Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Nail Strengthener: Keeps the Chips Away So Nails Can Play

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Written by Kris

Wave, and the whole world waves with you, especially if you use the lovely nail product Kris describes in today’s guest post.

Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Nail Strengthener

I’m one of the many people who suffer from thin, slow-growing nails. Many times I’ve had an issue or another arise and have sought the help of Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen products have helped cure my broken cuticles, clean up my messily-applied manicures and have now helped my nails grow super fast!


Most recently, I sought help for my suddenly fragile nails, which were breaking easier than normal and starting to peel. Oh, no! I went to my local Wal-Mart for Sally Hansen’s tried and true results. I browsed the wall and found the “Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Nail Strengthener” ($6.98). The packaging stated, “Bonds & Seals Weak Fragile Nail Layers to Resist Breaking”. Yep, I needed that! It also promised a high gloss finish and instantly stronger, more flexible nails…. “Guaranteed”. Sold! I grabbed it and headed to check-out. I came home and immediately read the instructions to begin healing my poor, distressed fingernails.

The instructions said to shake gently and apply one coat to clean, bare nails and let dry. If you want to paint your nails, you’re encouraged to apply a second coat over your nail color to seal and protect. So, you’re getting a base coat and a healing top coat all at the same time.

Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Nail Strengthener

I applied as directed with a nail color on 10/22, making notes as I went along. The Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Nail Strengthener dries pretty fast as a base coat. It smells like a regular polish but possibly not quite as strong.

It has a very long wand with an average sized brush, and the formulation isn’t as thick as a nail color but rather more like an oil viscosity. It can be runny if you use too much.

I followed the first coat with my polish, Confetti brand from CVS in Show Stopper. I noticed how much shinier it was when applied with the Sally Hansen product versus being applied on bare nails and didn’t experience any streaking or clumping or notice any difference in drying time.

After the first coat of nail color had dried, I applied my second coat. Again, no problems with application, and drying time with the second coat of color was about the same. Still no streaking or clumping, and so I finished with a top coat of the Sally Hansen product.

I estimated these coats as drying in between five (5) and ten (10) minutes each. I would say the base coat was the coat that dried the fastest being under five (5) minutes. I definitely noticed a nice glossy look and feel to my nails when I was completed (I love it when a product delivers!). My first impression of this was definitely good, and I loved my new smooth nails!


I made a point to examine my nails on 10/23, one day later, as I sometimes can have chipping in that time with having a kid and a dog to chase after. I had a chip and some scratches on my left hand but chalked it up to my being left-handed and probably related to the dog in some way. I have definitely seen worse with other polishes and top/base coats!

I examined them again a few days later on 10/26 and noticed a little more chipping just starting to happen at the tips of the nails; otherwise, my nails were looking fabulous! I still had a very glossy finish!

Final check-in was on 10/28, almost a week after application. My nails were very chipped by then, and it was obviously time to remove the polish and see if the treatment had done it’s job!

I removed the polish on 10/29 and examined the areas where I had experienced peeling. They appeared to have been mended, and after some buffing I could barely tell that they had peeled at all! I definitely noticed a change in the strength of my nails and feel this product definitely works! I will most certainly continue to use Sally Hansen’s nail strengthener with and without nail color to keep my nails in tip-top shape.

In my opinion, this is a product worthy of repurchase and recommendation!


Written by Kris

This post was written by Kris, also known as NeutraKris, a professed beauty addict who enjoys experimenting with cosmetics and beauty products, as well as getting to know the details behind them. Her favorite part of the day is when she can sit down with her hot coffee and blog about the newest products and/or her experiences with the good, bad and the on-sale!


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  1. candace grubbs says:

    oh i def need to try this! the dry weather in ks makes my nails break! i have been using the sally hansen nail growth for yrs and ever since i moved to ks last yr it hasnt worked! i guess its time to switch!

  2. Ashley says:

    I doubt I’m the only one love the packaging for Sally Hansen treatments and falls for it instantly… I’ve made a list of the ones I want to try out like the new ones in clear baby pink and baby blue bottles. And now this one! Honestly, the words “green tea” in combination with “bamboo” make want to try this out first. Once I the few treatments I have, I’ll give this one a look.

  3. Hedy says:

    I may have to check this out for a stocking stuffer…
    Hedy recently posted … Awesome deal at Bath and Body Works today!

  4. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been having the same trouble with my nails lately so I’ll be trying this out for sure!
    Tracy recently posted … Two Perfect Plum Blushes-NARS Sin and MAC Plum Foolery

  5. Katie says:

    I suggest this product too, I own it. I don’t use it as a base coat, I just use it when my nails seem kinda weak and need some extra pampering.
    Katie recently posted … MAC Zoya Essie Haul

  6. xtina says:

    Props on using the word viscosity correctly in a sentence ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. NeutraKris says:

    xtina – Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Riswas says:

    My nails peel in layers like onions. I’ll def check it out now someone has reviewed it. Maybe I’ll even see a coupon in tomorrow’s paper LOL!

  9. Antonia says:

    Hello, Kris!
    Thank you for a great review, I really needed it! I put on nail polish almost every day and I think my nails sometimes get damaged because of it! This product sound like exactly what I need, except that I’m pretty sure you can’t buy it where I live=( I will probably need to check the online stores for it!
    Antonia recently posted … Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal

  10. amy says:

    I will have to keep an eye out for this at the drug store. Although I have pretty fast growing strong nails, they become dry from using much nail polish. I will have to test this out to see if it would nourish my nails so they aren’t as dry.
    amy recently posted … Malicious Maleficent MAC Beauty Powder in Briar Rose

  11. Kim says:

    Thanks for the review, Kris! Just a quick note that buffing your nails can also make them more fragile and prone to splitting and peeling. I’m glad that the Sally Hansen treatment worked for you, though. It sounds like good stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. DJ White says:

    I just picked some of this up today because I was looking for a product that would treat my weak, peeling nails. I garden a lot and my nails are just torn up and sad looking to say the least. I’m really hoping that I get the same results as you did with it, I put it on as soon as I got home so hopefully in a week or so my nails will start to show improvement!

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