Letters to Coco and Reflections on a Chanel Summer, Part 2: Packing Pearls, Pink Tonic Le Vernis Nail Colour and Happy Glossimer

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Chanel Summer 2014

Wearing the new Chanel Reflets D’Ete De Chanel Summer collection on my lips and tips

Letters to Coco

This is part two of a three-part series of posts titled “Letters to Coco,” a series of letters written in the summer of 2014 from me to my best friend (in my head), Coco Chanel. In this second letter, which features summer collection standouts Pink Tonic Nail Polish and Happy Glossimer, we’re just about to leave on our summer trip. 🙂

My dearest Coco,

Hey, babe! Can I just say that I’m excited!? OMG, Maldives! T-minus 24 hours and counting. Seriously, you do not even know how badly I need this trip. Tabs has been working me to the bone. I am literally — literally — counting down the seconds till I can unchain myself from my desk, LOL!


Oh, and excellent call on choosing the Maldives. I’ve never been before. So stoked!

I’m doing some last-minute packing tonight, so let me know if you need me to bring anything for you. I know that you’re very busy, and I actually have a little bit of room left in my carryon bag, haha!

Of course I’m bringing the essentials — sunscreen, hat (uh…I keep thinking that the only person who should be wearing a straw fedora is Justin Timberlake, but I can’t help myself), swimsuit, sunglasses, pearls and my trusty bottle of No. 19, aka “your best summery scent ever,” IMHO.

Oh! — I’m also bringing one of the five polishes in your Reflets D’Ete De Chanel Summer collection, the fuschia shade, Pink Tonic Le Vernis Nail Colour, ’cause, you know, I like to be prepared.

Chanel Happy Glossimer (a sheer coral jelly, $29.50) and Pink Tonic Le Vernis Nail Colour (a fuchsia, $27)

Happy Glossimer (a sheer coral jelly, $29.50) and Pink Tonic Le Vernis Nail Colour (a fuchsia, $27)

We’ll be hitting up the spa while we’re there at least one of the days, I’m sure, so it’ll be nice to have Pink Tonic around for a polish change or mani/pedi, just in case, although, now that I think about, I don’t know if we’ll need to refresh our nails, since Pink Tonic is so sturdy.

Chanel Pink Tonic Swatch

Two coats of pigmented Pink Tonic (but you could get away with one)

I wore it last week with a base coat (a practice run for our trip!) and, GURL! — it took six full days before I saw even the tiniest chips around the edges. It’ll absolutely be able to handle more than a few surf sessions.

Chanel Pink Tonic Swatch

A closer look at Pink Tonic

And it was still glossy after day six. Coco, you really outdid yourself this time. Me likey!

Chanel Happy Glossimer

Happy Glossimer

For my lips, I think I’m going to mix things up a little. I know one of the ideas from your summer collection is to mix and match lips and tips, so for gloss, I’m packing Happy, your sheer jelly coral Glossimer.


Such a fun color. 🙂 Whenever I wear it, I get the faintest hint of coral with lots of eye-catching shine. It’ll probably be the only sheer gloss I bring on the trip because they all tend to look similar on my pigmented lips (not this pretty, of course, but still). If you need me to bring any of the other four jelly Glossimers from the summer launch — rose Hello, fuchsia Sexy or orange Sunny — just text me.

Chanel Summer 2014

Pink Tonic on my nails and Happy Glossimer on my lips

Anyway, enough babbling. I better finish wrapping things up here at work because I don’t want Tabs to bug me on the trip. Like I said, just text or call if there’s anything else you need me to bring.

This is totally going to be our best summer trip ever, Coco! Can’t wait to see ya. Next stop, MALDIVES!

Love ya, always,



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  1. Agata says:

    This nail polish is a stunner. I think it’d be perfect for vacation in Poland 🙂 Dont you think?

    • Karen says:

      YES! Only thing is your mom might ask you to give her your bottle, LOL. 🙂 It’s really that pretty. Even El Hub noticed it, and he (being a typical guy) never notices anything.

      Did you get your phone?

      • Agata says:

        Honestly, I have never bought a nail polish for $28, I think Givenchy is the most expensive one I have…but this is really tempting. Is this collection on Nordstrom website yet? And, no, no phone yet, waiting for hubby to get home so we can go pick it up. I already called the store to make sure they still have the phone in stock 🙂

        • Karen says:

          Those Givenchy polishes are KILLER. Love them.

          Now all you need is Tom Ford African Violet in your life and you’ll be set.

          I haven’t seen the collection online at Nordstrom.com, yet! Hopefully soon. What phone are you getting?

  2. Fancie says:

    Why must these glosses be so sheer? Gahhh! The color is just perfect! The polish is just beautiful though. And it doesn’t chip easily? *swoons *
    Fancie recently posted … Spring Scent Picks

    • Karen says:

      No! Not at all. I’ve had pink tonic on my nails for six days, and only have just a few tiny, barely there chips at the tips. I did wear a base coat, though (Formula X by Sephora).

  3. Miki says:

    Love the polish but I don’t know if it’s unique enough to justify the price tag…
    Miki recently posted … A FOTD Featuring MAC’s Sumptuous Olive and Vegas Volt

  4. Sylirael says:

    Pink Tonic looks awesome 🙂 I wonder how similar it is to Chanel’s Rose Insolent, though – might have to pop by a Chanel counter when this comes out here!
    Sylirael recently posted … A Toxically Beautiful Kiss: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom

  5. Rhea says:

    That Polish is a nice summery pink creme!
    Rhea recently posted … Lancôme L’Extreme Mascara

  6. Beyond Blush says:

    So cute! Love your pictures 🙂
    Beyond Blush recently posted … Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro – 300 Flesh

  7. Erin says:

    Pink Tonic looks like a summer pedi color if I’ve ever seen one!
    Erin recently posted … Cool Stuff Roundup

  8. Leila says:

    I just bought this today! I had tried Pink Tonic on one nail, the bright coral shade on another, and the lilac shade on another.
    Originally I bought the coral shade, but I kept noticing how pretty the Pink Tonic looked, so I came back and did an exchange to get it!
    I have it on my toenails right now. It looks so cheerful and summery!

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