Quick Makeup Tip: Before You Put on Makeup, Starting With Completely Naked Skin, Spray a Hydrating Mist

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The hilarity that ensues when you're dousing yourself on camera with MAC Fix+...

The hilarity that ensues when you’re dousing yourself on camera with a gallon of MAC Fix+

Right at the very start of your makeup process, before you’ve put anything on, and starting with completely naked skin, try spraying a hydrating mist like MAC Fix+ or Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Rosewater all over your face to open up your pores, because it’ll help your skin absorb any other skin care products, like moisturizers and serums, that you layer on top.

Oh! — and if you already have your hair done and don’t want to get it wet (’cause nothing is about to mess up my blowout!), you can block the spritzes with a bath towel (magazines work great, too). I know it’s kind of MacGyver-ish, but it works! I’ll fold the towel into a square and hold that up next to my face to block the hair behind it, and then I’ll mist with the spray.


Here’s the order of my basic skin care/skin prep/makeup routine:

  1. Hydrating mist all over the face
  2. Face cream (eye cream around the eyes)
  3. Primer (one primer for my face, and another primer for my lids, I don’t use primer underneath my eyes)
  4. Color correcting around my face (if necessary)
  5. Foundation or tinted moisturizer
  6. Color correct under the eye (if necessary)
  7. Under-eye concealer
  8. * Eyes
  9. Lips
  10. Powder (I’ve been loving MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and Chanel Loose Powder)
  11. Cheeks 

* If I’m going to be doing a dark smoky eye or other look where I anticipate some fallout, I’ll do my eye makeup right after priming, before color correcting and foundation, so that I can clean up the fallout if I need to without disrupting my face makeup.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. New show rec for ya! 🙂

I just started marathoning it on Netflix, but it’s called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and the main character is a glamorous flapper gal named Phyrne Fisher.


It takes place in Melbourne, Australia in the 1920s. Miss Fisher has family money, but she didn’t always. She inherited a title and lots of moolah after several of her relatives passed away in World War I. She’s worldly, independent, curious and forward-thinking. Basically, she doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. If she were around today, she’d probably be running a Fortune 500 company.

Having family in Melbourne and craving adventure, she decides to start a detective agency (of course she does). 🙂


The show has it all! — suspense, humor, action, fashion.

There’s something Murder She Wrote about it, but I like that. Thank goodness for the occasional chase scene, too, because without them El Hub would’ve peace’d out, LOL!

And, oh — the fashion. What I wouldn’t give to have Miss Fisher’s wardrobe…

Fire it up on Netflix one of these days. It’s a good one to marathon on a rainy weekend.


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  1. Emmy says:

    I never try sprays and idk why! A hydrating one sounds scary as I have oily skin. I should definitely try this tip cause it’s by Karen and it would surely be great! Lol! Miss Fisher has some gorgeous makeup on! xx
    Emmy recently posted … FOTD: A Heartfelt “Power Of Makeup” Transformation!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I love face mists! I just picked up the Glossier face mist, but I also have one called Calmitude from a brand called Bioelements, as well as just mineral water spray.

  3. Erin says:

    That show sounds like fun!
    Erin recently posted … Fresh Fig Sugar Lip Treatment

  4. Chloe says:

    I’ve never tired the Mac fix plus! But I have wanted to for such a long time! -xo

  5. ChynnaBlue says:

    My dad loves watching Miss Fisher on KQED/San Francisco, but I’ve been bummed that my Austin PBS station doesn’t have it. Thanks for letting me know it’s on Netflix!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I got to watch the first series of this too! I want to look just like Phryne.

  7. Brunette says:

    This is a great tip! I use sprays all the time and its definitely something I tell people to try!
    Brunette recently posted … Fergie Wet N’ Wild Primer | The Only Eyeshadow Primer You Need

  8. Kwmechelle says:

    Yaaas, gurl! Spray yo face beforehand. It bears saying again that I’d drink the Mario spray (or bathe in it if I could). Protect yo hurr! And go about yo business. Gotta check out the Netflix rec. Totally dig the flapper style of the 20’s.

    • Karen says:

      LOL! You make me laugh. Mario is still on my wish list (haven’t made it out to Ulta yet).

      I just curled my hair so it’s definitely going to get the towel treatment today before I spray.

      Hope your week is off to a good start. 🙂 Anything exciting happening on your end? My in-laws as coming down later on this week (it’s my mom-in-law’s 70th birthday!) so we’re going to treat them to a night at the symphony and a celebratory birthday dinner.

      • Kwmechelle says:

        Your week sounds fabulous! Think I’ll meet you guys at the symphony. I kid. My week is hormonal. Aunt Flo is making her debut sometime this week so marathoning anything you recommend on Netflix is highly in order. Love your hair, btw. And I feel you on delayed Ulta trips. I’m STILL tryna get there to get my Soap & Glory hand lotion. What’s up with that? Have an awesome week & a lovely night at the symphony. If you happen to take awesome pics dressed to kill, because, you know, that’s what you do when you go to the symphony, you must share photos on MBB. Inquiring minds, dudes….

  9. I usually spritz my face with a face mist after cleansing and before applying skin care. Just to replenishing my skin.

    Never heard of that show by the way, thanks for sharing!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Clarins Pretty Night 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette

  10. Kim says:

    I always put on my “face” after I get out of the shower and before any hair drying so I think that helps eliminate the need for a spritz. I hope so, at least. You know I’d get itchy if I had to add another step. HAHA!

    I’ll have to check out the Aussie flapper version of Murder, She Wrote. I always liked that show, and Matlock, too, despite getting a lot of flack for it. 🙂

  11. I really need to try this soon, maybe my TBS Hydrating Spritz is working for that.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Pregnancy Glow – Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

  12. Fancie says:

    I do this all the time! Especially when I plan on wearing powder foundation. It just helps everything go on smoothly and look more natural
    Fancie recently posted … Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015 Collection

  13. ericca says:

    I love MAC fix plus and I just recently got my hand on Jurlique rose water.With Mac fix plus I even apply it after my foundation to give myself a glow and pat the foundation into my skin.I feel like my foundation and skin become one after that.

  14. Trude says:

    In the last 6 months I’ve really gotten on the facial spray bandwagon. I found Mario Badescu’s and Clinique’s to be more hydrating than Fix +, but I have that too to use with my Beauty Blender and other brushes when I was to up the intensity.

    Love Miss Fisher! Great characters and costuming. Season 3 just came out and I’m saving it for a binge-watching Sunday. 🙂

  15. Lesia says:

    Cool. What a great tip.More protection. I love it. Thank you! Ben collecting face mists from sub boxes. Now I have a purpose.

  16. Icequeen81.ma says:

    sounds like a great regimen

  17. camille says:

    karen! i have been wanting to start using a moisturizing spray before i begin “putting on my face”, but my mind wanted to do research. a lot of research. :/ i haven’t bought a spray yet, but i have my eye on origins. i feel like it’s a good brand and it’ll be kind to my wallet and my skin. plus, i read it smells citrusy, so that’s a plus in my book.

    thanks for the reminder! i think i need to head to the mall this week. returns at sephora, and possibly a quick stop in the origins store. 😀

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