What Are You Wearing on Your Nails?

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I’m ready for you, Vampire Eric!

Well, pardner, I’m wearin’ NARS Desperado ($17) now, but I reckon I won’t be for much longer.


I thought it would look more like the Forever 21 necklace in the picture at the top because of how it looks in the bottle, but on my nails it looks more orange than that.

The more I think about it, the more Desperado reminds me of the antique brass spitoon my parents have in their living room (allegedly there for decorative purposes).

And yes, that’s a Hello Kitty bandage. I spaced out for a sec while making a smoothie the other day and, like a numbnuts, reached into the blender when it was off to rearrange some fruit chunks. Needless to say, I cut myself. πŸ™

‘Twas not one of my smartest maneuvers…

At any rate, what are you wearing on your nails today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. quimerula says:

    Chanel Riva.

  2. indoorkitty says:

    I kinda like it Karen, makes you look a little like Nefertiti.

    Great, now I’m fantasizing about an aqua / brass / gold head dress with eye makeup to match!

    I have on Mac Soiree. It’s less pink and more gold than I thought! I love that it was a one-coater. It’s kind of shiny in February however.

  3. Patty says:

    Right now they’re bare, but as soon as I take my Art History exam, I’m painting them with American Apparel’s Poppy!

    • Stella Van Cartier says:

      I love American Apparel nail polish, their colors are bold yet subtle, and you can wear them with anything!

      I’m wearing Cameo Blue!

  4. Emily says:

    Right now I am wearing OPI Louvre Me Lourve Me Not. I love this colour it is one of my all time favourites. But when it comes off in a couple of days (which it inevitably will, because I get bored so easy) I am thinking about Essies Merino Cool…

  5. Mary Babicki says:

    China Glaze ‘Ahoy!’ Love it!

  6. Krissy says:

    I’ve done that with a blender once before too… the sacrifices we make for fruit/delicious smoothies. πŸ˜‰ Right now I’m wearing some local beauty supply nail polish I bought yesterday for 2 bucks… I can’t think of the brand for the life of me. But it’s a slightly darker dupe for Essie’s Chinchilly and I’m kind of loving it right now. Let’s see how long the love lasts… who knows when it will start to chip, haha.
    Krissy recently posted … Photo

  7. Emily says:

    I am wearing the same thing! I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I like the color but this polish chips like crazy. I would only recommend it if you have serious topcoat.

  8. B.Robi says:

    Sephora by OPI Brainiac. I’m taking a big test later, hope it brings me some good juju.

  9. DiBonD says:

    Right now I’m wearing Visions Fast N Furious Nail Polish – Skydiver. It’s actually designed for teens but I like the bright colors. And it’s holiday here, so I wanna wear bright colors for a while πŸ™‚

  10. mac wonder woman obey me nail polish!
    candace grubbs recently posted … Tilapia fish sticks

  11. Michele says:

    Right now I am wearing two colors..
    I first used Revlon’s Minted but I thought it was too springy. So then I added OPI’s San Tan-tonio over it, leaving a moon of the Minted at the bottom of the nail. It’s interesting!

  12. Skyyy C says:

    Nothing as of now…. But I was planning to get my nails done later today!

  13. Katie says:

    essie merino cool!

  14. leo says:

    H&M’s Peppermint Fusion, a very nice grey-blue with blue shimmer. I like it!

  15. liz says:

    Hard Candy Beetle! Coming off tonight though, and I think I’ll go more neutral next, say maybe Essie Playa del Platinum!?

  16. Tracy says:

    My nails are bare right now-been having trouble with them breaking lately. πŸ™
    I love that your parents have a spitoon in their homes for decorating purposes haha!
    Tracy recently posted … Lancome Magique Blush Vs Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

  17. Josie C. says:

    OPI Damone Roberts 1968 on my fingers (I had to put on something spring-y with all this great weather we’ve been having in the bay!) and Zoya Freja on my toes.

  18. Carissa says:

    Wearing OPI-It’s totally fort worth it

  19. Rita says:

    I haven’t been wearing anything for weeks, but last night I managed to put on Orly’s Halleys Comet. I bought it months ago, but this is the first time I’m wearing it. It is as awesome as the other colours from the same collection.

  20. JJ says:

    Your nails look cute πŸ™‚ Wearing OPI’s Oh… To Be 25 Again!

  21. Tiffany H. says:

    Wearing Borghese Stellare Notte & I love it!
    Tiffany H. recently posted … Manicure Mondays-Orly Rage

  22. Deb says:

    Now I have that Eagles song stuck in my head!

    I am wearing Essie Playa del Platinum with OPI Sparkle-icious on top. It reminds me of vanilla cupcakes! I put hearts on my thumbs with Nicole by OPI Love Your Life. It’s starting to chip, though, so next up is definitely pink with hearts for Valentine’s Day!
    Deb recently posted … Haribo Porsche Gummies

  23. Tekoa says:

    I got OPI An Affair in Red Square on my nails. I had a geography test earlier in the week covering Europe, Middle America and…Russia. Hee!

    I happen to fail a test I promptly put on RBL Diddy Mow which means “epic fail/faceplant in the sand” in surfer-ese. It makes me laugh.

    • Tekoa says:

      Ah! I forgot to mention another favorite test polish

      OPI Pandamonium Pink. It makes me think of students running around in circles crying and screaming “We’re all gonna die!”.

  24. Kerry says:

    I just took off Essie Dive Bar and put on Revlon Perplex.

  25. Leslie says:

    OPI’s Teenage dream from the Katy Perry collection

  26. Aparnaa says:

    What a perfect gold for you!
    Wearing butter london’s Stroppy. Torn between reapplying (hiiii chips) or putting on a pretty hot pink or something.

  27. Kim says:

    It does look nice on you, though I can see how you wouldn’t be too keen if it reminds you of a spittoon. πŸ™‚ My nails are bare and in desperate need of some cuticle oil. I’ve been slacking. I still think I could be ready for Vampire Eric at a moment’s notice, though.

    I’ve been known to sport a cartoon band aid on occasion, too. It was usually Batman or Spiderman (for the kids, ahem). I’ve done the blender thing as well, but jabbed the tip into the pad of my finger. One of those tiny, deep punctures. I think sometimes we all forget how sharp those suckers are!

  28. Rachael says:

    OPI Let Me Entertain You from the Burlesque collection. A hot pink sparkle overload color

  29. Julie says:

    I have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Grey Area on- love this color!

  30. Scarlet says:

    Zoya- Dawn

  31. Andrea H says:

    I have on Avon’s new Gunmetal. I love it!
    Andrea H recently posted … Best Jeggings EVER!

  32. Chris25 says:

    Sorry to hear you cut your finger, Karen. I cut my index finger two weeks ago while I was depotting eyeshadows with an Exacto knife. It is healing fine, but I also cut the nail that is near the edge of my finger, at the side. I am waiting for the nail to grow out, so I have eased up on nail polish apps. I even had to swatch colors on only three nails in my blog posts, because the index wasn’t presentable. πŸ™
    Chris25 recently posted … MAC Deep Truth- Cork- and Charcoal Brown Swatches & Comparisons

  33. Trisha says:

    I’ve got on Wet N Wild Wild Shine polish in Lavender Pearlescent. But, get this, it’s pink. It is in no way purple. Can you believe that? Wet N Wild needs to get a dictionary.

    Despite the name, though, I love it. Pink is my favorite!
    Trisha recently posted … How Often Do You Shampoo Your Hair

  34. Evelyn says:

    I have naked hands today, debating what a good Valentine’s day color would be since I’m going away this weekend. Any ideas?

    I got desperado too but it is not going on so well. Will have to give it another try, maybe my application was off. *sigh*

  35. That_Tiffany says:

    Wet N Wild’d Grays Anatomy (it makes me very happy…lol)
    That_Tiffany recently posted … My Nail Dont Care- Sparkly Party Girl Nails

  36. Alka says:

    I’m wearing Essie’s Mademoiselle – just found it at my local CVS. πŸ™‚

  37. izzie says:

    On my thumb and ring fingers I have Give me the moon! by OPI with leopard spots in Gemma by Zoya. On my other fingers, I have Caitlin by Zoya with leopard spots in Marley. My friend recently bought Zoya’s new intimates collection and I couldn’t pick just one color to try. =0)

  38. Shannon says:

    Essie Secret Affair. Please help guys – I don’t know the name of the polish but it was Chanel and it was light turquoise (sp?) anywho – looking for a dupe as the price on ebay is that of my school loan payment πŸ™‚

  39. stacie says:

    Ooo I love the polish and the plaster – I’m wearing Marc Jacobs Pop Art daisy inspired nail art today xoxxo
    stacie recently posted … Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art inspired nails

  40. kana says:

    My nails are just one thin coat of wet n wild’s shimmery blue/purple! lol, sorry i dont know if it has a name. I’ve bee neglecting them quite a bit. πŸ™ I’ll definitely add some color to them tonight!

  41. Kris Cameron says:

    I’m wearing Zoya’s jules. Which i love. Not as much as I love China Glaze’s swing baby, though.

    I also have a generic Confetti nail polish – it’s a purple grey color. Of which I own so many of it’s ridiculous.

  42. Jessica says:

    I am wearing Orly’s Halley’s Comet with an accent nail on each hand using CG Liquid Leather- the sparkly blue makes me so happy and the the stripes peeking through the black make me giggle πŸ™‚

  43. Inga says:

    Today, like almost every day the past week, I’m wearing GOSH’s holographic which is a much cheaper and better looking dupe for Chanel Holographic.
    I love, love, love this nail polish and I’ve been getting a ton of compliments for it and I urge every nail polish loving lady out there to try it! πŸ˜€

  44. Diana says:

    I’ve got on Zoya Edyta! Its such a beautiful emerald green with tiny gold flecks!

  45. Nina says:

    *** shamefaced *** nothing!

    i did get zoya nina in the mail. i should use it. πŸ™‚

  46. tiptoe shortbread says:

    Essie Lapis of Luxury. I’m so over winter polishes now, pastels n bright colours all the way from now on!

  47. I’m loving RGB polish in Mink!

  48. Mandy says:

    Wearing Icing by Claire’s polish in a color that is called Purple Chrome or something… I would have named it Electric Boogaloo if I was the person deciding on names, cause that’s how much it stands out haha.

  49. Poetikmind says:

    My favorite Nail Polish and the one that I have been wearing all the time lately is from Sally Hansen and it is called “Naked Ambition.” It is a very nude, baby pink color that goes with anything – office, go-sees, work etc. I LOVE IT!

  50. Minnie says:

    I am wearing OPI’s Lincoln Park after Dark

  51. Karen B says:

    China Glaze’s Fifth Avenue. LOVE.
    Karen B recently posted … Music Monday- Pure Imagination

  52. Glosslizard says:

    Feeling springy, so I’m wearing OPI Japanese Rose Garden. Got a little black skull decal on my left index nail for a little bite! πŸ™‚

  53. A natural shine because I buffed my nails yesterday. Maybe I’ll paint them on Sunday.
    BrooklynShoeBabe recently posted … Promises- Promises

  54. Heidi says:

    Wet n Wild’s Bar-B topped with Confetti’s Tiara

  55. Jay says:

    I’m wearing Zoya Valerie (dark purple with red and gold shimmer) with OPI Sparkle-icious from the Burlesques Glitters.

  56. Meghan says:

    This is SO gorgeous!
    Meghan recently posted … Clinique Milly Pretty in Prints

  57. Beth says:

    OPI Midnight in Moscow

  58. Stephanie says:

    I’m wearing For Audrey from China Glaze with an silver full nail image from a new Essence plate. Now it looks like a blue nail with an amazing silver sheen.
    Stephanie recently posted … Trend- Metallic and Gold Nails!

  59. Jenn says:

    I’m wearing $OPI (Sephora/OPI) Ocean Love Potion. <3

  60. Angela says:

    Rimmel English Rose :>

  61. Fieran says:

    Winter is wreaking havoc on my hands and nails so they are bare now. Can’t wait for Spring πŸ™‚ I picked up Chanel Black Pearl – so hoping to use it once my brittle nails heal. Trying to psych myself out of falling for more China Glaze as well.

  62. I am wearing CND shellac in color Wildfire. It’s a beautiful red, and shellac lasts close to two weeks! Love that!
    Leslie Kersha recently posted … a word on chakras

  63. Tiffany says:

    oooh, for once I have my nails painted! I did Milani Gems with OPI Funny Bunny over it. It’s glitter and the white over it made the glitters pastel πŸ™‚

    bad iPhone pic – http://yfrog.com/h8t26cqj

  64. Kaelin Chan says:

    My boyfriend just gave me those same bandaids :D, target?

  65. Fefe says:

    Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Joy o Joy. I put them on while I was at work yesterday. They’re pretty nifty.
    Fefe recently posted … Photography- Attempt Numero Uno

  66. Chris says:

    Butter London’s Come to Bed Red. I love it. Plus, I’m wearing red nails all month!

  67. Darcy Rose says:

    I’m wearing Butter of London’s “Old Blighty” which is my favorite red ever!!! I hope they never stop making it…..or better yet, make a lipstick to match.

  68. Kelli says:

    I’m wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in Strobe Light. Nice nude glitter polish!

  69. kamala says:

    Zoya Yasmeen.

    I did that once…with a hand blender. No fun.

  70. I can’t get enough of Barry M’s nail range – they constantly surprise you with bright, never-before-seen nail colours!
    Paintthetownscarlet.wordpress.com recently posted … Smashbox hosts Burlesque make-up range

  71. Michele E. DiCola says:

    Revlon- Steel Her Heart

  72. Robin says:

    OPI Koala Berry – I’m thinking spring!

  73. karo says:

    Today : Zoya Ki

    I like it so much!
    karo recently posted … Heute NEU gekauft

  74. Promise says:

    MAC Soiree!

  75. Allie says:

    chanel particuliere!

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