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mac double dare

I usually have a pretty good memory. Like, I can normally recall the things you’ve told me about yourself — how many cats you assist or the name of your favorite perfume — even if you mentioned them months or years ago, but for some reason, today I can’t remember the last time I played Truth or Dare.


And it’s bugging me! — because I wanted to tie it into this post about MAC Cremesheen Glass in Double Dare ($19.50), today’s MAC Unsung Hero.

I’ve been sitting here racking my brain, but the best I’ve come up with is one hazy memory of my roommates back in sophomore year daring me to knock on the door of the guy who lived in the apartment across from ours to tell him that we thought he was hot (“Hi, uh… My name is Karen and I live across the way and my roommates and I just wanted you to know that we think you’re cute okay bye!”), but I don’t think that was the last time.

Maybe the last time was so traumatizing that I blanked it out. Or perhaps I’m just running out of free space in my mental storage area, so my brain is deleting some of the useless stuff to make room for more important things, like makeup. 🙂

Oh, well… I’m sure I get more value out of remembering to bring this creamy reddish coral lipgloss with me than I’m likely to get from any of the stupid stuff I did back in the day, LOL!

Now, coral glosses? I happily rock ’em all year round, but during spring and summer, when bright lips rule the school, I could wear them 24/7. Double Dare happens to be one of the glosses that rarely leaves my purse, and it’s the shade I usually recommend to friends who say they like the idea of wearing a bright coral gloss like MAC Lychee Luxe or Viva Glam Cyndi, but don’t want to deal with a sticky Lipglass.

It’s just so darn easy! I can wear it without a lip liner, and even apply it without a mirror, like when I’m walking through a parking lot, which I actually did last night when I stopped by Target.

mac double dare

mac double dare swatch

mac double dare

With Double Dare, the cosmetics chefs at MAC, geniuses that they are, cooked up a way to make the color appear vibrant without being fully opaque. By turning the dial down a little on the pigment, they created a coral that I find both forgiving and easy to wear.

I double dare ya to try Double Dare on your next visit to a MAC counter. 🙂 Don’t be surprised if you fall in love.

More new MAC: Très Cheek and Reel Sexy

mac tres cheek

A couple new collections are en route to MAC counters and stores (and also online). ETA: April 5.

The first is a powder blush collection called Très Cheek, which introduces six new blush shades in satin and frost finishes — Pink Tea (a neutral beige pink), Lovecloud (a bright mid-tone pink), Peony Petal (a bright blueish pink) Modern Mandarin (a reddish orange) Immortal Flower (a bright peach) and Full of Joy (a lavender frost).

As a firm believer in the notion that one can never have enough blush, I’m pretty stoked.

mac tres cheek

The second collection has a Hollywood flair. It’s called Reel Sexy, and it’s a cinema-themed release of 23 pieces for eyes, nails, lips and cheeks in bright, bold hues.

Bring on the Cremesheen Glasses and Lipsticks, I say!

mac reel sexy

MAC also put together a video for the launch, which features model Kristen McMenamy looking kinda like one of the citizens of the Capitol from The Hunger Games.


I like the imagery. It seems very arty and cool, but I couldn’t even imagine the heads that would turn if I rolled up to our movie theater here in town wearing a getup like this, LOL!

mac reel sexy

It would probably be a b*tch trying to pick popcorn kernels out of that hairy purple vest thingy…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


The MAC Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite products from MAC’s permanent collection


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  1. Angel says:

    I just picked up Double Dare last Friday and I am absolutely IN LOVE with it! It’s my first lip gloss from MAC and I am so so glad I got this one! I’ve been wearing it everyday and that will continue for quite a while!

    So stoked for the Reel Sexy collection! I’ve got my eyes on a lipstick and a couple cremesheen glasses!

  2. Nadège says:

    You look awesome in the first picture! Double-dare is pretty. It’ll give give me a light tint on my lips.
    Nadège recently posted … What Men Notice First About a Woman

  3. steph b says:

    I love Double Dare. I’m pasty pale so it is brighter on me than you, but not too bright. Great spring shade.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Steph,

      I would love to see this on you. I bet the contrast against your skin makes the color really pop.

      How have you been? Been a while since I’ve seen you here in the comments. I hope everything is well.

      • steph b says:

        I’ve been lurking lately. I had an old back injury flare up and have been tied up at the physio three times a week. Fiiiinally feeling close to normal again. Which is great because the weather is so nice I want to be out on my bike.

        I’ll play with my phone and see if I can get a decent pic to send you.

  4. Cindy says:

    Karen, this looks so good on you! It’s very fresh and pretty. This color would be a hit on any skin-tone. I have light, warm skin and this seems just “coral” enough to pull off a great look.

    Keep up the unsung heroes listings. These are some of my favorite posts!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Thank you! 🙂 I think you’d be able to pull this shade off easily. Have you tried the Cremesheen Glasses before? They feel wonderful on lips.

  5. Em says:

    I have a color similar to thus from Yves Richer….tell me Karen have you ever tried any of their glosses? I thknk my is called Plumping Gloss and then something in French LOL

  6. Jenn says:

    … I eat my popcorn the same way… Haha 🙂

  7. breyerchic04 says:

    I am finding myself very drawn to the combo of purple and coral, like your top and lipgloss in the photos for this entry! Such a pretty color combo, maybe I’ll wear my coral necklace with my new purple butterfly dress, and coral lips .

  8. Anamika says:

    i hate to miss any of yur unsung post..lipglass is amazing.
    Anamika recently posted … 8 Top Sizzling Hot Pink Lipstick Shades Review & Swatches

  9. Kiran says:

    Double Dare and I met last year and it has been love ever since.

  10. LOL Can’t believe you knocked on that guy’s door (or did you?)! I don’t think I’ve ever done that. My life has always been a bit safe and boring.

    I love Double Dare! I think I’ll have to take a look next time I’m at a MAC counter. And you’re right, it’d probably be insane trying to pick the kernels outta the purple faux fur :p

    • Karen says:

      I did. It was pretty funny at the time. He came to the door with his shirt off…my roommates watched the entire thing from across the way. LOL!

  11. Kim says:

    Double Dare (almost typed Double Dog Dare) looks great on you, but I think it would be a little too pink for me. I don’t have any Cremesheens but I’m kind of running out of pockets to put more balms and glosses in anyway. 🙂 I did pick up a sample of the Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Exfoliator and I’m pretty happy with it. I realize that I’m off topic for gloss but at least I’m still on lips. HAHA!

    • Karen says:

      I think you need to make space. 🙂 There’s always room for another Cremesheen!

      So, tell me about the Lip Exfoliator. Does it actually taste like cherries?

      • Kim says:

        I had a feeling you’d say that. 🙂

        No, actually, and I’m a bit disappointed in that part. It does have a light texture but if there’s any scent or flavor, it’s super faint. You might notice it more because I know you have a sensitive nose. The directions said to rub it in and then leave it on for a few minutes before wiping it off with a tissue. I just did my eye makeup while I waited and it worked out great. I’m giving it a B+ for lack of cherry flavor, though. 🙂

  12. Nina says:

    i love love cremesheen glasses. i get less product for the money. true, but the non sticky-ness of the gloss makes it so so worth it.

    im happy because i want nothing, zilch, zip, nada from tres cheek and reel sexy. im saving it for extra dimension. 😀

  13. mn says:

    Interesting movie clip. I’m laughing as I type this b/c the model looks like what the scary old woman in my neighborhood looked like when I was a kid. Holy molly! For me, this pushes the boundaries of art and the concept of beauty. Interesting contrast between the real life look of the model in the movie and the photoshop still shot. The makeup colors are neon to the extreme- a departure from the UD Naked pallets, no?

    • Karen says:

      Hi MN,

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a reaction to all the neutrals that have dominated the makeup scene lately.

      Isn’t that rainbow cheek crazy? I would probably never wear it out in public, but I love the idea of it.

  14. corallista says:

    Everytime I decide to get this, I am distracted by something else at the MAC Store! Will pick it up on my next visit! Its such a lovely shade.
    corallista recently posted … Shimmery Smokey black and plum : MAC Face of the day with Pigment Dark Soul

  15. Stèphanie says:

    The pigment of the gloss is soo pretty! And I’m really looking forward to get me one(maybe 3) of those new LE mac blushes!
    Stèphanie recently posted … History of Nail Polish

  16. ines says:

    First Sandy B and now this – YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP SHOWING THINGS THAT WILL MAKE MY VISA CRY. This would look so great in the summer on casual days.

  17. love this lip color on you! so pretty.
    lara / the glossarie. recently posted … kate spade florence broadhurst compact

  18. Double Dare was my first ever MAC product. I adore it.

  19. cloudburst says:

    Double Dare is a favorite of mine as well!

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