Can You Do the Splits? With the $24 Sephora Dramatic Performance Longwear Lash Kit, Your False Lashes Can

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Sephora Dramatic Performance Longwear Lash Kit

#makeupconfessions. It wasn’t the double-ended glue stick that caught my eye when I stumbled on the $24 Dramatic Performance Longwear Lash Kit at Sephora the other day, although I did think it was interesting and unlike anything I can recall seeing before. (One end has a thin, flexible brush tip for applying the adhesive, and other end has a mascara-like wand. Neat.)


And it wasn’t the false lashes themselves, although I do think they look pretty cool. Rather than a full or partial strip for each eye, they’re split into two halves to give you customized lash look control.

Sephora Dramatic Performance Longwear Lash Kit (2)

Like, if you want a more natural false lash look (natural false lash look?), apply just the outer portion to each eye. Or, if you want more lash volume around the inner corners of your eyes, go with just the inner ones. Or, if you’re in the mood to turn that ish up, apply all four pieces, two per eye.

Yeah…that’s a lot of work. And it sounds kind of complicated, doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more.

These lashes are designed to be applied under your natural lashes. Not directly on top.

Yup, under yo’ lashes.


I know, it’s blowing your mind. 🙂

I actually heard about the under-the-lashes false eyelash technique from a makeup artist friend a while back who herself learned it from a seasoned drag queen. I remember at the time I thought, “That’s completely crazy pants. I’m not coordinated enough to do that.”

But with this kit, maybe I am. I think I should give it a try in the name of makeup science.

Sephora Dramatic Performance Longwear Lash Kit (3)

Wait, where was I?

Sorry, I’m very sleepy this afternoon…

Oh, yeah. The reason this kit caught my eye was the funky-looking tool, also known as the “Bulls Eye Lash Applicator,” right there in the center of the package.

After a frightening incident with a pair of sharp tweezers and some falsies a while back, I swore I’d never let anything that could poke my eye out near my peepers again, so I’ve been using my fingers lately, and they work OK…

But sometimes, like when I’ve had too much coffee, I’m all thumbs.


I could definitely use help setting my lashes down and getting them in place, and these look like they could help (with little/no risk of poking out my eyeballs).

Sephora also sells the Bulls Eye Lash Applicator by itself for $12 but, unfortunately, they were out of stock when I was there, which may or may not have prompted me to buy the Performance Longwear Lash Kit.

In the name of makeup science. I’m sure you understand. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chelsea says:

    I have never worn false lashes! I should give it a try sometime, although I’m 99% certain it would freak the crap out of my husband! At any rate, I’m hoping to accomplish a trapeze routine in the next couple months, and that would be the perfect occasion for falsies.

  2. fancie says:

    The applicator was the first thing that caught my eye. I want it! I’ve heard about applying falsies under your lashes but it just sounds complicated for some reason lol. I’m gonna try it!
    fancie recently posted … Maybelline Fuchsia Fever Color Sensational Lipstick Review

  3. Kim says:

    OK, I’m concerned. Please don’t blind yourself applying under lash falsies! One incident of near blindness this week is enough for me (an unfortunate accident between the fellas and an airsoft gun; thankfully it only left a nasty bruise NEAR the eye of the little darling). 🙁

  4. kwmechelle says:

    This post had me shouting out loud because this lil’ thingy-ma-gigy is the one I told you about a few months back- when you were doing a series on applying falsies. Of course I still don’t have it, booo, but I’d love to get your thoughts on it. I’ve had my eye on it (get it? eye on it…..#cheesypunIknow) for some time now. I think this is a purfect reason to try out this gadget- in the name of makeup science and makeup afficianodas everywhere!

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