What Are You Wearing on Your Nails?

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MAC Nail Trend F/W ’10 Nail Lacquers in Ming Blue (left) and Concubine (right), each $13

Today I’m wearing colors — yes, more than one 🙂 — from the counter-bound MAC Nail Trend F/W ’10 collection (arrives tomorrow!). I went with Concubine on my fingers and Ming Blue on my toes.


Speaking of that, the collection includes…

  • Nail Lacquer: a clear frost
  • Concubine: a shimmery blackened red
  • Earthly Harmony: a muted taupe with copper shimmer
  • Ming Blue: a cobalt blue with teal and red shimmer
  • Rain of Flowers: a frosty blackened violet
  • Imperial Flower: a reddish orange with gold and red shimmer
  • Jade Dragon: an emerald green with teal shimmer

Top row: Jade Dragon, Concubine, Rain of Flowers; Bottom row: Nail Lacquer, Earthly Harmony, Imperial Flower, Ming Blue

How about you? What’s gracing your nails on this fine, fabulous hump day?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Joy says:

    I don’t recall the brand but I’m wearing cappuccino (dark brown with slight brown/gold shimmer) on my toes and pure gold (um, gold) on my fingers. I really really really want it to be fall already. I was so over summer about 3 months ago.

  2. Melissa W. says:

    She should have waited until her nails were dry before fondling that dude.

    Right now I’m not wearing polish. I’m trying to get my nails in better shape! 🙂
    Melissa W. recently posted … Site Upgrades Today

  3. Aparnaa says:

    Nothing! Apparently the unseasonal chill here is related to the cold day in hell this caused.

  4. Harpa O says:

    Yesterday I was wearing a color that´s similar to Chanel´s Khaki Rose. I did the blending my self:) Today I´m wearing a kind of dirty pink color, also my own blend. I lovlovlovlovlov nail polish!!! When I see a color that I like I try to blend it myself with those little bottles of nail polish you can by at any drugstore. Much much cheaper and way more fun;)

  5. Andreea says:

    I just took off my CHANEL Satin Blue and OMG! I did not use a base coat, so my fingers are still kinda blue. They look awful. Still have that on my toes, but there it can stay now. I will “paint” it rosewood again with the new Confidentiel polish.
    I never used that often nail-polish, and I want to buy more and more, I am infected! Lucky me 😉 I have to have CHANEL because I get allergic reactions from most others.
    Andreea recently posted … CLNIQUE Strawberry Fudge Kollektion Winter 2010-2011

  6. Carolanne says:

    fingers: Rimmel Milk Chocolate with Nubar 2010 on top =]

    toes: China Glaze Heli-yum

  7. KyaLyn says:

    The dark raspberry color from Lancome’s trio with a layer of Some Enchanted Evening on my fingers. Lady Sings the Blues is on my toes. It makes me smile whenever I see them.

  8. Amber says:

    Nothing on the fingers, sadly. Just cannot find time to sit down and do it. The toes are about two weeks old but look good (OPI Senorita Rose-alita).

    Mostly I’m just commenting to tell you that I ordered Drive Me Wild and Lap of Luxury this morning! Woohoo!
    Amber recently posted … Too tired Tuesday

  9. steel grey by rimmel!
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … All About Eyes – Pixiwoo Purple Smokey Eye Inspired

  10. Alison says:

    I have nothing on my nails and haven’t in the past couple of weeks. I’m in a really weird phase right now where I don’t want to wear polish! I have only worn my Chanel Paradoxal once! (I love it though!)

  11. Susan says:

    OPI Koala Berry on nails and toes, but thinking of switching to the new Diva in Geneva I just bought this past weekend. Not quite ready for fall yet, though, so may wait a bit on that…

  12. Trisha says:

    I don’t have any polish on right now, which is unlike me. It’s just that my nails were splitting like crazy. I needed to give them a break.
    Trisha recently posted … New Ebook- The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover!

  13. Kymberlee says:

    Exotic Liras by Essie! I went the cheap route and bought the bottle and painted my nails myself.

  14. Lora says:

    Milani Teddy-Bare. I want fall!

  15. Jenna says:

    Sephora OPI’s Under My Trenchcoat, which looks a LOT like that Earthly Harmony in this post. At first I think it made the ‘red’ in my fingers too noticible…but it is growing on me!

  16. Rita says:

    Nubar Reclaim. It’s so awesome! These MAC nail polishes are not coming out in my country, I think, but that’s ok, since I’m waiting for the Venomous Villains ones.

  17. Kim says:

    Nothing on my fingers, but I have OPI/Sephora’s I’m with Brad on my toes (left foot) and Go My Own Way on my right foot. I got them on vay-cay and wasn’t sure which I’d like better so I thought I’d give them both a try. I think I’ve settled on Brad but have been too lazy to remove/re-paint my right foot. Plus, I figure if some hot fireman comes to my door, I can just slip on some socks. 😉

  18. Taffy says:

    I’ve got Toxin from Urban Decay on my fingers. It’s purple with red micro-glitter. I’m looking forward to the Fall colours too!
    Taffy recently posted … Toxic By Urban Decay

  19. Glosslizard says:

    Zoya Kelly on my fingers, nothing on my toes (yet)! I’m picking up Jade Dragon tomorrow!

  20. Nina says:

    Yay I have a mani on …. its OPI’s Nomad’s Dream

    The Hubs likes it so I might make this a regular thing … Im liking that orange polish up thar!

  21. Kris Cameron says:

    I am wearing Orly’s Space Cadet on my fingers…which I love so much staring at my fingers is starting to impact my workday and Opi’s Comet Loved Cupid on my toes with Butter London’s Chuffed over it.

    My fingernails really want it to be fall but despite the fact that it’s 100 degrees in the South Bay today I still want summer to stay around!

  22. Sephora by OPI Caffeine Fix on fingers (it’s SO dark, but not as harsh as black … I love it!) and Domestic Goddess (I am obsessed with this orchidy purple at the moment) on toes.
    La Principessa recently posted … Highlight Showdown!

  23. Agnes says:

    ooo im loving rain of showers and jade dragon! so pretty 🙂

    im currently wearing nailene’s french manicure in pink shimmer, topped with fuschia pink glitter on the tips plus some red stars using my konad stamp/plate 🙂 can you tell that i recently developed a new love for nail art? 😀
    Agnes recently posted … ELF Beauty Encyclopedia – Swatches!

  24. Agnes says:

    opps did i say showers? i meant flowers LOL
    Agnes recently posted … ELF Beauty Encyclopedia – Swatches!

  25. gio says:

    Nothing on my finbgers today. My nails need a break! 🙂
    gio recently posted … Product Review- Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Flamingo

  26. Hasina says:

    I want, no I NEED Jade Dragon!!!

  27. Steffi says:

    In the middle of changing polish on my toes right now, it will be Orly Calypso Breeze, though. Was Orly Galaxy Girl. Nothing on my fingers at the moment.

  28. Rengirl says:

    Mani: China Glaze For Audrey konadded with BM12 and Color Club Worth the Risque.

    Pedi: Orly Terracotta.

    I’m still really into pastels but I have a nailpolish haul in transit which includes Orly’s Space Cadet and some Color Club holos and I am feverishly excited to get those on my tips.

  29. Sarah says:

    I love Concubine! pretty and i have something similar on my toes today. i use a lot of Avon nailpolish and today I have on Jade on my finger nails and electric purple on my toes.
    Sarah recently posted … Simons Cat The Box

  30. Emma says:

    currently i have OPI’s blue my mind–LOVE IT

  31. Ru says:

    OPI “Yodel me on my cell” from the fall swiss collection. It’s a very fall/winter color, but its a really pretty teal/blue, I just couldn’t resist! It’s been on for 2 weeks!! I’m really surprised! But off it comes this weekend- and I will be going au-natural for the next two weeks to let my nails breathe.

  32. lexi says:

    Wearing an oldie but goodie – OPI’s TIckle my France-y from the French themed Fall collection from like 2-3 yrs ago? It’s the perfect nude on me. I’m wearing a light frosty purple from Zoya on my toes – forgot the name.

  33. shontay says:

    I’m wearing For Audrey by China Glaze. I love it!

  34. Li Ming says:

    Hands: The “IT” Color by OPI
    Toes: Party in my Cabana by OPI

  35. Candace says:

    I’m wearing CG For Audrey, finally! I bought it a few months ago but always had something else I wanted to wear. I put it on this week, and I lovvve it 🙂 it’s chipping a little at the tips though, so I have to do some touch-ups.

  36. Lisa S. says:

    Nothing on my fingers, but I have Flower to Flower from OPI on my toes. I picked it and Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous up the other day.

    The Flower to Flower is from the “Summer Flutter” Collection and the Lucerne is from the “Swiss” collection.

    I do have to say that the Flower to Flower is the only OPI polish I’ve been disappointed by, even with 3 coats it is a bit streaky. But it is a pretty pink! Also, you have to see the Lucerne in person (not on the website) its much better and richer looking in person.

    In the pic up top I’m kinda drooling over Rain of Flowers…….

  37. Tiffany H says:

    I am wearing China Glaze Midnight Mission on both hands and toes.

  38. Katherine says:

    I am wearing “Rich and Famous” by China Glaze. It’s a matte, glossy hot pink! 🙂

  39. Nicole says:

    I’m wearing a gray nail polish from claire’s and China glaze’s For Audrey and some white polka dots:)
    I really like it:D

  40. Megan says:

    Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in “green with envy”. bleeechh. it isnt very good.

  41. Jenn says:

    Nothing yet– my nails are going au natural today!
    Jenn recently posted … NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

  42. Steph B says:

    Nothing on my fingers and Zoya Drew on my toes.

  43. Lucy says:

    Oooh, some of those Mac polishes are pretty!

    I’ve got Sally Hansen Strobe Light on my nails at the mo, very blingy!
    Lucy recently posted … Im back from my holidays with some beauty goodies from the US

  44. Yvette says:

    NYC Chinatown! It’s awesome and quite a steal! Love love love it.

  45. babyu21 says:

    Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Ocean Blue – I’m becoming a little more daring with my nail colors lately.
    babyu21 recently posted … Camera Ready- Going on a Cutie Run

  46. BeautyMaven says:

    Nothing on my fingers! (Letting them take a breather from my turquoise!) But I do have some UV Color changing polish on my toesies! Pics on my blog (linked below).
    I am LOVING the polishes for the Disney Villians!! Can’t wait for them to release! That was such a fantastic entry, btw. I really do love your blog so so much. And, random, but thank you for always responding nicely!! Some bloggers can be mean in the comments =(
    Much Love, Karen!
    BeautyMaven recently posted … Color Changing Nail Polish!!

  47. marisol says:

    Right now I am using RBL’s Stormy.
    marisol recently posted … Cruisin

  48. amy says:

    I was wearing OPI Hey Get Lime a few hours ago but cleaned it off. On my toes I am wearing OPI Fiercely Fiona.
    amy recently posted … LOTD MAC Pink Cabana Lipstick with MAC IWantCandy Dazzleglass Creme

  49. Jessie says:

    I still have Estée Lauder’s “Rose Apricot” on my toes, the gold shimmer in it perfectly complimented my formal dress, so of course I had to wear peep toes!
    Only Sally Hansen strengthener on my fingers at the minute, to make them a bit healthier after having acrylics.

  50. Emmy says:

    I’m wearing Rococo’s new color “Peace Out” on my fingers. Like a baby turtle, so ugly it’s cute. Think the avocado green of 1970’s kitchen appliances. OPI’s “Done out in Deco” lavender/gray shade on the toes.

  51. Ditte K. says:

    Essie’s turquoise & caicos from the resort collection. I am very happy with the consistency this second time, but the first time it clumped up on me.

  52. Cas says:

    I got a pedicure done recently in a nail shop and I’m currently wearing this medium plum-ish purple color on my toes from Jessica. Thinking of getting a bright pink one done right before I go into labor to welcome my baby girl, lol.
    Cas recently posted … A Little Something Something Revealed

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