Is Glampire the New Black?

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Good evening, Fangbangers. Quick cold-blooded hottie check: Team Edward, Vampire Bill or Vampire Eric? Whichever toothy boy toy you choose, he’ll be right at home on the runways at Fashion Week. Apparently, vampire is the new black (aka glampire, LOL!).

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Vampire Inspired Fashion Week

by Rachel Hayes, Daily Makeover


The idea of a paper white pale, skeletal, and unemotional models lurking around with dark makeup on is nothing new to Fashion Week.

But thanks to the apparently undying obsession with all things vampire, this lifeless beauty trend now seems to have more romanticism, and maybe even more appeal.

At the Georges Chakra Fall 2010 fashion show (at right), MAC makeup artist Gregory Arlt kept models faces very pale and focused on a dark lip using MAC Diva lipstick.


“The lipstick is the color of dried blood. I call it glampire beauty,” he says.

“The look reminds me of a 400 year old glamorous vampire that makes you ask–is she dead or alive? It’s more along the lines of an Anne Rice novel rather than today’s Twilight vampire.”

For next fall, there’s another version of vampire makeup that’s a “don’t” for most of us.

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  1. NubianJ says:

    It takes a great woman to be able to pull off the vampy look. Me personally not my style. I say leave it for the emos! And it doesn’t help that the women are walking the catwalk with the skeletor swag on full blast.

  2. Vanessa H says:

    I can’t decide between Bill and Eric…Bill is the one you marry. Eric is the one that would be SO fun to…um…hang out with lol

    I have the pale skin down! I practically glow in the dark 😛
    .-= Vanessa H’s last blog post… No Frizz by Living Proof Review =-.

  3. Kaoru says:

    Pale skin and red lips? I’ve been doing this trend for years without meaning to! Ahh, now I have to change my look… *sad sigh*.

  4. Om nom nom vampire Eric.

    This isnt a particularly original trend or look, it’s curious that now theyre calling it vampiric.
    .-= SilhouetteScreams’s last blog post… Furry Tails =-.

  5. marisol says:

    My own version of marry, shag, kill…

    Marry – Edward
    Shag – Eric
    Kill – Bill

    The darkest lippie I have is MAC’s O and I think that is probably as dark as I can go.

    Have a great Wednesday!
    .-= marisol’s last blog post… Fun in the Snow =-.

  6. NINA says:

    Fangbangers — makes me remember how much I miss True Blood … sigh…

  7. knownever says:

    I never wear dark lips because it’s too much maintenance in the course of a night, but I’m really into how designers have been dusting iridescent eyeshadow on top of lipstick. I believe Peter Som did it as well with a dark dark purple almost black lip with purple shadow brushed on the center of the bottom lip. It’s a way to achieve professionally over the top effects with a minimum of skill.
    .-= knownever’s last blog post… ACK! Life Attack! =-.

  8. lexi says:

    Sorry but can the Vampire trend just die already? I’m so over it and I’m an ex-goth/punk girl too!

  9. Lisa S. says:

    Why can’t I have Eric annnnnd Bill! Also love the look at Lela Rose! It’s still kinda gothy but more polished and dreamy.

  10. Kathleen says:

    I just bought Mac lipstick in Diva and LOVE IT. (well i’ve tried it on, but haven’t worn it out yet). i think it looks super sophisticated with a black dress and understated eyes. 🙂

  11. CynthiaCCC says:

    Vampire Eric, definitely. And I’m so pale naturally that it doesn’t take much for me to get the vampire look. I have to be careful with lip colors that are too dark as it is.

  12. meimei says:

    As soon as I saw the “Glampire” headline, I immediately thought of this:

    Martha’s been doing the “glampire” look way before it was even a catchphrase, yo. (But, sadly, only on Halloween.)
    .-= meimei’s last blog post… Styling a Diva =-.

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