News – SF FASHION WEEK Kicks Off – and Goes to Dinner Tonight with MAC

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After much anticipation here at today is the start of San Francisco Fashion Week!



Tonight I’m hauling my cookies over the bridge to San Francisco to break bread with the Senior MAC artists for the shows, Victor C. and Louise Z. If you are going please stop by and say HI – you’ll know it’s me because I’ll be lugging around my huge-ass camera. And if you’re nice I may even take a picture of your hot self and post you up on

Although I’ve interviewed plenty of people in hectic situations this will be my first time covering a fashion event so it’ll definitely be a learning experience. Please send your good thoughts along!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. kia says:

    i’m so excited for you! we’ll be here waiting for a full on report and great photos! woo hoo!

  2. Karen says:

    KIA! Thanks for your well wishes. I can’t *wait* to get those photos up, too. Hopefully we’ll all get some great ideas and inspiration for new MAC looks. =)

  3. J-Money says:

    Yeah! Rock on! I can’t wait to read the upcoming posts!

  4. Elke says:

    Have an AMAZING time! We certainly want details and the scoop tomorrow! 🙂

  5. Karen says:

    Heya Elke … Thanks! I hope to learn a lot and to meet a few cool people. =)

  6. Karen says:

    J$$! You know I can’t wait to see you on Saturday night. One of these years, it’ll be you and me all up in the tents at Bryant Park … You’ll be wearing Chanel and that crazy cougar engagement ring from Bailey Banks & Biddle. I’ll have five cameras around my neck (each an SLR with 112980443430 pixels) and the ability to extract quotes from top designers from across a crowded room. HEY, ya never know!

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