The Bowlcut Is Baaaack!

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The year was 1980; the place, Union City, California. American figure skater Dorothy Hamill was a superstar, as was the bowlcut she wore. I remember because I rocked it, hard. 🙂 Well … as hard as a kindergartner could, ha ha!

What once was old is new again. Ladies, the bowlcut is baaaack.

I think I’ll pass this time, though. I thought it was quite fetching when I was five, but now? Been there, done that.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Return of the Bowl Haircut

by Megan McIntyre, Daily Makeover


The bowl cut, which has been a popular hairstyle in decades past, seems to be enjoying a comeback of sorts as a bevy of hip, young celebs have been seen sporting the look around town.

One glance at this retro round bob probably has you wondering what could possibly prompt chic young ladies like Agyness Deyn, Estelle, Parker Posey and Christina Ricci to don a short hairstyle that gives off such a distinct whiff of 70’s cheese.


We definitely never thought we’d be seeing a good chunk of Hollywood embrace the rounded bangs, but we’re even more shocked to say that we kind of like the look.

It’s got a slightly sexy, a little bit brooding, definitely retro vibe that keeps our eyes entranced.

Part of this reason, at least according to celebrity hairstylist Sam Brocato, is that the cut practically begs you to stare at its wearer’s face.

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  1. shivotra says:

    I cut my hair a year and a half ago to one of those cute pixie cuts…after i week i regretted it so much. I felt less girly. It was just awful. Now my hair is finally falling beyond my shoulders. I could never cut my hair this short again. NEVER.

  2. Hafsa says:

    The Bowl Cut is one of those haircuts that you a. need the face shape for and b. need the confidence for. If you don’t have BOTH, then it just looks bad, sorry.

    Not gonna lie, I rocked the bowl haircut as a little kid, my mom wanted to torture me like that you see 🙂
    .-= Hafsa’s last blog post… Through the Looking Glass =-.

  3. NINA says:

    When I was a kid, I either had super short hair or a bowl cut … I must say I preferred the bowl cut back then because I actually had some hair when my hair was cut in a bowl.

    I think women with heart shaped faces can rock a bowl cut …. im not one of those women! 😉

    Gmawnin Karen and Tabs!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    My mom cut my hair into a bowl cut when I was 6. She is not a hairstylist — so this was not a good look for me! Just not a look I’m ready to see again 🙂

  5. Frances says:

    omg – I suffered through that haircut in kindergarten! Never again! plus my hair is curly, so probably really not a good look.

  6. lexi says:

    Sweet – so glad that my 4yr old hair ‘do is back in a FIERCE way!

    • Karen says:

      LOL! But wait, it gets better! My grandma was going to beauty school at the time and somehow convinced my mom to that a really tight perm with my bowl cut was a GOOD IDEA. It was not cute.

      • heyhey says:

        OMG of course a tight perm. Because “Tight Perm Last Poreber” (tm my mom). Sure it looks like an afro– nothing wrong with that, just not good on ME — but three months from then when it loosened up it was worth it.

        Or not.

        And a big ol’ “No Thank You” to the bowl. Still annoyed by these statements from my grade school days: “What a cute little china doll.” Grr.

        • Karen says:

          LOL! Well, that was probably the second worst haircut I ever had.

          The worst one was in sixth grade… my parents basically forced me to chop all my hair off, so I looked like a dude. Right after the deed was done my mom and I went to a Hallmark store. While she looked at at cards, I looked at stickers. There were some personalized stickers with names on them, so of course I started looking for mine. Sh*t hit the fan when Hallmark lady saw me and said “Oh, sorry honey, but those are ONLY FOR GIRLS.” Yeeeah. Not a good day.

      • lexi says:

        Haha – genius!

        Yeah I rocked my perm with a bob in the 6th grade because I was obsessed with Belinda Carlise and that sond, “Mad About You”

        It’s stuck in my head now ha

  7. diane says:

    Not for me, thank you!
    .-= diane’s last blog post… a simple blue make up =-.

  8. Angel Chen says:

    Not gonna lie–when I was in first grade, my mom took me to some fancy hairstylist her friend recommended. While the grownups were talking, the hairstylist proceeded to give me the $40 version of a bowl cut. My mom turned to check up on me right as the guy was snipping at the last bit, screamed…and long story short, I not only had a bowl cut as a first grader, but a bowl cut with a rat tail hanging randomly down the back of my head.

    I’m thinking, maybe a lot of their girlfriends were on the phone during these haircuts and screamed too late.

  9. Veky says:

    I don’t like this hairstyles. Only few people can pull it of and none of them are on the photo above 😀
    It’s quite non-flattering hair style for most women I think. 🙂
    .-= Veky’s last blog post… Nail Junkie’s 1st giveaway! =-.

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