5 Things You Should Know About the Too Faced Love Palette

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too faced love palette

With hearts, hugs and kisses, it’s the new $49 Too Faced Love Palette

pink-heart-love-24x20 5 Things You Should Know About the Too Faced Love Palette pink-heart-love-24x20

  1. Inspired by the lost art of love letter writing, the Too Faced Love Palette just might inspire you to write a long overdue love letter (of sorts) to yourself…

    Dear Karen,

    GURL. Just a gentle reminder to please stop and smell the roses sometimes, because like you, they’re wonderful.

    You always try so hard at everything, and I love that about you, but I wish you would make more time for yourself (and for us, mi amor). I don’t know about you, but when we’re together hanging out, I feel EFFING FABULOUS! Like when we go to the mall or get our hair did at the salon, we always have so much fun! We should really just face it already — we’re made for each other.

    I can’t deny that sometimes I get a little jealous of…you know who, but I can’t help it. He’s a larger-than-life feline philanthropist, famous kitty supermodel and incredibly talented, and I’m just a simple blogger.

    But he can’t love you like I do.

    I’ll always be here for you, my darling. Please never forget how wonderful you are.

    Love always,


  2. There are hearts in the middle of each pan! — which may or may not make you crave Valentine’s Day candy hearts, and if they do, you may find yourself Googling “buy Valentines candy hearts online June.”
  3. When you’re in the mood to watch TV while you play with makeup (am I the only person who does this?), the Love Palette and a Lifetime movie make a great pair. I recommend the “woman in peril” genre so that you may periodically take breaks from blending to yell things like, “Molly…YOU IN DANGER, GIRL!” at the TV whenever the protagonist does a totally dumb thing, like descending a flight of steep stairs into a pitch black basement without so much as a fork with which to defend herself. I mean, REALLY?
  4. When you’re wearing the Love Palette on your lids and your true love calls (and you know that he’s your true love because he just drove your cat to the vet!) to say that they will be returning home shortly because the cat just projectile pooped all over your beloved’s shirt, pants and car (more on this in a minute…), your eyes will look lovely while your heart swells with concern.
  5. And after you finish doing your makeup with the Love Palette, you remember how much you love wearing smokey eyes. Then, even though it hits 93 degrees outside, you say to yourself, “Eff it. I’m in the mood to go smokey today, and I refuse to deny the urge. Who cares if we’re in the middle of a summer heat wave?”
too faced love palette

Packaging for the Too Faced Love Palette

too faced love palette

The new Too Faced Love Palette ($49)

too faced love palette

Wearing the Too Faced Love Palette on my eyes

The further 411 on the new $49 Too Faced Love Palette

  • It’s available now at Too Faced counters and online.
  • It contains 15 shades, which are arranged in three “quints” that are similar to the layout of the Dior palettes. There’s a coppery brown quint on the far left, a cool-toned taupe and purple quint in the middle and a neutral khaki quint on the far right.
  • The cool and neutral colors in the palette outnumber the warm shades.
  • Too Faced used a different eyeshadow formula here than they do in most of their other Too Faced Palettes (like the Chocolate Bar Palettes), and it feels softer and creamier to me. It’s also easy to blend. Remember the Too Faced Return of Sexy palette? This formula is similar. In terms of texture and performance, it reminds me of the Veluxe Pearl shadows by MAC, only slightly less pigmented.
  • Fallout is a moderate issue with these shadows… When I run my brush across one or more of the pans, the bristles lift a good amount of product, and if I don’t remember to dust off the excess from the brush head, I end up with a noticeable amount of fallout under my eyes.

    As far as I’ve found, the best way to prevent this is to swipe my brush across a pan, and then swirl the brush onto the back of my hand to work the product into the bristles. This dramatically lessens the fallout.

  • Most of the shadows have frost or satin finishes, but there are two mattes — the dark brown in the quint on the far left and the medium cool-toned brown in the quint in the center.

    I kinda wish there were more mattes, but you know me…I’m a starter on #TeamMatte. If you’re all about that shimmer life, though, I think you’ll enjoy the shiny finishes.

  • That palette also comes with a smooth, true black gel eyeliner, which I think is fine for use along my lash lines (it lasts a long time), but it isn’t ideal for my water lines, where it’s a little drying and doesn’t like to stick around.
  • I like how these shadows are set up, and the way they’re organize makes sense to me. I feel like they allow for a lot of creative freedom. Like if you want to bounce from quint to quint, the shades still work with each other. That’s what I did for the look I’m wearing here. I used the darkest shade from the quint on the far left on my lid, the matte, cool-toned brown from the center quint in my crease and the peach shade from the quint on the far right on my brown bone and in the inner corners. Even though the three aren’t from the same quint, I think the colors still work well together.
  • All told, I think this is a pretty palette with some beautiful cool and neutral shades;, however, I’m not sure if it will set the world aflame, because I feel like I’ve seen these colors from Too Faced before.

    If you’re a hardcore Too Faced aficionado, you probably already have similar shades, but if you’re newer to the brand, you probably don’t.

    I have to give the shadows in this palette mad props for being almost obnoxiously easy to blend (as long as you remember to tap, or work your brush into the back of your hand, to reduce the fallout).

too faced love palette

Wearing the Too Faced Love Palette on my eyes

too faced love palette

Swatches of the eyeshadows from the far right of the Too Faced Love Palette

too faced love palette

Swatches of the eyeshadows in the center of the Too Faced Love Palette

too faced love palette

Swatches of the eyeshadows from the far left of the Too Faced Love Palette

Additional makeup worn in this look

LipstickToo Faced Juicy Melons
GlossUrban Decay Streak Gloss
Bronzer — Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in 03 Naturel Brunettes
BlushToo Faced Love Flush Blush in I Will Always Love You
FoundationStowaway Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm in Medium
ConcealerStowaway Creaseless Concealer in Medium
MascaraChanel le Volume de Chanel
HighlighterHourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light
BrowsMAC Brun Eyeshadow and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette

PRICE: $49
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Too Faced counters, Ulta stores, Sephora and online

Tabs is having a rough day…

Have I mentioned that Tabs hates going to the vet?


It’s always a challenge because he absolutely hates riding in the car, so he is NOT a car cat at all. He freaks out so intensely that he usually — he’ll never forgive me for saying this — poops himself. The last couple of visits weren’t as bad, though, so when El Hub took Tabs to the vet today to get his teeth cleaned, we expected things to go well.

But then I got a call from El Hub. He was parked in front of the vet’s office. Apparently, right when El Hub took the exit to get off the highway, Tabs barfed in his cat carrier, then almost immediately managed to open the small door. Before El Hub could stop the car, Tabs bolted out of the carrier, climbed onto El Hub’s lap, and pooped all over El Hub’s pants and shirt. Then he hopped down and pooped all over the inside of the car.

Needless to say…we rescheduled the appointment.

When Tabs got home covered in poo and barf, he badly needed a bath, which, you guessed it, he also hates.





So…in the greater scheme of things, June 30, 2015 will not go down in the history books as one of the best days for Tabs.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Carissa says:

    Oh my goodness!! I literally laughed out loud reading about Tabs’ ill-fated vet visit attempt. I have two cats who also don’t enjoy car trips, but I don’t think I can ever complain about excessive meowing and occasional barfing after reading about this experience. I’m sorry about your comedy of errors and hopefully the rest of the day goes on without further incident!

  2. Kwmechelle says:

    Awww, sad story. Poor baby. Sorry it’s so tough for him. A friend of mine once had a vet who made house visits when she had her cat. I can’t attest to whether her cat got his teeth cleaned, but the at-home visits were helpful since my friend only took public transportation. Wish there were something Tabs could take to make it a wee bit easier

  3. Lauren says:

    OMG!! I’m laughing and tearing up! Fab post! 3 things:

    I teared up at the letter to yourself! It’s so true and hits home. My fur baby takes up all of my time, too!

    2) your makeup, shirt, and necklace are impeccable…you look gorgeous! White is your color!

    3) I laughed so hard at Tabs story!! Poor El Hub and his pants!!! Tabs looks adorable all wet tho! Really skinny!

  4. Georgia says:

    Oh poor sausage! Do you guys get Feliway in the States? It’s a synthetic cat pheromone that you can buy in diffuser form (to plug in) or a small spray bottle. It really helps to calm cats down in times of stress. You could spray his bedding with some, if you can buy it there. If not, fire me an email; I’ll send you some.

  5. Kalli says:

    Oh noes! Poor Tabs. One of my mom’s Yorkies really hates thunderstorms and he has a nervous poop in the house every time. He’ll usually sneak upstairs to do it because he’s embarrassed 🙁
    Kalli recently posted … Recent FOTD’s Because I’ve Been a Neglectful Blogger

  6. Chelsea says:

    Awww, Tabs! I feel bad for laughing! Poor little guy (and hubs!)

    Quincy doesn’t mind the vet. He gets a little skittish but he gets lots of attention from all the folks there, who just adore him.(not all bunbuns are so personable!)

  7. Kirsten says:

    I had a cat that used to get severely carsick in the carrier. Same kind of reaction as it sounds like Tabs is having– pooping, peeing, barfing. I found that if I just carried him to the car in the carrier then let him out once in the car, he’d sit quietly in the footwell (yowling, of course, the whole way) while I drove to the vet. Then back in the carrier for the trip inside the office. I would leave the carrier open, with a towel draped over it in case he wanted to go back inside. Since Tabs is used to a harness and leash, maybe try just that in the car and take an extra person so he can’t interfere with the driver?

  8. Tulipthecat says:

    Tulip can feel Tabs pain. She hates going to the vet and meows in the car the entire way and in the doctor’s office. The first time I took her she pooped in the carrier, the second time I took her she was fine, the third time I took her I was holding her and she saw the nurse and pooped on me. The last time I took her she was fine. So I guess you never know what will happen.

  9. Kelly B. says:

    This looks a lot like those Rimmel palettes that have a similar design with the crown in the middle or something. I’m totally digging the hearts design but I wonder why they didn’t save this design for Valentine’s Day. Still adorable!
    Kelly B. recently posted … elf Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

  10. Phyrra says:

    I Feel so bad for Tabs 🙁 Is there anything you can give him to make the car ride less scary? Your look here is very pretty, by the way. And I’m on #TeamMatte with you.
    Phyrra recently posted … Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette Review

  11. Lena says:

    oh karen, your review of this palette is so entertaining, made my morning. i haven’t bought anything from this brand recently, but this one is calling to me, for next f&f sale.

    poor tabs. and your el hub is angel.
    Lena recently posted … Review and Swatches: Chanel Mediterranée Nail Polish

  12. Kat says:

    Aaaaaaw poor baby Tabs! Sorry it was rough! He has such a good mommy and daddy who take care of him. How did you manage to give him a bath?
    PS – I love the smoky eye look you created here!

  13. jessica says:

    Too Faced in general makes very good products. i have their Macaron palette which I LOVE. This one, while pretty, just isn’t really that unique with the colors.

    Poor baby tabs…… <3 <3 <3
    jessica recently posted … Ratfest 2015

  14. Lulle says:

    Poor Tabs… Ernesto also gets very sick in the car. He usually throws up and poops all over his carrier by mile 0.2! There was this one drive from San Diego to San Francisco that felt like it lasted forever, and involved him puking on my husband’s face…
    Lulle recently posted … Lashem 3-in-1 Eye Bright Giveaway!

  15. Stephanie says:

    Oh poor Tabs! He looks mortified. I’ve had cats poop and pee in the carrier or on me at the vets office. Sounds like he gets carsick, poor guy. Maybe the vet can give you something to calm him down before hand? One of my cats that is no longer with us used to get SO stressed by fireworks that I’d give him a little tranquilizer. Not enough to knock him out and make him slobber, but enough that he wasn’t cowering & shaking under the bed.

  16. Becca M says:

    You look amazing in these shots! Tabs looks seriously disgruntled. I had a cat that usually had a 50/50 shot of throwing up on the way to the vet. Once she yakked up a dead fly, so now you can never unknow that fact. You’re welcome.

  17. Rachel R. says:

    Awww, poor Tabs. Can the vet suggest an anti-nausea medication or mild sedative for car rides?

    I think the palette is really cute, and I prefer shimmers. I’m on the fence about actually buying it.

  18. Oh noes, poor Tabsy 🙁 🙁 He didn’t end June on a good note, that’s for sure. Poor thing.

    As for that palette, I think it looks suuuuper cute! But the shades aren’t unique enough for me to really need or want it.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Make-up look | A Bobbi Brown make-up smoothie with peach, melon & orange (+ one very secret ingredient!)

  19. Sunny says:

    Oh Gooood I’m so sorry to hear about Tabs, El Hub, and the car! I have the impression that things get WORSE with age for Tango as well. He used to just punch the vet a couple of times (without his claws, so most vets actually find it funny), but one time he bit one of them on the hand kinda bad. Nowadays I have to make an appointment so that BOTH vets could be there to restrain him. That or they pretty quickly give him a shot so that he is asleep and they can do what they have to do (for that reason I avoid taking him to the vet’s nowadays because it can’t be good). Fortunately we live very close, so not much can happen on the way (I am knocking on wood here). I bet you anything my vets light a candle in the church every Sunday to pray for his good health…

    Muffin and Kissa are a BLISS on the other hand. They even purr and headbutt the vet. The “worst” they do is jumping off the table and trying to hide in the paper recycling bin, which is hilarious!
    Sunny recently posted … My Picks from Rescue Beauty Lounge Blogger 3.0 and a Couple of Hidden Gems

  20. Vijaya says:

    Poor Tabs! Awww. Give the poor little guy a treat after a day like that.

  21. Denise M says:

    Poor Tabs! Maybe some Bach Rescue Remedy for pets in his water before a vet trip might help? It probably would help now! I’m with you on the matte eyeshadows, but your look here is gorg–

  22. Michaela says:

    Hi Karen, totally enjoyed reading your letter to yourself today! Like you, I need to stop and smell the roses more often. In fact, I had a favorite shirt when I was a little girl that had the quote on it. Thanks for the information on the Too Faced. It looked very nice. I would like to try the Too Faced eyeshadows someday, but I just bought one of the Naked palettes.

  23. Trude says:

    Poor baby! The joys of being a mama unfortunately comes with the task of poop cleanup. At least the rewards are worth it in the end (ha! no pun intended!). 🙂
    Trude recently posted … 5 Things

  24. Kim says:

    Poor Tabs – going to the vet is stressful and I’ve yet to meet a cat who likes the car. 🙁 I don’t envy you guys having to clean up both kitty and car. El Hub is a champ! And that always happens with the cat carrier door at the worst time. It SEEMS locked. Sigh. Sorry for you guys and glad to see Tabs survived (relatively no worse for wear).

  25. Stephanie says:

    No, Tabs! Poor dear 🙁

    Also, there’s a green shade!! I LOVE my Too Faced Return of the Sexy palette so I bet I’d love this for having a green shade – I’ve been wanting a palette that focused on some green lately.

  26. Natalye says:

    the palette looks cute but reminds me too much of The Return of Sexy palette which has horrible fallout. I’ll be skipping this one

    poor Tabs! I suppose he accomplished his goal of not going to the vet though!

    Natalye recently posted … Long Skirts Perfect for Summer *Sponsored Post*

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