The MAC Care Blends Essential Oils: Your Thoughts?

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Have any of you gals tried either the Grapefruit + Chamomile or Sweet Orange + Lavender MAC Care Blends Essential Oils ($20 each)?


They came out with the Warm & Cozy collection…


I have Sweet Orange + Lavender, and so far I’ve only used it on my hands, mixing in a few drops with my lotion before bed. I’m scared to death apprehensive about trying it on my face, though, where I have VERY sensitive skin.


I just have a weird feeling it’ll cause me to break out.

Am I worrying for nothing? Have you tried these yet? And if you have, have you used them on your face?

Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Ashley says:

    I rather buy essential oils separately & deal with them myself. I think $20 is a little pricey for these MAC Care Blends too. Then again, I like the eye dropper it comes with.
    .-= Ashley’s last blog post… Almost December! =-.

  2. amy says:

    I have both and I like them so far but I do find that they are very pricey for just 5mL of product. Essentially the are like the MAC Cleanse off Oil, only that they are scented. I first started using this for my hands and find it quiet emollient. I have started using on my face, either before moisturizer or mixing it in my moisturizer. I find that it is very gentle, non-greasy and fast absorbing. My skin feels very hydrated and soft. I also find that both of the oils have a calming effect on my skin, reducing some of the redness from previous acne. I have been using these for three weeks now, and I haven’t broken out from it. Oh and I have mixed this with my foundation a few times (suggested by a MAC MA) and I love the sheerness and the dewiness it created for my foundation. I think it might not hurt for you do add a drop of this to your facial moisturizer and try it for a week.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Smokey Blues MAC Vex, Copperplate and The Balm Shady Lady Risque Renee Eyeshadows with MAC Sense of Style Kohl Power Liner and MAC High Def Lipstick =-.

  3. Aleksis says:

    ^^^What Amy said! lol
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  4. Steph B says:

    I wouldn’t put these anywhere near my face. Those include well documented skin irritants. Maybe diluted with lotion or in a bath.

    • Karen says:

      Yeah, I’ve been using it with in my hand lotion and it’s pretty good. If anything else I guess I could put it in my body lotion too…

      Have a great weekend! What are your plans?

      • Steph B says:

        I bet it makes your lotion smell lovely.

        I’ll be heading out to the winter farmers market in the morning and then hanging with friends from school for most of the weekend. One of our classmates just finished a consulting gig in Africa and is visiting. Another just moved here for 6 months before she and her husband move to Europe. Definitely due for a girls night in!

        • Karen says:

          It does! I wouldn’t have thought the orange/lavender combo would work but it actually does.

          Hope you had fun at the farmer’s market! I love going to ours… it’s a great place to take pictures, plus, they give out lots of yummy samples.

  5. amy says:

    BTW Karen, do you still have the box with the ingredients list? I threw away my boxes and forgot to make a note of the ingredients. Would you be able to provide a list of ingredients for this item and make an update on your entry? Thanks!
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Smokey Blues MAC Vex, Copperplate and The Balm Shady Lady Risque Renee Eyeshadows with MAC Sense of Style Kohl Power Liner and MAC High Def Lipstick =-.

  6. Vanessa H says:

    I’m with you on being terrified of oils being put on my face…on purpose lol. I have very sensitive skin when it comes to MAC liquid foundations and primers/face stuff in general. I love the idea of putting these in body lotion though, it does sound very hydrating.

    Sorry that Daybreakers wasn’t as good as hoped, I wanted to see it too. The bf and I will just wait for the dvd to rent 🙂
    .-= Vanessa H’s last blog post… TGIF Survey =-.

    • Karen says:

      It had all the good ingredients for a decent movie and it started out really well… I think they either forced the directors to rework the second half or they did audience testing and changed it. After a certain point it totally got cheesy! It’s totally worth a DVD rental, though, if you’re into vampire flicks. 🙂

  7. Tali says:

    I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to pretty much everything under the sun i use the chamomile grapefruit one on my skin at night (cheeks, temples, forhead &chin) and no break outs!!
    I was much more scated of the volcanic ash range!

  8. Marina says:

    If those contain authentic essential oils, they shouldn’t be mixed with store bought skin products unless the latter are natural brands that already contain oils or can be mixed with them (relevant info is usually in the leaflets). The point is that essential oils can transfer harmful chemicals through skin into blood, and when mixed with some ingredients they can cause allergies. irritation, etc.
    I don’t like the bottle either, light destroys essential oils so they are always packaged in dark glass.

  9. shontay says:

    One whiff of this and I was too scared to put it on my face. I have a bad track record with Mac face products. I have the blemishes to show for it. The MA gave me a sample, but don’t ask me where it is.

  10. Zoffe says:

    We haven’t gotten the collection here yet, but I did try one of these on my hands at MAC Update and really liked it.
    We were told that the oils would work really well mixed with foundation, and I’m looking forward to trying that when we get them here.
    I have no idea how it’s going to work though, since my skin is on the oily side.
    .-= Zoffe’s last blog post… POTD: GOSH Rainbow nailpolish =-.

  11. H. says:

    i have sensitive, breakout prone, oily skin so i feel your pain. despite the fact, i’ve found that face oils work better on my skin than creams. they actually reduce the inflammation and all (works the same way for my sister). im usually weary of using any face products from MAC, as products like mineralized skinfinishes and foundations break me out. i’ve used Bio-oil (drugstore brand. $11) and i currently use Suki Inc’s balancing facial oil (which is a more expensive brand at $30+ I would say to test it on a small patch on your face (maybe as a spot treatment for a blemish to see how it reacts).

    good luck!

  12. snoopysteph says:

    Essential oils can be super irritating on your face! I always look at which essential oils are included in products and do a little research online…so many of them are irritants that I just keep them away from my face completely.

    Here is where I usually check ingredients:

  13. Kelly says:

    Yeah I’m not too crazy about putting oil on my face. I also have skin that breaks out easily and I can’t imagine that wouldn’t break me out! Probably makes great cuticle oil though!
    .-= Kelly’s last blog post… Nail Polish Knows No Boundaries: Guest Post by Joanne Crandell =-.

  14. Katrina says:

    Hi Karen, I haven’t tried the MAC Essential oils but I’m a big fan of Aveda’s oils. They recommend what’s best for your skin and I’ve never had a problem with it. In fact, I think it’s amazing when I use it on my face. My mom even uses one daily now too.

  15. Vick says:

    on another forum a woman with oily skin mixed in a drop or two with her liquid foundation and it controlled her oil.

  16. Kat says:

    I’d never use anything scented on my face, I have very sensitive skin too!

  17. Catherine says:

    I haven’t bought either of these because I just can’t figure out why anyone would pay $20 for 5mL of mostly fractionated coconut oil and a little bit of essential oils. And with my collection of essential oils (most of which weren’t that expensive!!) I feel like I can totally make these myself!! I’m also a little uncomfortable using citrus essential oils on my skin as a daytime moisturizer since they can be photosensitizing.

    I read through the ingredients list you posted in the comments and there isn’t anything in particular that I’d object to using on my face though I’d be a little careful just because I haven’t tested all of those oils separately. I actually use a 1:1 mixture of jojoba oil and olive squalane as my primary facial moisturizer (and I usually add 3 drops to the tbsp of lavender and chamomile essential oils) so I have no problem using oils on my face. I really love those two also – they’re very stable, moisturizing and similar to human sebum and they have done more for my skin, acne and oil production than anything else I have tried in the last 3 years. But again… still sooooo much cheaper, and better for you, I think, than this stuff from MAC.
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… MAC Pigments Swap, Swatches & FOTDs =-.

  18. Jenn says:

    Karen, it’s actually good you haven’t put it on your face. Lavender is considered fragrance, (fragrance free is always recommended for sensitive skin) and apparently some studies have shown it to cause cell death. What that entails I don’t know but I have steered clear of it since hearing that! I used to use a lot of philosophy products, but stopped because they are highly frangranced. 🙁 Big frown cuz I really wanted to like their stuff! That’s why it smelled so good lol! Oh well. Take care, love getting your emails every day!

  19. Ranjana says:

    I’ve never tried using any essential oils on my *super* sensitive skin, but I would avoid wearing any that have citrus oils, especially on sunny days, because citrus oil increases the risk of UV-ray skin damage.

  20. Andrea says:

    Why chance it? If you get a break out, yeah you can get the pimple or whatever cleared up eventually, but the pigmentation it will leave behind will take FOREVER to fade away. It’s not worth it.

    Use that stuff for something else.

  21. R says:

    I just got one of them, and I love it! But i’m telling ya, I better mix it too. I didn’t think of that. I had no idea it would be so small, i guess that’s my fault for not reading the amount . But don’t go by me, I have dry skin. I can put oil on all day and it would do nothing but help me. I”m so dry in the winter and I need all the oil i can get lol. And, I actually hate that most of the products i buy say “oil free”. They need to start making more products for people like me. They seem to forget about people with dry skin.

  22. Jaime says:

    I work for MAC and I absolutely love what these oils have done to my skin! I would have never have thought to put oil on and acne prone skin, but a coworker that I had not seen in sometime, looked amazing. She had acne, but always did a wonderful job covering it. When I saw how clear her skin was, I was sold! I have been using it for a month and have never been so “WOWED!” I hate my skin and I am always complaining about it! But since I have used this, my skin has never been so nice. My pore size has reduced; I did not get one breakout during my menstral cycle; and my skin looks radiant. My friend who recommended this noticed her acne come back when she stopped using it b/c she ran out.

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