Hello Kitty and Hello Spring: The Hello Kitty by OPI Spring Collection

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opi hello kitty spring 2016

OPI Hello Kitty Spring 2016 Collection

That’s right, everyone, it’s time for spring…nails! Never mind that I am writing this in my fleece slippers while catching up on a particularly gruesome season of The Walking Dead, LOL. I’ve managed to ignore the show for several seasons, but my inner fangirl loves a good binge. My inner fangirl is also super satisfied by this super cute collection by OPI. The new Hello Kitty by OPI Spring 2016 Nail Lacquer ($10 each) collection features 12 amazingly bright and eclectic colors for those ready to kick back in flip-flops.

opi hello kitty spring 2016

(L-R) Spoken from the Heart, Kitty White, My Twin Mimmy, Super Cute in Pink, Starry-Eyed for Daniel

I have 5 shades from the collection, and in usual OPI style, all of the colors, except for maybe the yellow one, are incredibly opaque and smooth. Spoken from the Heart and Super Cute in Pink, in particular, are what I call “1-coat wonders” and were a dream to apply.


I had a little difficulty with My Twin Mimmy, the yellow cream shade, but, honestly, I’ve never come across a stellar yellow, and after 3 coats it’ll do the job.

Last, but never least, are the surprisingly complex glitters. I get a groovy Austin Powers feel from Kitty White — a super fine icy silver shimmer. This shade was a surprise favorite for me!

Starry-Eyed for Daniel — such an awesome name btw — is an amazing multi-dimensional hot pink glitter. It’s very glittery and very kawaii… I think it’ll be a popular one.

opi hello kitty spring 2016 nail swatches

Nail swatches of the Spring 2016 OPI Hello Kitty Nail Collection

opi hello kitty spring 2016

Detail of the bottle packaging


The white printed film over the bottle caps is the only design element differentiating them as a collection. I almost ripped one off thinking it was just packaging! I appreciate the added “oomph,” but I’m not so crazy about the plastic film.

opi hello kitty spring 2016

(L-R) Spoken from the Heart, Kitty White, My Twin Mimmy, Super Cute in Pink, Starry-Eyed for Daniel

The limited edition Hello Kitty by OPI Spring Collection is available now at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply (bottles, $10 each).

See you in the next,


Anna Oh

Anna is an illustrator and designer from Atlanta, GA. Her work focuses on fashion, beauty, and awesome women. A former tomboy, Anna now happily embraces all things pink, glittery, and floral scented. You can see her illustration work at www.helloannaoh.com and on Instagram.


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  1. CrystalCandy says:

    Spoken from the Heart is on my toes right now, I loooove it!!
    CrystalCandy recently posted … OPI Hello Kitty Collection

  2. Kwmechelle says:

    Is it ok that I want something from this collection just because it’s Hello Kitty? This will be my first Spring nail polish!!! Eek! Btw- love the pics with the writings & mini diagrams. The artsy aesthetic definitely makes reading this post so much fun 🙂

  3. Lulle says:

    I bought the white with a pinkish hue from this collection to wear on my toes during the summer! I haven’t found the time to try it yet though. It was a pretty successful collection I think!
    Lulle recently posted … Review: Valentia True Glow Eye Cream and Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask

  4. Lauren says:

    I love these! I have nail envy of your perfectly shaped nails!

  5. Kim says:

    It’s a shame that the cap is a plastic wrap because it’s super cute. I’m not a huge fan of most OPI polishes (the thick, opaque formulas are actually a negative for me) but the colors are bright and springy, for sure!

  6. Kristen says:

    I got a manicure on Valentine’s Day and picked Starry-Eyed for Daniel. It’s such a fun and beautiful color! Unfortunately OPI just never seems to stay on my nails. Literally the next day there will be chips. But I love all of the colors in this collection!

  7. jessica says:

    That packaging is ridiculously cute!!
    jessica recently posted … My Psychedelic Glowing Toilet

  8. Jae says:

    Just picked up My twin and starry eyed for my upcoming trip to Miami. Thanks for the swatches!! I’m so looking forward to sunny skies and bright spring colors! Its gloomy and rainy in my neck of the woods right now!:(

  9. I’m not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty, but Spoken from the Heart looks like a color I’d love to wear in the warmer months!
    Carolina Braina recently posted … A Spring 2016 FOTD Feat. Pantone Snorkel Blue and Peach Echo

  10. Erin says:

    Not a fan of the shades other than the Kitty White which is quite cute.
    Erin recently posted … North by Northwest 2013 Reisling

  11. Suzanne C says:

    I know a certain girl turning 13 on Saturday who would flip for this! (Or anything else Hello Kitty.) But I might have to steal that bottle of Spoken From the Heart.

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