Urban Decay Summer 2012: Light Up Your Nails With These High-Voltage Shades

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urban decay summer 2012

Paint splatters, huh?



The paint splatter packaging for Urban Decay’s new summer nail kit gave me an idea this afternoon. More details to follow, but here are some pics and white paper swatches for now.

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit box

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit box

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit box back

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit all

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit radium

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit radium covet perversion front

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit radium covet perversion front

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kitfishnet woodstock showboat front

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit fishnet woodstock showboat back

Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit swatches
Swatches from the left: Radium, Covet, Perversion, Fishnet, Woodstock and Showboat (two coats)

See anything you like? I’m feelin’ that orange shade, big time!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. So that about does it for Tuesday, friend. Onward to the hump. 🙂

Oh! Guess what happened this morning. My day started with a random brush with celebrity when Susan Miller — yes, the Susan Miller of Astrology Zone — tweeted me and my good buddy Perry about the forecast for Geminis next month.

What a thrill! I’ve been stalking Susan Miller reading Astrology Zone for years. I still can’t believe it… A tweet!

In other news, I was hoping to go to yoga class tonight, but it looks like I missed my window.

Shoot! I really could have used it, too, because my back is a big twisty knot right now. Someone here in this room with me needs a massage…and I’m not referring to Tabs. LOL!

Speaking of cats, new obsession time. Have you read a Review of My Cat? No, seriously.

Well, not of my cat (at least not yet, haha!).


It’s a website called Review of My Cat, and as the name implies, people review their cats based on four important feline factors — appearance, sociability, usefulness and huggability (is that even a word?).

It’s such a blast! I always crack up reading the usefulness evals, where most of the kitties get fairly low scores.

What do ya think? Should I submit a review of Tabs?

I tell you what — if you submit a review of your cat/s, I’ll submit one of mine. 🙂


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  1. Sondra says:

    Will now have to get these polishes as well like I need more. I need to try that Review of my cat. I have two cats that need reviewing.

  2. Alison says:

    I have seen “Review of My Cat”- my friends wrote a review of their cat that was on there a few months ago:

    He’s a very special cat.

  3. Hmm this set looks great! It’s got quirky colors, bright colors, and a very vampy one! I haven’t tried any UD nail polishes yet, but I should!

    I should review my cats at some point, but at the moment I have so much work to do, and so many beauty products to review. I hate to give negative reviews too, but I think Tango will end up getting something like a C because he isn’t very huggable, useful, or social! With that tum? I’m not even sure he’ll ace the “appearance” part lol
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … Swatch & Review: Dior Vernis 257 Incognito, 537 Riviera, 579 Plaza, 659 Lucky, & Top Coat. Matching Lips and Nails, Anyone?

  4. Kim says:

    Oh, totally do a Tabs review. He should ace the “helpful” based on his inspiration for your blog at the very least. Then there’s the kitty modeling, of course. 🙂

    Is it just me, or do the UD colors make you think “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      I will have to take that into consideration. 🙂 I was originally going to rate him a “C” because in the five years he’s lived with us he’s never chipped in for rent/groceries/utilities, but you’re right…the whole kitty modeling thing does help out, LOL!

      Frankie Goes to Hollywood! I remember being eight and dancing around to “Relax” in the living room, haha!

      • Kim says:

        Oh, Karen! A “C”? Just think of how strong he’s made your fingers from opening all those cans of gravy. That will come in super-handy if you have to free climb a rock face during the zombie apocalypse. 😉

        Definitely! And everyone I knew had a big, neon T-shirt with RELAX on the front. Honestly, every time I see neon colors, I think Frankie. It’s like Pavlov’s dog. HAHA!

        • Karen says:

          Haha, so true. He’s also allowed me to build up quite the collection of used Giant Pet Hair Rollers. Someday they’ll be collector’s items, I just know it!

          How do you feel about neon coming back in style? I’m kinda torn. Part of me wants to rock it, but the other part still has bad memories of those obnoxious, oversized brighter-than-bright shirts.

          • Kim says:

            Oh, I don’t know about the neon. I’m so leery of anything 80s returning. I think neon would be great for the young folks since it’s so fun. I personally can’t imagine wearing any myself, though. Maybe as an accent on some athletic wear, but that’s about it.

  5. Amy D. says:

    I absolutely love that first picture with the swatches and the title! It’s so colorful and a great way to begin this post!

    I’m loving that Fishnet color! 🙂

  6. Christine says:

    Oh my goodness, as soon as I finish my exam tomorrow I am totally submitting a review of Bradford :D.

  7. Nina says:

    i am imagining that orange np on my toes…. so gorgeous!

  8. Miranda says:

    I’m thinking epic water marbling =D

  9. Chris25 says:

    I should review my three cats. Of course, they would hate me for all time, but maybe it would be worth it? 🙂

    I like Radium. I can never get enough of blue polish.

  10. mn says:

    I love the pink and orange polishes.
    Hmm, my nickname for my cat is Zohan so that should clue you in to his sociability status. He’s a great looking cat (being an oriental) but he constantly meows is not into cuddling. Very much a ‘for decorative purposes’cat.. Show’s his love by following you around the house (but not into sitting on your lap or headbutting, and will jump out of your arms within seconds). Oh well…

  11. artemis says:

    wow, yummy colors 😀 i love black nails
    cute cat 😀

  12. Phyrra says:

    Oh how cute! I hadn’t seen that site before. However, my cats were up at MyCatHatesYou.com, which was pretty hilarious.
    One of my kitties:

    As far as the polishes go, love all the shades, but especially Perversion, Fishnet and Woodstock.
    Phyrra recently posted … That’s It Fruit Bar – Apple + Cherry – Review

  13. Katherine G says:

    Beautiful nail polish colors. I don’t think I’ve tried UD’s nail polishes as much as I love that line of makeup. I like Fishnet, Woodstock, and Showboat the best! Very summery!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine G,

      They have some great colors, but a few of them have been hit or miss for me because they seem to chip fairly quickly. I hope these hold up!

  14. Tina B says:

    Loving these nail colors, especially Covet and Fishnet!
    Tina B recently posted … Frock Stock: Show & Tell and Jewelry Giveaway!

  15. Baby says:

    I don’t know how Urban Decay does it, but EVERY nail polish set they put out make me swoon! Bad for me, because UD is hard to get in my country, although I managed to get the “Summer of love”-set (which is amazing!). I really love your swatches as well, they look so artistic, I would totally frame that and hang it on my walls 😀

  16. corallista says:

    What a gorgeous collection! Its so difficult to pick out a favorite!
    corallista recently posted … Bronze and Hot pink spring makeup : Urban Decay and Maybelline FOTD

  17. Stèphanie says:

    I love the colors.. they’re so bright!
    Stèphanie recently posted … The Hunger Games Effie Trinket NOTD

  18. Barb says:

    Wow! I’m gonna need this collection, that’s for sure! I love all the colors. They’ll be fabulous in the summer time with a nice tan, especially that orangey one!

    I’m gonna have to do a review for my cat Alvin. He reminds me more of a dog than a cat.

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