Benefit Sunday Funday Palette Looks Pretty Any Day of the Week

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The situation: The My So-Called Life marathon you hosted last night was a BIG success, but it went all night long, and now you have just 10 minutes to do your makeup before you meet your Jordon Catalano lookalike for brunch. What to do! what to do!


Yes, it’s totally unfair that dudes get to just pull on a plaid shirt and call themselves “date ready.” Life is cruel that way, but thank goodness for palettes that facilitate fast makeup like the new Benefit Sunday Funday The Maggie Collection palette for eyes, lips, face and cheeks ($38).

This cutie pie (isn’t the packaging to die?) comes with a nice mix of neutrals and breezy pops of color perfect for easy, natural-looking makeup looks in almost no time flat.

Exclusive to Sephora, it’s one of two new limited edition palettes by Benefit Trend Artists Maggie and Annie Danielson, the daughters of co-founder Jean Ford. The color palettes are the first from Maggie and Annie, but they won’t be the last, as the duo also plans to launch a Benefit holiday kit and future seasonal kits going forward.

One thing I’ve always admired about Benefit is their sensibility when it comes to choosing the colors for their palettes; they just make sense to me. I think the colors in Sunday Funday go well together, and the palette itself offers a practical mix of powder and liquid products that should lead to some very pretty looks.

What comes in the Benefit Sunday Funday palette

  • Hoola bronzer: a warm matte bronzer for the face and cheeks
  • Benetint: a rose-tinted liquid stain for lips and cheeks
  • Shimmering Rose Lip Shine: a non-sticky, sheer and shimmery rosy peach gloss with a light fruit punch scent and taste
  • Shimmering Bronze Eyeshadow: a warm and shimmery copper-bronze powder shadow
  • Pink Satin Eyeshadow: a shimmery, peachy pink powder shadow
  • Light Champagne Eyeshadow: a cool and shimmery golden yellow powder shadow
  • Pretty in Plum Eyeshadow: a shimmery plum powder shadow
  • Toasty Liner: a warm and creamy brown pencil eyeliner with a matte finish

Benefit spiced up a base of gold, brown, pink and bronze neutrals with a purple shadow and rose tinted liquid blush. Color-wise, I think the total package suits a wide range of skin tones.

Benefit Sunday Funday The Maggie Collection

Benefit Sunday Funday The Maggie Collection

Benefit Sunday Funday The Maggie Collection

benefit the maggie collection sunday funday

benefit the maggie collection sunday funday

benefit sunday funday palette review

benefit sunday funday
Swatches from left to right: Benetint, Hoola, Toasty Liner, Shimmering Rose, Shimmering Bronze, Pink Satin, Light Champagne, Pretty in Plum

And the packaging scores big points from me. I think London-based illustrator Nikki Farquharson, who does some really crazy, colorful work, did a great job dressing Sunday Funday in bright, cheerful colors and wild patterns. Beyond the fact that looking at it makes me smile, I think it rings true for Benefit and really fits their style.


Oh, and on a more practical note, yay for big mirrors! The one here is HUGE, which means not having to squint when I’m getting ready, and the individual products are spaced far enough apart to prevent too much color “cross pollination,” which can happen sometimes (a big issue I have with Urban Decay’s Face Case).

Of course, Sunday Funday isn’t the sleekest palette in town — it is a little bulky at about an inch thick — but it’s not gargantuan. I bet I could still squeeze it into my carry-on bag…

If you’ve been thinking about giving the Benefit line a try, Sunday Funday might be a good place to start. It’s a flexible, practical palette capable of complete makeup looks, and the fact that it looks so cute doesn’t hurt! Available online now and in Sephora stores next month. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

You might like Benefit Sunday Funday if…

  • You’re a fan of neutrals but not averse to little pops of brighter color
  • You like having all of your makeup in one convenient place
  • You want a fresh-faced look you could wear to the office or out on a date

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jen says:

    This looks like a fun kit! I’m still on a shopping ban though (and I just got hired at Macy’s, and we get 20% discount on almost anything — including cosmetics. Hello!).

    I’m amazed at how you continuously get awesome shots of Tabs. But I suppose, being an international kitty model, he knows how to work the camera.

    • Karen says:

      Congrats on getting the gig at Macy’s. When do you start? Oh, and btw… that discount sounds *dangerous*!

      Tabs is a pretty mellow guy when he wants to be. Plus, he’s a ham for the camera!

      • Jen says:

        I started a few days ago. And the discount is seriously dangerous. It applies to clearance items too, AND we get to use promotional coupons as well. I hope I don’t end up working for free :S

        • Karen says:

          OH SNAP, you just might if you don’t watch yourself! I’m betting the MAC counter poses some serious temptation.

          How are you liking it so far?

          • Jen says:

            I know! MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit, Dior, Chanel… It’s like a candy store for makeup junkies!

            I work in the women’s shoes department, and my first day on the floor was yesterday. It was pretty slow. But our stock room is HUGE. And the shoes are so pretty! I have to tell myself to focus, that I’m not a customer while I’m working so I can’t ooh and aah over everything.

          • Karen says:

            Totally. I can imagine it takes some serious willpower to not cave in constantly to all those sweet treats!

            Um, LOVE the Macy’s shoe section. I just bought a pair of Marc Fischers (my first!) and I’m so loving them.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Oooh I want this! I love kits! I also love the photo of tabs in the mirror!

  3. veronica says:

    Hmm… I’m looking for a good neutrals palette, but I just want shadows. Don’t need all the other stuff! Any suggestions?
    .-= veronica’s last blog post… RiffTrax at Comic-Con 2010 =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Veronica,

      Hmm, are you looking for shimmers, mattes or some sort of combo of both?

      If you can hold out till the end of the month, Urban Decay’s doing a neutral palette for fall in shades of brown that looks like it’s going to be awesome:

  4. Elle says:

    Props on your use of the term “cross pollination”. Gotta love it when my love for makeup and biology collide. 🙂

    I love their face palettes…they used to make cute ones built around their boxed blushes. Think those were LE though.

    • Karen says:

      Ha! I guess my bio degree actually comes in handy sometimes!

      Speaking of boxed blushes, which ones are your faves? Mine are Coralista and Hoola.

      • Elle says:

        Mine too–I also love Dallas and I just got Sugarbomb after reading about it here. Coralista’s gorgeous.

        Hey you never know when the bio degree can pop up, right? I’m not *exactly* using it the way I thought I would, but eh. I still liked a lot of my classes. 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day!!

      • Karen says:

        You can never go wrong with Dallas. Are you liking Sugarbomb?

        It feels like FOREVER since I’ve talked to you. What have you been up to lately?

  5. mill says:

    yay! personally my eyes are on Scene Queen but my the packaging is gorgeous on this. I’m a packaging whore, obviously. so much so that when i saw the *horrible* mac superglass packaging i disregarded it altogether.

    i wonder how much these will be in AUD? hm… they look to be the same price as celebutante with the conversion.

  6. Fabienne says:

    Ahh!!! I LOVE this look–naturally, romantically beautiful! Thank you, Karen 🙂

  7. Tracy says:

    So CUTE!!! I want both of these kits!
    .-= Tracy’s last blog post… Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refresher is AMAZING! =-.

  8. Maggie says:

    (mainly because it has my name, but the colors are SO ME! And the artwork! Love the artwork.)
    .-= Maggie’s last blog post… BBLL 6/18/10 =-.

  9. Trisha says:

    Those are some nice colors! And what do you think of Jared Leto lately? He’s all emo’d out in that band he’s in. Kind of…silly.
    .-= Trisha’s last blog post… Most People Aren’t Super Beautiful =-.

  10. Arianne says:

    What a great set! I’d love to take this if I’m going for a summer getaway. I’m not really going anywhere — but I still want it. 😛

    I really like the colour selection here.
    .-= Arianne’s last blog post… Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge Turns Makeup Newbies into Pros. =-.

  11. Trinidad says:

    I love kits. Most of them have one are 2 things that I will never use but somehow benefit never does!
    .-= Trinidad’s last blog post… Your Room, Your Sanctuary =-.

  12. Sophia says:

    I love this palette! But I just bought a Coastal Scents nuetral palette so maybe ill need to hold off…

  13. Haley says:

    Pretty, but I already have Hoola, and similar shades of the eyeshadows. Plus, I need to start saving for the Chanel Fall 2010 collection coming out and now thanks to you Karen from above I saw the UD fall palette! Absolutely gorgeous shades.. I guess no summer makeup for me… 🙁 lol

    • Karen says:

      Yeah, I can’t believe summer is starting and we’re already talking fall!

      I don’t think I ever quite live in the right makeup season, LOL!

  14. Michelle says:

    Love the colors — and I am a sucka for cute-sy palettes!!

  15. Amber says:

    I’m always tempted by cute sets like this, but the realist in me knows that it would in no way cut down the amount of makeup I haul around!
    .-= Amber’s last blog post… Happy Father’s Day! =-.

  16. Justine says:

    Your lashes look great! What mascara are you wearing in the picture?

  17. Doreen says:

    Oh man! This is super pretty, and I love how the colors definitely mesh and seem to be a no-brainer. Looks perfect! I’m definitely going to buy this when I get the chance. Ahhh, Jordan Catalano. I’ve only watched a few episodes of My So-Called Life on Hulu, but dude does he lean great. Is it strange that I really, really, REALLy like his profile? His ski-jump nose is so cute and perky.

  18. Lindsay says:

    Oh wow they sure crammed a lot in that set! I’m always tempted but I usually never buy palette sets like this.
    .-= Lindsay’s last blog post… Random clothing hauls and a weekend recap =-.

  19. Alison says:

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! For the lovely pic of Jared! OMG I just adored him in My So-Called Life and just as much now in 30STM, He is even hotter in real life too!

    The Benefit pallette looks pretty too! Those are some really nice colours.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alison,

      You know that the pic was for you, right? 😉

      • Alison says:

        Of course I did! Thanks again Karen you made my day with that pic!

        So much so I had to order My so-called life on DVD, can’t wait to watch it and have a blast from the past!

      • Karen says:

        I never, ever get tired of that series. 🙂 I wish there were more seasons, though!

        Random My So-Called Life Fun Fact: Did you know that the girl who played Danielle now does voice work for a cartoon show called Family Guy?

        • Alison says:

          I didn’t know that! Cool! Family Guy is so funny, Stewie is my fave!

          I have a random so-called life fact too: Did you know that Jared’s brother Shannon (who is also in 30STM) appeared in the show 3 times?

          I will have to look out for him when I watch it!

        • Karen says:

          Totally didn’t know that. Do they look alike? Or did Jared get all the cute genes?

          • Alison says:

            Shannon is cute, but nothing next to Jared! I don’t think they look alike really, tiny similarities but not so much you’d say he’s obviously his brother.

  20. Scientific Housewife says:

    I am loving all the colors in this palette!

  21. Nina says:

    Oh my goodness … I want this palette too. Will the boy in the picture come with the palette? LOL!!!

  22. Michou says:

    Oh no! Now I’m torn on which one of these palettes I’ll want to get next!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Michou,

      Hmm, which colors do you think you’ll wear more? I think you should go with the palette you think you’ll get the most use out of.

  23. lexi says:

    Passing on this one – I already own hoola bronzer and I was NEVER a fan of benetint. Too bad – cute packaging!

  24. Vet says:

    I’ve been waiting for you to do some swatches on this, I’m going to go get it. Having a 1yr old and trying to get out of the house on time to get to work is crazy. I can just put this little thing in my purse and I’m ready to go. Thank you!

  25. Vet says:

    I’m the office manager for an assisted living (for seniors). I like my job, the residents are super funny – this place should be the next generation of Berverly Hills 90210. I think the older you get the more fun you have, I wonder if I’ll be that sassy when I get to their age? haha

    • Karen says:

      That sounds like a rewarding job! Have you been doing it for long?

      Oh, I plan on some major sassiness when I get up there in years! My plan is to live with my two BFFs, Jen and Cindy, in a Golden Girls-eque house in the tropics. 🙂

  26. Sarah says:

    This is sooo pretty! I haven’t actually tried Benefit cosmetics yet but I’ve been dying to! I’m a Candian girl so I’m going to have to order this from ASAP cause I can’t wait to try it out! Just one question though…I have green eyes and I have quite a fair skin tone…would this work well on me? I usually shy away from bronzers that’s why the Scene Queen pallete also interests me with it’s lovely peachy-ness. Buuuut I’m afraid the smokey eye shadow shades might be too dark for me to wear during the day. What does everyone think? P.S. AWESOME blog!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I think you’ll be able to work this. You could always take it down a notch by using the dark blue shades as liner…

      • Sarah says:

        The more I look the more I can’t decide…I’ll probably go with the neutrals palette just to be safe. Thanks for the advice Karen!

  27. Tiffani says:

    I love the way your hair looks in this post! What did you do with it? Also, could you give me a breakdown of the products you used on your eyes? I’d like to replicate this look, it’s so fresh and natural and perfect for summer!

    TIA! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tiffani,

      I flat ironed it and then added some Benefit Brilliantine to add shine and definition to the bangs and ends.

      As for the eyes, there’s been a few requests for a tutorial, so I’ll break down the look soon!

  28. Priscilla says:

    Love it….running out the door to pick it up (not really but want too) LOL

  29. Karen B says:

    I love this palette, looks really pretty. Also a big plus: the lip and cheek products aren’t in pan form. With other palettes I often have fallout from the shadows mixing in the cream products and that’s annoying.
    .-= Karen B’s last blog post… Simply Cynthia Rowley =-.

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