Will You Miss Prescriptives?

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Farewell Prescriptives

I still can’t believe Estée Lauder pulled the plug on Prescriptives…


It must have been a difficult decision for the maker of MAC, Clinique and Bobbi Brown. Any time you shutter doors on a 30-year-old cosmetics line it has to hurt, even if sales of the line have been underperforming for a while.

Global distribution will end about four months from now (Jan. 31, 2010), so there’s still time to stock up before the counters disappear. After that, any remaining stock will be cleared out through the website.

I can’t say I’m heartbroken, but I will miss certain things about Prescriptives, like their approach to color, specifically their range. Even as far back as the ’80s and ’90s I could count on Prescriptives to carry foundation shades that matched my skin tone.

But it wasn’t enough to fend off the competition, and they grew to be overshadowed by EL’s other brands.

Will you miss Prescriptives?

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For whatever it’s worth, fellow fans of Prescriptives’ still popular Calyx fragrance are in luck. We’ll still be able to get our hands on it through Aramis at department stores and online. I guess that’s better than nothing… I do like fruity, fresh Sheer Calyx Exhilaration. 🙂


Farewell Prescriptives…

Mineral Bronzer in Warm
Prescriptives Mineral Bronzer in Warm, $30

Eye Color Compact in Warm
Prescriptives Eye Color Compact in Warm from the Well Suited Collection, $40

Prescriptives LipShine in Strawberry Twist, $17.50

Prescriptives Kohl Eye Pencil in Blue Grotto, $18.50

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. amy says:

    I remember when I was little and I would go shopping with my mom and my favourite counter would be Prescriptives because I love the colour powders in the tubes. My favourite Prescriptives products are their Moonbeam lipglosses and Planetary being my favourite colour. I got to pick up a few of those. Ilove the teal mascara btw, where is it from?
    .-= amy’s last blog post… John Masters Organics Bourbon Vanilla Tangerine Hair Texturizer =-.

  2. CC says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know Estee Lauder owned Clinique, MAC, AND Bobbi Brown!! I remember always passing by Prescriptives at the mall , but never really interested in their products aside from the cool test tubes of make-up that were on display.

  3. Sheila says:

    I’ve never been a fan of them, not that I didn’t like them, I just didn’t really care for them. I guess its sad that a 30-year old brand is closing, but other than that, I don’t really feel much. Now if Dior or Chanel closed, I would probably be crying and going on a Dior/Chanel spending spree over the next few months.
    .-= Sheila’s last blog post… Confirmed: Dior Cristal Boreal Collection for Holiday 2009 =-.

  4. Joanne says:

    My girlfriend uses their skincare and makeup. I don’t use
    anything of theirs. Not because I didn’t like them, I just
    use other things.
    .-= Joanne’s last blog post… Will You Miss Prescriptives? =-.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hmmm… I’ve never bought anything from Prescriptives before, so really I don’t have much of an opinion either way. However I am quite liking the LipShine in Strawberry Twist – maybe I’ll have to run down to Macy’s and grab a couple of those before they disappear 😉
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Get Glowing with Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream =-.

  6. Toni says:

    I started using the Prescriptives makeup when I graduated from undergrad. I liked the eye shadows, lipsticks, and one of the serums. However, I went back to Clinique, and I found other brands I liked better (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Stila).

    I have rosacea, which comes and goes, and no one at the Prescriptives counter could figure out if they needed to color match my face or my neck!
    .-= Toni’s last blog post… Downsizing My Stuff =-.

  7. bomi says:

    no… 🙁
    bye bye good brand of mascara.

  8. Prescriptives was a really respected skin and cosmetics brand in singapore and they left Singapore Years AGO… i was really sad and my frens were kinda distraught abt it too!they stocked up on the foundations esp!
    .-= Blovet Beauty’s last blog post… Japanese Magazine Scans & Mr ELMO & VivaBella Giveaway! =-.

  9. AndreaMarie says:

    I will miss the foundations and the serum!

  10. Aleksis says:

    You know I didn’t think I would miss them at all until I tried a sample of their all skins mineral foundation (the liquid) and I really like it…But I guess if I continue to really like it I’ll buy a few bottles to last me awhile.
    .-= Aleksis’s last blog post… Hot trend alert: Black lips =-.

  11. Sherry says:

    Oh nooooo. My *fave* foundation is Flawless Skin. I’m so sad!

  12. ezzie says:

    your eyes look gorgeous in that last photo!
    and it’s always sad to see a cosmetics brand that’s been arond for a while go 🙁
    farewell, perscriptives!

  13. Tanya says:

    Oh no 🙁 I’ll have to stock up on their foundations. They match my skin tone perfectly. No other base even comes close.

  14. Marisol says:

    Not a fan but that sucks about shutting them down.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone =-.

  15. gio says:

    I’ve never bought enough from them, but it’s always sad to see a brand go 🙁
    .-= gio’s last blog post… Looks: Pink, Blue and White =-.

  16. Tavia a says:

    I’ve never tried the Prescriptives products so I won’t miss them. Maybe they were available only in the US, I’ve honestly didn’t hear about them.
    .-= Tavia a’s last blog post… Chic Giveaway: Comment to win the 155$ La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 – A Cellular Intervention Complex =-.

  17. candy says:

    OH CRAP! It took me YEARS to find a foundation/powder that matched my skintone. As a pure cool level one blue/red without a hint of yellow its going to be IMPOSSIBLE to find another foundation that wont give me that undesirable ‘lemon head’ look.

    I’m in utter panic now!

  18. candy says:

    I made a go of it and called their toll free number.

    I inquired if any of their other brands will be taking on their color matching or at minimum their foundation shades and she said she is unsure but would love to forward my comments on to their executives. She took down my shades (mineral and virtual skin), name, and zip code.

    She also said that their products are tested with a 3 year efficicy date from time of purchase if unopened and 24 months from time opened.

    Looks like I’ll be stocking up until a new match is found…

  19. Alexis says:

    I’ll definitely miss them, especially their foundations, oil-free cleanser, apple blossom blush, and skin treatments. They were the first brand of drugstore make-up I ever tried, so there’ll always be a special place in my heart for them :). I’m assuming their products will be sold in CCO’s until they’re completely gone? Maybe people can find products there after they leave dept. stores.
    .-= Alexis’s last blog post… Shopping at Sephora – What would you get? =-.

  20. aprillmtv says:

    Is this for real?!? because I am big time freaking out. I live and die by their concealer. I am calling Neiman’s right now!!!

  21. Daya says:

    I used to play at their counter when i worked at a department store years ago. Their colors didn’t work for me but some of their double-sided lip glosses were good. It’s unfortunate for them though. 🙁

  22. knit_tgz says:

    Never tried them, but I must admit the Warm eye palette looks very beautiful!
    .-= knit_tgz’s last blog post… Meme (imagens/pictures) =-.

  23. Jill Mendoza says:

    It is unfortunate, I really enjoyed a lot of their lines of makeup

  24. situ says:

    yes, it was the only brand where I could find a pretty good powder and foundatin match. boo.

  25. katie says:

    Oh no, the Here to Stay mascara is my HG mascara! It’s the only thing I use from them but it is so fantastic and I don’t know what mascara I’m going to find to replace it. It’s not necessarily the best at volume or lengthening, but it would not budge for ANYTHING. Not sweat, tears, rubbing, rain, nothing. Ack, I’m going to have to stock up!

  26. Dani C says:

    I am gutted about this. I’m very pale, blue/red and love their traceless tint in level one, the only one pale enough for me, I’m panicking now at not being able to find anything suitable!!

    I also love their lipglosses and the lipstick in rose glow is a lovely nude lip! I do love other brands like MAC more but I will miss prescriptives foundations in particular and am already on the hunt for replacement!!

  27. Bhronda says:

    Yes, I am devastated! Prescriptives Antelope is the only foundation that matches and does not mute my color. I actually just look like I simply have nice skin when I wear it. Now isn’t that what make up is supposed to do. No other Estee Lauder can match it.

    Further Prescriptives foundation is the only that does oil-free without irriatation. Please Estee. There is no replacement for Prescriptives Foundation.

  28. DonnaN says:

    It’s a bit sad. I used prescriptives back in the late 80’s when I was in college. I still swear by their Flight Cream and their Moonbeam gloss is to die for….my two favorite shades–Meteor and the defunct SuperNova!

    RIP Prescriptives!!

  29. q says:

    I was really disappointed to hear that Prescriptives is going to end. I’ve always found it difficult to find foundation that suits my skin, a friend recommended Prescriptives to me about a year and a half ago and ive not really used anything else since then..i don’t know what im going to do once they stop producing!

  30. Lori Y. says:

    I use the concealer, Virtual Skin foundation and Magic powder. I’ve been using these products for several years and I love them. I get so many compliments on my complexion and I know that a lot of the credit goes to these products. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I think Prescriptives is a little pricey and they don’t tend to have many special offers like some of the other brands carried in department stores. Maybe I would have used more of their products if the prices were a little lower, but then again, I can’t tell you what I pay for the concealer, foundation and powder because I love them so much I don’t pay attention to the price!

  31. Apple Diva says:

    After trying some of the products since the shutter notice, I will miss them. 🙁
    .-= Apple Diva’s last blog post… Shu Uemura Holiday Sale 2009 =-.

  32. ashley k. says:

    I went to my favorite department store today and had a mental breakdown when I heard the news. I have been using all of their products for over 15 years. If it’s not prescriptives, it does not go on my face. My skin is in the best shape it has ever been with their products. People ask me all the time what I use. Isn’t there something we can do??? I bought as much as I could to keep me supplied for a while. Without prescriptives, I think my face will go into complete shock!!! This is one sad southern girl!!! ): ):

  33. Carol says:

    I waltzed into Dillard’s to stock up on my depleted supply of Prescriptives to find “sold out” on almost everything in the case. That’s how I found out the bad news. They had nothing I needed, and so I went to Macy’s where I found one of one item. Tonight I tried to order (stock up) online, and again – zilch. I’ve used Prescriptives for the last 15 years and I don’t know where to go now. One thing I do know: I will boycott all other Estee Lauder products simply out of revenge.

  34. momo says:

    I can’t believe they are closing 🙁 I just discovered it last year when I was working at Lord & Taylor. As a woman of color, this is the ONLY foundation I find doesn’t make me look ashy, chalky, ruddy, or sallow. 🙁 This is awful. I’m heading back to Macy’s Friday to stock up on the rest.

  35. karen says:

    I’m also disappointed in the closing of Prescriptives! I really like their approach to makeup and LOVE the concealer.

  36. Dawn Harwood says:

    I called in to John Lewis today to see what bargains I could find post Christmas. On a table were a range of Prescriptives. I thought these were part of the sale. But when I turned to look at the Prescriptives counter it wasn’t there. I spoke to the assisstant who has previously ‘ colour matched’ me and also my freinds and she told me that what I saw on the table s was all that was left and that Prescriptives were folding. I have been using virtual and traceless skin for many years and nothing else has matched them. Oh shame on you Estee Lauder ! What will I do now ?

  37. Alice says:

    NO NEED TO PANIC. I found ColorLab Cosmetics !! They custom blend EVERYTHING. After trying them I like there makeup much more! They matched me perfectly liquid and mineral power and they put in peptides that would benefit my skin type. My acne cleared up and my skin looks great! Its also amazing to see them make a lipstick and mold it right infront of you. Must try them out here is there info. . . .
    Colorlab cosmetics
    857 w. armitage ave.
    Chicago IL 60614

  38. Kate says:

    I am very disappointed. I love Prescriptives and have been using it for many years. It is the only line that can truly match my very fair skin tone. It is a shame. From a business point of view I can understand if it is not performing well. Boutique brands will not survive in today’s economy. I do not think I will ever find a replacement for that Magic Liquid Powder. It made my skin look flawless.

  39. shellms says:

    I’ve been using Virtual Skin/Real Rose forever and am sorely disappointed that Prescriptives has gone out of business!! What were they thinking?? I have always gotten compliments on my skin and at 60, that is no small wonder! Everything else I have tried so far is either too yellow, gunky, greasy, or makes me look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. If anyone has a good suggestion for a replacement, please advise.

  40. Kay says:

    I have used Prescriptives for 30 years. There is not another foundation made that matches me like Px Virtual Skin Real Camellia. I’m a level one Blue/Red with no yellow in my skin. Prescriptives skin care line had a pleasant smell, so unlike the heavily perfumed Estee Lauder. I will boycott every brand that is owned by Estee Lauder!!! Why couldn’t Estee Lauder promoted Prescriptives like the do Estee Lauder and Clinique?

  41. Jennifer says:

    Like Kay, I’m a Level 1 B/R Camellia user and have been using Px Super Line Preventor and various foundations for 15 years. I apparently didn’t get the “news” because tonight I went to my Px counter to pick up foundation and was devastated when I was told it no longer exists. I previously used EL and Clinique and hated the way both felt on my skin. It’s going to be a painful process to find alternatives, so hopefully I can still buy a supply online.

  42. Traci says:

    I’m in my 50’s and devastated that prescriptives is gone. I’ve been using them for 8 years and their new magic line was amazing. I looked years younger with this stuff. I don’t think any one has anything that compares.

  43. Jennifer says:

    So sad! I went today to find a refill on my Real Camelia Virtual Skin and was shocked to learn they have been discontinued. I had never found a foundation that matched my skin (like others it is hard to find foundations that aren’t yellowish or orangey or chalky looking on my fair complexion) until I tried Px. I stopped by the Clinque counter to pick up some samples for an alternative, but I am doubtful they will work as well. (Or I would have used them years ago in my early days of the quest for the perfect foundation.)

  44. Rubymcred says:

    Does anyone know of a similar foundation and color to Virtual Skin real cream? I am having loads of trouble finding either something that matches my pale tones and doesn’t make me break out in either blemishes or dry patches. HELP!

  45. Have Antelope Color says:

    This is in reply to Bhronda… somebody gave me a bunch of unused cosmetics, and one of them was the prescriptives virtually fresh foundation in the color antelope (which is much too dark for me), so if you wanted to get in touch I can offer it to you for a fair price. (not sure if email addresses should be posted here, but maybe Karen can help us get in touch) Take care!

  46. Miranda says:

    I’ve been stocking up for months now, but they’re finally out of Pink Horizon blush. I’ve never found another that looks so good on my fair skin. If anyone knows of a brand that makes a similar color that you’ve had success with, please let me know!

  47. Marguerite says:

    I went last week looking for my foundation Virtual Skliin Yellow/Orange Real Cocao 30 and was devastated that they no longer sell it at Macy. Have been using it for years and years and it matches my skin — ther products make me look “ashy”! If all of these are responding — why did they stop? Does anyone know of any stores that may have some left?


  48. Jilly says:

    Has anyone found a substitute for the Magic Line? I loved this powder and the foundation and nothing comes close to the liquid powder. Please let me know if you found anything like it. I have very sensitive skin and that powder was a godsend.

  49. Ashley m says:

    I too am just sick about prescriptives leaving. I have been using prescriptives for over 15 years. I have been trying for months to find another makeup company that even comes close. I have now been ordering makeup from borghese. Their foundation is wonderful, matches perfectly and is so flawless. Their moisturizer is wonderful too. I just ordered some other skin care products from them, anxious to give them a try. Their products are a little more expensive than prescriptives, but hopefully worth it. Their website is http://www.borghese.com if anybody is interested

  50. Linda says:

    I have used Traceless foundation for years, level 3 most of the year, mixed with a little level 4 in the summer months. Purchased the Clinique supposedly ‘equivalent’ foundation (Almost Makeup) as recommended in a pamphlet at the Clinique counter for former Prescriptives customers. I’ve been using it for several weeks. So thick in comparison! Clinique’s tinted moisturizer comes close in consistency, but it contains oil, so that’s not an option for me : (

  51. Angela Harrison says:

    I absolutely hate Estee for discontinuing Prescriptives. This has been a nightmare for me. I love everything about them from skincare to makeup to concealer to moisturzers. Next, they left us absolutely no replacement.. Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and Clinique all are terrible and the MAC Counter scares me. The people there are all so weird and overly made up. Also, their gay guys wear more makeup than I do.
    Why don’t people care about the conservative and traditional women anymore.
    I am not happy with Estee. I love Prescripitves. My heart is broken.


  52. Sonia says:

    I am so used to the custome blend foudation that I cant use any other brand now. Does anyone know the replacement for CUSTOM BLEND? Please help!

  53. Lettie says:

    I had been using prescriptives for about 6 years, but had used the best products on my skin ie: MaryKay and a few of the other consultant ones I can’t remember the names of. but my last was 6 years ago I started using prescriptives again after being a consultant for MaryKay, well right after she died her son took over the business and changed alot of the formulas that is when it just started to break our my skin, so I went back to our mall to Presciptives and used them until they went out of bus., in Dec, 2009. Since then I can’t find anything for my skin, i can’t use anything with fragrance, I tried Lanccome, then I did the unspeakable I went to Clinique, now though dematology tested it does not take all my makeup off, my cheeks are red hot. Any suggestions!! I AM SO MAD, EVERY TIME I FIND SOMETHING I LIKE AND CAN USE THEY TAKE IT AWAY!!!!

  54. Isabelle says:

    I am so upset about Estee Lauder getting rid of Prescriptives, I have been using their products for over 26 years. I am now 41 and can be proud to say that I owe Prescriptives for me not having any wrinkles and having great skin. I used everything from mascara, moisturizer, blush, eyeliners, blended foundation, blended powder, etc. and last but NOT least all their anti wrinkle miracles. I was stocking up but I’ve run out of everything and I have been at a loss, there aren’t any other companies out there that are truly “hypoallergenic”.. Clinique is horrible, it gives me a rash and pimples which I have never even had one pimple in my life. I’m so depressed really.

    The Prescriptives anti wrinkle miracle products and their “all you need” moisturizes as well as their makeup removal and gel soaps to clean your face are amazing.

    But not sure if you guys heard, I think so many people have complained and there was so much demand that they are now selling their products online, so if you’re a follower you can get them there.

  55. Amy says:

    So dissapointed they closed Prescriptives. I think Estee Lauder did away with Prescriptives because there were a few problems in their business model:

    1. I bet those pigments used for custom blend foundations and powders are expensive. Thats why the products were so superior to everthing else out there.

    2. Prescriptives started introducing a lot of sparkle in the lipsticks, and eye shadows which tends to attract a very young crowd. Not the same crowd that buys custom blended foundation and powder.

    3. Prescriptives probably spent a lot of money training people to custom blend foundations. Many of those people move around to other lines, thereby costing the company a lot of money to keep that business model in the department stores.

    Everyone should write to them online letting them know you would be willing to continue purchasing your foundations etc. at Prescriptives.com.
    And no, Estee Lauder, Bobbie Brown, MAC, and Clinique do not compare. I am devastated…feel like a lost a best friend!

  56. laura says:

    I just learned about this – where have I been all this time? For years, I’ve loved a liquid illuminator they sold called Magic Highlighter Iluminator – this is NOT the same ‘Magic” item they now sell online. It came in bottle; I’ve had the same bottle forever (a little dab’ll do ya), and for my very pale skin it was the only ‘blush’ I’ve ever found that didn’t make me look fevered and pink. I’m now using Nars Orgasm Illuminator, which is nice stuff, but the color is a yellow/gold base rather than the silver/blue base of the Magic type – not as good on pale skin. ALAS. – Laura

  57. Conni says:

    I just purchased some product online, and got a gift w/purchase and free shipping. It looks like you can still buy Prescriptives online, so keep shopping so they keep it around longer. If you haven’t already, try the eyeliner with the stay-sharp tip. It almost never smudges at all.

  58. I’m devastated by the loss of the Prescriptives line. I’ve used them since I was in college. I didn’t find out in time to get my custom blend formula, so I’m completely out of luck having it recreated. If EL wanted to eliminate the line, they should have provided suitable alternatives for their customers. I’m an extremely pale BR. Nothing else works for me. I tried MAC’s closest shade, but it’s a horrible peachy color on my pale camellia skin. Why can’t someone produce another line like Prescriptives? The online site is not very helpful at all. They have extremely little product knowledge. You’ll need a supervisor to get anywhere if you have questions. Once my custom blend powder runs out, I’m not sure what to do. The formulas were kept so secret and dumped so quickly by the department stores that most of us are in the same boat. I hate EL for leaving me without an alternative product line.

  59. Kathie Lou Eldridge says:

    I really miss the foundations. I have a blue red complexion and most other foundations are way too yellow or orange for my skin. I wish they would remarker the foundations with a less medicinal packaging and make them just a little less expensive. We’re in a severe economic downturn. My favorite all time foundation was all skins make up 1 in rose porcelain. Prescriptives was a jumping’ line but they lost their focus for a while. They tried to imitate Mac, which didn’t work. Their skin care was mediocre and overpriced, but their makeup was special for a professional natural look. I can’t find anything comparable. I hope one of the other Lauder lines brings back the color line of makeup. I remember when the line was known as Lauder PRESCRIPTIVES

  60. Yona says:

    I have worked for them all!!! I know this line was the best , I was trained by them all and this line was the one that had a method of color testing that put the other cosmetic lines to shame.

    This is so sad,
    I live in Israel now and have 5 daughters who are growing up and i want to buy them Perscritives and can’t , The website has no secure setting for credit purchase . I’m so devistated by the lack of this product .

    Not to mention that i’m a makeup artist and before i’d work i’d always “color print my client, even here in Israel before a brides wedding i’d run a test on her color to get an exact match to her foundation and i always had a happy bride!!!

    I will be very sad without perscriptives!

  61. Kay says:

    Really frustrated now that Prescriptives has been gone for a while… I have tried everything from high end to low… nothing replaces it. I had used Px for 15 years; it was the best mineral foundation to cover my YR complexion— Estee Lauder’s mineral foundations do not cover anything and leave my skin dry… Px never did that. I miss their color line; their eyeshadows went on smooth and stayed on… I loved their selection; their intensive lip balm was the best at hydrating; They had a mild cleanser which was perfect for my sensitive, dry skin and I loved their “Flight Mist” for hydrating during the day; their toner was great; mascara went on great, didn’t bother my eyes…okay you get the point… I loved everything about this line, and I have not found anything as far as moisturizer or color line or anything… I have spent so much time and money trying to replace. I have given up on even wearing makeup most days until I can find something.

    • Hi Kay —

      If you are still looking for a Prescriptives replacement, I’d like to recommend Iro Custom Cosmetics. We have a silky smmoth feeling mineral foundation in 15 RTW shades. We can also custom blend a foundation to match your favorite discontinued shade. We also have mineral shadows, blushes, bronzers & highlighters.Our skincare is certified vegan, fragrance free, paraben free and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin! Please have a look at our website and contact us if you have any questions or would like to try a sample.

  62. Linda says:

    NO OTHER line compares with PRESCRIPTIVES!
    I used it since 1979 and sent MANY customers their way because of all the compliments I would get about my skin/makeup.
    Don’t know what to do without the counter help!

  63. Francine says:

    I have searched every makeup line from Macy’s to Nordstrom, nothing compares to prescriptives. I am on my last bottle of foundation and take it with me everywhere to find a possible match. No luck. But today I found a prescriptives website???? It looks like the real thing!! Reintroduced in 2011. I plan to order my favorite foundation and test it out.

  64. Newyorkgirl says:

    Prescriptives is no longer in stores but you can buy online. They closed the counters and all sales are online now. Same great makeup just have to log on and buy online. Prescriptives.com

    I found it by accident looking for substitutes today as I had stocked up with enough for 3 years when they closed the counters. Just refilled online. I was thrilled to see it. Do give them feedback that they need to advertise and let people know the great makeup selection is still available.

  65. Helen says:

    I went to Holt Renfrew this weekend looking for the Prescriptives counter, sadly I was told it was not sold in any stores. I love this line. I use everything from this line, I am really devasted. I am from Canada and cannot get any of the products here. The online site does not ship to Canada. Does anyone know where I can buy vibrant, super line preventor, lip specialist, magic foundation primer, mascara, virtual skin foundation, lipsticks, moonbeam lip glosses, eye shadows, eye & lip liners, their cleansers, concealers, etc….I am freaking out. I have no more stock left. Help!!

  66. Jerilyn says:

    I miss having my loose face powder custom blended!!!! I am Black, but my complexion is olive — although apparently a difficult “olive” to match with standard products. Prescriptives could custom-blend it to perfection. I even knew the formula by heart! Besides the powder, the other thing I miss most is a loose blush they made — Fresh Cut Cheek Color, with “petals” of pink, red, and a yellow-gold. When swirled together it was perfect! A color that blended with almost every skin tone! I have just a little bit left that I save for special occasions.

  67. annie says:

    I really love the freshness of Prescriptives Calyx Eau De Toilette Spray, which it does last throughout the day. I do like the eye-shadow and lipstick as well.

    I rarely does full make-up but can’t do without at least lipsticks with gloss. Currently, I’ve been using MaryKay for years after trying many product like biotherm, Estee Lauder, etc…

    Also, purchases many perfume and Eau De Toilette sprays but none can make me turn back to re-purchase at stores or online. I’ve been buying Prescriptives Calyx Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml online and the price was higher each time I purchase it. Is there any other site or departmental store that I can purchase Calyx fragrance?

    I didn’t expect Estee Lauder would be so mean and shocked to know about it. 🙁

    Hoped that PRESCRIPTIVES can be revived to live at stores again.

  68. Kathie Lou Eldridge says:

    28 May 2014

    I just went to California for a visit, and to the shopping malls. (In Jackson Wyoming the nearest one is eighty miles away. Ever store I mentioned prescriptives, a sales person told me they still get requests for the line. I wish they would revive it in stores. The packaging was always unappealing, and the prices a little high but when it comes to foundations, no other line could ever beat it. Like so many others who have posted comments, I too have a blue red complexion, and most make up turns a little jaundiced on my skin. I h have found that Covergirls Tru Blend in classic beige is a fairly good match though – just use a good moisturizer underneath.

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