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T-minus 961,218 seconds to spring and counting! 217…216…215…


That’s just a little more than 11 days from now, love! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring begins on March 20, but before I ask you to hand me that bottle of Zyrtec on my desk (ah-choo!), could I trouble you to pass me that perky, peachy pink tube of lipstick there instead?

mac sandy b

That, my friend, is someone I’d like you to meet. Her name is MAC Sandy B, and I think she, with her peachy pink pigment and golden shimmer, sure looks lovely worn with spring and summer shades like bronze, teal, gold, peach and brown.

Sandy B is just one of those shades that makes everything better. Seeing it on my lips always fills me with a little more hope and puts an extra spring in my step (I think it might even give my ponytails more bounce).

mac sandy b

If you’re a gal who never leaves home without your tube of MAC Nymphette Lipglass, you and Sandy B could really hit it off. To my eye, the two shades are very much alike, with Sandy B being like a lipstick version (incidentally, try Sandy B beneath Nymphette if you get a chance one of these days; it pumps up Nymphette’s peachy tones even more).

I also think it does wonders for MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass.

Ya know. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

MAC By Request

Well this sounds pretty cool. Beginning March 12, MACaholics get to vote to bring back some of their all-time favorite old-school colors for a limited edition collection this fall.

When the votes are counted and all is said and done, the MAC By Request collection will feature three formerly famous shades picked by MAC fans from a pool of 18 popular lipsticks, lipglasses and eyeshadows.

The winners will then go on sale online in North America this August, and internationally in the fall.

Voting is via Facebook and open to all MAC Facebook fans from March 12-30.


And the nominees are…


  • 3N, as seen in N Collection (January 2008)
  • Candy Yum Yum, as seen in Quite Cute (April 2011)
  • Eden Rocks, as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)
  • Moxie, as seen in Retro Matte Lipsticks (September 1999)
  • Rocker, as seen in Time Rocker (Fall 1999)
  • Shitaki, as seen in Cuisine (March 2001)



  • 2N, as seen in N Collection (January 2008)
  • Bait, as seen in Lure (June 2006)
  • Cult of Cherry, as seen in Cult of Cherry (September 2008)
  • Emancipation, as seen in Wonder Woman (February 2011)
  • Flash of Flesh, as seen in M·A·C D’Bohemia (May 2005)
  • Icescape, as seen in Love Lace (December 2009)


Eye Shadows

  • Cool Heat, as seen in Cool Heat (June 2008)
  • Guacamole, as seen in Salsabelle (May 2005)
  • Heavenly Bliss, as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)
  • Jeté, as seen in Danse (January 2006)
  • Moth Brown, as seen in Madame B. (March 2005)
  • Solar White, as seen in Cool Heat (June 2008)

See any of your all-time faves?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


The MAC Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite products from MAC’s permanent collection


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Karen! I am wearing Sandy B right now =] It was recommended for olive-skin girls, and although I find it a little frosty sometimes, a little lipglass will do the trick!

    Thanks for sharing the poll! I want Candy Yum Yum back =]
    Stephanie recently posted … MAC Iris Apfel Lipstick Quest Story!

  2. Beverly says:

    The MAC Lipstick I would like to see come back, even briefly, is Spanish Fly…I LOVE that color on days when I want to throw everyone in shock by wearing it with my Blue/Brown MAC pigment!!!

  3. Jasmine Valistreri says:

    Have you changed your haircare routine? Your hair just looks so healthy. I have been trying to find a good routine, you should do another hair post. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jasmine,

      I’m growing my bangs out, which is probably why I look a little different. I’m also wearing my hair wavy. 🙂

      What’s your hair routine like now?

      • Jasmine Valistreri says:

        I’ve been doing coconut oil treatments (learned about it on your blog forever ago) but they don’t work as well as they did when I first tried it. :(. And I have just been using the Aussie line for shampoo and conditioner. My hair is wavy like yours, but I live in Hawaii so the humidity puts it in a state of perpetual poof.

  4. Nicole says:

    I was hoping for something from Barbie Loves MAC. Waaaah!

  5. artemis says:

    WOW, you look so gorgeous in these pics! I really love your eye make-up here and the way your skin is glowing and highlighted 😀 cute lipstick color on you 😀
    mac by request seems interesting, hehe

    • Karen says:

      Hi Artemis,

      Thanks, lady! I’m wearing super simple eye makeup here — just a little bit of liner with a matte brown shadow smudged on top (Estee Lauder Molten Lava Kohl from Bronze Goddess Capri with MAC Bamboo Eyeshadow). It’s easy and no-fuss.

      Happy Friday!

  6. Anitacska says:

    Maybe this will be my next B2M lipstick. I almost have 6 empties… 🙂
    Anitacska recently posted … NOTD: Oh My Gosh Bright Yellow + Essie Shine Of The Times

  7. ines says:

    I love your unsung heroes posts! Do you think this would look good on someone paler like me? I’m about an NW/C 20 (neutral undertones so I match up with either) – looks like the perfect springtime work color!

    I bought Mocha blush based on your unsung heroes post – such a pretty muted pink that doesn’t look feverish (it’s so ladylike and pretty, looks great for a low key look).

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ines,

      You could probably pull this off. Have you ever tried Nymphette before? It’s like the peachier version of that Lipglass.

      Glad you’re enjoying Mocha. It is a great shade to pair with red lips!

      • ines says:

        I have nymphette – super pretty! I like lipstick better for the workplace as in a corporate setting super shiny doesn’t cut it sometimes. If this is like nymphette in a lipstick form , I’ve got to try it! Mocha has muscled its way up to the top of my blush list (and I’ve tried TONS) – it’s super pretty for both work and play because it defines subtly and elegantly!

        • Karen says:

          You’ll definitely be able to pull this off, then. One thing: it can get frosty if you accidentally apply too much, so you may need to temper it down a bit with some Chapstick on occasion.

          Do you still work at the place with all the kitties in the office?

  8. Chris25 says:

    I love these MAC posts. They make me want more makeup that I don’t really need. 😀 The boyfriend says I have a problem, but I’m a girly girl! I should be allowed to buy makeup!

    The MAC by Request voting starts on my birthday! March 12th. Yay! But why isn’t Stereo Rose MSF on there?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chris,

      Yeah you should! You can never have enough lipsticks, especially.

      Happy early birthday, btw. What are your b-day plans? I hope the kitties will throw you a party, LOL!

  9. Chris25 says:

    “A party”, where they knock over the garbage and I have to clean it up! LOL.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I might have lunch with my bro, and the boyfriend wants to do something, but I’m not sure if I want to do much else besides eat pizza and watch movies.

    • Karen says:

      Haha! Tabs’ idea of a party is walking all over me at 3 in the morning. If he’s really in the mood to get things going he’ll jump off my bladder. Yup. Good times.

      Pizza and movies sounds like the perfect birthday to me. Maybe add in a mani/pedi?

  10. Christine says:

    Karen, you look beeeeautiful in these pics! Have a great weekend!

  11. Karen, your makeup is BEAUTIFUL! in these pics!

    What are you wearing on your cheeks?

    Happy Friday!


  12. DanaJae says:

    OohLaLa I love your hair today! The color looks fab

    • Karen says:

      Hi DanaJae,

      Thanks, hon! I just kinda let it do whatever it wanted… I guess it turned out okay!

      What are you up to this weekend?

      • DanaJae says:

        Maybe a MAC excursion tomorrow but nothing really planned, the hub and I have been looking at houses nonstop so maybe just a chill weekend! How bout you?

  13. Cindy Lartigue says:

    Hi Karen! That is my favorite lip color on you!!

  14. Maria says:

    Sandy B isn’t from MAC loves Barbie? I always thought it was – and I still have a tube of lipstick from that collection…. Hmmmm time to go hunting through the hundreds of tubes under my sink but organized LOL

    I love Sandy B!

  15. India says:

    I am so loving this color on you!!!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Your hair looks fabulous!!

  17. breyerchic04 says:

    I’m new, so I’m hoping there will be swatches and descriptions (or at least finishes) on these when the vote starts. I’d love to get my hands on discontinued old stuff.

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