Get a Better Grip on Smokey Eyes with This Easy Brush Trick

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Hey, babe. Are you as salty as I am about saying so long to summer? I’m dreading the coming drop in temperature, but I am looking forward to wearing heavier looks like smokey eyes this fall.


I’m always on the lookout for new ways to step up my smokey eye game, and lately I’ve been loving a brush trick that I wanted to share.

You know how the shadows in some of the most beautiful smokey eyes transition so smoothly from light to dark or from color to color? Create your own super subtle transitions by varying the pressure on your brush.

In areas where you want your shadows to appear more intense, like maybe around the outer corners of your eyes, apply more pressure with your brush. Then, as you move into areas where you want to deposit less intense color, use a lighter touch.

It can make all the difference in your look. 🙂

Since we’re on the subject of smokey eyes, do you have any tips or tricks? If you do, please share.

Morning or night?

Kinda random, but I’ve been meaning to ask you about your workout routine. Are you a morning or a nighttime exerciser?


I used to prefer working out in the afternoons and early evenings, but lately I’ve been getting in my runs early, first thing in the morning, and so far so good. Once I get over the initial early morning shock, which takes about 15 minutes, I’m good. And I like not having to worry about it for the rest of the day, ya know?

Anywho, that’s it for hump day. I hope yours went well. The highlight of my evening involved a bowl of Special K Chocolatey Delight and the latest episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts. Both were divine. 🙂

What did you do tonight?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. indoorkitty says:

    Ugh, I usually can’t make it to the gym in the morning but I totally like getting out there as early as possible. I fatigue more in the evenings but in the mornings I can give’er and feel like I’m doing more. Even my trainer agrees, but she says I do best mid-morning and not the 5am training slot (which I tried out with her for a few months, dude that was rough)

    Oooh gonna try out your trick asap! I smell a smokey eye in my future.

  2. Aging_Beauty says:

    Oh girl, I LOVE your hair!!! You look so beautiful – talk about “popping your eyes”!!!

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