MAC Unsung Heroes: Kohl Power Pencil Liner in Feline

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mac feline
Wearing MAC Kohl Power in Feline with MAC Eyeshadow in Soba on my eyes

MeowFelines — they’re feisty, they’re fun, and they make a mean smudgy eyeliner.


Er…come again?

You heard me. Say meow to MAC Kohl Power in Feline ($15), a blacker-than-black eyeliner, and no, I don’t purr over it just because it’s catty, although that aspect of it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Yes, it’s true that I get a cat lady thrill every time I put my paws on this creamy, pitch-black pencil, which works out to about every other day, but part of that’s because I think it’s fantastic for drawing soft, smudgy lines.

MrowIts claim to fame? Color — or rather, the absence of it. Like the blackest of nights, Feline is very dark. Shoot, it almost makes MAC Smolder Eye Kohl look bright!

Feline is part of MAC’s permanent collection now, but when it was a limited edition product, it was like a rare breed of cat, and the fact that it wasn’t available everywhere, all the time, elevated it, at least in my home, to cult status.

Each time it made an appearance in a limited edition collection (remember it from D Squared?), I’d be like, “I gotta go to the mall! Add to my Feline stockpile!” — words that trigger panic in poor El Hub every time he hears them.

MeowPerhaps rightly so, he fears that my feline affliction will someday spiral out of control. I’ll start wearing my bathrobe 24/7 and won’t be able to leave the house for fear of my 10 cats getting into trouble. Truth be told, he is a wise man to plan for such a scenario. 🙂

mac feline swatch

MrrowThere are many great black liners to choose from in MAC’s permanent collection, and each is special in its own way.

Like Graphblack, which excels at drawing precise, skinny lines; Blacktrack, which makes quick work of crisp cat lines and sails through tight lining water lines; and Smolder, which loves being layered and smudged beneath eyeshadows.

PurrFeline’s fame rests on its absence of color. It lacks the blue, purple or green undertones that we often see, making it darker, richer and moodier than its MAC counterparts…kinda like the Dark Knight of MAC black liners.

It’s easy to lose oneself in these deep, rich Feline eyes. Wearing Feline, brown eyes appear browner, green eyes greener; it really seems to emphasize the natural color of your eyes.

PfftFeline is also categorically creamy, creamier than Smolder, even, and that soft texture allows it to create softly blurred smudgy lines.

I use it all the time for undone liner looks, like smokey looks and soft cat eyes.

Often I’ll smudge and layer it beneath a neutral eyeshadow. It’s one of my favorite things to wear with Soba or Woodwinked for quick daytime smokey eyes.


mac feline

MeowI think it’s also great for creating soft cat eyes. For those, I apply Feline first along my lash lines, blend the edges out with a MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush (to get that soft, blurred edge), and use Blacktrack applied with a MAC 266 Small Angle Brush to actually create the cat eye look.

Because it is so creamy, Feline can give guys/gals with oily skin trouble sometimes by migrating and smearing. If that happens for you, you might try setting it with a black eyeshadow like MAC Carbon, which I’ll do on both my lash and water lines. It really helps to lock Feline in place.

Meow! I think this Feline’s the cat’s meow for soft and blurry blended lines. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


The MAC Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite products from MAC’s permanent collection


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  1. Appu says:

    Love Feline! I don’t have oily skin but it does smudge a little too much on me. I use a shadow to set it & don’t mind the soft smudgy look 🙂
    Appu recently posted … Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color – Heatwave

  2. You really look amazing with a smokey eye, Karen. I love this look you’ve created, but I unfortunately would never purchase this pencil. Long-wearing is the name of the game for me, and if this pencil can’t deliver, it’s not coming home with me (I’ve tried setting other beloved non long-wearing pencils with black shadow and it still doesn’t even top an hour. My eyes are OILY)
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: NEW Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in 68 Troublant Review & Swatches

  3. musical says:

    Wow. wow. wow.

    Been lovin’ all your eye looks recently! I’ll be checking out the shadows you recommended for smokey eye in the post.

  4. Melissa says:

    Karen you look amazing! I love a sexy smokey eye, but have yet to perfect it on myself. I dislike pencil eye liner. They always end up giving me racoon eyes and don’t last. Can you apply this on your waterline and if you use a primer does it last a long time?

    • Fieran says:

      Hi Melissa,

      You could do is use a fluffy medium sized brush (like MAC’s 129) and dust translucent powder (I use MAC’s Prep+Prime) around your undereye area, after you have used your eyeliner and concealer. This definitely helps my smoky eyes last longer.

      It also helps to apply a bit of primer along your lower lashline (I don’t use any on my waterline though).

      • Melissa says:

        That’s a great idea. Thank you for the advice. I’m thinking that I want to get either a cake liner or a gel liner for everyday use and the feline specifically for smokey looks. I only do a smokey eye when I go out, so I only need it to last for a few hours.

  5. Tracy says:

    I adore Feline too! I always buy it when it gets released. I think it’s great on the waterline too. I love how easy it is too smudge. It’s probably my favourite MAC eyeliner next to Powersurge.
    Tracy recently posted … New At The Drugstore: NIVEA Pure & Natural Moisturizing Night Care

  6. Fieran says:

    So glad Feline is permanent 🙂 It will be so much easier to get it.

    Strange observation: When I sharpen it and the bits touch a bit of water, the water turns a dark green.

  7. antara says:

    feline is gud but black track is best: 🙂
    antara recently posted … Faces Canada Go Chic Eyeshadow Quad- 01 Wine Timed Review And Swatches

  8. Kyria says:

    Karen, BEST eye look I’ve ever seen on you! Really flattering. Makes you look young, confident and coolio 😀
    I use it too alot, esp on waterline. I get some running in the inner corners throughout the day but it’s no problem to keep up with because it’s so worth it. Got to check out Soba. TY for the tips.

  9. Kim says:

    Oh, my. Even the UD liners smudge on me (whether or not I’m wearing a primer) so Feline would be a hot mess on my eyes. 🙂 It does look great on you, though!

  10. Chris25 says:

    I love this pencil. I remember wanting to stockpile boxes of it when it came out. I stopped myself by reminding myself I have a zillion black kajals already. I like setting this with Kat Von D Lucifer.

  11. Nina says:

    Same w/ you, I love Feline both for its awesome lining properties and its fierce and fab name. 🙂

    Did they finally make this perm? If they havent, they should, and STAT! 🙂

  12. Stephanie C says:

    I’m really loving these unsung heroes posts. ♥ I relatively new to MAC, so it is good to know. Thanks Karen!

  13. Phyrra says:

    I loved how inky black Feline was, but it smudged all over me. My eyelids are annoying and oily.

    It looks great on you 🙂 I love the Unsung Heroes series.
    Phyrra recently posted … Pretty Serious Hello World! Collection Review and Swatches

  14. You look really good in the smokey eye look! I’ve tried Blacktrack from MAC and Black Ink from Bobbi Brown. I’m gonna try the Maybelline one next, since everyone says it’s their equal. Wootz!
    Bun Bun Makeup Tips recently posted … Beauty Tip: How To Make Your Makeup Powder Products Perform Like Brand New

  15. I have been using Smolder for a while now. MUST TRY Feline! My current favorite kohl is by an Indian brand called Lakme. It is the best kohl I’ve ever used, it is intense black and really long lasting on the waterline, doesn’t smudge or smear either. Its amazing!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … New Feature : Indian Bridal Makeup Series

  16. Nikki says:

    I absolutely love this smokey eye on you!! Looks like I’ll be hitting up the MAC counter really soon!

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