Makeup and Beauty Tips from Olympic Speed Skater Allison Baver

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I’m still kinda fired up after the excitement of last month’s Olympic Games… There was something epic about it all, ya know? — about seeing top athletes chase big dreams. It was like watching the journeys of the heroes in Greek myths!


Olympic athletes train hard to reach the games, and for some, like US speed skater Allison Baver, there are times when the goal seems out of reach. After shattering her leg in a race last year (she collided with teammate Katherine Reutter), Allison underwent intensive rehab to make it to Vancouver, where she and her speed skating teammates earned a Bronze Medal in the 3000m relay.

I chatted with her this morning and learned that she’s not just a bad-ass on the ice. Allison also loves makeup! And she’s a total girly girl. 🙂 She credits her positive attitude with helping her stay focused and shared a few of her favorite makeup and beauty tips.

Tip #1: Chase away your negative thoughts (and a little nail polish never hurts)

Allison credits a good attitude with helping her get through the toughest times of her journey through rehab and to the Olympics. “I really tried to stay positive every single day,” she says. “As soon as a negative thought came to mind, I changed it. I just tried to keep my confidence up and not lose sight of [my goal].”

Fun fact: Allison comes from a family of beauty addicts. She says her grandmother always had her nails done, and her mom’s nails always look flawless.

A few days before leaving for the competition in which she broke her leg, Allison got a French manicure. The doctors told her she’d have to remove all of the polish on her toes before the surgery, which she wasn’t too happy about. “I was like, awww! I just got this done.”

She relented, agreeing to remove everything except for the polish on her big toe, because she felt she needed at least a little beauty boost.

Tip #2: Don’t neglect the skin on your body

In addition to being an athlete, Allison also models. A few days before a shoot, she’ll take extra steps to prepare her skin. “If you’re doing a photoshoot where your legs, arms and stomach are going to be included, you have to make sure your skin [looks] nice. I try to do a little more exfoliating and moisturizing… it makes my skin look brighter and not as dull.”


Allison relies on Olay’s exfoliators and moisturizes and especially loves Olay Quench Body Lotion.

Tip #3: A moisturizing lipgloss with flavor is your friend

During training and competition for the Olympics, Allison was all about CoverGirl Amazement Wetslicks, a line of lipglosses infused with peppermint oil. She likes the staying power of the color, the minty taste and how moisturizing it feels on her lips. Plus, she jokes, “There’s other benefits to using a lipgloss that has flavor… like when you’re kissing a boy!”

Fun Fact: Lip products play a part in Allison’s very first makeup memories. As a child she danced in recitals, and her mom would always do her makeup before a show. “I was probably, like, three years old going out there to perform. I remember she would put on blue eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick.”

Thanks for sharing, Allison. Maybe we’ll see you and your lipgloss on the ice again in four years? Hope so!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Kypris says:

    You think *you* were fired up… as a Vancouverite, the Olympics were right in my backyard! I really like that the athletes are also normal people, with their quirks just like us! The tip about taking care of all the skin on your body is a good one… I tend to forget and then my legs get disgusting and scaly :(.

    • Karen says:

      That’s so exciting. I heard it was like a non-stop party! SF always puts a bid in to host but it’s kind of hard in terms of logistics… I’d really love to be in a city that’s hosting one year.

      Oh, and I’m right there with you in neglecting the other parts sometimes. My feet are a mess right now!

      • Kypris says:

        It really was like a non-stop party! I really really enjoyed it – in fact, I got so much less done than I thought I would (universities had a two-week break for the Olympics) because I got so caught up in everything. I had been a little unsure if I’d like it before it came to town, but it was pretty amazing.

        My feet are a mess too! But I never bother with my feet because dancing just gives me calluses again anyway…

  2. Meg says:

    I love this article! It’s so playful and fun and I just love the Olympics. So cool to hear her beauty tips.
    .-= Meg’s last blog post… Teaser Photos: Essie Spring 2010 polishes =-.

  3. Catherine says:

    Aww, what a cute interview. I love the story about her wanting to keep the polish on her big toe. I would probably be like that too. =)
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Product Focus: Laura Mercier Stickgloss =-.

  4. Jackie says:

    This was such a great post! It’s always fun and refreshing to hear about female athletes being girly girls!
    .-= Jackie’s last blog post… An artist’s touch with a beginner’s price =-.

  5. pinksoysauce says:

    Wow, this is a great surprise! I have to agree that nail polish is an instant mood booster. How did you get in touch with her?

  6. NINA says:

    I like all of her tips, esp number 1 – a little beauty sumthinsumthin never hurt a girl. In fact I believe it has therapeutic properties.

    When im feeling bummed esp @ work, I head on over to Target and amuse myself with anything and everything beauty related. I come back to my desk feeling refreshed and all better.

    Sure beats therapy! LOL!!!

  7. I loved seeing the female athletes in the Olympics – they often looked so put-together, even though they were probably sweating and working so hard — somehow at the end of the race, they had lipgloss on!
    .-= Deconstruction’s last blog post… Product Review: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel =-.

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