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I have a very dysfunctional relationship with the neighbor’s wretched tabby cat. He comes by a few times a week and meows at my door, begging for snacks. I let him in. I feed and pet him. He bites me. He leaves. It’s like this every single time. He’s such a user, but I fall for it every time.

Anyway, the beast came by yesterday for a visit and as he nibbled my arm I started thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we all had somebody who would give us beauty snacks?”


fussytabby-beauty-snacks-finalBeauty Snacks (like Scooby Snacks, but cooler)

Sephora sales

Did you know that if you type the word “sale” into the search bar on Sephora’s Web site, you get a list of everything on the site that’s discounted? I do this often and find lots cool stuff perfect for holiday stocking stuffers — brushes, makeup, body products — for less than $10.00.

Some products have deep discounts, like this NARS Hot Sauce lip palette, on sale for $30.00 (originally $50.00).


I run the Sephora sale search a few times a week ’cause I like a good deal. You know your girl loves a sale!

Daily Motivator

At the risk of appearing completely cheesy, I thought I’d share a special site with you because, frankly, it has saved my butt on many occasions. When I’m feeling blue, or when things get crazy, and I need to check myself (before I wreck myself), I visit the Daily Motivator for quick shots of wisdom. Some might find Ralph Marston’s daily motivators and observations corny, but I like ’em. They help me stay motivated and remind me to keep things in perspective.

Use the force, Luke


Taye Diggs: Hottie, actor … hip hop dancer?!?!

My friend J-Money sent me an e-mail yesterday inviting me to a one-time, advanced hip hop class taught by master dance teacher, TAYE DIGGS (star of one of my fave movies, Brown Sugar). Did ya’ll know Taye could dance? I sure as heck didn’t. I’m going to the two-hour class in February. You better believe I’ll be hustling for a spot up in the front so I can watch him, um, teach.

Hopefully Taye will teach in this outfit


Neutrogena Soft Color Blush


Damn, these blushes rule. They’re cheap (about $6.00 for a huge pan), look natural and are easy to apply. When I’m in a hurry, these are my go-to blushes because they don’t streak (even on bare skin), blend easily and aren’t chalky.

If you’re blush shy or new to blush then these are good starter products (ditch the included brush, though, ’cause it’s useless). I have Sunny Spice, Divine Wine and Soft Suede colors in my collection.

Back to MAC Program

Yesterday, while I was rifling through one of the several piles of makeup in my living room, I found a stash of used MAC Lipglasses and empty brush cleaner bottles. I keep all my used MAC stuff so I can participate in “Back to MAC,” MAC’s recycling program. You bring in six used product packages (lipstick, Lipglasses, compacts, etc.) and get a free lipstick in return. There are a few exceptions, so find out what’s considered a recyclable product on the MAC Web site.

I bet I’m the last person in the world who needs another lipstick, but hey, I’m heading to the counter after work if traffic isn’t bad. What color should I get?

Lazy Beast Cardio 101


Most of the time I love working out and going to the gym, but when it’s cold and rainy I get lazy. On those days, I reach for a workout DVD at home. It won’t substitute for a three-mile run on the treadmill, but it’s better than nothing.

Workout DVD’s can be expensive, so I rent mine from Netflix. Their huge selection helps stave off workout boredom. Right now I’m really missing Hawaii, so I’ve been doing a 30-minute hula workout called “Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners.”


The workout is low impact, but it sure works up a sweat. I love the tropical scenery, and I’m a sucker for upbeat island music.

Coffee break

Mmm, coffee. I can’t survive without my morning cup. Coffee’s tasty but it stains teeth like crazy! I asked my dentist what I could do and she suggested using a straw, so I keep a pack of bendable straws in the kitchen cupboard and always use them when I drink coffee, tea and red wine at home. It’s weird at first — I like sipping my coffee through my front teeth, and my friends and El Hub gave me a lot of crap for it — but eventually I got used to it. Now my teeth stay sparklin’ white.

Girl, wherever you are I hope it’s warm because it’s cold around my ‘hood! How are you holding up in this rain?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. SarahM says:

    Thank you so much for these tips. I didn’t know you could rent workout videos on Netflix? I also like the back to Mac tip. Thanks!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah M.,

    You are welcome. Yeah, Netflix has a ton of workout vids! I like the yoga and dance ones. Oh, and anything that works my abs, because I hate doing sit ups. πŸ™‚

  3. kia says:

    cool tips karen! a master dance class-wait an advanced hip hop dance master class? taught by taye diggsss?!!! what in the world??!?! LOOLLOL.. no never knew he could dance LOL is this the new trend amongst celebs to make money.. teaching master classes at their preferred subjects? or is this just something i’m getting hip to?

    so i used to do the straw only in my coffee. when i started drinking it regularly, i was afraid of stained teeth but also i had to hide my drinking in the courtroom so it was easier to sip then throwing back a macchiato LOL… i don’t drink through straws anymore and i never took precautions with tea or red wine. terrible. i’ll start drinking through a straw again to keep them nice when i get my teeth professionally bleached (hopefully soon)!

    again, great tips.. thanks for sharing!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for the beauty snacks! Taye diggs is a cutie, and as for the MAC lipstick, I am sure you have mostly all of them, but I really like Creme de Femme and of course Snob, I think Creme de Femme would look lovely on your skintone!

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Kia,

    I know, both J-Money and I were like, “So when did homeboy start dancing?!?” I’ll have to do a full report on whether or not he lives up to his “master” reputation. And hopefully I’ll have a few pictures, perhaps of Mr. Diggs in sweaty, dancing motion …

    You know, I thought of you the other day because I had to go to jury duty! I haven’t been to the courthouse in a while and I was actually dreading it because I *always* get picked as a juror. Anyway, I ran into some clerks and thought of you. BTW, did you know those court reporters make BANK?! Holy crap!

    Oh, when you are getting your teeth professionally email me, cause I did one type (Zoom) that hurt like a mofo.

  6. Karen says:

    Thanks for the recommendations Vanessa. πŸ™‚ I’ve heard of Snob but not Creme de Femme, can’t wait to check it out.

    It’s raining up our way so I dunno if I’ll make it today because rain on the 101 always means BAD TRAFFIC! Usually nothing can keep me from the mall but it’s been pretty horrific lately.

  7. Deb says:

    LOL, love the relationship wth the cat…cracks me up

  8. TUPRNUT says:

    I just recycled my MAC products a few weeks back and picked up Syrup. Love it! It’s the perfect pink for me and I usually pair it with Gilded Kiss Lipgelee.

    Thanks for the Sephora sales tip. I don’t have a Sephora locally, so I mostly shop online, except when I’m in Cali and then I go nuts.

    Happy Shopping!

  9. nilla cookie says:

    So is that where the cute cat comes from all over your site, Ms. Karen?? Super cute!

    I, too, am interested in hearing more about Mr. Diggs and this workout class you speak of. Can’t wait until February!!

    And PS – this site IS my beauty snack everyday! πŸ˜€

  10. Glosslizard says:

    Mmmmm, Taye Diggs! ‘Nuff said!

    Hee hee, my lazy beast workout is Dance Dance Revolution for the PS2! πŸ™‚

    And yeah, I do love that cat head!

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Deb! That cat is such a user, but I keep letting him back into my life, sigh!

    Have a good Friday and enjoy your weekend. πŸ™‚

  12. Karen says:

    Hey Tuprnut,

    I wore Syrup today and topped with Chanel Glossimer in Galactic!

    I feel your pain when it comes to going nuts at Sephora. It’s easy for me to go nuts both there and in the Neiman’s beauty department. Whoa! Talk about temptation. πŸ™‚

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Nilla,

    You are very sweet. Now only if I could give ya’ll some brownies (I love to bake)!

    Oh boy, that class is going to be interesting. I just hope that Taye can dance! πŸ˜‰

  14. Karen says:

    Thanks Glosslizard … man that cat is nuts, but I love him.

    Dance Dance revolution is a fantastic lazy beast workout. We don’t have a PS2 but I’ve played it before and it’s a lot of fun! Work on that fitness, lady! πŸ™‚

  15. Kate says:

    So the photo on your site is the neighbor’s tabby? Or do you have a kitty of your own? Also, I would rethink the straw sipping…my dermatologist said that drinking through a straw can contribute to those awful lines around the lips (the gross kind that smokers get!) I would rather have tea-stained teeth than those lines!

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Kate,

    Oh, that wiley tabby! I guess you can call him the blog’s mascot/occasional cheerleader/ or something. I hate but love the bastard.

    You bring up a good point about the fine lines. I have a weird thing about my teeth so I can’t hang with a set of grey or brown teeth, so I’m not giving up the straw any time soon. I’m guessing though, that to get those fine lines you’d have to be doing a lot of repetition of the same facial movement and sucking with a huge amount of force. I figure if I’m just drinking just a cup or two a day and not using excessive straw suckage then I’ll be fine.

  17. Allie says:

    Recommendations for a pink MAC lipglass–that’s me! See, you’re better than a neighbor who gives beauty snacks because I don’t even have to leave my apartment πŸ™‚

    Have a good weekend!

  18. Karen says:

    You do the same, Allie! Run a few miles for me so I can vicariously live through you. πŸ™‚

  19. Tania says:

    I highly recommend Coconutty, Fastlane, or Craving. Sometimes you can do Back 2 MAC for an eyeshadow or lipglass instead of lipstick. Ask a MAC peep as this rule varies among stores.
    Love the cat head!
    Love half naked pic of Taye Diggs I watched How Stella Got Her Groove Back last night for the 100th time. The shower scene is serious eye delish!!

  20. Karen says:

    Thanks for your recs, Tania. And that’s a great idea to ask about the shadow or the lipglass. I haven’t returned my stuff yet so I’ll check the rules with my local counter.

    And yum, Taye. I can’t wait to watch him, uh, teach class.

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