Which of These MAC Me Over Lipglasses Came with Me to Lunch?

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mac curvaceous lipglass

“I wonder if I’m burning enough calories to get a cupcake.” That’s the thought that kept going through my head in San Francisco this afternoon as I shivered on my way to and from a late work lunch. It was freezing in the city! And all I had on was a dress, a light jacket and sandals.


Not good.

It’s my own dang fault for forgetting how chilly SF can get in August… On my way home, I stopped by Neiman Marcus to warm my heart with new fall makeup, specifically a yummy Le Métier eyeshadow kaleidoscope kit with pretty purples and bronzes (I’ll post a pic soon).

Before I headed into the city, I tried on some of the Lipglasses from the upcoming MAC Me Over collection. These are $14.50 each ($17.50 CDN) and arrive on counter a little later this month.

I really like Curvaceous. That’s the one I wore to lunch today. I think it looks kinda cool-ish in the pic below, but it leans more toward neutral on my lips.

Take a look, and let me know what ya think. 🙂

mac wee coquette lipglass
Wee Coquette

mac social light lipglass
Social Light

mac illicit lipglass

mac good times lipglass
Good Times

mac curvaceous lipglass

Swatches from the left: Wee Coquette, Good Times, Illicit, Social Light and Curvaceous

MAC Me Over Lipglasses fromt the left: Wee Coquette, Good Times, Illicit, Social Light and Curvaceous

For more pics and info on the MAC Me Over collection, check out…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



P.S. So…I zonked out early last night, but not before watching the new True Blood! All I have to say is WOW! This season HBO resurrected a show that had one foot in the grave, LOL!

SPOILER ALERT!!! STOP here if you haven’t seen the new episode yet.

Okay, even though I like seeing them together, I have to keep reminding myself that Amnesia Eric and Sookie can’t last. Sooner or later the old Eric’s gotta come back, right? And LOL! Pam’s coffin? Why am I not surprised that she’s a pink satin girl?

How was your hump day? I hope it went off without a hitch.


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  1. Vijaya says:

    Curvaceous is soooo coming home with me. =]
    Vijaya recently posted … Yu-Be Lip Therapy

  2. Amber says:

    Chilly? Does not compute! Right now I would consider trading my spare EvRev for a weekend someplace chilly!

    These look awesome on you, but those milky glasses are so tricky. Do you use a liner?
    Amber recently posted … Craving

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amber,

      Come to SF! You could easily walk around all day in long pants and a turtleneck. 🙂

      I totally know what you mean about the milkiness. For these pics I didn’t use a liner. I applied one layer and then I patted it in with my finger to help it settle. It seems to make a difference.

  3. Jessi says:

    Curvaceous look gorgeous on you Karen! And ol’ Lloyd is lookin’ pretty good, too!
    Jessi recently posted … Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond and Party of 5 Glitters Swatches and Review

    • Karen says:

      LOL, thanks. Lloyd was a HOT MESS yesterday in the wind. I’ve found that if you have control issues bangs may not be the way to go.

      Are you ready for the weekend? It needs to hurry up and get here already!

  4. Jenn says:

    Loving Social Light on you! Wish there were more sun here, it feels like fall here in England already. ;(
    Jenn recently posted … French Frolic, Macaroons, and Sephora

  5. curvaceous will be mine!

    MINE, i say!
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Summer Skincare

  6. Alex says:

    I love your necklace and I’ve got to ask, where did you get it? It’s so bright and lovely 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you! I love it too — it goes great with yellow tops. I got it a while back from lulus.com. I just checked their jewelry section and unfortunately it’s not there anymore. They do a pretty good job of restocking stuff, though.

  7. Oooh I love that necklace you have on… and is that a hint of blue in your eyeliner I see to match the necklace? Gorgeous!

  8. Stef Smith says:

    I’m not a fan of the milky glosses, these colors are pretty, but they’re a pass from me. Did you get your hair cut? It’s cute! I still have a sweatshirt from SF I got when I was 16 because it was July and I was dressed for Summer, and it was cold! It’s 20 years old and dang near threadbare, but I loooooove it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stef Smith,

      It’s funny you mention the sweatshirt… when you live in SF, you always know who the tourists are because they walk around in packs wearing “San Francisco” sweatshirts in the middle of summer. What did you do during your visit? Did you see Alcatraz and go to Fisherman’s Warf?

  9. Eesha says:

    I loved the Social Lights very much! 😀
    Eesha recently posted … Copper and Brown Eyes – FOTD

  10. Ling says:

    Love the necklace in this piccie. Curvaceous looks great on you but I think it would be too cool for me.
    And you rock your bangs, girl! Dang…now I want bangs!

  11. Diana says:

    Social Light is the best. It makes your skin look glowing.

  12. They look gorgeous on you 🙂
    I espc liked the Illicit and Curvaceous :):)

  13. laksh says:

    Curvaceous is droolworthy!
    laksh recently posted … NOTD & mini Review

  14. Nina says:

    Pam’s coffin was Chanel-esque!!!

    at any rate — all the lipglasses look awesome on you. i agree – curvaceous is gorgeous, but so are good times and social light!

    and on a 🙁 note, im sad to report that lipglasses are already $15.00 a pop. le sigh.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      Pam’s coffin is so… Pam. Love it! 🙂

      I won’t be able to take it when The Real Eric comes back and breaks Sookie’s heart. 🙁

      • Nina says:

        i know. i love how sookie is so sassy around eric. she used to be so puny when she was w/ bill. :-/

        it will break my heart when real eric comes back.

  15. Chris25 says:

    I really like Wee Coquette and Social Light. Curvaceous looks really good. I think because your lips are think, you can handle a wide range of lip colors.

  16. Sarah S. says:

    I like what you did with your bangs! And I’m definitely picking Curvaceous up!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sarah S.,

      Aww, thanks! The bangs are driving me a little nuts, but I starting to get used to them.

      What do you think of this release? Do you like it overall?

      • Sarah S. says:

        Yes! I’m planning to pick up Moleskin and Mythical e/s, Curvaceous and Social Light lipglasses, Oh Oh Oh l/s, and possibly Stunner blush depending on swatches… want to wait to decide until I see those floating around! Cindy Sherman is going to bankrupt me, though 😛

  17. AK says:

    OOO Karen I can’t wait for you to review Le Métier eyeshadow kaleidoscope kit. I just discovered this line on a new Makeup blog called Messy Wands: http://messywands.blogspot.com/ – Xiao does many reviews of the Le Métier makeup line.

    Also, Curvaceous does look good with your skin tone. I think Wee Coquette looks really good too!

    • Karen says:

      Hi AK,

      Thanks! I’ll check it out.

      Do you think you might pick up any of these colors?

      • AK says:

        Hmm I’m really digging on Wee Coquette, but I need to save some money.


        I did just buy L’Oreal Le Gloss in Nude Touch and Golden Splash (They were on sale at CVS – buy one get one 1/2 off) because your review was so good. Totally digging on the colors, non-sticky texture, and the flavor/smell! Great buy, if you ask me. Definitely worth the money.

  18. Emily says:

    You are right, Curvaceous does look fabulous on you! I like Illicit and Social Light.
    I feel like I know what is going to happen in TB, you are right btw. I liked old Eric and Sookie better though, I thought they had more chemistry, and their juxtaposition made it interesting.

  19. Katherine says:

    Hey Karen! I love your beauty blog and been reading to it for a few months now. I’m actually moving from los angeles to san fran to be more exact geary street in the tenderloin area next week. And I’m kinda freaking out where I can splurge for makeup when I move up there. Any places around there I can go for a good buy? Any help will do. Also a weather update to how it will be in the week would be cool! Cuz up here its reall hott! Thanks Karen!

  20. mkdallas says:

    Love Curvaceous on you AND the new haircut is adorable; the bangs are so cute!

  21. Shannon says:

    Do you know when they’ll make it overseas? (I’m in South Africa.) I must have Social Light!

  22. Hara says:

    Hi Karen! Can I just say that I love your blog? I love the way your write, your wit and Tabs has stolen my heart. Plus, you look simply stunning in the colours you wear. And that necklace is beautiful! Do you want to be my friend? 😉

  23. Annaham says:

    Wow, what a great color! None of the other glosses from MAC Me Over really appeal to me (my lips are too pigmented for milky glosses, lol), but I’ll be checking Curvaceous out. It looks great on you!

  24. steph b says:

    I can not wait for Curvaceous! And my trip to NY this weekend when I’m going to check out Edward Bess at Bergdorfs. Woo hoo!

  25. I like Wee Coquette and Illicit. Illicit is so natural to look at. Makes me want to have one but of course it depends on the color of my lips.

  26. kiwikiwidragon says:

    What I would give for a crisp day…..It hasn’t dipped below 80-ish in the evenings and almost tops 100 during the day in Florida, sigh…….It’s hard to even leave the safety of the building at work and at home.

  27. Judy says:

    Curvaceous & Illicit look the best on you. Very pretty colors overall; I would actually have chosen these for a Spring launch instead of Fall.
    Judy recently posted … How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Your Home

  28. Jill says:

    Love Curvaceous! A lot of MAC’s lipglasses tend to look the same on me but that one looks like it has enough pigment to be noticeable. It’ll definitely be a part of my next order.

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