Which China Glaze Rodeo Diva Shade Do You Like Best?

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Giddyup, girl! I always wanted to be a cowgirl, ropin’ steers and such and whatnot … but growing up in the suburbs and listening to Public Enemy didn’t lend themselves to the fulfillment of this dream. I’ve never even ridden a horse.


That said, I can still get my fingers and toes ready for the rodeo with China Glaze’s Rodeo Diva nail polish collection, my favorite China Glaze release of the year.

I found the China Glaze Rodeo Diva collection online for $2.68 per bottle.

I think these dark colors are perfect for fall, yet they pack enough shimmer to make ’em fun and spunky at the same time. The shades aren’t as bold as previous releases like Ink, 2BHAWT and 2BKEWL, and I’m glad to see China Glaze is keeping things interesting.

Six of the 12 shades from the Rodeo Diva release…

Which of these China Glaze Rodeo Diva shades do you like best?

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Tired on Tuesday

Stupid insomnia… I’ve been up since the crack o’ dawn (couldn’t sleep), whoo hoo! Okay, I think I just expended the rest of my energy. Urgently. Need. Caffeinated. Beverage.

For a look at the 2010 fall collection…
  • China Glaze Vintage Vixen
  • Today’s my last day training the new gal at work, which means I’ll have some time to catch up on comments. I know I’ve fallen a little behind on them. LOL, maybe I could hire Tabs to help out. He could test shampoos while I got the groceries. 🙂

    Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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    1. tatiana says:

      Where can I buy China Glaze?

    2. Trisha says:

      I chose Branding Iron as my favorite, but there were so many great ones to choose from. Like Gussied Up Green and Midnight Ride.

      Trisha´s last blog post..Makeup Files Now a Part of Total Beauty Blog Network

    3. Daya says:

      I can’t choose 🙁 They are all fun! But if I had to pick…Midnight Ride.

    4. betsy says:

      I voted for Branding Iron, but all of these are beautiful!

      betsy´s last blog post..Memories from France III: Hello Poppy

    5. Karen says:

      Hi Tatiana,

      You can get it online at 8ty8beauty, or in person at Sally Beauty Supply stores. 🙂

    6. Karen says:

      Hi Trisha,

      I agree — this is a fabulous release! I love all the shades!

    7. Karen says:

      Hi Daya,

      I know! It’s hard for me to choose just one, LOL. Hope you’re having a fab Tuesday!

    8. Karen says:

      Hi Betsy,

      That shade is in my top three!

    9. Almira says:


      But you know what I can’t stand? the purple. Ghaaah! Ugly.

      Hey, know what I’m just noticing? all of those polishes are just regular polishes with rodeo names. xD None of them remind me of cowboys at all.

      Also– the cat won’t help. Cats only love you when you’re busy, I think. xD!

      Almira´s last blog post..Sleep! UGH!

    10. Karen says:

      Hi Almira,

      LOL, cats only love you when they’re hungry! 😉

    11. Saprina says:

      I love these shades perfect for fall what a great find where ca i buy these?

    12. Karen says:

      Hi Sprina,

      The shades are availabe online at 8ty8beauty, or in person at Sally Beauty Supply stores!

    13. Jannie says:

      All that runs through my head is Ride it, ride it, ride it, ride it… and that song fading out as the Jazzercise hamstring routine is finally over.

      Had amazing thighs back then tho.

      Jannie´s last blog post..Font sizing troubles…help?

    14. Sharon says:

      midnight ride is gorgeous! i’m going to have to get me one of those 😀

    15. Karen says:

      Hi Jannie,

      I used to do Jazzercise with my mom back in the day. Never wore the leotard, though, like the hard core Jazzercise ladies!

    16. Karen says:

      Hi Sharon,

      It’s really dark, and almost black depending on the light. I hope you like it when you see it in person. 🙂

    17. Eru says:

      I’m loving Gussied up green! It’s a gorgeous shade. I usually don’t wear green on my nails, but this looks so wearable.
      I can’t believe you’ve never ridden a horse, Karen!It’s a great experience. I did horse riding for about 6 years when I was younger and loved it. 😀 You should try!!
      Hugs :3

      Eru´s last blog post..I skipped my lessons today…

    18. Karen says:

      Hi Eru,

      You know, neither do I — usually just on my toes!

      I am so jealous of your horse riding expertise. 🙂 I live near this stable where I can pet the horses and be near them, but I can’t really ride them. I would need a really slow horse, like the ones they give kids, LOL.

    19. sophia says:

      I like the red , blue and the very last one. but I voted for the blue color. 🙂

    20. Karen says:

      Hi Sophia,

      Isn’t the red pretty? It’s a very festive shade. 🙂

    21. Katee says:

      You need the other half of the collection! Wagon Trail is the MUST HAVE in my opinion 🙂

      Katee´s last blog post..Poll: Just for fun!

    22. sandy says:

      I like the green color because I think it looks unique, but cowgirl up is also good. I’m startin to think that by mixing Branding iron and midnight ride, and you could get a dupe for Lippmann’s Maneater. Just a thought since this set is way cheaper. or maybe it was just the lighting. XP

    23. tatiana says:

      OMG first beautycrunch.com and now 8ty8beauty? Cheap nail polish and cheap Stila, you rock my world Karen! (like Wanda, “I’mma rock yo world…”)

    24. Music_Is_Freedom says:

      The green is beautiful! It’s the perfect shade for a chilly autumn day or a festive holiday party. But right now, I’m just sticking to sheer shades; they’re easier to wear!

    25. Megan says:

      OOH I love these. I think Branding Iron is my favorite though… perfect for the season.

    26. Casey Ann says:

      I am a fan of Side Saddle – also from this collection, just a different set. Not quite sure how to describe it – a brownish red?

      I saw it on All Lacquered Up, and I tried it, loved it. It’s one of my fall staples.

      Casey Ann´s last blog post..ALU’s Comments For A Cure Starts TODAY

    27. Karen says:

      Hi Sandy,

      I am loving the green for the same reason.

      I still can’t get over the name of that Lippmann polish. Every time I see it in print I have to giggle!

    28. Karen says:

      Hi Tatiana,

      RIGHT?!?! Isn’t that a great site? If you get to the point where you’re checking every day let me know. We’ll have to enter rehab together, HA HA HA!

    29. Karen says:

      Hi Music_Is_freedom,

      I hear ya. I go through phases when I love the pastels, and then I’ll switch into the bolder colors. What’s your favorite sheer shade these days?

    30. Karen says:

      Hi Megan,

      That one’s *really pretty* in real life. I just cut my fingernails (when they get too long I can’t type), and I’m sorta kicking myself for not painting them with that shade before I chopped them off. I think it would look really pretty on longer nails without looking too OTT.

    31. Karen says:

      Hi Casey Ann,

      I saw that on Michelle’s blog, too! It’s a really pretty color!

    32. Karen says:

      Hi Katie,

      I’m on it!

    33. Karen C. says:

      Had a hard time picking my favorite – I love all the colors. I would love to be able to offer them on my website. Where can I buy them?

    34. Antoinette says:

      I”ll go for Cowgirl Up: shimmery plum. It’s gorgeous. I’m going to buy one for me.

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