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mac bamboom paint

No one ever tells you about this stuff. Not your teachers in school, not the makeup artists at the MAC counter, no one. But I’m telling you from experience — if you don’t stay alert, don’t pay attention and recognize the signs, it can happen to you.


Looking back on it now, I should have seen the signs, but I always just assumed that my favorite MAC brown eyeshadows were snug and secure and safe at the bottom of my makeup bag.

I thought they were happy… How was I supposed to know?

The first signs of trouble surfaced one morning when I set golden brown Soba and orangey Soft Brown on the counter to use in a smokey eye.

I could sense they were upset about something. They looked…lonely, so I asked, “What’s wrong, guys?”

“We need a buddy,” they whined, both on the verge of tears, “like, I don’t know, a color that combines the best of both of our shades.”

They told me how they felt that something was missing in their lives. “If it were a cream shadow instead of a powder,” they said, “you could even layer us on top of it.”

And then the sobbing started…

Have you ever heard your MAC brown eyeshadows cry? In a word: heartbreaking.

Right then I knew I had to find a way to lift their spirits, so I hopped in my car and drove to the nearest MAC counter.

Frantically, I swiped and swatched, looking for the right friend for my shadows. Sh*t was about to hit the fan when I picked up a tube of Bamboom.

mac bamboom paint

“Eureka!” I roared in the middle of Macy’s. I held the tube of MAC Paint in Bamboom ($18.50) aloft like a flaming sword! “Where have you been all my life?!”

There it was — a color that combined a creamy formula with the golden brown color and satiny finish of MAC Soba, and the warm, orangey tones of Soft Brown.

I rushed home.

mac bamboom swatch

Back at the house, I gingerly set Bamboom down between Soft Brown and Soba on the counter, and they smiled (sort of). 🙂

With the missing piece of the puzzle found, all was right again in the world.


MAC Bamboom Paint

  • A soft and creamy, warm orangey brown eyeshadow with subtle golden pearl.
  • Works well alone or as a base for other shadows.
  • Looks fabuloso worn under browns and khakis like Soba, Soft Brown, Golden Olive and Sumptuous Olive.
  • For a quick day look, I’ll apply and blend Bamboom all over my lids with a finger, line my upper lash and water lines with a brown or black pencil, and add a couple coats of mascara.
  • Bamboom has a tendency to pull orange on some skin tones, so you may want to swatch it before bringing it home.
  • If there’s a bright eyeshadow that you wish was more wearable, try applying it on top of Bamboom (it tends to tone down other colors).
  • The MAC Paint tubes can ooze a bit the first time you open them. You can use an empty sample jar to catch and save the excess product. Just be sure you close the jar well, so the good stuff doesn’t dry out (and try to use it within a few days).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. You made it to the weekend! I’m so proud of you.

I’m just chilling out tonight, watching those old episodes of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. This was a busy week for me with the blog redesign (I promise the Brands drop down will be working soon), so I don’t have any plans for the weekend. Maybe just some cleaning and puttering around the house. If it’s warm tomorrow, I might go for a hike.

What are you up to? Are you doing anything fun?

The MAC Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite products from MAC’s permanent collection


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  1. Nina says:

    I went out with 2 friends tonight. 🙂

    I love the name of this Paint. It makes me smile!

  2. Heidi says:

    Wow, this was one of my first MAC purchases, ages ago! Loved this shade.

  3. Agata says:

    I went out to dinner with my friends for a friend’s birthday, it was fun. Today after work me and my husband are going to the mall. That means I get to go to Sephora 🙂 so i am sure it’s going to be a good day!

  4. Ansh says:

    boy i love ur unsung heroes series!
    Ansh recently posted … Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder – Dupe For Nars Orgasm?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Do they crease? I have oily skin and notice that creamy shadows crease within an hour! I’d love to find one that doesn’t. Shiseido has some nice creamy shadows that hardly ever crease but I’ve not been able to find another brand that can work creamy + oily skin together!
    Jennifer recently posted … Detox Your Skin: Eminence Detox Collection

  6. Ooh I like it. It’s subtle (and I’m usually anything but subtle :-p) but I’d definitely wear this.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Sneak preview: celebrate Christmas with Lush

  7. Natasha says:

    That’s a pretty color, but I’d probably go for something a smidge lighter. Loving the texture, though…makes me want to head out to Macy’s to play with the MAC paints…

    Went to a work party last night, and tonight it’s hubby’s company picnic. I’m hoping to get to the beach tomorrow…since it;s been so Freaking HOT! BUt I may end up in the studio working on candles for a bridal show…

  8. Ingrid says:

    you are too funny! love mac unsung heros posts by the way, they are awesome!

  9. Richa says:

    Wow…I absolutely loved that post! You’re so funny & loved the shade…
    Richa recently posted … Maybelline BB cream; Review & Photos

  10. Tish says:

    I love Bamboom paint! It’s one of my MAC products that I have to have at all times. I use it under several different eye shadows.

  11. Chryztyne says:

    can i just say? i love your new blog design! 🙂

  12. Katelyn says:

    Looks like a perfect layering shade that would pump up pretty much anything you put on top of it. I’ll definitely be picking this up!
    Also, I smiled through this whole post. I loved your dialogue with your poor, lonely eyeshadows.

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