From London to L.A.: Nails Inc. Nail Polishes Launching Today at Sephora

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The British are coming! The British are coming!


YAY! πŸ™‚

And they’ll be staying at Sephora while they’re here. Nails Inc., a cult favorite brand of nail polish colors, treatments and specialty top coats from across the pond, officially goes on sale today at Sephora stores and also online.

The brand’s been around since 1999, with products ranging from $9.50 – $25 each, and colors inspired by catwalks worldwide.

The 42 polishes in their color line are going for $9.50 each at Sephora — some with super glossy cream finishes, glittery finishes, and others with shimmery metallic finishes — and each one is named after an iconic London locale like bright sunflower yellow Carnaby Street, beet red Piccadilly Circus and bright geranium pink Brook Street.


I haven’t had a chance to swatch or test any of ’em yet, but my nails are aching to try them on.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Let’s raise our cups of coffee in mutual support! πŸ™‚ Here’s to us all having a wonderful Thursday. T minus one day till Friday…


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  1. Heidi says:

    Ooh, looks like they’ve got some beautiful metallics!

    • Karen says:

      I know! I can’t help but make grabby gestures at the screen when I see the sparkles. I’m doing to do my nails tonight so hopefully this line will deliver the goods. πŸ˜€

      How’s the job search going, btw?

      • Heidi says:

        Ugh, beyond frustrating! Trying to find a full-time, with medical benefits, job in a wheelchair accessible environment with as short a commute as possible is a real challenge. I almost got an interview lined up last week, made an appointment, then asked about wheelchair access and was told “sorry, we’re on the second floor of an old building, no elevator.”

        • Elaine says:

          Hi Heidi, do you live in Canada? Because it’s illegal here not to have wheelchair access to all buildings. Maybe where you live has some similar law that you can point out?

          • Kimberly says:

            I don’t know you, but are you also in SF like Karen? And what industry? I’m also happy to keep my eyes and ears open for gigs for others, as I am currently in a job I love.
            Kimberly recently posted … Plant 911 bookmarks

          • Heidi says:

            Actually, I’m in California, and yes there are all kinds of laws about wheelchair access but it always depends on the age and capacity of the building and the cost to renovate, so many companies don’t have to comply.

          • Heidi says:

            I’m in Sonoma County, just north of Karen, and I’m looking for anything clerical/customer service. That’s the bulk of my previous job experience.

        • Karen says:

          Sorry to hear it’s been so hard. πŸ™ Hang in there… Hopefully you’ll find something soon.

          Oh — what industry are you in? If I hear of anything that might be a good fit for you here in Marin I can always give you a holler.

          Regarding the building with no elevator: I always thought that employers in California had to make their businesses wheelchair accessible.

  2. Emily says:

    How does that work?! Over here in the uk they charge more in pounds sterling than in dollars?!!! They charge us £11 over here!

    • Vonvon says:

      I just commented the same thing in the other Nails Inc. Post! It’s such a rip-off, right?? I notice many things in pound sterlings, when cross over the Atlantic, will be much cheaper even after conversion, than in the UK. Another example is Boots products in Target!

  3. mkdallas says:

    They also have 2 great boxed sets at Sephora; one is neutral creams and includes a pale pink, a greyish-blue, a mushroom greige and a burgundy…the other set is metallic selections. I ordered the neutrals and received it (nice box, nice price @ $25 for 4 full-sized bottles) but haven’t had the chance to use it yet.

  4. lia says:

    I love Nails Inc! There cremes are awesome, I’m so glad I don’t have to wait til I go abroad to get them anymore! Basil Street is one of my fav nudes, and Warwick way is an awesome teal πŸ™‚

  5. Trisha says:

    Awesome colors! It makes me sad that there isn’t a Sephora nearby so I could try them out.
    Trisha recently posted … Enter to Win Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm

  6. Melissa says:

    That Porchester Place color looks pretty πŸ™‚ I may need to stop at Sephora – much to my husband’s delight. I’m pretty sure he told me I don’t have enough nailpolish the last time we spoke on the subject πŸ˜‰
    Melissa recently posted … Birchbox – July

  7. gio says:

    They look beautiful! Can’t wait for the swatches.
    gio recently posted … QOTW: Do You Review The Beauty Products You Purchase?

  8. Vijaya says:

    Oooh! Looks like a good, extensive line!
    Vijaya recently posted … Cool As A Cucumber

  9. Nina says:

    the colors are so pretty!

  10. Littlegminor says:

    I just got my order yesterday – I’m wearing St. John’s Wood right now! Great formula.

  11. Mary says:

    I’ve never tried this brand before, but it looks like they have a decent colour selection. The glittery one looks really pretty.
    Mary recently posted … OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window Swatches & Review

  12. Chris25 says:

    I saw these on All Lacquered Up. I am intrigued. I think I shall float on over to Sephora tomorrow to take a look.

  13. Appu says:

    Can’t wait to try these! I’ve heard great things about the Kensington Caviar Top Coat from this line. πŸ˜€
    Appu recently posted … Bath and Body Works "Into The Wild"

  14. Katie says:

    UGH! don’t remind me that tomorrow’s friday… My summer ends monday πŸ™

  15. Harpa says:

    I can only dream of having Nails Inc nail polish because here in Iceland they cost from 25-34$!! Damn taxes!
    When I walk by a NI stand I gently touch each and every color….. meeee waaant….

  16. Kayleigh says:

    I like the sounds of Old Park Lane – metallic rose gold? Sounds gorgeous!!

  17. Melody says:

    I see lots of to die for colors! I wonder how these compare to Butter London. I’m not thrilled about BL’s $14 price tag and some of these look like they may compare.

  18. Helena says:

    I absolute love these polishes, I stock up on them each time I’m in the UK. My absolute favourite is Tate!!!!

  19. Kim says:

    These are cute! I’d be boring and go with Elizabeth Street or Warwick Avenue, though. I’ve never been to London but it’s still fun to read the names. Some I recognize and the rest I have an urge to google to see their claim to fame. πŸ™‚

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