It’s Natural: Organic Beauty Still Going Strong

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Despite 2009’s global economic slowdown, sales of natural cosmetics kept chugging along at a spirited pace, clocking in 14% growth worldwide, most of it in Europe and North America.


Earlier this year, almost a quarter of us thought (23%) natural/organic beauty would be 2010’s biggest beauty trend, and the move toward more organic beauty shows no signs of stopping.

My biggest pet peeves with the whole natural/organic beauty market have to do with standardization and certification. I mean, what does it really mean to say that a product’s natural or organic? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, right? And new certifications pop up all the time, like BDIH and Ecocert in Europe, and the USDA (for personal care items based on agricultural products) or brand new NSF/ANSI 305 “Made with Organic” logo here in the States.

I would LOVE to see just a single label or logo used to certify all organic beauty bona-fides. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Are you buying organic beauty products on a regular basis?

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  1. amy says:

    I don’t buy organic on a regular basis but if I am interested in the product, I would buy it to try. If I like it then I am going to buy it regularly.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20 Review =-.

  2. Hyzenthlay says:

    I eat mostly organic food when I can (HOORAY FOR NUGGET!) and it’s a food where “organic” means something. I haven’t really bought any organic makeup or skin care mostly because I’ve been able to resist the colors and what they offer. Nothing organic has tempted me enough to say “Ok, I really want that,” so I haven’t purchased any of it 🙂 I don’t actively seek out organic vs. non-organic stuff, I read reviews here and on other blogs and test things out for myself . . . and I just haven’t bought any organic lines 🙂

  3. christina says:

    Organic beauty products are more expensive.. but i feel like it’s better for my skin because it’s natural.. unfortunately it usually breaks me out as much as i want to love it ): burt’s bees caused my lips to form hives. so if i can find an affordable, organic beauty product that doesn’t break me out .. that would be amazing!

  4. Sarah says:

    I eat primarily organic, but its also a matter of convenience, I can shop at Whole Foods or get food from a CSA, but when I go to Bloomingdales or MAC to buy make up, they don’t have an organic section or anything. I’ll echo Hyzenthlay’s comment too – I’m just not tempted enough for them either.

  5. Lori Pierce says:

    The terms “organic”, “natural”, and “hypo-allergenic” are ALL unregulated in regards to makeup!
    It’s best to learn to read ingredient labels. It’s really easy to determine “natural” ingredients from chemicals. (the ones you can pronounce are usually natural)
    Mineral makeup is different though…minerals are “inorganic” because they are not plant based.
    “Natural” would apply to mineral makeup though;)

  6. Alexzandra says:

    I like the idea of organic beauty products but most of the brands that I’ve been interested in include essential oils that I’m sensitive to, like lavender and peppermint, as an alternative to fragrance. I wish I could find more lines without those kinds of ingredients, but I’m usually not willing to risk it and tend to pass on organic products all together.
    .-= Alexzandra’s last blog post… NYFW: Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 =-.

  7. nancy says:

    i agree! we need one standard for labeling organic products!
    .-= nancy’s last blog post… Fancies: Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Color Remover =-.

  8. Christy says:

    Speaking of organic products, Disarray Magazine is holding a contest to win LashFOOD eyelash conditioner.

    LashFood is formulated using natural ingredients including Biotin, an essential vitamin, Arginine, a natural amino acid, and root and herbal extracts. No harsh chemicals, drugs or imitation ingredients are used. Holler!!!

  9. didinium says:

    I don’t feel like organic cosmetics & beauty products are necessarily more expensive – over here in Germany at least. Maybe organic care is bigger over here? I’m not sure.
    Most drugstores have their own organic lines which are actually even innovative & imo often offer better products than (more) expensive ones like Lavera, weleda, Living Nature etc . Many natural cosmetic things actually have a sturdy pretty packaging and are part of the most affordable options in drugstores here!

    I love alverde eyeshadows, blushes & some lipsticks and actually even collect them. They come up with cooler colors than other organic brands I think, maybe also because of the kind customer interaction via twitter.
    Sometimes the color selction of organic brands can be very lame I think.. but the drugstore lines try their best and I found some great unique shades.

    I’ve made good experiences with organic powdery products in general, hated every lipgloss and lipsticks were nice overall, but often had so-so colors.
    When it comes to foundation and concealers however, it doesn’t last at, I always get allergic reactions to the essential oils, the alcohol dries out my skin like crazy and I get nasty breakouts from the oils. -.-

    Just the same with any type of organic skincare and shampoos, just worse, and there I have tried even more.. :/ So some make up is very nice, but I use nothing that will be in contact with a lot of my skin.

  10. Nina says:

    When I can get an organic skin care product, I will. Ive used the Alba skincare line and it works pretty well. What frustrates me is its not as easy to score a sample product with the organics. I really like trying out stuff before committing to buy the full sized one.

    Make up — not so much. I guess im still really driven by what attracts my eyes when it comes to purchasing make up. If I do go organic with my make up I would probably prioritize eye products – eg mascara.

  11. Emily says:

    I am interested in trying organic/natural products, and have started doing so, but I wouldn’t say that I buy them regularly.
    .-= Emily’s last blog post… Tarina Tarantino at Sephora: Accessories =-.

  12. NubianJ says:

    Alot of organic makeup is just a waste of space IMO. The good stuff is usually at the bottom of the ingriedient list and so does the “inorganic” ones. I say if you’re so worried about makeup being so bad then stop wearing it so much! Go naked every other day (like I do) and you’ll see a difference.

  13. I would prefer organic if the product works as well. Unfortunately, the reason to wear makeup is to look and feel pretty, if the product isn’t up to snuff, well… I don’t want to know what’s in it. I love my bare escentuals, are they organic?

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