Oh, Joy! The China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection and Wythe Blue Walls

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The China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection

The China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection

Friend, if you look out your window and see pigs flying by, do not be alarmed, because after today, that’s entirely possible. Shoot, after today, almost anything’s possible!

You see, something miraculous happened here today at Casa de MBB.


Today the sad, lonely dining room that still sits empty after more than three years…

dining room before

…received two new coats of paint!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wythe Blue

Yup, it’s really real this time. It actually happened. I have Wythe Blue walls!

Next stop, a dining room table (just like a real grownup)…

Wythe Blue

Oh, and the dining room wasn’t the only thing that got a new paint job here today. My paws also got one — or rather, a dozen — thanks to the 12 shades in the new China Glaze Holiday Joy collection.

china glaze pizzazz


china glaze pure joy

Pure Joy

china glaze champagne kisses

Champagne Kisses

china glaze glistening snow

Glistening Snow

china glaze angel wings

Angel Wings

china glaze winter holly

Winter Holly

china glaze glitter all the way

Glitter All the Way

china glaze blue bells ring

Blue Bells Ring

china glaze cranberry splash

Cranberry Splash

china glaze with love

With Love

china glaze red satin

Red Satin

china glaze merry berry

Merry Berry

china glaze holiday 2012


These are available now at salons, and Sally Beauty and Ulta stores.

Which one’s your fave?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Skyfall! OMG! A psychotic blond-haired villain, actual dragons and satisfying shirtless scenes with Daniel Craig! Gah! I wanna see it again!


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  1. Heidi says:

    Ooh, it’s a tossup between Champagne Wishes and Winter Holly. So pretty.

    Congrats on the walls! Love ’em!

  2. Agata says:

    Good job on painting the walls, Karen! Now I am even more excited about going to see Skyfall ๐Ÿ™‚

    As far as China Glaze I bought three colors from this collection: Glitter All The Way, Angel Wings and the Blue Bells Ring but they are still waiting to be tried out. For today I have to stick to the OPI Skyfall collection.

  3. Yaay congrats on the dining room progress! The color is adorable!

    This collection is just a little too glittery for me, but heck yes, I want to see Skyfall again as well!!!

  4. angel wings here i come!!
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  5. Marla says:

    I really want to get that China Glaze polish collection. I really love Blue Bells Ring, With Love, Cranberry Splash, and Glitter All the Way. I love the color of your blue walls.

  6. Jill says:

    i wanted more shirtless bond scenes! lol he is HAWT!

  7. Dominique says:

    I love the red colours ! ” With Love ” among others. We have this collection too in France, maybe I’ll order some ( but I purchased 3 Deborah Lippmann not so long ago so I have to stop compulsive hauls lol, Joy collection is pretty though ! )

  8. Katie says:

    To be honest, I think I’m way more excited about the walls than the nails (C’mon, China Glaze: pretty colors, but we’ve seen them before…). What a lovely color! I remember when my family re-decorated my and my brother’s rooms, taking the first step to paint the walls inspired us to complete the decorating process sooner. What else do you have in mind, Karen? Or is Tabs doing all the design planning?

  9. Hyzenthlay says:

    I’m with Katie – love the wall color (noting it for when we own a house with walls to paint . . .), but I’m not crazy about any of the polishes. There are some pretty ones, but nothing that really knocks my socks off.

  10. Barbara says:

    It’s a good thing I don’t want any of these because I have no money!
    Love the wall color. Can’t believe the dining room was empty for three years. I would have filled it up with junk, like a neat version of Hoarders!

  11. jenn s. says:

    Think I’ll pick up Pizzazz for the holidays. Its sparkles make e happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the Wythe Blue walls! My sis just painted her dining area and sun room the very same color! It’s beautiful (looking for something else to paint!)

  12. Lulle says:

    The dining room looks really beautiful! Congrats on making a step forward ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think now that the dining room train has started, let’s jump on board and go shopping for a dining table this week-end. And by Sunday night you could have a real, furnished, welcoming place for the jet-set dinners parties with Tabs and his fellow models!
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  13. Saddy says:

    Dang…it must have been a pain to take all that glitter off!

  14. Silke says:

    Karen, it’s such a wonderful color…. but may I give you a tip… Try to paint a 10 cm stripe in white on the upper part of the wall, directly under the edge … it will give ur wall a more elegant look….
    I hope u can understand my suggestion … and I’ ve found the right words to describe it… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Diane says:

    The walls look great! I just found your site recently and have been catching up reading previous posts and remember you were so stressed about not having the dining room ready—congratulations on your accomplishment!

    The nail colors are gorgeous. Champagne kisses, Winter Holly and Cranberry Splash are my faves.

  16. Vanessa says:

    Congratulations on the painted walls, Karen. They look great!

  17. Kim says:

    YAY!!!!! I’m so excited for you. The living room looks great! And I have to tell you why I’m even more impressed. I’m amazed that, though this room wasn’t being used as a dining room, it actually didn’t become the home of 1000 items of clutter (which would no doubt have happened at Casa de ME!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Nina says:

    The walls – very x 100 pretty!

  19. Krisabelle says:

    Karen! The dining room paint color is GORGEOUS! You made an excellent choice! It’s beauts! Can’t wait to see it with a table and chairs and all of your fun decor touches. Great job!!!!!

  20. Jenni says:

    Hi Karen! I’m thinking of painting my walls wythe blue as well and was wondering if you could tell me which finish you used (matte, eggshell, flat) you used? and if you used Benjamin Moore, which line of paint was it? (aura, regular interior, regal)? Thanks so much!

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