5 Ways To Go From the Office to Your After-Work Party With the RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection

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MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection

Go straight from work to your after-work party with the new RiRi Hearts MAC holiday collection

It’s almost that time…

Yup, it’s almost — GASP! — the holidays! YIKES!


If your calendar includes after-work fetes, congrats. But how ya gonna get to all those shindigs on time?

Between the TPS reports piling up on your desk (you and me both, babe) and your overflowing email inbox (with tasks like “organize feather toys for feline employer” marked as, “URGENT”), who has time to transform herself from cubicle cutie to party hottie?

Not to worry, fellow MAC mavens and makeup lovahs. The new RiRi Hearts MAC holiday collection has you covered.

The New RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collectiono, coming December 2013 to all MAC locations in North America and internationally except China

Ten of the 11 pieces from the new RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection, coming December 2013

The new 11-piece limited edition collection is loaded with products perfect for going from the office to your after-work parties.

You can even employ these quick and easy party prep tricks from your desk. Just make sure your office crush isn’t lurking…because it’s kind of weird when someone you like hangs around to watch you line your water lines.

Trust me on this.

1. Swap that daytime nude lipstick for a bright, bold shade.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection: RiRi Woo, Pleasure Bomb and Badgal RiRi Lipsticks

Lipsticks from the left: Pleasure Bomb (a matte fuchsia with a Matte finish), RiRi Woo (a matte cool red with a Retro Matte finish), and Badgal RiRi (a taupe-y nude with a Matte finish); $16.50 US and $20 CAN each

Nude lipsticks like taupe-y nude Bad Gal RiRi keep you looking polished and professional throughout the day, even when you’re this close to beating the crap out of that prehistoric copy machine (why is that thing always broken!?).

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Bad Gal RiRi Lipstick

Rockin’ the cubicle with Bad Gal RiRi Lipstick on my lips…

But when quittin’ time rolls around, swap that nude lippie for a brighter shade, like cool red RiRi Woo or fuchshia Pleasure Bomb.

BOOM! Just like that, you’re one big step closer to a party-ready look.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Pleasure Bomb Lipstick

Getting ready for the party with Pleasure Bomb Lipstick; Nail Lacquer in RiRi Woo ($17.40) on my fingertips

A bright lip pumps up the jam but takes very little effort. Plus, this one’s long-wearing matte finish photographs very well, and it’ll last through dinner and drinks, so you won’t even have to touch-up throughout the evening.

MAC  RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection Lipstick Swatches from the left: Bad Gal RiRi, RiRi Woo and Pleasure Bomb

Lipstick swatches from the left: Bad Gal RiRi, RiRi Woo and Pleasure Bomb

RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Bad Gal RiRi Lipstick

Bad Gal RiRi

MAC  RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday RiRi Woo Lipstick

RiRi Woo

MAC RiRI Hearts MAC Holiday Collection: Pleasure Bomb Lipstick

Pleasure Bomb

2. Forget the force, Luke. Embrace the shimmer!

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection: 2X Dare Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow

Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow in 2X Dare ($44 US and $52.50 CAN)

As for your eyes, you won’t need hours (or years of experience) to get them party-perfect. A simple wash of shimmery eyeshadow all over your lids, followed by one or two coats of mascara, does the job in less than five minutes.

If you like yourself in cooler color temps and tones, try the cooler shades from RiRi’s Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow in 2X Dare. Gals (and guys, of course) with warmer skin tones, try the warmer-toned Phresh Out instead.

Both palettes of shimmery, high-shine eyeshadow have creamy textures that blend like the proverbial butter.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Phresh Out Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow

Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow in Phresh Out ($44 US and $52.50 CAN)

Phresh Out

2X Dare

3. All that glitters is good!

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection: Superslick Eye Liner in Cockiness and Pisces Persuasion

Superslick Eye Liners in Cockiness (a shimmery rosy gold) on the left and Pisces Persuasion (a shimmery white frost) on the right ($20.50 US and $25 CAN)

No time for eyeshadow? No problem. Grab a glittery liner like the Superslick Eye Liners in shimmery white Pisces Persuasion and shimmery rose gold Cockiness, and quickly run a thin line along your upper lash lines.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Superslick Eye Liner Swatches in Pisces Persuasion on the left and Cockiness on the right

Superslick Eye Liner Swatches in Pisces Persuasion on the left and Cockiness on the right

With both of these liners, thanks to their fine flecks of glitter, you get a glimmer of sparkle without looking like you’re headed to da club. Of course, if you want to look like you’re headed to da club, all you have to do is make your lines thicker and more dramatic.

And because the Superslicks wear well and last long, you can do the robot till dawn without them disappearing.

MAC  RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection: Cockiness Superslick Eye Liner

Cockiness Superslick Eye Liner

MAC  RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection: Pisces Persuasion Superslick Eye Liner

Pisces Persuasion Superslick Eye Liner

4. Who’s down for a two-step…smokey eye?

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Phresh Out Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow Smokey-eye

Easiest smokey eye evah!

If you feel like going smokey with your eyes, try this quick two-step…

Smudge your favorite creamy black or brown liner on your lids, feather out the edges with a brush (or finger), pat a shimmery eyeshadow on top, and blend out the edges with your favorite blending brush.

And if you want more drama and depth, bravo! Also line your water lines.

Here, I’m wearing MAC Feline Eye Kohl topped with the dark taupe and plummy brown from the RiRi’s Phresh Out palette, which all told took right around five minutes.

5. Forget sexy! Bring the bronzer back.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday: Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder

Bronzing Powder in Love, Rihanna, a soft golden brown with gold pearl. The “R” is an overspray, unfortunately, but it does go down pretty deep in the pan — although not all the way to the bottom ($30 US and $35 CAN)

Save time by making your bronzer multitask!


Sure, you can use it to add warmth all over and contour your cheeks, but you can also use it to define your eyes.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday: Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder

Swatches of the matte part of the bronzer on the left, and the matte mixed with the shimmer on the right

For instance, after I finished with the two-step smokey eye above, I loaded a MAC 217 with RiRi’s Bronzing Powder in Love Rihanna and swept it into my crease to soften the edges of the smokey shadows and give extra dimension to my eyes.

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday: Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder

I swept Love, Rihanna Bronzing powder on my cheeks, across my forehead, down the sides of my nose, in the crease of my eyes and along my jaw to contour and add overall warmth to my skin (that’s the new $48 RiRi Hearts MAC Makeup Bag in my hand, by the way, which is $40 US and $48 CAN)

And there we go! πŸ™‚ Five easy, breezy ways to go from the office to a holiday work party with the RiRi Hearts MAC holiday collection, which arrives this December to all MAC locations in North America and maccosmetics.com (also in December to international locales, with the exception of China).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Valeria Mary says:

    Love the packaging it looks glamorous! all the colors are amazing!!!β™₯
    and the liners!!β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯


    -Valeria Mary

  2. U look fab Karen.. ur party look is amazing!!
    The collection is so preettyy .. Eye shadows and those lovely lip colors.. wanna grab them all.. πŸ˜‰
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Guess the Purpose: Pooh Bear!!

  3. Lulle says:

    I like how you make everything sound easy! πŸ™‚
    The lipsticks are the most appealing part of the collection for me. The rest is a tad too shimmery.
    Lulle recently posted … Dior Frimas (318) Diorific Vernis nail lacquer for Holiday 2013: swatches, review

  4. I was hoping for more of a rose gold from the eyeliners. They really look watery too.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Julie,

      They flatten out and dry to a shiny finish. I think the swatches just ended up looking a little watery.:)

      Not MAC-related, but if you love rose gold, BECCA has a new rose gold highlighter that’s amazing!

  5. Irene says:

    Stunning *-* I love how you DO things with new collections and don’t just show them!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Irene,

      Thank you for this comment! It means a lot. πŸ™‚

      What are your favorite bits from this collection? I really love Pleasure Bomb Lipstick and the Phresh Out palette.

      Happy almost-Tuesday!

  6. Rachel says:

    Love the fuchsia lipstick and you can never have too many red nail polishes! It’s amazing how they can all look the same in the bottle but apply so differently!

  7. hanna says:

    I’m loving all those lips colors.
    hanna recently posted … A Picture a Day, and First Snowfall

  8. Chaitra says:

    You are rocking Riri woo all the way! πŸ™‚ Love Pleasure bomb as well! Karen, what r ur favorite bronzers? I have NC 42 skin too, so wanted your opinion!
    Chaitra recently posted … DIY Rose Water Mist : A drink for your skin

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chaitra,

      Thanks! I have a few. I wear MAC Give Me Sun MSF, Benefit Hoola, NARS Laguna and Guerlain Terra Nerolia a lot. How about you?

      • Chaitra says:

        Karen πŸ™‚ I am new to bronzers! but i have tried MAC refined golden, laguna & MAC mineralize skin finish in dark! Do you think the ones you mentioned would work for contouring as well? I feel laguna doesnt work much for me with contouring, cuz its too close to my complexion!
        Chaitra recently posted … D.I.Y: Rose Water Mist- A drink for your skin

        • Karen says:

          The reason why I like Laguna for contouring (it’s similar to my coloring too) is that it gives me a lot of control. But if I’m in hurry, which is most of the time, I love MAC Give Me Sun. It blends well and isn’t too orangey. πŸ™‚

          What bronzing brush are you currently using?

      • Astrid says:

        (Sort of eavesdropping on this discussion because I’m the same skintone and curious about bronzer)
        I only have Guerlain Terracota travel palette. It’s really subtle but it’s nice because it’s hard to overdo. I’m going to try MAC Give Me Sun next :). Thanks for the tip, Karen!

  9. Monika says:

    This collection is everythiiiiiiing. I have tried to avoid every single Rihanna launch, and I just haven’t been able to. The colors are such a great mix of nudes, brights, skin enhancing products, and delicate light-reflecting accents that I just can’t seem to keep away from it! Totally looking forward to getting a chance to play around with this stuff in about a month.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Monika,

      I know what you mean. I love the balance of makeup in these collections, and how everything’s just so dang pretty.

      What are your favorite pieces from the launch(es)?

  10. Astrid says:

    OMG!!! And here I am thinking I’m done with the whole Rihanna collection… Pleasure Bomb is da bomb! But I wonder how similar Pleasure Bomb with the other retro matte release think I might have enough fuschias by this point (if there’s such thing). Your look always made me tempted to get everything πŸ˜€
    Astrid recently posted … Lesson Learned from Speaking at Ignite Berlin

  11. Agata says:

    I love your pictures and the idea for this post! The eyeshadows look pretty and I really like that nude lipstick and besides, the packaging itself is so pretty!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agata,

      Thank you! That means a lot. πŸ™‚

      Do you think you might pick up anything from this collection? Happy Tuesday, btw.

      • Agata says:

        I will def try to get that nude lipstick and maybe one of the eyeshadow palettes. But with the previous launch it was such a pain waiting online for hours to be able to shop…So we will see!

        Happy Tuesday, how are things going on your end?

        • Karen says:

          I’m guessing the nude could be flexible on you. You could dab it on for lighter lips, or do a couple layers for a more dramatic look (very awesomely 90s!).

          Things are good on this end, thanks for asking. πŸ™‚ I’m just finished a run, and that always makes me feel good. I have been kind of slacking on exercise lately and I’m trying to get back on track. How’s it going on your end? Have you been keeping up with your workouts?

          • Agata says:

            Yup, working out always makes me feel better too. I was slacking a little bit last week but this week I’m on it again. I have 2 lbs to lose to be at a total of 45. I’d love to be at 50 before Christmas, hopefully I can make it come true!

          • Karen says:

            Wow girl, that’s AMAZING. I know it’s really hard work to lose weight; I’m so proud of you! I bet all of your clothes are fitting different, huh?

          • Agata says:

            It won’t let me post a comment under your last one so I have to type it here. It is hard work but I am feeling so much better and I can wear my clothes from 3 or 4 years ago πŸ™‚ I went down 4 jeans sizes πŸ™‚ I am planning on buying some really pretty dress to wear for Christmas and hopefully I won’t hate the way I look (I hardly ever wear dresses but I am hoping now a dress will look better on me :))

          • Karen says:

            That’s so wonderful! And I bet you’re feeling more energized, and that everyday physical things are easier to do. I notice that when I’m in better shape, it’s easier to do things, like run up stairs, or move boxes and what not. Which reminds me, I really need to start lifting weights again…

            Have fun dress shopping when you go! There’s a lot of cute things out this time of year, it’s so hard to resist! What colors are you thinking about?

  12. Natalie says:

    Karen, you look so beautiful in these photographs!! The collection looks pretty good too πŸ™‚
    Natalie recently posted … Berry Lip Light

  13. Kim says:

    Look at you, rocking that whole kit! I tend to have shimmer and glitter aversion (on me, because of the fine line attraction) but I just can’t resist during the holidays. And sometimes in the summer. πŸ™‚ I think I’d only own a total of 5 makeup items if it weren’t for your FOTDs, btw. HAHA!

  14. Danielle says:

    Karen, your makeup looks fantastic here!
    Danielle recently posted … Autumn Nail Polish Roundup

  15. fancie says:

    I was waiting for your swatches! The lipsticks look gorgeous on you. And I just LOVE the Smokey eye you created. Beautiful Karen!
    fancie recently posted … Dior Little Black Palette Collection

  16. Natalye says:

    The bronzer looks great!
    Natalye recently posted … Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette Review and Swatches

  17. Sabrina says:

    The lipsticks look great on you Karen. You are so pretty and such an enabler. LOL! I just picked up the Feline Kohl pencil, so thanks for the smokey eye tip! I want all the lipsticks!

  18. Sylvia says:

    Gosh, I NEED those lipsticks. I hope I can get my hands on them before they sell out!!
    Sylvia recently posted … Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

  19. viktoria k says:

    hi there πŸ™‚
    do you also have the double-ended brush from the collection? i have wanted a 217 for so long and with this design and the 239 on the other side, i’m really thinking about buying it.
    i don’t know though, how the quality of collection brushes compare to the permanent ones..?
    i would really appreciate a response πŸ™‚

    viktoria πŸ™‚

  20. dee says:

    How does the rihanna bronzer compare to macs give me sun Thanks

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