The MAC Mia Moretti Collection: This Creamy, Summery Collection Spins a Casual Beauty Beat

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mac umbrella sky

Wearing MAC Amplified Lipstick in Umbrella Sky from the Who’s the DJ? Lip Palette X 6 in the MAC Mia Moretti collection

With the MAC Mia Moretti collection available now, you might be wondering, “So, who is a MAC Mia Moretti girl?”

That’s a great question. I’m glad you asked. 🙂


I think she’s a girl who likes to wear makeup that isn’t too fussy, and by that I mean that I don’t see her grabbing three shades to contour her cheeks (I’m with you, girl). Maybe she’s at a music festival with daisies in her hair, dancing around — perhaps in a puddle, who knows? And she may or may not be wearing shoes.

She probably is, however, wearing tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Maybe a cream blush on her cheeks and a little highlighter. She’s also quite possibly a free-spirited girl with a sense of style and adventure.

All of these pieces are creams, which I think are a little more laid back than powder formulas. There are no powders here.

I think the kicker is the crazy palette with the blue, green and purple, which is not, despite appearances, an eye product. It’s actually a lip palette. A kind of cuckoo crazy lip palette, and all of the lipsticks in it have MAC’s Amplified formula, which I usually like, but I’m not a huge fan of it here.

I think that may be due to the super pastel colors. They just aren’t playing well with my lips. They’re settling into my lip lines and, quite frankly, when I wear the blue and green, I look like a crazy-pants.

I think you have to abide by a certain aesthetic to really rock these (and it’s not me).

mac mia moretti collection

mac mia moretti collection

mac whos the dj

Who’s the DJ? Lip Palette X 6, $40

mac puttin on the spritz

Casual Colour in Puttin’ on the Spritz, $22

The new Casual Colour in PS I Like You from the new MAC Mia Moretti collection

Casual Colour in P.S. I Like You, $22

mac desert road trip

Cream Colour Base in Desert Roadtrip, $21

mac summer wind

Cream Colour Base in Summer Wind, $21

mac high tea

Lustre Lipstick in High Tea, $16

mac umbrella sky

Amplified Lipstick in Umbrella Sky

mac vintage radio

Amplified Lipstick in Vintage Radio

mac desert sun

Amplified Lipstick in Desert Sun

mac weekend 1

Amplified Lipstick in Weekend 1

mac shes peach

Amplified Lipstick in She’s a Peach

mac weekend 2

Amplified Lipstick in Weekend 2

mac high tea

Amplified Lipstick in High Tea

mac maria moretti

Amplified Lipstick in Maria Moretti

mac mia moretti swatches

Who’s the DJ Lip Palette X 6 shades from the left: Desert Sun, Weekend 1, She’s a Peach, Weekend 2, Umbrella Sky and Vintage Radio

mac mia moretti swatches

Lipsticks in Maria Moretti (left) and High Tea (right)

All of the Cream Colour bases and Casual Colour cream blushes in the release are great. You can wear the Casual Colours both on cheeks and/or lips, and for cream blushes, they last a really long time. If you’re interested, I talk about the formula a little more here and in this video…


mac mia moretti swatches

Casual Colours in Puttin’ On the Spritz (left) and P.S. I Like You (right)

mac mia moretti swatches

Cream Colour Base in Desert Roadtrip (left) and Summer Wind (right)

The MAC Mia Moretti collection includes…

  • Who’s the DJ? Lip Palette X 6 ($40), which includes…
    • Amplified Lipstick in Desert Sun, a creamy nude
    • Amplified Lipstick in Weekend 1, a bubblegum pink
    • Amplified Lipstick in She’s a Peach, a a bright salmon
    • Amplified Lipstick in Weekend 2, a lilac
    • Amplified Lipstick in Umbrella Sky, a bright sky blue
    • Amplified Lipstick in Vintage Radio, a seafoam green
  • Amplified Lipstick in Maria Moretti, a cherry red ($16)
  • Lustre Lipstick in High Tea, a beige pink with pearl ($16)
  • Cream Colour Base in Desert Roadtrip, a golden bronze ($21)
  • Cream Colour Base in Summer Wind, a pale sand shimmer ($21)
  • Casual Colour in Puttin’ on the Spritz, a bright intense coral ($22)
  • Casual Colour in P.S. I Like You, a carnation pink ($22)
  • Mia Moretti Tote ($50)
  • Mia Moretti Makeup Bags ($46)

The two Cream Colour bases are basically cream highlighters (shade additions to the existing line). I like ’em… I think they’re an easy way to get your glow on without that heavy, in-your-face powder highlighter effect, and they don’t settle into my pores.

All told: MAC Mia Moretti. DJs. Cool. Lots of creams. Available now. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Joan says:

    All the lip colors besides the blue and green look great on you. And actually I thought you rocked the blue pretty well.

  2. kwmechelle says:

    Ummm, me thinks I’ll pass on this. Me no likie the colors. *runs and hides under a large boulder that I hope doesn’t fall on me while I’m dodging rocks being thrown* I’m all for creativity & I know makeup is about artistic expression but I’m not even sure the formulas are workable. 🙂

  3. Taylor says:

    Maybe if some of the colors were mixed they’d be more wearable…. But what I really want to know is all about your eye look!! Your eyes and liner are super on point! Very beautiful. :)))

    • Karen says:

      Hi Taylor,

      Aww, thank you! I’m wearing the new Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette. The upper lash liner is MAC Blacktrack and the waterline liner is Hourglass Eclipse. I used mostly a cool matte brown colors on the lids with a warm brown on the lower lash line. 🙂

  4. The lip palette is crazy.. I love those pastel shades but I know I wont be able to pull it off.. the pastel lip colors wont work for me.. 😛

    I am loving the blushers and highlighters from the collection.. PS I like you is super pretttyy!! <3
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop – Pink Shock Review, Swatch, LOTD

  5. Chante' says:

    Desert Roadtrip looks so gorg! Love your blogs! And I’m loving all the vids on yt lately! xx

  6. I will have a look at the cream blushes, but I don’t see me dancing at a festival with daisies in my hair anytime soon, so I´ll pass on the lip colors.
    My future holds more things like sitting at a playground with sensible shoes and a parka I guess.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Recent Reads – “A person of interest” by Susan Choi

  7. There’s no way in h*ll I could make that lip palette work, lol. Puttin’ On The Spritz though? LOVE IT! Gimme gimme…
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Neutrogena Visibly Renew Bodymilk & Neutrogena Visibly Renew Handcreme

  8. Amy says:

    OMG I love you. Honestly, that first pic is everything. You’ve got great swatches too.

    Are you wearing a liner in your video? It looks like a navy/light blue combination and it’s gorgeous. What is it?

  9. Tatiana says:

    Might check out the lipsticks in Mia Moretti and High Tea and the two cream color bases, if I happen to see them when I’m in store. MAC puts out so many special/limited editions that it’s just too much trouble to check them all out.

    I love your expressions while wearing some of the lip colors! Ha!

  10. Erin says:

    I’m not high fashion enough to pull off that palette. I do love the mia Moretti red though!
    Erin recently posted … Easter Table Ideas

  11. Fancie says:

    Lol that opening pic is just so adorable to me for some reason. I don’t think anyone could pull off the blue or green straight out the pan but they actually don’t look too bad on you. I had my eye on the orange casual color but I’m thinking about getting Summer Wind now. It looks beautiful!
    Fancie recently posted … Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Clis Review

  12. Amanda says:

    Hi have a strange question did your high tea come in the limited edition box or just the regular black box thanks so much

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