Share a Tip Tuesdays: Your Brushes Are Major League Masters of Multitasking

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Brushes are useless…

Oops! I meant “useful.” Brushes are useful. 🙂 And you can use ’em for way more than just the purpose they’re usually marketed for, because who says that a blush brush can only be used to apply blush? Hogwash! A brush is just a tool, right? And like any tool, it can be used for different things.


My tip for today’s installment of Share a Tip Tuesdays: think of your brushes as tools, and look for new and different ways to use them.

When I started really getting into makeup, I also started investing in brushes. I did my research and picked up the best brushes I could afford, only using them according to each brush’s official description. Eyeliner brushes for liner, blending brushes for blending, and so on like that. It never occurred to me to use my brushes for more than their designated tasks…


Until it finally did. Now, I regularly use crease brushes for concealer, concealer brushes for lips, angled brushes for liner, blush brushes for foundation — why not?

Play with your brushes, because you never know when you’ll find one that excels at doing something it wasn’t originally designed to do. 🙂

Welcome to another edition of Share a Tip Tuesdays! Last week we talked liner tips, and you guys/gals left some great ones in the comments…

I use UD Perversion for my water really reeeallly black and stays put without too much of a fuss. I find applying a bit of primer along the lash line (on the skin, not the lashes, of course!) helps avoid raccoon eyes.
— Rads

My fave trick for lining my waterline (and I do so almost everyday) is to use a long wearing gray eyeliner. Things like UD 24×7 in Gunmetal, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Charcoal or MAC Grey Utility Powerpoint Liner.
Its less harsh and finishes softer, making it more forgiving and easier to correct (use a pointy QTip to correct, its cheap and works wonders).
— Nina

My trick is to use a primer, like UD in Sin or Eden, along the area of the waterline. I have found it really makes a difference and helps my cheaper liners, like Rimmel Exaggerate in Deep Ocean, and my NYX Slide On Glide On liners, really stay put all day.
— Katherine G

I sometimes use a gel liner like MAC Blacktrack. I will also carry a mini Smashbox pencil in my bag for touch ups.
— Chris25

I don’t use liner on my waterliner (my eyes are incredibly sensitive!) but to keep my liner on my top lash line I layer, layer, layer! First, Primer – Usually Too Faced Shadow Insurance) then I set it with Cover FX Setting Powder. Next I apply a long wearing liner – usually gel, then set it with a matching shadow! Poof! All day liner!
— Shaylee

Try Guerlain Kohl powder, it is designed for the waterline. Its a kolh powder, so i will line it on my waterline, blink and reapply.
— Rena

This week, let’s open the floor up to any makeup/beauty topics, and here are a few ideas to get the conversation started: what’s your favorite multitasking makeup brush? Can you recommend a long-lasting beige, nude or white eyeliner with all-day staying power? What are the best eyeliners for gals who wear contacts?

Got any great makeup or beauty tips to share? If you do, share them in the comments here, or tweet them to me on Twitter @karenmbb using the hashtag #shareatiptuesday.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Appu says:

    My favorite multitasking brush is the MAC 217. I use it to pack shadows, blend them and also for concealer under the eyes. I also like to use eyeliner brushes with a fine point as a concealer brush for teeny tiny blemishes or spots!

  2. Monika says:

    I love the MAC 138. Its shape allows for a lot of multi-tasking! I use the very point of it for highlighting (cheekbones, bridge of nose, etc.) and the side for blush (I’m heavy handed with blush, and the 138 diffuses color very nicely). The tapered point also works well for simple bronzer contouring, like making a backwards three on the side of my face to hit all the high points of my face in one go.

  3. I love using an eyeliner brush to apply cream concealer to blemishes. It’s so small that you can really be precise and not have the “concealer patch” covering a centimeter around the spot… because that just screams “I have a zit!!!” to anyone who sees you.
    Leah @ Mile High Beauty Blog recently posted … Footlogix at The Four Seasons Spa

  4. penelope says:

    The three dollar ELF Powder Brush from Target is widely raved about in the beauty community for good reasons. Its a steal for only three bucks, but it is incredibly multi functional. You can use it to apply foundation, powder, blush and bronzer. I’ve had mine for two years and this cheap brush surprisingly still works well!
    penelope recently posted … Summer May Be Over, But You Can Still Relive It In The Shower With This Soap

  5. I tend to use brushes for just one thing, but I have lots that I have repurposed. I have an eyeshadow brush (meant for blending) that’s too floppy to use on my eyes, but it’s perfect for applying power to small areas, like under my eyes. One of my blush brushes is a little too big and fluffy for me to use for blush, so I use it for powder. I have an eyeshadow blending brush that’s way too big for my small amount of lid space, but just perfect as a highlighter brush.
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted … Drugstore Nude and Neutral Lipstick Swatches & Comparison

  6. Nina says:

    After im done deep cleansing my brushes, I wrap them on a piece of facial tissue so they retain their shape while drying. That toilet paper cardboard roll? Save it, and use it to store your kabuki brushes after you wash them!

  7. karla almanza says:

    I actually use the UD 24/7 concealer (the first one; i haven’t tried the new formula one) as my beije liner in my waterline. Surprisingly it doesn’t go into my contacts. However, I do pull down my waterline a bit to try to place most of the product close to my lashes so it won’t go into my contacts. It’s a hassle when eyeliners do stain my contacts.

  8. NeenaJ says:

    My favorite multi-tasking brush is the Real Techniques (micro) Setting Brush. It’s the perfect size to (1)apply blush or powder to small, specific areas, (2) apply highlighter, (3) contour, or (4) paint a wash of color over eyelids.
    At $8 regular price, it’s a steal but you could hold out for a sale (like I did)!

  9. Chris25 says:

    My two faves are Essence of Beauty Crease brush and Sephora Blending brush. Both can be used to apply color all over the lid, into the crease, outer v, and to blend. I love these two with all my heart. 🙂

  10. Katherine G says:

    I use a variety of brushes, none of which are expensive. My foundation/bronzer brushes are from a Bare Minerals kit I got a couple of years ago. They work great and clean up well with the Sonia Kashuk brush cleaner. I bought a kit of Sonia Kashuk eye brushes, and they work pretty well, too. The kit is small and comes with a white pleather case. Sonia Kashuk has some great kits for a great price, and since breast cancer month is coming up, check out her pink brush kit.

    I don’t use white or beige liners, but I do use light colored ones for the inner corner. I use a metallic yellow one by Make Up Forever (it’s a pencil) and Milani Liquify in metallic silver.

    As for contact lense wearers, most stuff is safe now for contacts. I would say just be very careful with powder or kohl but even they are considered safe now too. The UD 24/7 liners and any liner held in place by primer or eye shadow will hold up well and won’t flake for people who wear contacts (I am one of the contact lense wearers).

    Thanks for putting up my comment, Karen! That is pretty awesome 🙂

  11. Kate & Zena says:

    I love my fluffy brushes! It doesn’t matter what brand you have, having at least two good fluffy blending brush is a must. I have two because when I can use one for blending out my eyes, then another for putting subtle highlights on my face, blending out concealer, wiping out my lips, or contouring out small areas.

    Also, when your doing strong eyes or working with multiple shades with an eye look, your one fluffy brush will stop blending on you! You need another one! It really sucks when that happens!

  12. Lulle says:

    I often use crease brushes for blending and vice versa! The $1 ELF blending brush is perfect for my wide, deep crease, and it also works well for highlighting my browbone. Great value!
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  13. Sara says:

    My favorite favorite favorite multitasking brush is the smudger brush from Medusas Makeup. It retails for about $10 but it packs a punch! I use this baby to wing my shadow out, smudge liner for a smoky look, apply cream eyeliner, put eyeshadow along my lower lash line. This is possibly one of the best brushes that I own and I constantly find myself going back to it.

  14. Ana says:

    The Illamasqua highlighting brush! Complete multitasker! I use it for foundation, blush, bronzer, contouring, highlighter with cream or powder products. It’s lovely. The shape is perfect! Small enough to give you some control over your face.
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  15. I have to say that my favourite brush is a tie between Lunasol Cheek Brush and RMK Cheek Brush S, as I’m only learning up proper eye makeup so can’t really comment on eye brushes (Am still on the lookout for good eye brushes). Anyway, both the Lunasol and RMK brushes are incredibly high quality and fluffy and soft, and work very well for loose powder or pressed powder application- foundation, compact, blush, bronzer, highlighter… anything face-related, really! Who says they should only be cheek brushes? 😀
    Stephanie/Yukaeshi recently posted … Fujifilm Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

  16. Marina says:

    Thanks for bringing up the question about the nude eye liners!
    Here is a tip Lisa Eldridge taught me (bless her for recommending so many amazing products, too) – using eye liner brush for concealing small blemishes. It works wonders actually!
    Marina recently posted … Clarins Body Scrubs Review: Toning Body Polisher and Smoothing Body Scrub

  17. Liliane says:

    Tried that tip on getting my liner to stay on my waterline….WOW, does it work! Actually kind of amazing.

    The best eyeliner that I’ve found that stays put on my waterline and anywhere else is actually drugstore–Physician’s Formula! The ones that come in a set of three are my favorites. So easy to use and so dependable.

    Karen, what are your thoughts on brushes for foundations? Which type is best for a medium coverage?

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