Share a Tip Tuesdays: Beauty Shortcuts for Busy Girls

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Share a Tip Tuesdays: 5 Minute Makeup

I’m smiling in this pic because it only took me five minutes to do my makeup.

Sometimes it seems like no matter what I do to manage my time better — keeping to-do lists with action items, reminding Siri to remind me to pay the PG&E bill tomorrow, using stopwatches and timers to stay on task, organizing and reorganizing my files (and reorganizing them again), avoiding Twitter and my email for a few hours, waking up at the butt crack of dawn to get a head start on the day — there’s never enough time.

I don’t know about you, but this whole 24-hour day thing just isn’t working for me. 🙂 How do I go about getting a longer day…?


There are some things that help, though. Definitely. Time-saving tips do make it easier to get more done in the day, and when I’m really feeling the crunch, like when I only have five minutes to get ready, I fall back to my most reliable makeup tricks like…

  • Using a (kick-arse) tinted moisturizer. In my opinion, the best one out there now is NARS Pure Radiant. It’s lightweight, applies quick as a bunny (I just use my fingers), covers almost everything and doesn’t give me breakouts. My fussy dry/oily/acne-prone skin adores it.
  • A bronzy blush. Bronzy blushes can also double as bronzers, and there’s always a few in my makeup bag, like right now, I’m carrying NARS Madly, Benefit Dallas, MAC Harmony, MAC Format and Sisly L’Orchidee.
  • A superhero, one-coat mascara capable of doing it all. My new fave is Le Volume de Chanel in Noir. It’s a little expensive, but it lengthens, separates and thickens my nap-worthy lashes in a single swoop.

Separating my makeup into three different bags also helps me stay organized when I have to get out the door quickly.

I stash my makeup essentials in the first one (tinted moisturizer, concealer, powder, brow filler, blush and mascara), and my brushes in the second. In the third bag, I store cleansers and cleanup products — makeup wipes, Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks and packets of Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes (for cleaning my fingers and removing gunk from dirty brushes) — just in case I have to fix a mistake while I’m out and about.

Welcome to another edition of Share a Tip Tuesdays! 🙂 Okay…you were awesome last week. You left so many fantastic tips in last week’s installment. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, but here were some of the ones that perked up my tired eyes…

Use a peachy highlight in the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone to perk up tired eyes. Since I know that peach correctors work well for under-eye dark circles, I don’t know why it was such a huge surprise to me when I tried it with MAC Arena, but whoa! A shimmery peach works so much better than champagne, which used to be my go-to highlight shade.

If you mix a brown eyeshadow with the more dramatic colors in your eye look, you’ll get a softened version that usually translates into a more comfortable look. This tip is especially good for people who are just starting to add brighter/deeper colors to their eye looks. ie: If you’re worried about blue eyeshadow being too BLUE!, then throw some brown in there. Just make sure the brown you’re using complements the overall tone/darkness of the eyeshadow that you’re adding it to.

I use the ELF Lip Lock pencil to keep my lipstick from feathering — it’s a $3 wonder!

The absolute best way to make tired eyes look perky is to skip liner on the lower lashes (even if it’s not black), and apply a flesh toned or white pencil to your waterline. Then apply a satin or shimmer eyeshadow to your eye’s inner corner. If you have large eyes, use a satin or matte eyeshadow, a shade lighter than your skin color.

Liquid liner has been MY JAM since sophomore year in high school! My ultimate savior when it comes to cat eyes: the pointed q-tip. Take either a sharpened pencil or some dark shadow on an eyeliner brush and lightly sculpt out the shape you want. Getting the eyes symmetrical is as easy as just removing any mistakes with the pointed q-tip (I like to go by the angle my lower lash line makes – just run the q-tip up from that angle to get a perfectly sharp line). Then go over with liquid liner. A bit more time-consuming, but it beats having to mess around with smeary liquid liner in order to correct a mistake.

Hvala! 🙂

So, let’s get to it. As usual, any and all of your makeup/beauty/hair/skin tips are welcome, but here are a few conversation starters…

  1. What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?
  2. You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?
  3. What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?
  4. What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?
  5. What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?

Leave your tips/tricks/suggestions here in the comments, or tweet ’em to me on Twitter @karenmbb using the hashtag #shareatiptuesday. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiera says:

    My absolute favorite beauty shortcut product is Origins VitaZing. It’s a moisturizer with a slight tint and SPF. I love multitasking products! Tinted lip balms are also great when I don’t have time for more. And fun eyeliner colors (not brown or black!) add a pop of color to the eyes with very little time/effort. And filling in the brows are an absolute must, even on the lightest makeup days!

  2. Marla says:

    I agree, Nars Pure Radiant is the best out right now. I love mine.

  3. Love reading this 😀
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Hit or miss: MTV EMAs 2012

  4. Nina says:

    What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?

    Double duty products are the best way to save time — a cream shadow that works as a highlighter, a lip and cheek tint, powder foundation!

    You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?

    Definitely sunblock and moisturizer, a brow pencil and tinted lipbalm. Maybe – an eyeshadow palette, some travel brushes and a blush!

    What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?

    Tarte Exposed – lasts all day, universally flattering
    MAC Mocha – it makas me look alive
    MAC Marine Life – blush and highlighter in one – yes please!

    What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?

    Sunblock, tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, brows, setting spray.

    What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?

    Ive learned to do my face first, its a habit now. The best reason for doing this? If I run out of time before I get to eye makeup, I can just swipe on a neutral eyeshadow and some brows on. Et voila – im ready to step out the door!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      Ahh, MAC Mocha! I need to take mine out and give it some love. 🙂

      Good idea to do your face first, btw!

      • Nina says:

        I got that tip from one of your posts 🙂 Its a nice time saver, and I find that it makes the rest of the face go faster!

        I use and abuse MAC Mocha way too much – its really flattering and has just the right level of pigmentation!

  5. Savannah says:

    Not too sure about 1 & 2, but
    3. I don’t have 3 but I have 2 top blushes, Mac prism (matte) since it’s very neutral, I can wear it with bright red lips, vampy lips or regular old pretty lips. My other fave is Mac peachykeen, I call this my everything blush, since it’s got the brightness of a blush, warmth of a bronzer and shimmer from a highlighter.
    4. 2faced shadow insurance, conceal everything I can!, brush powder foundation all over, quick dusting of blush, matte brown in the crease, shimmery nude on lid, blend blend blend, smudge dark brown e/s for liner, mascara and I can curl my lashes and apply my lipstick on the bus, I also bring a black kohl liner to rim my eyes when I have time/want extra definition.
    5. I think this year, is the year of blending. I always used to blend, but this year I’m doing soo much better and my make up looks always look pro now. I’m using some of my face powder to help buff out color to my brow and it really completes it 🙂

  6. Natasha says:

    Great tips!

    1.What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?
    Use multi-use products like BB creams, lip/cheek stains and dark blue mascara.

    2.You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?
    Actually, I’ll be leaving for 3 weeks in December (I wish it were the Bahamas!) so I’ve been thinking about what to take. 2 palettes. ELF’s nude essentials ($5 at Target right now!! Squee!) and Urban Decay’s Smoked — between the two, I have all possibilities covered. Next is Smashbox’s BB cream, amazing concealer, Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy BLush in a peachy-pink shade (can’t remember the name), a couple of lipsticks and the travel brush set from Sephora that I gave myself for my last birthday. ANd I always leave room for stuff I find while travelling! You never know what goodies you’ll run across when you’re away from home.

    3.What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?
    I’m not really a big blush connoisseur. If it’s moderately pigmented and peachy-pinky, then I’m happy. I did have a really pretty bright peach that I picked up in Korea that I wore all last summer, but now the days are shorter so I’m back to more modest colors.

    4. What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?
    BB cream (tinted moisturizer with SPF and glow-enhancers), shimmery peach eyeshadow all over the lid. Dark brown eyeshadow in the crease and along the upper lashline. Black mascara. Quick dots of concealer only where it’s needed. And out the door.

    5.What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?
    Tightlining from you! I always get compliments on my eyes when I tightline and I used to never do it b/c it didn’t last longer than 10 minutes. Now, with the right pencil and layering technique, it lasts all day and night!

    What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?

    What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Natasha,

      These are great recommendations and tips. Thank you!

      Where are you headed in December? Will the trip be for work or fun?

      • Natasha says:

        1st week,going to Nashville to take care of my mom as she gets her knee replaced, then I head off to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to accompany the hubby at his conference (and my vacation), then it’s XMas with the in-laws on Staten Island — hope we manage to get into the City for at least 1 day, but it usually very busy doing the holiday dinners at ALL permutations of relatives’ houses…finally home on NY’s eve to ring in the New Year with the puddies.

        While my make-up bag is ready to go, I’m still not sure what clothes to bring for all weather possibilities–cold and possibly rainy days in Nashville, SoCal-ish temps in Tel Aviv but very cold and possibly snowy in Jerusalem…and who knows what will happen in NYC; some years it snows, some years it’s in the 50s…plus I’ll need something dressy for the conference dinner and the big X-Mas dinner). Don’t want to bring more than 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on. I know, layers, layers…probably time to embrace black so I don’t have to worry about matching stuff…and it’s the shoes that get me, dressy and walking and waterproof boots–they take up so much room!

      • Natasha says:

        Hey Karen,

        Mostly fun. The first week I’m off to Nashville to take care of my Mom who is getting her knee replaced. Then I’m off to Tel Aviv to accompany the hubby at his conference (and my vacation). And then, we spend a week on Staten Island visiting the in-laws for the X-Mas eating festival…finally home on New Year’s eve for a quiet celebration with our cats!

        The make-up bag is ready, but still having trouble planning the clothes since we’ll be in so many climate zones — going from warm to cold to possible snow and definite rain and back. I know, layers, layers… but which ones is the challenge — AND I have to be prepared for lots of walking, touristing, being the “trophy wife” at the conference dinner, and dressing up for the big X-Mas dinner (as opposed to all the less formal feasting…)

    • I like your choices, but I’ve never tried a dark blue mascara before, which one(s) do you use and like? I’m hoping to get something edgy.

      BB cream saves my mornings if I’m in a pinch. Which ones do you use?
      Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

      • Chelsea says:

        I love the Smashbox BB Cream. I liked the feel of the L’Oreal Magic one, but it was quite dark. Garnier’s was okay, I guess, but I only used a sample, which didn’t compel me to buy it. The only Korean one I’ve tried is the Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream, which felt/looked great, but it broke me out. I break out relatively easily, so I haven’t ventured too much, though I’ve wanted to try the Missha ones in the 13 shade (another issue is the limited shades, I am practically white)

        • Chelsea:

          So far the western brands are more like tinted moisturizers than BBs (some are good for that though), but Peach Girl is a pretty BB, I just got that one myself! Even though it breaks you out if you like the color it’s nearly identical to Missha #21. Missha #13 is also awesome because it’s one of the lightest BB’s ever, and the coverage is more substantial than a lot of other brands. Missha #21 is currently my HG, and I’m putting together a review for it (Asian brands are kinda my thing).

          One thing that can help eliminate BB breakouts is to make sure your skin is clean, clean, clean, and your hands are too when applying BBs, because some have occlusive properties (keeps stuff in) unlike foundations. Sometimes that can make you break out because bacteria/oil/junks get trapped under there even if the product itself isn’t comedogenic. I’ve made that mistake before and I’m glad I figured it out, I’m so acne prone and it saves my skin a ton.

          Skin79 The Oriental Gold might be worth looking into (I wrote about recently). It’s a VERY fair BB, I’m so redonkulously pale (but I have yellow/green undertones) that I have a hard time getting the right shade too! You can get sample size (5g tubes) for pretty cheap on eBay (trusted sellers!) to try it before you commit. Good hunting!
          Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

      • Natasha says:

        Hi Tiffany,
        Actually, I’m really loving Skin79’s Diamond Prestige BBcream (or maybe it’s beblemesh cream…)… good coverage, blends nicely with my pale skintone and gives a really pretty glow AND has a healthy SPF. Smashbox is my fave US one.

        I’m also a fan of LashBlast (the one in the fat orange container…I think it’s CoverGirl). Their blue is actually very dark and subtle…and it stays put all day!

        • Natasha:

          I’ve tried Diamond Prestige but not enough to really get a sense of it (sample sizes!), but it’s good to know you like it so much, I’ll have to get a bit more and check it out for longer. I find most Skin79 to match my skin, so it sounds like we’re both pale sisters, haha. Like you I also prefer a product with a good SPF, I still wear sunscreen but I feel like extra protected when my BB contains SPF too.

          As for the Smashbox product I’ll have to give it a go, I keep hearing people tell me it’s a nice product. How’s the coverage though? I have acne scarring I like to minimize. Whenever I think to get one of the western brands it’s always hard to justify, I always say “But I could buy another Korean Brand” lol.

          Thanks for the recommendation on the Lashblast!! I’m putting that on my makeup to-buy list (: Must have blue mascara!!
          Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

          • Natasha says:

            HEY Tiffany,
            If you have access to Korean BB creams, don’t bother with the Smashbox one. It’s a good skintone match, but is just a glorified sheer foundation. It does have a nice finish, but a light dusting of powder over a real BB cream gives the same effect.

      • meimei says:

        My last dermatologist prescribed an SPF50++ BB cream to me, which was a little thick and hard to blend (my face did look a bit pasty, in fact) – but once it was on, it was just as good as foundation and lasted the whole day! Needless to say, I’ve been in love with BB Creams ever since.

        As much as I would love to get the Missha BB cream, it’s a little spend-y for me, and I tend to go more for the “high street” brands like Face Shop and Etude House. Come to think of it, I just saw a BB Cream at Etude House that might actually match my skin tone – gotta get that one soon!

        • MeiMei:

          I buy my Missha products from reputable eBay sellers (I’m in the US so it can take up to a month to arrive, but prices rule there). I used to buy from their site but I found the cost prohibitive too. I think the last time I bought a Missha BB I paid $12 (full size, 50ml).

          Can you recall what it was your dermatologist prescribed you? I’d love to hear more about it.

          Which Etude House product? Is it one of their new BBs? I’m looking into hauling a few of those, esp now that their new “Precious Mineral All Day Strong” has been upgraded to “Precious Mineral BB Cream” with a new formula that’s supposed to be better. Lightest color looks like it could work, though I’m not 100% sure until I try it.
          Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

  7. Kim says:

    I’m sure I’ve said this before but I always put my mascara on before my primer and liner. The base of my lashes always has mascara smudges and so does my brow bone from where the lashes touch while they’re still wet. I wait for the mascara to dry (while I’m brushing my teeth), wipe off the smudges with a Q-tip, then prime/line.

    PS My whole makeup routine only takes 5 minutes everyday, but it doesn’t look as good as yours. 🙂

  8. Dominique says:

    1 ) Rosewater on the face ( organic ), a touch of blush like Benefit Bella Bamba and that’s all
    2) M.A.C Rosy Outlook blush, a good brush, let’s say Dior Croisette Palette in Swimming Pool, M.A.C Liquid Powder, Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in Pêche clair, Nars Roman Holiday and Niagara lipsticks, M.A.C Innocence, Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz, Rouge Coco Shine the Balm, Benefit Bad Gal mascara in black and if allowed on board M.A.C Carine Roitfeld Underfire red polish and Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s dream
    3) ANY JC Chanel blush so easy-to-wear and classy, Benefit Hervana so pale and soft, M.A.C Rosy Outlook the perfect blush to me.
    4) Chanel Poudre libre universelle all over the face + a good blush + a good lipstick in plum, rose or red
    5) Using a translucent lip pencil to obtain perfect lips.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Dominique,

      Awesome list! I love that you’re so into Chanel. Have you seen their new Notorious JC? It’s like this mauve gray that’s supposed to be for contouring.

  9. Trixie says:

    UD primer in eden saves me time every morning. It doubles as a concealer for me helping to hide general darkness on my eyelids and even helps with dark under eye circles.
    The Too Faced return of sexy eyeshadow palette is a must for my travel bag since it would cover all my eyeshadow needs from day to night!!

  10. Liz says:

    2. On a trip to the Bahamas I would bring tinted moisturizer, concealer, pressed powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and an eyeshadow palette for lots of options. also a powder/blush brush, eyeshadow/concealer brush, and spray brush cleaner. And some balm stains. Mm, love me some balm stains.

    3. I just discovered Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Exposed and NARS Orgasm, both of which I know everyone else in the world has known about for forever, but I finally get the hype. Exposed is pretty yet appropriate for any occasion. It can be casual or business-appropriate. Orgasm amazed me with how natural it looked. In both cases I was skeptical that I could pull of a blush that wasn’t just pink (I thought Exposed would be too brown, which is bad, and Orgasm would be too coral, which is also bad), but these worked on my very fair cool-toned skin. I have a hard time deciding which one to wear every day!

    4. My 5-minute makeup routine is concealer, pressed powder, blush, maybe a swipe of cream shadow, mascara, and balm stain or lipgloss on the way out the door.

  11. Chelsea says:

    1.What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?

    Multi-use products (tinted moisturizer or BB cream if your skin isn’t as finicky as mine – my skin freaks out without my 3 layers of moisturizers and sunscreens), and products that can be applied with the fingers (cream blush, cream shadows, in no-fuss shades)

    2.You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?

    A metric ton of sunscreen, being a ginger, LOL – Vanicream SPF 60 for the face, and any other mineral sunscreen for the body. So, tinted moisturizer/BB cream (I’ve been using a sample of Smashbox’s BB Cream, it’s quite good!), cream blush, my MUFE Aqua Brows, Neat 3B Facial Antiperspirant (not for everyday use, but an essential if you over-sweat, and amazing for weddings/etc), Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, eyeshadow primer, a couple basic shadows, and tinted lip balm (preferably with SPF!)

    3.What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?
    I am not overly in love with any of my blushes, though blush is an everyday item for me! For cream blushes, Revlon Photoready in Coral Reef is really nice (and surprisingly subtle), and I like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, but the color (Pale Pink) is too pink for my tastes. I’ve been using some samples from Alima Pure mineral makeup, and their shade Dianthus is gorgeous – subtle, glowy shimmery nude pink – as well as Freja – peachy pink with a satin finish. I like nude pinks or peachy pinks best.

    4. What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?
    Tinted Moisturizer (mix foundation and moisturizer in my hand = TM) or BB Cream, cream blush, eyeshadow primer, cream champagne eyeshadow, MUFE Aqua Brows, brown pencil liner, mascara, and lip balm (sometimes tinted).

    5.What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?
    Contouring and highlighting! There’s a great tutorial from GossMakeupArtist on youtube on how to contour properly, with the use of cream (as opposed to powder) products. Makes skin looks glowy without being shimmery or shiny, and is great for wedding photography.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for sharing all these great tips the Neat 3B Facial Antiperspirant is new to me. How does it layer underneath makeup?

      • Haha, we seem to have a lot in common, my first thought about going to the bahamas was suncreen please!

        I also love BB creams, which ones have you tried, and have you tried any asian brands? As for me, I think they’re so much better and the prices are kinder.
        Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

      • Chelsea says:

        I got it at Wal*Mart – I read about it in a magazine, and I suffer from excessive facial sweating sometimes, and it’s really embarrassing. It’s actually amazing under makeup, works kind of like a primer, and keeps your makeup from sweating off. Used it on the girls at the weddings I did this summer, they loved it.

  12. Trude says:

    I really love Mac blush in Fleur Power, it looks super red but when you apply very lightly it’s the perfect flushed shade for very pale-pink toned girls like me. 🙂 I also love Too Faced’s Pink Leopard bronzer, it has just enough pink to make it a great multi-tasker. I think one of the best tips this year for me has been how to sheer out liquid foundation with a damp kabuki brush. As I’ve gotten closer to the big 3-0, mineral powder foundation was just too drying for my changing complexion but regular foundation was too much, and this has been the perfect solution for me!
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  13. Nicole says:

    1. What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?

    I skip foundation and go right to concealer, and then use a big powder brush to buff MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural all over to even out my skin tone. Even if I don’t have time for anything else, I ALWAYS make sure to curl my eyelashes. It makes such a difference.

    2. You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?

    Loads of sunscreen, Cover FX concealer in medium, MAC MSFN in medium-dark, MAC blush in Tippy (from the Hello Kitty collection years ago!), eyelash curlers, any waterproof mascara, my Maybelline Mastershape brow pencil in soft brown, lip balm, and a bright lippy, maybe something like MAC Impassioned.

    3. What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?

    I ADORE my MAC Hello Kitty blush in Tippy. It’s a ridiculously bright hot pink that looks scary in the pan but translates to a gorgeous sheer flush on my tan skin. For days when I feel more peachy, I love my Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Lush Nectarine. For a neutral blush, MAC’s Blushbaby has always been a failsafe for me. Actually, it was the first MAC product I ever purchased!

    4. What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?

    I apply concealer to blemishes and undereye area, buff powder foundation on top, curl my lashes and apply a ton of waterproof mascara, fill in my brows with Maybelline’s Mastershape brow pencil (it’s super waxy so it adds just the right amount of color AND holds the hairs in place… genius) and put on some lip balm. If I have enough time, I’ll put on some blush, but since I’m pretty tan I can get away without it.

    5. What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?

    Concealing. I never used to use concealer. I have quite a lot of post-acne pigmentation, so until this year I would just wear heavy-coverage foundation all over. I was never very happy with the results, but I didn’t know about the power of a good concealer! Watching Lisa Eldridge’s tutorials showed me that even with my uneven skintone, I can use sheer foundations and just conceal where I need it. It has changed my life, and introduced me to my HG foundation: MUFE’s Face and Body!

  14. Lorraine says:

    Hey Karen! Love these posts! I’m leaving for Philippines in 2 weeks and having a hard time picking which makeup to bring. I feel like lugging my entire collection with me just in case I get inspired hahaha. Thanks for all the tips, I’m actually becoming more realistic about packing my makeup.
    On another note, does the NARS tinted moisturizer stay put well? Will it melt off in hot humid weather? I’m a great match for Barcelona in Sheer glow, which colour do you recommend? What about Illamasqua skin base? I purchased recently but unsure if it will stay put in same weather. Please help!!

  15. Alexis says:

    I have an 18-month-old son and I work full time, so efficiency in the morning is key! Every night before I go to bed (after I wash my face, etc.), I plan out my makeup for the next day. I put my eyeshadows in a group, pick out my bronzer, blush (or 2, just in case I can’t decide), put my brushes and eyelash curler next to each other, etc. That way, I really don’t have to think. I can just grab what’s in front of me and I know that it will work :).

    Best thing ever? Primer + BB Cream + Blush. If you have an extra minute curl and apply mascara. An extra two minutes? Creamy concealer (for the eyes) + Highlight for the inner corners + cupids bow of your lip. Wakes the face right up! I already have glosses in my purse so I slap those on in a pinch. Gorgeous for little effort!

    Ermagherd sunscreen!! I gotta bring that! Plus some good aloe/soothing products in case the ocean dries my skin out. Lastly, you gotta have a bronzer to fake it instead of bake it

    Still picking out favorites, but I love pink pink pink, and I’m experimenting with oranges >_>

    Putting brown eyeshadow on instead of eyeliner! It changed my life, lol. Also learned how to apply to the bottom of the eye to really improve my eye makeup. I used to apply only to the top. Such a mistake!
    Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

  17. Michelle says:

    WHAT ARE YOUR TOP QUICKIE BEAUTY TRICKS FOR MORNINGS WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A LOT OF TIME? Ysl Touché Éclat, cream blush and lipgloss always works for me.

    YOU’RE TAKING A ONE-WEEK TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS. WHAT’S IN YOUR TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG? Ysl Touche Eclat, Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #7, Chanel RAE De Gloss in Troublant, Giorgio Armani ETK Mascara, Natura Bisse Daily Defense Oil Free Fluid SPF 30.

    WHAT ARE YOUR TOP THREE BLUSHES, AND WHY DO YOU LOVE THEM? Tom Ford Narcissist looks great against my dark skin and its super blend able, wet n wild blush in Berry Shimmer has just enough shimmer to give my cheeks a gorgeous glow on a night out and I can always count on Nars Dolce Vita all year round.

    WHAT’S YOUR 5-MINUTE MAKEUP ROUTINE? Filled in brows and highlight my brow bone with some YSL Touché Éclat would pretty much give my face some life, cream blush and lipgloss and I’m out the door

    Filling my lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick, my lipstick stays on longer and when it fades, there is still some color and I can just add some clear lipgloss.
    Michelle recently posted … Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze

  18. Vanessa says:

    It’s a simple concept, but your portrait at the top of this post is one of my favorites of you. It brings out your natural beauty!

  19. Katherine G says:

    ~Use BB Cream – it really does brighten skin and save a lot of time. If I have a zit, I like Neutrogena’s concealer with the Microclear technology – it covers it up while fighting the bacteria!
    ~Physician’s Formula bronzers and mineral glow powders really go a long way in making one look refreshed. You can wear them alone or with the BB cream and you will look like you’ve had 8 or more hours of sleep!
    ~My fave BB cream is Garnier – it’s very moisturizing for dry skin and great in this winter/fall weather.
    ~When I went on my cruise, I did pack way too much makeup. Because it’s humid down in the Caribbean, I ended up wearing my Physician’s Formula bronzer and Mineral Glow powder (with no BB cream or foundation – the bronzer is SPF 20) as foundation. My most worn eyeshadows were MAC Club, Woodwinked, and Mulch – they are such great neutrals that they go with everything. Since it was a Caribbean trip, I also wore a lot of Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal and Smashbox cream shadow in Neptune (both beautiful ocean-y colors). As for eyeliners, UD 24/7 pencils in Bourbon and Zero were worn the most and went with everything. For mascara I used Cover Girl Lash Blast 24/7 in Blue Black – it wasn’t waterproof but didn’t flake or fade away.

    ~Nars Orgasm – for the “I just exercised” or “I just exercised in a naughty way ;)” glow.
    ~Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush in Autumn Catwalk – the drugstore blush to rival Nars Orgasm in terms of glow.
    ~Cover Girl Cheekers in Rose – an old favorite, and my first blush.

    ~BB cream, eye and zit concealer, bronzer/mineral glow powder, blush, mascara and lip balm.

    ~I really liked Monika’s tip about using brown eyeshadow to tone down or even enhance bright or vibrant eye colors. There are a lot of uses for my brown shadows besides being neutrals! I also liked your trick, Karen, for using black shadow/liner to tone down brights and even create a new color!

  20. Brenda says:

    1. What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?

    concealer under eyes and on only really noticeable spots if I don’t have time for foundation, use a blush or bronzer that can double as an eye colour.

    2. You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?

    Oh lord, I can NOT pack light. It’s terrible. Let’s skip this one LOL

    3. What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?
    MAC Lilicent – all time favourite blush. Blends into skin well, the perfect colour for my skin and makes a great light lip colour as well. so sad it’s discontinued. Pleasureful is close but again, no longer available.
    MAC Prim & Proper – love this for a summer blush but also a more dramatic contoured type of blush.
    MUFE Bright Peach – a lovely warm colour that is buildable. Again it can be used as the dramatic blush or softly and I’ve used it on eyes too. It lives in my small grab and go bag.

    What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?
    Lately, Bourjois Healthy mix concealer under eyes/around nose, Too Faced shadow insurance, fill in gap in brows w/Dior universal brow pencil, light swirl of MAC Pleasureful with 188 brush followed by MAC Honour blush as highlight/warmth. Honour washed onto lids/crease with a fluffy brush and two coats of a good mascara. I’m loving Smashbox Full Exposure. Clear mascara on bottom lashes. Lips are done with whatever’s in my bag while I’m on the go.

    What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?

    From Nic at Pixiwoo – moisturize right before foundation to help blending. I have dry/combination skin and have a hard time with my skin sucking the moisture out of the product before I can blend it!

    Not using white on the waterline. I watched Lisa Eldridge’s video about the makeup for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and she mentions they sometimes used a light blue on both George Peppard and Audrey. I picked up a few different very light blues to try it out. I love the effect! You don’t see blue waterlines – it’s more that it cancels out the pink but isn’t stark like white. My favourites are Gosh’s light blue liners.

    Again from Lisa – brushing brows down first to see where the top of the brow needs to be filled in

  21. Abhipsa says:

    Waterlining is quicker than trying to do a neat eyeliner. I waterline my eyes, quickly smudge a little cream or gel eye liner on the lids and have a killer smoky eye without much time.

    Tinted lip balms or sheer lipsticks are more forgiving when you only have time for a quick swipe. And grab a berry colored one – it adds instant brightness and prettiness.

    I actually just did that this year 😀 I was very minimal on the make up because I hardly had any time for anything. I carried a black eyeliner, a fun colored eyeliner (love the bright cobalt blue liquid eyeliner from NYX), a nice bronzy/blush with shimmer to also highlight well, tinted moisturizer, tinted lipbalm.

    NARS exhibit A – its an intensely bright red that goes on so smooth and natural that just that tiniest bit feathered on looks super natural. If I’m in a hurry, I use my finger to swipe it on top of a tinted moisturizer – it blends like a dream.
    STILA one step bronzer/blush/highlighter. This is the perfect subtle everyday in a rush kind of product for my olive skin. I pump the tiniest amount and spread it – its got a mousse-like texture that feels so good and gives just that hint of color/glow that works for me.
    BENEFIT Coralista blush is also great with my skin color. Very natural but yet wakes up my face.

    Primer, foundation – both with fingers. Single color eyeshadow – swiped with finger. Eyeliner. Sheer lipstick.

    The Black shadow under brights tip – I have shades that I would never use otherwise!

  22. Monika says:

    Oh man, my tip is up this week! Thanks for giving me a shout-out, Karen!

    Think about the number one. If I’m really strapped for time, I focus on only one product per part of my face (besides eye primer, face primer, and mascara). I speed up foundation application by building it up on dark spots and skipping concealer. When it comes to the eyes, I stick to one eyeshadow that’s applied as a sheer wash or a gradient that gets darker as you get closer to the lashline. For the cheeks, I either wear just blush or I put bronzer on the high points of my face. Finally, I choose a flexible lip color that’s easy to apply without making mistakes and bring it along with me for touch-ups.

  23. The bahama make up bag:
    A product with high spf clarins or Lancaster are my favorite brands
    Korrels yoghurt aftersun (cooling and deeply moisturizing)
    My tweezers
    Collistar Highlighter
    A multitasking oil for hair and cuticles
    An eyebrow pencil

  24. casey23 says:

    My top beauty trick for fast mornings is using bb cream instead of a foundation. I have kind-of-a-condition that it takes more than 10 minutes for foundation to sink in my skin in order for me to do the rest of my makeup. BB cream sinks more easily on my skin, also it has spf property so I don’t have to use extra protection. I have an oily skin so putting on lots of skincare product really kills me! I’ve been using Clinique’s bb cream, but now I found out Garnier’s bb cream for oily skin and it does the trick, too!
    In a one week trip I would have a tinted moisturizer or bb cream
    (also used for sun protection), my favorite blush, a killer mascara and chubby sticks, oh how I love those!
    My top three blushes are Benefit’s bella bamba, Body Shop mineral baked blush and Cargo Echo Beach. They are all very pigmented, though can be used lightly, suitable for day and night occasions and doesn’t make a rash on my face.
    My 5-minute makeup routine would be (after skincare) to apply bb cream and eyeshadow base (it is a must for me!), to wait for a minute for them to settle, and apply light eyeshadow (that usually fits with what I’m wearing) and mascara, then some blushing and a moisturizing lipstick (in the morning my lips are dry as hell!) and voila!!
    No genuine makeup trick yet, but I did learn to use my usual gel moisturizer as a sleeping pack (or moisturizing mask) to moist up my skin, which was also a bonus for makeup and this way my makeup looks flawless ’cause my face looks flawless..

  25. – What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?
    If my skin is tired, I wake it with a drop of Elixir Metaserum (quick massage with fingertips) by ar457

    You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?
    – Elixir Metaserum by ar457 (Makeup artist Karen Alder calls it “Beauty Sleep in a bottle” because it saves your skin in all circumstances
    – Make Up For Ever Waterproof Mascara & Liner
    РLaura Mercier Cr̬me Brul̩e Body Butter (true paradise in a jar)

    What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?
    – Cargo for a luminous touch
    – ELF Natural Radiance Blusher – natural look
    – Mac – Long Lasting

    What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?
    I use the Well-being Care from ar457 for a matt, soft, hydrated skin (excellent makeup base), then I apply the Laura Mercier Foundation primer that gives an instant glow to the skin. Makeup forever HD foundation (applied with a brush for a light natural tone), Cargo blush to give “peps” and relief to my face, Make up for ever black Mascara and the Urban Decay Naked Palette for a natural look, Make Up for ever Aqua Lip just to mark the lip contour! Ready to go!

    What’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?
    – From Makeup Artist Isabelle Kindinis Abriol – How to make a foundation last all day when you have a greasy skin?
    – How to apply mineral lose eye shadow powder – play on wet & dry

    • BBs are my secret too (: Have you tried any Asian BBs?
      Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

      • casey23 says:

        Hi Tiffany I realized you are also in love with bb creams 🙂 I tried asian brands, in fact Missha was the first one I tried, but it was so bad on my skin that it made me put off from bb creams altogether 🙁 I read all your comments, and I believe my problem with asian brands (I also used skin 79, etude house and skin food) was “full coverage”, it prevented my skin to breathe and gave me lots of pimples. I am not saying all asian brands are bad, but I do believe that asian bb creams and western bb creams are sooo different from each other. As you mentioned before they are more like tinted moisturizers but again as you mentioned it is sometimes a good thing, and it is, in my own terms 🙂

        • I like to hear what people’s experiences are, especially curious and experimental people who try a lot of stuff and look for what works for them! I like your comment.

          Ah, “full coverage” can be an issue, and Missha is one of the fullest cover BB creams out of the common Asian brands people use in the west. There are a lot with much lighter coverage, but if you’ve tried a number of brands you know that. Which Skin79 did you use?

          I also see a lot of western people putting BB cream on like foundation or using too much BB in general. It sounds like you’ve given it a nice go but if you ever try again use a VERY small amount of product. What I do is wash my face really well, then I use about half a pea size amount of BB, dot it in different segments and blend with my (clean) hands (you saw the breakout risk with occlusive products comment right?). If it’s not enough coverage I do it again. It’s buildable so you don’t have to suffer from too much or too little coverage.

          I have terrible acne, scarring, and discoloration and BBs are superior to foundation for me, but tinted moisturizers don’t do enough. I think people who have really great skin do well with tinted moisturizers, they just perfect the skin very well without looking fake. I’m jealous (:
          Tiffany Martin recently posted … Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack Review

          • casey23 says:

            Yes the problem was seen with occlusive products 🙁 The bb cream I used from Skin79 was the one in the big fat pink tube Super + triple functioning something..

            My skin is oily but that is pretty much the only problem I have with my skin. Because of oiliness, I have somewhat medium-large pores near my nose area, and some redness (mild eczema) again in the same area. So, what I’m looking from a foundation/bb cream/tm is just moderate coverage to even my skin color.. I was very excited about bb cream (asians) but I never quite find myself a good one to work with my skin. And I applied them in everyway I can.. with my fingers, with brushes, little application, heavy application.. I believe they just didn’t worked for me, but if I can get my hands on it, I am going to try Dr.Jart’s water fuse bb cream. I hear the texture is very light and I really want to find an Asian bb cream to work for me!! So, fingers crossed 🙂

    • casey23 says:

      Please do share what is your foundation trick for oily skinned gals?!?!? Please, please oh pretty please 🙂

      • Do you ever use a primer? I find those help a bit with oil, and I’ve been using the youngblood brand but there are a lot of them out there designed for oil control especially.

        The key with any occlusive product (petroleum, BB cream, primer, silicone moisturizers) is to make sure the area is clean before applying the occlusives. Otherwise the germs get trapped in there and make a mess of things. I try to be extra careful not to touch my eyes, mouth, etc. A big culprit is brushing teeth! So after I brush now I wash my hands then start my skincare, and I do my face carefully making sure not to touch the counter, my eyes, or mouth. It might not help but I thought to share it in case it does!

        What do you do for skincare? I find that with oily skin I have to use a moisturizer because if I don’t, my skin overproduces even MORE oil (gross!). It’s such a pain to have oily skin, isn’t it! I do a lot to my skin, and my skincare is closer to asian-style (double wash, toner, serum, serum, moisturizer) and I do a different morning and night routine. I’m healthily obsessed with having nice skin ^_^

        I hope you find some products that help you, and if you do you should share, we can all learn from each other ^_^
        Tiffany Martin recently posted … EPIC Haul From The Body Shop

        • casey23 says:

          In fact I am kind of a skincare junkie!!! 🙂 I love taking care of my skin, I like it more than makeup. Makeup is always better on flawless skin..
          I use a cleansing oil for makeup removal (I used to have Kanebo’s oil but I finished that and it is hard for me to find asian cleansing oils, so I bought MAC’s c.oil which is very good also. Then gel cleanser, something that doesn’t dry me up so much but cleanse thoroughly (Bioderma Sebium gel cleanser). I use toner but it is alcohol free because in the long run I found out that alcohol containing products really make my face oilier! I use Kiehl’s Calendula toner or Clarins’ green toner (I can’t remember the name, it was for combination skin). And for moisturizers…. ohh I do have A LOT of them. I am kind of a junkie that way, but they are all common in one thing: they are all cream-gel moisturizers. I have Kiehl’s ultra oil free gel cream, Clinique’s moisture surge extended thirst relief, MAC’s mineralize water gel cream, Shiseido’s pureness gel cream (the one in the jar) and a few more.. I do too believe that you have to use moisturizer even though your skin is oily. In order to balance sebum production, moisturizing step is a must. Other than these I use peeling (Kiehl’s pineapple peeling, Strivectin peeling) and mask (Kiehl’s rare earth pore minimizing clay mask) two times a week. And for sunscreen, the only sunscreen I used far now that worked without turning my skin into an oily slick is Clarins UV plus protector. Also, two or three times a week, depending on my need, I use my gel moisturizer as a sleeping pack/mask to moist up my skin or use salicylic solution 2 % for clearing my pores and balance oil production.

          Wow, this is very long sorry 🙁

        • casey23 says:

          oh, also I don’t like to use primer. Especially silicone ones. I just feel like it is one more layer on my face and silicone based products make me oilier (I don’t know if it is even possible but they do)!

  26. Gracey says:

    My quickie everyday makeup routine:
    Moisturizer and sunscreen
    concealer (or sometimes BB cream)
    Eye primer
    Translucent powder to set and mattify
    One lighter, shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid or on the inner half of the lid
    One darker eyeshadow on the bottom half of the lid or on the outer half of the lid
    One even lighter, shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner and brow bone
    Brows filled in, if you must (I have pretty dense brows already, but if you’re gonna be taking pictures it’s best to fill them out anyway)
    Tinted lip balm or lip gloss

  27. meimei says:

    1. Quickie beauty tricks for mornings when I don’t have time: I have hooded eyes, so I usually skip that in favor of smudgy eyeliner on my lids and top lash-line. It also helps to wear a lipstick that brings out the best in my skin tone: blue-reds and peachy pinks tend to work well on me.

    2. In my travel makeup bag, assuming I’m going to the Bahamas (or anywhere tropical) a sunscreen or high-SPF BB cream for the face and an all-in-1 palette or beauty kit. Right now I’m still going through the BeneFit Celebutante kit (now discontinued) which has lipstick, eyeshadow, gloss, highlighter and bronzer (more on that later), which saves me the angst of taking separate products and losing them. Plus brushes and applicators so I don’t end up making a whole mess of myself.

    (My traveling trick: Never bring makeup or tools that you can’t afford to lose. I learned this one the hard way after losing a very precious part of my MAC stash during my last island trip to Cebu.)

    3. Top 3 blushes: Thanks to the Celebutante kit, I am officially in love with BeneFit Dallas – it’s one of the few matte bronzer/blushes that can bring my skin back to life without looking washed out or bringing out the red blotches in my cheeks. My other current favorite blush is Etude House’s Marble Marble in Rose Peach Marble – it looks like a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish with the baked-in pan and the colored swirls, but it gives my skin a nice little glow. I also love mineral blushes in general for giving dimension to my face without making me look shiny.

    4. 5 minute makeup routine: Tinted moisturizer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipstick or gloss. My skin tends to go pink whenever it acts up, so sometimes I’ll just skip the blush altogether.


  28. LH says:

    The best make up products I have ever tried are Almay wake up ( especially the under eye concealer and powder foundation offers just the right coverage). They are expensive but totally worth the price. I love all the reviews it’s good to know what I should buy. Thanks.

  29. Mary says:

    I’ve got mild rosacea, and so I find it really hard to create the flawless base I like to start with because no matter what, the red always shows through. I think I’ve actually got it figured out now, though. I’ve got a killer combo that ALWAYS gives me perfect ivory flawless skin that I can then layer blush or bronzer on top of. I start with MUFE’s green primer on just the areas of rosacea, I use a different non-colored primer for the rest of my face and an oil-control primer for my nose. I picked up physician’s formula green concealer and I spread that in a thin layer over my rosacea areas. Prior to putting on my foundation, I look pretty weird, but once I use Mac NC15 (which has a yellow base that helps counteract the red) overtop of the primer/concealer combo, it’s perfectly even and gorgeous. Great tip for anyone with extra redness.

  30. Gina says:

    My three favorite blushes are MAC Style, Benefit Sugarbomb, and Chanel Espiegle. Style is my go-to for neutral looks, or whenever I want more color on my cheeks–it adds an amazing coral flush, and the gold shimmer means I can skip a highlight! Espiegle is great for smoky eyes; it adds soft, peachy color without taking away from the eyes. Sugarbomb is my workhorse–it goes with ANYTHING!

  31. jess says:

    What are your top quickie beauty tricks for mornings when you don’t have a lot of time?

    If I have no time I throw concealer under my eyes, blush on my cheeks and whip on a coat of mascara.

    You’re taking a one-week trip to the Bahamas. What’s in your travel makeup bag?

    sunscreen. tinted moisturizer, waterproof bronzer, waterproof mascara, black eyeliner, coral or hot pink blush and bright coral lipstick

    What are your top three blushes, and why do you love them?

    NARS orgasm– Pinky-peach is great for any look.
    MAC the perfect cheek–the perfect definition light plummy pink color.
    Tarte Amused for that innocent, ingenue, I always glow look.

    What’s your 5-minute makeup routine?

    BB balm, concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara and brown eyeliner
    tt’s been the most helpful makeup or beauty technique or tip you learned this year?

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