeup doing political preaching. It’s been a pleasure these past few weeks to visit your site — it was like a breath of fresh air!

  18. cloudburst says:

    I think I’m in for the shimmerbrick & the metallic lip & eye palette – I’m gonna check to see if our local coutner has a gwp next week.

  19. Marisol says:

    Props to Biggie. Where do you take your hip hop class… at COM?

    BB is sooo tempting.

  20. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    Me too! Did you ever rock out to The Greatest Love of All? That was my jam in the fifth grade.

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Vera,

    Thanks! 🙂

    You could probably pull off both fairly well (lucky girl!).

    I would go for the AGLOW powder! The pink gives cheeks more of a flush.

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for letting me know about that Shu mascara. Curl hold is uber-important to me so I will probably skip it!

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Sylvie,

    The first thing I’d do is ask why they thought the lines were the same. After I got that answer then I’d ask more questions! I am always curious to what products people like and why they like them, so I’d ask that too.

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Medina,

    LOL, me too!

    I actually had a picture of Bobby Brown on my Algebra folder when I was in high school. I wasn’t being sarcastic, either! LOLOL… good times.

  25. Karen says:

    Hi Shana T.,

    Funny that you should mention the look on the model. I thought it was just me who thought her makeup neither looked copper nor diamond-inspired.

    Sounds like your class is going to be fun, though. Lemme know how it goes!

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Katee,

    It’s pretty! Do you think you’ll pick up anything?

  27. Karen says:

    Hi Faye,

    You’re welcome!

    Are you ready for Friday?

  28. Karen says:

    Hi Cloudburst,

    Yay, I’m team Metallic Lip and Eye Palette!

    This is my first Shimmer Brick and I think it’s *okay*. I would probably like something more pink or peach with a bit more pigmentation!

  29. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    I’ve never taken dance classes there although I’ve wanted to! I go to a studio in MV… much closer and I don’t have to deal with COM parking!

  30. AppleDiva says:

    You always find a way to entertain me.

    Bobby Brown, the early years, brings back some fond memories 😀

    AppleDiva´s last blog post..Change in the Air

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