Top beauty editors recommend best anti-aging products. Special offer + chance to win! [Sponsored Post]

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If only looking good and maintaining a youthful appearance was as easy as traveling to your local Walgreens. Well, this September, it is! With the Walgreens More Than Beautiful event, which highlights the benefits of simple beauty solutions to look and feel your best, it’ll be like getting a personalized beauty report from experts — for free!

As part of More Than Beautiful, Walgreens is teaming up with trusted editors from the likes of Allure, Vogue, Glamour, and Self to provide advice and recommendations for achieving great hair, skin, and makeup with an emphasis on what we all seek — anti-aging perks. One grand-prize winner and 25 runners-ups will win goody bags loaded with must-have items including RoC®, the French anti-aging expert solution.


We can all see it… With each passing year, our skin’s ability to renew skin cells slows down, resulting in a loss of elasticity and the beginning signs of wrinkles (Ack!). According to Walgreens More Than Beautiful experts, RoC® products are developed through strong partnerships with dermatologists, contain pure, active ingredients and are clinically proven to deliver visible and lasting results for healthier, younger-looking skin. RoC® has continued to build on its unique understanding of the skin aging process to develop the best and most effective skin care solutions for women.

Unlike anti-aging products from other leading brands, RoC® products don’t just mask your symptoms; they work to improve your skin’s overall health. And, with Walgreens savings offer — buy 1, get the 2nd 50% off all RoC® products (in store and online) — that’s definitely More Than Beautiful.

This month, stop by Walgreens to get your free beauty advice, savings, and a chance to win a More Than Beautiful prize pack.


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  1. Sherri says:

    thanks for this, I’ve always just walked by this brand in Walgreen’s
    Sherri recently posted … I found Hidden Treasure!!!!

  2. Nina says:

    Ohh ive always seen ROC and been curious about it … must check it out!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      If you find anything good from the line you gotta let me know, ’cause I’m all about the drugstore hidden treasures…

      How’s your day going so far?

      • Nina says:

        Its a little craycray here @ work because were having renovations done … I dont really want to start on any new projects because I keep getting interrupted!

        I remember ROC had an anti discoloration product that I said I was going to try – ill probly end up getting that because the summer was not at all kind to my skin. That inspite of sunblock!!!

  3. Karen says:

    Question for you guys: what are your drugstore beauty faves?

    Here are a few of mine:

    1. Neutrogena blushes
    2. Sally Hansen Diamond lip glosses
    3. Olay Advanced Healing Quench

  4. Marci says:

    I will second the Suave Shampoo and Conditioners. I have three in my shower now that I rotate through. They are fantastic for the price! (keep in mind my hair isn’t color treated and is pretty normal)

    Maybeline Dream Mouse Concealer and Full n Soft Mascara

    St. Ives Apricot Scrub

    Arm and Hammer Whitening Booster

    • Karen says:

      I seriously need to get on that Full n Soft Mascara. I have so many friends who swear by it!

      Re: St. Ives Apricot Scrub — I can’t use it on my face, but I looove it on my body!

      • Marci says:

        I’ve heard a lot of people can’t use the St. Ives scrub because it’s too harsh. I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have sensitive skin.

        Another recent find @ the drug store is the Clean and Clear In Shower Facial. The scrubbing particles aren’t quite as harsh as St. Ives.

  5. Rica says:

    I’ve always seen ROC in my drugstores, but hesitant to try them. I shall try it soon. Too bad I don’t live in the U.S., no special deals for me =(

    Rica recently posted … Retail Therapy at MAC- Fabulous Felines- Nail Trend- Viva Glam

  6. Justina says:

    Hey, I’ve been reading your site for a long time, but decided to pipe up today and say that I really like RoC! I had the CompleteLift night cream for lifting and defining (the red and white one). It’s a bit pricey for drugstore, but I thought it was well worth it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Justina,

      So glad you decided to say hello!

      Question for you regarding CompleteLift — is there a sticky after-feel? I’m looking for something for my neck and can’t stand it when creams leave that sticky feeling.

      • Justina says:

        I understand what you mean! I’m very sad that my current night cream is sticky.

        Regarding the CompleteLift, I personally didn’t find it sticky. For a night cream, I thought it was surprisingly lightweight and it quickly absorbed into the skin. Definitely a pleasant experience for me, although I couldn’t afford to buy it again.

      • Karen says:

        Oh noes! Which one are you using? I’ll have to put it on my list of “neck creams to avoid.” Yes, I really do have a list with that title. 🙂

        Thanks for the skinny on CompleteLift, btw. Walgreens, here I come!

        • Justina says:

          I’m using Olay Age Defying Intensive Nourishing Night Cream. I had to go on a budget so I couldn’t afford the RoC 🙁 It’s not the best, but it doesn’t break me out! That’s always a plus for me. I use Clinique’s Moisture Surge on top, so I think that helps with the stickiness a little.
          Justina recently posted … My boyfriend is awesome

          • Justina says:

            I don’t know how to edit my post, so I’ll just look like a n00b and reply again.

            I wanted to mention also that Moisture Surge is supposed to lock in moisture and works well on top of other moisturizers to up the moisture ante. The counter at Bloomingdale’s in NYC recommended it to me because I told her I had combo/dry skin that loved to break out.

            For people who need less moisture, you can just use it on its own. It feels nice and cool because it’s a gel.

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