MAC Semi Precious Collection: Mineralize Eyeshadow Swatches and Pictures

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mac semi precious collection msf eyeshadows

Super quick pictures and swatches of six of the 12 Mineralize Eye Shadows ($20 US/$24 CDN each) from the upcoming MAC Semi Precious Collection, which launches in North America on July 7 and internationally sometime in the same month.


Don’t they look like works of art? Unsurpassable reminds me of a Monet waterlily painting.

From the left: Blue Sheen, Hint of Sapphire and Jade’s Fortune

mac semi precious collection msf eyeshadows
From the left: Rare Find, Smoked Ruby and Unsurpassable

mac semi precious collection msf eyeshadows swatches
Swatches from the left with the flash: Blue Sheen, Hint of Sapphire, Jade’s Fortune, Rare Find, Smoked Ruby and Unsurpassable


mac semi precious collection msf eyeshadows swatches
Without the flash

Wet with the flash

Wet without the flash

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  1. paola says:

    Dont you feel like they kind of lack of pigmentation?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am not excited over these. It doesn’t seem as bright and vibrant as I was hoping. I am estatic about the brushes and charged water coming back though, so luckily I won’t have to waste that much money on this launch!

  3. Alisha1 says:

    Thanks for swatches hun! Gosh everything looks great!

  4. Advah says:

    Hmmm see, I find those eyeshadows gorgeous to look at in the pot, but I’m not really interested in wearing them. And the glitter looks too chunky for me in the swatches.

    But in the pot they remind me of illustrations of planets I had on a poster in my room as a kid – loved it!

  5. Tracy says:

    The mineralize shadows look better if you wet your brush first and they are more vibrant then. I do that with almost all of my mineralize shadows.
    Tracy recently posted … Orange Love Affair- Orange Eyeshadows

  6. LaurieS says:

    They look so gorgeous in the pot but I’m afraid they would end up at the bottom of my makeup bag unused. These colors might look ok in the crease or all over as a wash for a special occasion but I’m not sure I would be able to use them on a daily basis. I’ll have to wait and see them up close. Thanks for the sneak peak!
    LaurieS recently posted … Big- Bad and On Top

  7. auroragyps says:

    These look pretty sheer, so I’m wondering what they’d look like over primer or wet. I think Jade Fortune looks the most versatile, because you should be able to use the separate colors to get a nice eye look using if you use a small brush.

  8. Edelmc says:

    Maybe they will look more intense when used wet. Karen, will you be reviewing the brushes?

  9. Jessi says:

    Hm, they don’t look very pigmented. But then again they are baked so I bet they would look amazing foiled!
    Jessi recently posted … Im Really Loving These 1 Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils From elf

  10. Adrienne says:

    I actually quite like them when dry as they are more subtle and like many have said if you want them intense just foil them 🙂 lovely swatches now off to count my pennys and hope I can get them all haha! x
    Adrienne recently posted … Dubai Make Up Swap

  11. Hali says:

    I have to buy hint of sapphire now! Especially applied wet!

  12. kalcedon says:

    Smoked Ruby looks gorgeous (could be more pigmented, though)… the others I find kinda meh…

  13. JaNelle says:

    YES Please! Love these!

  14. sillylilacs says:

    To be honest, I’m actually not that excited about these shadows…which isn’t exactly a bad thing because I need to save up for all the gorgeous fall collections!

    They look gorgeous in the pan…but I don’t know…I think I need to see them in person to make a final judgement!

    And I totally agree! Unsurpassable does look like Monet’s waterlilies paintings! Especially this one!
    sillylilacs recently posted … NOTD – Essie Sand Tropez Spring 2011 Collection

  15. Anna says:

    These look gorgeous in the pans but the swatches disappoint 🙁 plus I loaded up on UD palettes over the holidays (Naked and BOSIII) so I’m definitely not in need of any eyeshadows haha

  16. 53 says:

    I love your blue sheen – on the pan with streaks of pinks(?) lovely. I was hoping hints of sapphire will come out more…different but yea, just lovely on the pan as well.

  17. Taffy says:

    They all look so beautiful that I couldn’t imagine ruining all those pretty colours by actually using them!
    Taffy recently posted … Jessicas Stark Naked Plus Additional Nudity

  18. Kim says:

    I really like Smoked Ruby and totally agree that Unsurpassable in the pan looks like a Monet. Hint of Sapphire kind of has that Starry Night vibe, too. 🙂 My first reaction (pan) was that they reminded me of when the kids would squash all the play-doh together, but your artistic take is much nicer.

    Have you ever done a fotd with red shadow?

    Oh, btw, your summer makeup post inspired me to wear my orange shadow today. I’m such a little, makeup sheep. 🙂

  19. Eileen says:

    Yes, these are beautiful I the pot, but that’s not why I buy eyeshadows. When I saw the actual swatches, I was very disappointed with the blah colors. My reaction was, “Wow, those look muddled!”

  20. cyra says:

    jade’s fortune reminds me of that one van gogh painting, starry night

  21. Oh, they look so gorgeous when use wet.

  22. TrishaL says:

    ooh pretty. I think I will be picking up the light purple-ish and the green one.

  23. Eva says:

    THe only one that really looks like it isn´t a glitter bomb is the ruby one…but they definitely look great in the pot. :o)

  24. Melody says:

    Most of them seem sheer but wow Smoked Ruby! Gotta have it! Unless it’s really similar to that red eyeshadow in the Chanel pre-fall collex.

  25. DonnaN says:

    gonna need to wait and try IRL to see if these are worth it…..

  26. Amanda says:

    My favorite is rare find!

  27. Naftali Edwards says:

    Those colors are amazing!!

  28. Vonvon says:

    They look pretty in the pan! But I feel when swatched, they kinda lack the oommph!

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