MAC Tips and Tricks Part 3 – Brows

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Here’s the last of the tips and tricks from my technique binder.

  1. When tweezing your own eyebrows, it’s helpful to map out the hairs to be tweezed by covering them with a light application of concealer or a light-colored pencil.
  2. When applying color to the brows, try focusing the application in the arch, rather than the inner portion near the nose, for a more natural-looking brow. A well-balanced eyebrow tends to be more dense in the arch.
  3. Don’t underestimate the effect of brushing your brows. First brush against the hair growth to separate, then up and back toward the ear to shape.
  4. For the look of bleached eyebrows, use Brow Set in a shade one or two shades lighter than your own brows. First brush the wand against the hair growth to cover the brow, and then dip the wand back into the tube and brush with the growth of hair.
  5. If using both a brow pencil and Brow Set, try using a darker pencil and a lighter Brow Set for more dimension.
  6. Fluid Line in an appropriate shade, like Dipdown with the 208 brush, is great to cover any scars or open areas in the eyebrow.
  7. A light powder eye shadow color like Shroom, Rice Paper or Arena placed under the arch of the brow highlights and defines the shape.
  8. After applying a powder or pencil color o the brow, brush through with the 206 brush to soften. Set with an application of clear or Tinted Brow Set.
  9. Clean up any stray brush or pencil strokes with a little concealer and a 194 brush, sharpening edges as needed.
  10. In a pinch, Tinted Brow Set can be used to touch up the roots of the scalp as well.
  11. Guys can use Tinted Brow Set in their side burns to make them look thicker.
  12. Mix clear Brow Set with any desired shade of MAC Pigment for a streak of color in the hair.


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