The Incredible NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows!

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nars under cover dual intensity eyeshadows

I’m still in love with the packaging…

Have you seen the four new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows in the NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection yet? They are incredible! I REALLY love the finish, because the shimmer is so soft, and they’re so crazy pigmented, that the fact that they’re also versatile and can be worn wet or dry is icing on the cake. You can use a fluffy brush to get just a wash of color, or you can dampen your brush and layer the colors to get more intensity.

Starting with Topless, a light seashell pink — I’m glad NARS included it, because it balances nicely with the bolder colors in the collection.


As for rich neutral brown Tan Lines, it’s neither too warm nor bronzey, but it doesn’t turn gray either, so I think it’s a great eyeshadow color, especially if you’re looking for a rich brown. The shimmer keeps it from being too plain.

And then there’s shimmering teal green Deep End — gorgeous! It reminds me of the waters off a tropical island! I mean, it’s not a color that I tend to wear…but it’s so beautiful.

Lastly, Pool Shark. It’s an iridescent blue with lots of purple shimmer, and it looks mostly blue in the pan, but as you can see in the pictures below, there’s also a lot of purple in it. It’s a really unique color, and I think you can get it to look more blue or purple, depending on how you wear it. I love colors like this because they always look a little different when you wear them!

Here’s a closer look at these stunning eyeshadows:

nars under cover dual intensity eyeshadows

Almost too pretty to use!

NARS under cover collection dual-intensity eyeshadows

Swatches of the Summer 2016 Under Cover NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows (L to R): Topless, Tan Lines, Deep End and Pool Shark (taken with flash)

These swatches are using a flash so that you can see how pretty the shimmer is in these eyeshadows!  I love how there are two bold shades and then two more neutral shades, so the collection is really balanced.  There’s definitely something for everyone.

NARS under cover dual intensity eyeshadows

Wearing the NARS Under Cover Collection (details below)

For the look I’m wearing here, I dampened my brush before applying Topless all over my lid. This helped build up the color so that I could get a nice pinky shade. Then I used a fluffy crease brush to lightly blend Tan Lines into my crease before dampening a pencil brush to apply Pool Shark along my lower lash line.

nars under cover dual intensity eyeshadows

Wearing NARS Topless, Tan Lines and Pool Shark on my eyes

In the picture above, can see the purple tones in Pool Shark? It’s such a unique color!

NARS Under Cover Dual-Intensity eyeshadows

Another look at the NARS Under Cover Dual-Intensity eyeshadows

NARS under cover dual-intensity eyeshadows

Would it be too much if I framed the packaging and kept it forever??

Here I’m wearing NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Malaga (I’ll have a full review on my blog soon, but I really like this) // NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel // NARS Sexual Content blush (left side, applied with a damp brush). When I first reviewed this blush, I thought the left side would be too light for me, but I really like the soft glow that I got when I applied it with a damp brush. // NARS Get Dirty Lip Cover (LOVE this) // ColourPop Brow Pencil in Black N’ Brown // Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.

After seeing everything in the NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection, what are your favorite things? I definitely pick the Lip Covers, but I think it’s all amazing!

Don’t forget, the collection is limited edition. The eyeshadows are available now for $29.

Adia Goss

Adia is a lawyer by day and a beauty blogger by night. She believes that makeup should be fun and simple, but she also likes multi-step skincare routines (she’s complicated!). Adia loves the sight of a brand new highlighter, and she’s constantly looking for the perfect concealer. Follow her beauty adventures at Adia Adores (formerly beautyluxelife) and on Instagram.


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  1. Becky says:

    Beautiful! Deep End and Pool Shark are calling my name! Do you use a primer with them or do you find they have decent longevity on their own?
    Becky recently posted … Katie’s Favourites – My sister’s beauty edit

    • Adia says:

      Hi Becky! I don’t generally use a primer and these have pretty good wear time. I find they last through a work day without fading, though I do get some minor creasing. When I wear these over a primer or eyeshadow stick, they last even longer and with less creasing. Hope this helps!

  2. For some reason I personally don’t feel very drawn to the colors they picked for this collection, but I do think they look lovely on you.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Video | The Blush Tag

  3. jessica says:

    I would really like to see these photos without a flash. They are all washed out.

    Teal blue…Deep End…really? UD has the same thing, from years ago.
    I do really like NARS but that’s a fail on their end.
    jessica recently posted … Mad… ! …Gradient

  4. Amy says:

    Very pretty! Pool shark looks almost straight purple on you. I’d love to see the teal all over your lid, I think it would look gorgeous!! I tend not to buy shadow singles, because I can’t stand pulling out four pans to get the right look. Quads are so much more efficient. 😉 But if I did, these colors are lovely.

  5. sarahc says:

    Pool shark looks lovely on you. This is such a summery collection, I love it!

  6. denise S says:

    I usually love Nars but not excited about this collection. I don’t see much pigmentation in the blushes or eye shadows. Need to see these in store. Love how you used the purple shadow as a liner!

    • Adia says:

      Hi Denise! These are definitely build able to get more pigment but on first pass, they are more sheer/luminous than NARS’ other formulas. I also think using them with a damp brush makes them more pigmented. I have a look coming up with Deep End and it is very pigmented when used with a damp brush, so stay tuned ☺️
      Adia recently posted … NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint: Review + FOTD

  7. Rachel R. says:

    I wish Deep End and Pool Shark were not so sheer. The colors are beautiful.

  8. Mitzi says:

    Ooh, thank you for reviewing Deep End and Pool Shark! Man, I love Nars, and had my eye on those two shadows when they launched. Now that I’ve read your review, it looks like I’ll be picking them up lol. The colors almost remind me of his duo, Jardin Perdu, and wonder how close shade- and texture-wise they are to them. Can’t wait to try them out!

  9. I like these colors in the pan and in your face, but not on me, I am afraid.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Lacura face Hydro Multi-Intensiv Serum – Beauty on a budget

  10. Michaela says:

    Hi Adia, I wouldn’t think you’re crazy if you were to frame the boxes. ha ha! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts about this Under Cover collection. I would love to see you try the Deep End or Pool Shark all over your lids or at least part way. I think before I may get the eyeshadows, I’m really eyein’ (no pun intended) one of the blush duos in the collection or Get Dirty lip color.

    • Adia says:

      I definitely think the Lip Covers are the best of this collection. I have a look coming up using Deep End and I think it really shows how intense you can make this color by using a damp brush. Stay tuned 😊😊

  11. jonirae says:

    does the teal show up more vividly than it looks in that photo? I can’t tell if it’s sheer or if the color is washed out from the flash… I’m surprised I kind of dig Pool Shark, but I think the purple sort of shift makes it much easier to wear than your average blue shadow… plus when it does flash blue it looks almost cornflowery, which I like 🙂

    when I saw the first photo of the packaging I was crazy excited for a minute because I thought the boxes were the actual compacts!! like instead of the matte black, I thought they went with a white case showing off the colorful graphics– which would’ve been rad. oh well, I guess we’ll have to stick with framing them! 😉

  12. Erin says:

    I love how you used it as a liner! I like that the aren’t as pigmented as some cause in the summer I’m all about a little wash.
    Erin recently posted … Play! by Sephora April 2016

  13. Adia says:

    Thanks Erin! I also like how these aren’t super intense because they’re less intimidating for a neutral lover like me ☺️
    Adia recently posted … NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint: Review + FOTD

  14. CrystalCandy says:

    Pool Shark is stunning, love the iridescent pink sheen!!
    CrystalCandy recently posted … NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection

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