6 Ways to Take Your Nails to the Next Level

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Sometimes, the easiest, least expensive way to switch up my look is with a polish change. One of my weekend mental health rituals has long been to set aside a few *me* minutes to paint my nails in front of the TV. A new nail color and a mani/pedi at home recharges my batteries and helps me start the coming week with a positive attitude.


Here are 6 ways to take your nails to the next level.

  • Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
    “When a sales person at Pure Beauty introduced me to this product in 2003, I was initially turned off by the price. Ten bucks for a bottle of clear polish seemed ridiculous! She insisted that I wouldn’t regret it and oh-so-helpfully reminded me of their full-refund policy, so I happily handed her some cash and skipped off into the sunset.”

  • Save a Few Bucks at the Nail Salon by Getting a Polish Change
    “What’s the difference between a polish change and a manicure? It depends on the salon, but usually during a polish change the nail technician won’t file your nails down, won’t cut your cuticles (you’re never supposed to cut your cuticles at the salon, anyway), and they may skip the soaking part.”

  • Splurge or Steal: Essie Neon Delivers Chanel Nail Colors for Less
    “All of the colors, with the exception of Mini Shorts, have that thick, high shine, classic finish Essie is known for. Mini Shorts doesn’t seem to be quite as shiny as the other shades are, and I’m not sure why that is, but a high shine top coat like Seche Vite should bring the shine up to par.”

  • The Lippmann Collection Nail Studio: A Manicure and Pedicure in Paradise
    “A Lippmann manicure is less painful than a typical mani/pedi treatment. Cuticles aren’t cut, hands and toes are soaked in large bowls of warm water rather than spa tubs with jets, and the nails are only filed in one direction to prevent breakage. It’s more of a holistic approach to nail care.”

  • Play to Win with Lippmann Collection Fall Nail Colors
    “Lippmann Collection polishes have a reputation in the beauty world. They’re known for their durability, and that’s not hype, either; early last month I got a mani/pedi at the Lippmann nail bar in Hawaii, and the coral color on my toes is STILL fresh and intact. I’ve been reapplying top coat every five days, but even that, with most other brands of polish, would not have been enough to make the color last as long as it has so far.”

  • China Glaze Ink Nail Polish: Wow, That’s Bright
    “I was pretty stoked to give the colors a try when I spotted the kit because I’ve been going through a bright nail polish phase. I couldn’t wait to try these colors on.”

OOH! I got some good makeup tips (and a fun smokey eye technique) in the MAC Studio Talk at Bloomingdale’s this afternoon. I’ll blog ’em tomorrow, but right now I’m about to make some tea and get ready for bed.

Did you have a good day? What was the prettiest thing you saw today? Mine was a display of Annick Goutal skincare products. I thought the packaging was gorgeous.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Marisol says:

    The prettiest thing I saw today was a couple that is in love and they were playing with their dog. I know it seems cheesy but I visited my friend in Sonoma today and she and her bf just looked so happy. I have known them for 10+ years and they are now truly happy at this point in their life.

    Also driving to Sonoma/Napa in a convertible in a day like today was gorgeous!

    Marisols last blog post..Work Pet Peeves

  2. lindsay says:

    I looked at the Annick Goutal link you had up there, and there perfume bottles ARE GORGEOUS! I would totally buy the perfume just for the bottle lol! The prettiest thing I saw today? Michael Phelps (finally without facial hair and a hair cut!) without his shirt LOL yum! 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    Aw, that’s not cheesy at all. I like to people watch and sometimes while I’m at the park I’ll see families or couples looking happy and I get all teary eyed.

    Was it warm up in Sonoma?

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I agree…Michael Phelps shirtless is a thing of beauty.

    I buy scents for the bottle, too! The packaging is a big thing for me. 🙂

  5. carla says:

    Hi Karen it’s been a while girl
    last night I bought M.A.C nail vernise in spicemex and I manage to use it with Dior fall iridescent leather quents along with western beige lipstick 🙂

  6. Lydia says:

    Thanks for these nail tips! I always do my nails every sunday night in front of the tv too just to make myself feel special lol. 🙂

  7. Karen B says:

    I do my nails in front of the tv too. My mum is always: why do you need so much stuff? It’s just nails! Lol.
    It’s just a little pampering me time ^^ I need some new polishes though. Right now I only got that purple I talked about in the other post, a bright bright red and an antiqued goldish colour (from the Body Shop, it’s gorgeous!)

    I’ve never had a professional manicure. Can you believe it? And the most funny part about that is that there’s a nail salon across the park at my door. lol.

    Karen Bs last blog post..Picspam: Valerenga – Liverpool FC August 5th 08

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Carla,

    Nice! How do you like the Iridescent Leather palette?

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Lydia,

    It’s fun, isn’t it? I like to do it while watching The Golden Girls.

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    Ha! El Hub asks me the same thing. I gotta have all my tools with me, ya know?

    That Body Shop shade sounds really pretty, BTW!

    Professional manicures are relaxing for me if I know the salon is clean. My mom went to a nail salon a few years ago and got a nail infection so I’m a bit freaked out about them now. Plus, doing them myself is much cheaper! 🙂

  11. Etherealprey says:

    the seviche topcoat is a godsend! Dries fast and does its job, no need for touch ups with this on. I was lucky enough to get a freebie at sheckys!!!

  12. Lehea says:

    Hey Karen! I got a mani/pedi at the Lippmann Studio and it was amazing! Totally worth the price. It was my first pedi so I wasn’t sure if I’d get ticklish, but the person who helped me (Kandice) kept me at ease. I will definitely make another appointment there the next time I travel back to Hawaii.

  13. Kasey says:

    I’ve been using Nailene’s Titanium Strength with Green Tea on my nails about once every other week and my nails look and feel so much healthier. Its a must try!

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